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Ban-Laoch: Part 7
   Ban-Laoch quickly made her way to shores of Orc-Heimr, the ancestral homeland of the Orcs. Up until a few centuries ago when there race was driven out by the otherwise peaceful Amphibs, scattering the Orcish race to the four corners of the world.
   However... her mode of transportation could have been a bit more ideal. “TRACEY! MOMMY’S A LITTLE TOO CLOSE TO THE CANOPY!” Ban-Laoch shouted to Tracy in terror, as she had used the infant Dragon to take her to Orc-Heimr.
   “I can’t! Your too heavy mommy!” Tracy said as the two descended into the canopy.
   “TRACY WATCH OUT FOR THAT-” but it was too late, “...tree...” Ban-Laoch said as she and Tracy had firmly embedded themselves into one of the tall trees. Then a strange frog-like creature approached them.
   “Hi-ho! You folks seem to be stuck.” The creature said.
   “Yes... and in quite a lot of pai
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Penguin Pals: A New Dawn: Part 3
   “VE’VE BEEN VALKING FOR VEEKS!” Dussel shouted as the convoy made their way through the ruins Pax Svenisdae.
   “We’ve only been here for an hour, maybe fifty, forty-five minutes,” Monty said, annoyed with the yelling Chinstrap.
   “Oh... right... WE have been walking... for a little under an hour.” Dussel said, as he looked over his magic scroll that allowed him to see, that it has been a little over a month since the last part was published on the internet proper. “So, which way Waldo?” Dussel asked of the fur coat clothed King Penguin.
   “It’s a bit of a labyrinth to get through all the ruins. But I remember my way, just keep close and stop for nothing... this here’s bat country.” Waldo said.
   “Fvear und Loathsing in Las Wages.” Dussel said to himself as he ate a sardine. “Dhe shpelling vorks in German, trust me on zhis.”
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Zootopia Files: Fourth of July Special
   “Now... I’ll bet you’re all wondering why I have summoned you.” Anna Blackpaw said to Nick, Judy, Davies, and Pandora as all four mammals sat in a drawing room at Blackpaw Manor.
   “Oh I actually know why, but please Miss Blackpaw, do go on.” Clancy, the AI integrated with Pandora’s time traveling watch said.
   “As you know, the Fourth of July is upon us! The day when this county celebrates its freedom from the British... despite the dates not really matching up with the actual dates, but I’m already digressing. Josephus! Bring the pop-up book!” Anna said.
   “The ‘Secret Histories’ one or-”
   “Yes, the one that details the true story of the American Revolution!” Anna said Josephus, entered the drawing room with the book in question. “Now, I have told Davies a great many details about the Vampiric world... and young Pandora learne
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World War R: Part 1
In the 2250’s, a great war broke out. Between the nations of Earth, and a powerful faction of reneged robots, led by the mad scientist named Professor Nemesis, and his Central Processing Artificial Intelligence, Vendetta. The Iron Ones ravaged the Earth for Nemesis’s desires of conquest.
The world seemed to be doomed to Nemesis’s dominion... but then a miracle happened. Another scientist, named Doctor Turk, had been working on a project to create sentient human-like robots, called Androids. Originally, he intended them to help mankind in purely domestic duties. But with the war against Nemesis and Vendetta going south, he hastily reprogrammed the androids for combat.
Led by the first of the Androids Arnold, the A-Legion they had victory after victory over Nemesis’s robot armies. Eventually, bringing about the end of the war, but Nemesis was never found, nor Vendetta. However, this war ultimately led to a Golden Age of technological progress.
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Gabriella the Gynoid: Armor Version by DarthSithari Gabriella the Gynoid: Armor Version :icondarthsithari:DarthSithari 2 0
Zootopia Files: Vampire Rabbit Interview: Part 2
Previously on the Zootopia Files.
   Bogo looked sternly across the briefing room. “All right people... we got a serious case on our hands. It may very well be even direr than the Missing Mammals Case, or the Night Howler Crisis, and the chaos that has been griping Zootopia since then...” Bogo said, as he then presented a cookie jar on his desk. “We need to find out who stole all the cookies from the cookie jar,” Bogo said seriously.
