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Average Tarael Ages and Sizes

Partially due to a question, and partially because I love having visual examples, this is a little chart to help those interested see roughly the size comparisons of Tarael across a couple of age brackets! Accompanied is the average size, and also the average age that a Tarael is when they are considered to be apart of that specific age bracket. 

For those also curious, Tarael can live to be 100-150 years old, with their elderly years beginning around 60-70 when they are no longer able to reproduce.

Egg / Infant: Depending on the clutch size and some other variables, it can take anywhere between a couple days to several months for an egg to hatch. Tarael hatch (or are born) almost completely dependent on their parents for food, shelter and their other needs. Most Tarael infants will not open their eyes until after a few weeks, relying completely on their sense of smell instead.

Toddler: This is the age that most Tarael become the most mobile, finally reaching a level of expertise in walking and running. As toddlers, they don't typically wear masks due to the frequent need for feedings from their parents--their fangs will start growing in the next few years, and until then they will gnaw on almost anything that can fit in their mouths.

Child: By this time, a Tarael has been put into some form of schooling. Their teeth have fully developed and their venom is soon to follow, and they are expected to begin wearing masks. Education is very important in this age bracket, to allow for the most time for the child to choose their career while as a young adult.

Young Adult: Tarael will go through the most growth spurts in this age bracket, and they will start their sexual cycles as well. Males will begin going through heat at roughly 15-20 years of age, with females being unresponsive to heats until around the same time.

Adult: By this time, a Tarael is more-or-less expected to have some sort of job or have begun to strike out into the world on their own. They have fully-functioning fangs and venom among all of their other senses (normally) and are considered fully independent.
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