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Ev’ren is a planet located with several siblings in a distant solar system. It is home to a unique race of sentient humanoid creatures called the Tarael. They are highly advanced in culture, science and art, having found themselves in a comfortable nook with the other planets in their solar system and the sentient life forms that live upon them.

The Tarael have evolved as many species do, encountering many challenges and difficulties on their way to being the dominant species upon their home planet. This article serves as a historical account of their history, the history of their planet and the formation of their current culture and political system.

The History of Histories

To understand the history of both Ev’ren and the Tarael, one must first understand how they look at it themselves. For the Tarael, history is as much something to be looked at through a lens of spirituality and scientific curiosity. Their cultural is a melting pot of philosophy on how to see the world (their own and others), and this greatly impacts how they continue to tell their history and learn from it.

They just as much see the large changes over the millions of years of evolution as something of both divine doing and a scientific marvel, so it’s not uncommon to find just as much of a scholarly influence in their history as a religious one.

The history of the Tarael is broken up into chunks, formally called Eras. These sections account for massive chunks in time, and are named primarily for the events that happened within them. They are also somewhat debated as to the proper years in which they occured, but their existence and importance to the formation of the current Taralian culture is largely agreed upon.

The Era of Formation

Ev’ren formed as many a planet does; soon after the birth of their home star, a cloud of dust formed into the first step of what would later become a lively paradise. It was lifeless for billions of years, a constant barrage of large asteroids pulled in by the infant planet’s gravity keeping the surface little more than a bubbling mass of molten rock.

During this time, Ev’ren held a much more normal, earth-like rotation around its star, and a day-night cycle that would seem commonplace to other sentient life forms. However, this did not last for long, as the universe did not seem fit to allow this planet such a fate, for the Tarael would argue here that a greater force had bigger plans for the planet.

Some say it was another planet in the solar system, while others debate that it was a rogue planet with no home at all. Regardless, the early Ev’ren found itself the victim of a catastrophic collision with this planetoid that changed it into what it would become today.

For millions of years after this seeming chaotic fate, Ev’ren’s surface cooled, it’s atmosphere formed, and it’s soon-fertile soil began to find itself the womb to the planet’s first wondrous gift: life.

The Era of Life

The era of life is a complex one, as it begins from the birth of the first plant, the first creature, until the first two Tarael formed into groups of their own. This accounts for everything that would find a home on Ev’ren in the following millions upon millions of years: the lush forests, the vast plains, the majestic rivers and lakes.

After such an early life of chaos, Ev’ren would soon become filled with a plethora of unique creatures that adapted to its odd but breathtaking environments. Fauna and flora alike found a challenge in the lack of consistent daylight (as Ev’ren only experienced a constant twilight for a large portion of the year), but many evolved their own way to thrive despite it.

Plants developed ways to maximize on what little sunlight would filter through the thick atmosphere. Vast forests claimed parts of the land, with trees towering high into the sky to capture the most sunlight, while other parts were a spectacle of low-lying grasses, flowers and small trees that utilized chemicals captured from the air and rich soil.

Animals quickly found their places in the kingdom of Ev’ren. While many specialized their senses into sound and smell, others developed keen senses of sight that could see even through the darkest of Ev’ren’s rare but seasonal ‘nights’.

The Tarael evolved in this frenzy of biological creativity, finding themselves as distinct hunters with keen senses of sight and hearing. They developed a unique but powerful use of vibrations as a way to hear, not only being able to detect sound in itself, but the movement of their prey with the evolution of their sensitive fronds.

The first groups of Tarael are believed to have evolved from the thick forests of Ev’ren, where the high trees demanded them to be the masters of both the ground and the branches high above--their legs became powerful, capable of launching them from tree to tree, fast enough to catch their prey, while their fronds would be able to acutely detect exactly where it was.

Their tails helped them balance in the trees and act as a counter-weight on the ground so they did not often fall forward or trip while sprinting through the thicket.