   “Davies... I’m happy that you’re having fun. But could you please get out of the penguin enclosure?” Anna Blackpaw asked as Davies was inside of the penguin enclosure, reading one of his books to the penguins.
   “Don’t ruin a lifelong dream woman! It’s another hour until ‘Swimming with Penguins’ is open, and I refuse to lose my spot! Besides... I left my phone at home.” Davies said.
   “Yet he remembers to b
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Zootopia Files: Vampire Rabbit Interview: Part 1
   In a hospital bed at Zootopia Central Hospital, Davies was lying in a hospital bed. For a little over a day ago, his life was turned upside down. Not only had he been possessed by the Legion of Night, an entity that appears in mammals with neurological differences from bases mammals that are exposed to Night Howlers.
   But he had learned, that his boss, and girlfriend. Anna Blackpaw, was a Vampire, an honest to goodness Vampire. A Vampire that had all but drained him dry of his blood. Now, he was stuck, receiving new blood. To replace what Anna had drunk.
   “Mr. Hopps. There is a rabbit woman here to see you.” A nurse said, peeking his head through the door.
   “Send... send her in,” Davies said, exhausted and light headed. And into the room, a rabbit women did enter... Anna Blackpaw.
   “Leave us to our privacy,” Anna said with a clearly somber look on her face, and the nurse closed the door beh
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Zootopia Files: Sagittarius Incident
   In the year 2038, Judy Hopps was sitting before a holographic computer screen. She was wearing a tank top as she looked over old footage of her old adventures when she was the ZPD’s first bunny officer, specifically, the events that saw the downfall of Draco Long-Fangs criminal organization, all the while taking a swig of carrot juice as she looked over the old footage.
   “Man... Nick and I got into some crazy things back then.” Judy said fondly to herself as she kicked up her feet.
   “Commander Hopps, your daughter Pandora is aboard the Helicarrier.” A robotic voice said.
   “Wow, I think this the first time she’s EVER been on time for anything. Let her-”
   “Already let myself in mom,” Pandora said as she entered Judy’s office. “And yes, I actually remembered to make something for you for ounce,” Pandora said as she placed a cake on Judy’s desk.
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Star Wars: The Awoken Chronicles: Zakoq Zark
   Tatooine, desert planet, baked beneath the heat of its twin suns. This world has served as a gathering for some of the most wretched scum and villainy in the galaxy since time immemorial. Since the death of Jabba the Hutt however, the planet has been in upheaval. With petty criminals trying to fill in the void the Jabba’s death left on the Outer Rim world.
   To make matters worse, bands of Tuskan Raiders and Jawa’s had risen up. Raiding and looting settlements across the planet under the command of an enigmatic leader known only as the ‘Immortal Son of Suns’. This is where our heroes come in... as the Millennium Falcon landed in Mos Eisley.
   “So this is your homeworld?... might actually be better than Jakku,” Rey said as they left the Falcon.
   “It is, this planet has two suns. AND a thriving moisture farming industry when I left, all Jakku has is sand, sand, a salvage operation run by a crooked Cr
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6975 Alien Avenger by DarthSithari 6975 Alien Avenger :icondarthsithari:DarthSithari 7 6
Mammal Effect: Novhareia: Part I
   The Normandy arrived in orbit of the frozen world of Novharia. A planet set aside for corporations to preform experiments and research that would otherwise be illegal, immoral or just ill-advised.
   “This is the SSV Normandy to Novharia ground control, requesting permission to land,” Joker said.
   “Request denied. We have no record of a scheduled landing. State your intentions or you will be fired upon.” The traffic control officer said.
   “Citadel Council intentions, we have a Specter aboard,” Joker said.
   “Very well, landing access granted Normandy. Be advised, we will be inspecting your claim. And your vessel will be impounded if confirmation cannot be established. ” The traffic control officer said as the Normandy docked.
   “Commander, remind me to book this place for shore leave,” Joker said to Judy sarcastically.
   Judy, followed by Liar
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Gabrielle the Gynoid: Civilian Version. by DarthSithari Gabrielle the Gynoid: Civilian Version. :icondarthsithari:DarthSithari 7 0
Phineas and Ferb: Beatrice and Elven Princes.
   It started as a fairly normal morning at the Flynn household. Beatrice was humming to herself as she brushed her hair while wearing a towel, as she had recently come out of the shower. “I’m going to a BBQ. There’ll be a pool for me to dip into.” Beatrice said in sing-song.
   “And Daniel will be there.” Beatrice’s sister, Bethany said teasingly.
   “Yes, he’s the host, and it’s at his house... what are you getting at?” Beatrice said to her human sister.
   “You got a crush on-”
   “I should never have told you about the weird dreams I had when I was younger. I’m not even entirely sure if he is somehow crush material. Now listen kid, either you stop making fun of me for having actual friends. Or a certain video gets uploading to the internet... you know the one I’m talking about.” Beatrice said as she displayed a video on the palm of
:icondarthsithari:DarthSithari 1 0
Zootopia Files: Thor vs. the Mask
   At Blackpaw Manor, Anna Blackpaw met Nick and Judy on her lawn. “Blackpaw, you mind explaining why Bogo sent us here?” Nick asked.
   “I’ll show you... it’s down in the basement.” Anna said as she led the two officers into her home.
   “Is it somehow related to that room-?”
   “No, it’s not related to that incident revolving around Wilde’s ex-girlfriends, and Delphine.” Anna said, cutting off Judy.
   “Speaking of which, where is Delphine?” Judy asked.
   “Apparently she’s proving a tougher nut to crack then I believed. But that’s not important right now, nor is it related to why I called for your aid specifically. No... In the short term, this is more important.” Anna said as she led the two police officers into her homes basement.
   “What exactly was stolen?” Judy asked.
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Sierra the Robot: Part 12.
   It’s been three months since Victoria dragged me to Old Earth, and awakened the Praetorian Machina... and in short. She has not been idle since then. Victoria actually did it... she usurped her brother, Emperor Orpheus the Large. Near as I’ve been able to figure, she rallied the Ashen Inquisition, the Phoenix Bellator’s, and about seventy to eighty percent of the Empires leadership against him.
   With all these resources, she deposed Orpheus at a party he was holding in his honor, and captured Orpheus’s supporters. To make a long story short, she had them all stuffed into a freighter ship, and sent them out from Imperial space... the ship itself was set sail on its voyage over Yihl’narus.
   Now... now I’m not entirely sure what happens next. I know for certain that Victoria seeks to conquer the rest of the galaxy. To pick up where Saint Indominus himself left off... but beyond that, I’m not certain. I mean, I&
:icondarthsithari:DarthSithari 2 1
Penguin Pals: A New Dawn: Part 2
   About three days latter, the entire village of Penglet gathered for the Feast of Adour, a celebration honoring of the youngest of the Phoenix Kings sons. The one appointed to rule over the sun and day, alongside his elder brother Ilta who ruled over the moon and night. Up until the end of the Golden Age, when both brothers were cast into a deep sleep by Ilta’s envy.
   At any rate, at the Village Hall, every resident of Penglet was there for the great feast, along with merchants looking to make a few quick silvers with Feast of Adour themed gifts and souvenirs. The Hall was filled with Penguins dressed for the occasion... with one young Penguin uncomfortable with his bowtie.
   “Monty, this is no time to be upset!” Monty’s mother said to him.
   “Well it’s hardly my fault that SOMEONE thought that sticking this thing to my neck was a good idea... by LICKING it and letting it freeze to my neck! I’m just
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   Ban-Laoch quickly made her way to shores of Orc-Heimr, the ancestral homeland of the Orcs. Up until a few centuries ago when there race was driven out by the otherwise peaceful Amphibs, scattering the Orcish race to the four corners of the world.