As they lacked more than claws, especially when they were such a mobile species, the Tarael slowly developed their own deadly biological weapon: venomous fangs. The venom served both as a way to kill prey and aid in its digestion while the fangs themselves, especially when prey were hunted in groups, would serve well enough to keep the helpless creature pinned or immobile until the venom killed it.

Eventually however, the Tarael found themselves subject to their first major challenge as a budding race on Ev’ren, though many scholars would argue later if such a challenge was a lack of a food source or simply the introduction of too many issues (such as rival species) that made hunting harder.

The Era of Families

When the Tarael eventually moved from their forests, they did so in groups that naturally formed in the exodus. Some didn’t move, but traveled further into the forests or simply to the very edge. This migration is what many believe would lead to the formation of the first tribes and the earliest organization of language, literature, culture and traditions.

Over hundreds of years, the tribes settled themselves into several homes across the planet. As these groups of Tarael settled into their unique environments and advanced in their knowledge of tools, agriculture and thensome, they began to minutely evolve to specialize themselves further in those new homes. For example, fur color was the first and most notable shift. Tarael in the forests would most commonly have natural browns and greens while those in the plains would be golden, and those near rivers would mimic the soft slate blue and gray colors of the rocks.

As these tribes developed, unique subcultures began to take hold and be interchanged with one another. This era is named the Era of Families because it represents the time when the Tarael formed tribes of families, families that would later become the foundation of the political power of the major cities and districts that would develop from there. In fact, this is why the major political powers in each district is formally called the Family of (District Name). The power and advancement, many debate, are heavily owed to these early tribes--these families.

The Era of Brotherhood

As is the progression of things, the tribes turned their land into the first cities, filled with their own unique skill, product and subculture. While they communicated and traded with one another often, many would find a huge sense of pride in the city they were born, the tribe of which their bloodline came from.

This pride, over time, became arrogance. The arrogance then became aggression, and the aggression soon led to hostilities between many of the cities. These city-states, unique and self-sufficient in their own right, nearly went to war with one another several times over the course of several generations.

As much history as it is legend, many say that it was due to a single Tarael that the aggressions were dropped and war was avoided, instead helping the cities unify into a singular government from which the modern Taralian political system was made. It is said that they traveled from city to city, braving many a harsh welcome, starvation and a forgetful death in transit, in order to bring a sense of unity and peace to the Tarael species.

District and tribe loyalty has led to many debating the true origins of this single, nearly mystical Tarael. Little is truly known about them, lost over the years from books forgotten or simply never written in the first place. But it is from their name that the leader of the Tarael would take, a symbol of everlasting unity that one single being of their planet could make: the Tarael’s name was Tarake Zenya.

The name would soon become a title, a word that would morph into the language and become synonymous with ‘ruler’ or ‘queen’.

The Era of Unity

This era is the least solidified of the ones before it, primarily because it is the one that is current and ongoing. The Era of Unity is one known for its peace, for the formation of the 10 districts across Ev’ren and the bounty of trade, culture and scientific advancement that it brought with.

It is the modern era of the Tarael, the last page in a book still being written, and one that many of their people hope to keep a record of so that they can learn from their history, mistakes, advancements and then some.

The modern-day climate of the Tarael is one strewn only with the occasional upset of the district families, a momentary cold-shoulder between two districts that would quickly be smothered by the Tarake themselves. It is an era of knowledge and culture, as this is when the Tarael had introduced themselves into the worlds around them, to learn as much as they can and continue to advance themselves into something even better.

As part of my ongoing goal to flesh out my original species, the Tarael, I've tried my hand at writing a more article-like piece about their general history and how they came to be the modern-day species that rule their home planet of Ev'ren. I plan to write more in-depth short-stories in order to give more body and personal vision to the world that the Tarael live on, but for now I hope this helps give a better idea of who they are and where they've come from!

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