   However... her mode of transportation could have been a bit more ideal. “TRACEY! MOMMY’S A LITTLE TOO CLOSE TO THE CANOPY!” Ban-Laoch shouted to Tracy in terror, as she had used the infant Dragon to take her to Orc-Heimr.

   “I can’t! Your too heavy mommy!” Tracy said as the two descended into the canopy.

   “TRACY WATCH OUT FOR THAT-” but it was too late, “...tree...” Ban-Laoch said as she and Tracy had firmly embedded themselves into one of the tall trees. Then a strange frog-like creature approached them.

   “Hi-ho! You folks seem to be stuck.” The creature said.

   “Yes... and in quite a lot of pain,” Ban-Laoch muttered.

   “Well, you need help?” The creature asked.

   “Yes... that would be nice,” Tracy muttered.

   “Ah, well let me help you then!” The creature said as he took up his staff, and used it as a crowbar to get Ban-Laoch and Tracy out of the tree. “There you go.”

   “Tracy sweaty... are you alright?” Ban-Laoch said as she looked over Tracy, who looked to be heavily bruised.

   “I got booboos, mommy!” Tracy said, looking as if Tracy were trying, and failing to hide his tearing eyes.

   “It’s okay sweety, mommies got you,” Ban-Laoch said as she hugged Tracy. “Shh... shh... just let it out.” She said as Tracy cried.

   “So, what brings you outlanders around these here parts?” The creature asked.

   “Well, we... wait... you’re an Amphib!” Ban-Laoch said in surprise at the spindly frog-like creature.

   “Yep, grew up in a swamp nearby.” The Amphib said.

   “...why even help us? I thought your kind ate outsiders.” Ban-Laoch asked.

   “Well, you were in trouble and needed help. Why not help you?” The Amphib said.

   “Uh huh... so. To my reason for being in Orc-Heimr. The Dark Elves have returned to our Realm, and I need to see if there’s anything in the other lands that the Dark Elves would be interested in. I would have started sooner... but it took longer than I thought to potty-train this little fire-spitter.” Ban-Laoch said.

   “Dark Elves?... I think I saw some strange Elves down at the Temple in the swamp. Not sure what’s there, or why creepy Outlanders would want it.” The Amphib explained.

   “Well... do you at least know where this temple is specifically?” Ban-Laoch asked.

   “Why it’s down in the swamp, trust me. You’ll find it quickly.” The Amphib said.

   “Okay... that’s good, come on Tracy.” Ban-Laoch said as she carried the infant Dragon as she leaped down to the jungle floor.

   “By the way! My relatives are hunting down there, only reason I didn’t kill you was because I had already eaten. But they're starving, and aren’t above picking a fight for their next meal!” The Amphib said as Ban-Laoch fell down from the canopy to the jungle floor.

   “Well, that would have been nice to know,” Ban-Laoch said as she did a three-point landing on the jungle floor.

   “Mommy... should I fly-”

   “No Tracy, you already hurt yourself today, now just hold on,” Ban-Laoch said as she took a number of leaves, and made a makeshift carrier for Tracy. “I probably should have gotten one when we left Tuatha Meadu in the first place.” She said as she placed Tracy in the carrier.

   The two made their way through the jungle, contending with Amphib tribesmen, as well as enormous panther like reptiles, and giant mosquitoes. Eventually, Ban-Laoch arrived at a swamp... and the situation worsened as giant frogs and carnivores plants, both mobile and stationary joined in her troubles. But eventually, they arrived at the temple entrance. A massive stepped pyramid, clearly ancient, decorated with broken statues of Orcs.

   “What happened to the Orcs mommy? Why don’t they live here anymore?” Tracy asked.

   “The Amphid’s happened, almost overnight they rose up against the Orcs and drove them all off. According to Orc accounts, for every Amphid that was killed, about a thousand more were ready to avenge there fallen kin. The Orcs actively avoided Amphid territories further inland, and only had limited trade contacts and... Thal'karax?! What are you doing here?! How did you get here?!” Ban-Laoch said.

   “I have come, on behalf of my people. For we have heard word, that inside of this temple. One of the Amphid’s elusive leaders... an Ubertoad.” Thal’karax said as he stepped out of the shadows he was hiding in.

   “That doesn’t answer my question.” Ban-Laoch said.

   “I was tasked by my clan to mark a way into this temple. So that in time. We might finally reclaim our ancestral homeland from the Amphid’s... I for one hope, that in time. Both of our races might rise from the ashes of our mutual turmoil, and build something greater than either of our races achieved alone.” Thal’karax said.

   “So the Clan-Lord is actually going to make the attempt? How long has it been exactly? Eight-hundred years?” Ban-Laoch asked.

   “Give or take, what brings you to Orc-Heimr?” Thal’karax asked.

   “Well to make a long story short. The Dark Elves have returned, Adraigh is in no shape for flying, Bledis’s equipment has been taken, and I’m now apparently the mother to possibly the last Dragon outside of the Shadow Realm.” Ban-Laoch explained.

   “I was about to ask about the little one... quite the heavy sleeper, isn’t he?” Thal’karax said.

   “Yeah, the Four gave him to me as an egg... and I’ve spent most of the time since then to get this little spit-fire from peeing wherever he wills it. You don’t even want to know how horrible his... ‘Accidents’ can smell.” Ban-Laoch said.

   “And why do you seek this temple? I highly doubt it is for the same reasons as mine.” Thal’karax said.

   “That depends, do they actually include Dark Elves somehow being inside? Because there why I’m here.” Ban-Laoch said.

   “I did not know this... but perhaps we can work together. These old Orcish ruins require two people in order to access them. And, my warrior escort is running late... they should have been here hours ago.” Thal’karax said.

   “Agreed, just leave any monsters inside to me; you handle anything that requires an expert on Orcish lore to use,” Ban-Laoch said, the Elf and Orc then made their way inside. And as Ban-Laoch had come to expect from her last adventure, the place was a labyrinth filled with booby traps, and Amphib guards, larger ones then what Ban-Laoch had been contending with, in the jungle, and covered in armor and armed with large bladed spears.

   “So far... no Dark Elves. They are either keeping to the shadows, there are none here, or they have already found what they are looking for.” Thal’karax noted as they arrived at a massive door.

   “Perhaps... but still, we need to get to wherever this Ubertoad is, and see what we can do,” Ban-Laoch said as she and Thal’karax opened the door with a pair of levers. Eventually, after going through a number of other mazes and such doors, they arrived at the Ubertoads throne room... and was in the midst of torturing Dark Elves.

   “Well, there are your Dark Elves, Miss Ash-Lion,” Thal’karax said nonchalantly, as the Dark Elves were writhing in pain as the Ubertoad tortured them with magic bonds. This turned them into ghosts, and they flew into the Ubertoad’s massive mouth.

   “WHO DARES TO STAND BEFORE ME?” The Ubertoad said, his voice deep, and gurgling. Then the yellow Amphib that Pad’maa met earlier appeared.

   “Hi-Ho Lord Gastros! The outlanders have been brought before you! An Elf, and an Orc.” The small spindly frog creature.


   “Why does everyone want to eat my soul!?” Ban-Laoch shouted.

   “I do not know for certain, I do not have the same knowledge of magic that Tall-Ainne has,” Thal’karax said.

   “NOW STAND STILL ELF!” Gastros said as she casted magic on Ban-Laoch, but Thal’karax leaped in the way. “IMPUDENT ORC, YOU MAY BE STRONG IN THE WAYS OF MAGIC. BUT YOU ARE NOT MY EQUAL. I WILL HAVE THE DJINN DAUGHTERS SOUL!” Gastros bellowed in rage.

   “Perhaps... but you will not have her! Now Ban-Laoch! Take up arms against this hideous amphibian!” Thal’karax said as he held Gastros’s magic in check, levitating in the air.

   The battle was intense, as not only did Ban-Laoch have to contend with Amphib warriors, but Gastros, as he had an immense mace in his hands that could easily turn Ban-Laoch into a paste on the floor. Though thanks to her armor, this was not the case the few times she was hit by it. As well as his immense magic powers that weren’t caught up with Thal’karax.

   Eventually, she got the upper-hand and felled Gastros. “Hurray!... I smell like sewage!” Ban-Laoch said deliriously. Then, a number of Orcs entered.

   “Ah, how good of you to arrive... AFTER this young Elf not only killed the Ubertoad but also killed every Amphib from the entrance to here.” Thal’karax said.

   “We would have been here sooner... but we got held up by Deathraptors. At least a dozen or so-”

   “Spare me your excuses, now, because the young Djinn Daughter actually did things. She gets the Ubertoads weapon.” Thal’karax said.

   “What?... that thing is huge I can’t-” The mace then changed size to fit into Ban-Laoch’s hand. “Nevermind.” She said, Ban-Laoch just held up the mace in triumph. “Now, let’s see what else is in this temple. Might even make the trip worthwhile, especially since I still don’t know what the Dark Elves were up to.” Ban-Laoch said to herself as she went further into the temple... and found the Amphib, Yellow-47.

   “M-Miss... I am so sorry for what happened.” Yellow-47 said, looking despondent. “The Ubertoads... they control my people with their powerful magic. Drove us to banish the Orcs... stripped us of our names... everything that we were in ancient times.”

   “Do you know why the Dark Elves came here in the first place?” Ban-Laoch said.

   “They... they were the ones that created the Ubertoads. Taught them the magic’s they’ve used to dominate our race. T-They wanted to take it from Gastros, why... I can’t imagine. But they were no match for him... and he ate their souls.” Yellow-47 said.

   “And what about your people?” Ban-Laoch asked.

   “...the Ubertoads will know that one of their own has fallen. I should be... completely feral without his magic. But... but here I am. Sane.” Yellow-47 said, his eyes twitching sporadically.

   “Yeah... but what about you?” Ban-Laoch asked.

   “I... I don’t know what I’ll do.” Yellow-47 said Ban-Laoch looked sympathetically at the Amphib.

   “Look... my sister back in Tuatha Meadu is a doctor. She can help you... wait... what’s that.” Ban-Laoch said, noticing a very familiar looking planet behind Yellow-47. Specifically, the plaid lemon-shaped fruit growing on it. “Well I’ll be, it’s another of those terrible fruits,” Ban-Laoch said as she took the fruit, and waved it in front of Tracy’s face... who had somehow slept through the chaos of the last few minutes.

   He sniffed and took the entire fruit into his mouth. “He... he likes that thing?” Yellow-47 asked.

   “Little fella’s a Dragon, I’m not going to pretend to understand how he can stand those foul-smelling fruits,” Ban-Laoch said, Tracy then burst out of his carrier, as the fruit made him the size of a lion. “And now you're big enough for me to ride!”

   “Ride?...” Tracy said uncertainly.

   “Hey, relax kiddo... your big enough to actually carry me,” Ban-Laoch said reassuringly.

   Several hours later, Ban-Laoch, Tracy, and Yellow-47 arrived in Tuatha Meadu... and crashed through the roof of Iarann’s office. “And I was just getting attached to this place,” Iarann said nonchalantly as her sister, her Dragon and an Amphib lay on the floor disoriented and dizzy.

   “Sis... I got three patients for ya!” Ban-Laoch said as she wearily stood up, holding her head. “Me, Tracy, and an Amphib that’s in need of therapy!” She said.

   “Really? And I take it you got Tracy another of those fruits?” Iarann said as she donned a pair of gloves. “Now Tracey, before I do anything. I need to ask your consent to examine you.” Iarann said seriously.

   “Uh... okay,” Tracy said innocently. Tracy quickly regretted this decision.

   “Tracy’s a male,” Iarann said Tracy, shook like a leaf in mortal terror.

   “Couldn’t you have told him what you would do before you did that?” Ban-Laoch said furiously at Iarann as she petted Tracy’s head.

   “Well he was too small to do that safely before, and-”

   “And nothing! Tracy is not a pet! And you should be ashamed for treating him so shabbily!” Ban-Laoch said furiously.

   “Well, I’m sorry! But Tracey’s gender has been bugging me since he was born! Don’t tell me it was wasn’t on your mind!” Iarann said in annoyance.

   “W-Why didn’t you ask me if I was a boy or a girl?!” Tracy said.

   “Did... did you know the whole time?” Iarann asked.

   “YES! If I knew that you wanted to know, I would have just told you!” Tracy said as tears filled his eyes.

   “Uh... I have to look in on-”

   “Apologize. Now.” Ban-Laoch said irately, glaring daggers at her robotic step-sister.

   “I... I am sorry Tracy for what I did. I will not make excuses as to why. If it’ll make it up, you can have some of my candy. I just got in a new shipment from Tuatha Milis.” Iarann said apologetically. Tracy wasted no time in eating the candy, voraciously devouring them. “I suppose I deserve this... now I’m going to start with the Amphib’s therapy.” Iarann said as she hastily ran into the back room.

   “And you’re not getting my money to fix the place again!” Ban-Laoch yelled as she petted Tracy.

   “What’ll... what’ll we do now mommy?” Tracy asked in between bites.

   “I think I have an idea,” Ban-Laoch said, over the next few days. She had called together the Elders of Elvenheims various Tuatha’s, to discuss the issue of the Dark Elf threat. Many didn’t believe her claims of what had happened. But Adraigh still weakened from the initial encounter served as a witness on the matter, and the myriad Champions, including Ban-Loach's personal friend V’taal vouching for her character as a fellow Champion. And after much debate, the Elders agreed to finally unite. With Tuatha Meadu as the capital, this is the good news.

   The bad news is that the Elder blindsided Ban-Laoch, and had her declared as Queen of the Coalition. But Ban-Laoch quickly gained revenge by having them depowered, only being allowed to govern their respective Tuatha’s, while the Champions held the true power.

   With all of this political falderal quickly dealt with. The first task of the Council of Champions was to dig up more dirt on the Dark Elves activities across the world. In the meantime, Ban-Laoch and Tracy would practice more on flying, and with the weapons, she had obtained from the Dark Elf warrior, and Gastros.

   Then one day, a messenger arrived at Ban-Laoch’s home. “My liege, there are reports of Dark Elves about Dwarvenheim. Prince Gathadar asked for you by name.” The messenger said.

   “Well Tracy, off to Dwarvenheim! Let’s see what Gathadar wants.” Ban-Laoch said.
28 deviations

   “VE’VE BEEN VALKING FOR VEEKS!” Dussel shouted as the convoy made their way through the ruins Pax Svenisdae.

   “We’ve only been here for an hour, maybe fifty, forty-five minutes,” Monty said, annoyed with the yelling Chinstrap.

   “Oh... right... WE have been walking... for a little under an hour.” Dussel said, as he looked over his magic scroll that allowed him to see, that it has been a little over a month since the last part was published on the internet proper. “So, which way Waldo?” Dussel asked of the fur coat clothed King Penguin.

   “It’s a bit of a labyrinth to get through all the ruins. But I remember my way, just keep close and stop for nothing... this here’s bat country.” Waldo said.

   “Fvear und Loathsing in Las Wages.” Dussel said to himself as he ate a sardine. “Dhe shpelling vorks in German, trust me on zhis.” He explained to you... yes... YOU, the reader.

   Unbeknownst to the convoy, however, bats in Ilta’s service had already spotted the convoy. Specifically, these bats were servants of Ilta’s from the War of Darkness. As like the citizens of Pax Svenisdae, they had been frozen during the climactic battle when both he and Adour were cast into a deep sleep.

   “Sire... we have the Penguins from Penglet in our sites.” The lead bat said into an ornate and thorny looking communications device

   “What?! They shouldn’t be here so soon! They must have found a Gateway! I need a delay!” Ilta said in disbelief.

   “Understood, a number of our brothers have taken up positions across the city. I will direct them to reinforce the routes that can directly take them to Adour’s Tomb.” The bat said. “And I must say sire... it is good for you to be back.”

   “It’s great to be back, Prince Nocturn,” Ilta said, the bats then went about preparing there ambush

   Eventually, the convoy arrived at a large ruin that completely blocked the straight path towards the Tomb of Adour. “So... how do we get past this?” Ani, the animatronic Penguin girl asked.

   “We don’t, this hunka rock is too big to move. Even Agatha can’t break that.” Waldo said as his rhino Agatha snorted indignantly. “Even you have limits old girl; you just have to accept that!” Waldo said as Agatha nudged him.

   “Wait... are dark clouds normal around here?” Jessica asked as she noticed a massive cloud in the sky.

   “No... those would be bats. Which is more than a little weird to me... because they normally don’t swarm like that... least not when I was last here.” Waldo said as the cloud of bats descended towards the convoy. “Monty, we need to get you past that rock,” Waldo said as he drew his ax.

   “What?” Monty asked.

   “Those bats are in Ilta’s service! I recognize the emblems on their armor.” Jessica said as the bats landed, and indeed they had symbols on their armor. It was a full moon with the infinity symbol and the number eight on it, surrounded by a pair of black outspread wings.

   “But how are we going to get over the rock?” Monty asked.

   “Leave that to us sweaty!” Monty’s mother said as she and a number of other penguins made a Penguin-ladder across the massive rock, and Penguins at the opposite side of the convoy held up a shield wall against the bats, firing arrows into the bats.

   “Aren’t you coming with us?” Monty asked as he and the rest of his friends got on top of the massive rock.

   “Monty... I’m an oath keeper of my tribe! That means that no matter what, I keep my promises, and punish those who willfully break there’s! And as far as I can see, I can keep my oath to protect you best, by holding off these bats!” Waldo said as he mounted upon Agatha, and drew a crossbow. “MAKE WAY!” Waldo shouted as Agatha reared up, and a number of Penguins parted to allow the massive rhino to charge towards into the bats. Knocking them aside. “FLY LITTLE ONE!” Waldo said as he fired a crossbow bolt at a bat in flight.

   Monty and the rest of his friends wasted no time in making their way to the other side of the rock. “Is... is he going to be okay?” Monty asked in concern.

   “Mein little vone, zhat Pengven is toupher zhen blue ice. He vill be alright.” Dussel said reassuringly to Monty. They then found themselves surrounded by the frozen forms of the cities, former residents.

   “It’s okay Monty... we got you,” Jessica said as she took up Monty in her flippers, as she, Arthur, Dussel, and Ani made their way through the abandoned street. Eventually, they arrived at the entrance to Adour’s tomb proper.

   “Well, we’re here now. Dussel, you have any idea on what needs to be done to awaken Adour?” Arthur asked.

   “Vell according to mein scroll, all zhat need be done. Iz for Monty to place zhe Eye of zhe Phoenix King, on ein pedestal at zhe exact shenter, if anyvone else vere to make zhe attempt. It vouldn’t vork, only zhe Phoenix of Dawn can zuccesfully avaken Adour, und bring back zhe sun.” Dussel explained.

   “Tell me something I don’t know,” Jessica said sardonically.

   “There’s a giant bat coming towards us!” Ani said as indeed, a bat at least the size of a woolly rhino slithered out of the ruins.

   “You know... I vould have shaid zhat zhis felt too easy. But I didn’t vant to risk jinxing us. But vell... c’est la vie. Arthur, stay by mein side. Jessica, you and Ani get Monty inside.” Dussel said as he drew a pair of swords.


   “Kid, I assure you, ve vill be fine! Now get inside!” Dussel said as the giant bat circled them, and Jessica, Ani, and Monty hastily got inside.

   “Monty... are you alright?” Ani asked.

   “My friends and family are in danger... and that’s just what’s been happening today! How should I feel?” Monty asked.

   “Well... I’m scarred too.  We’re all scarred... but the only other option here. Is to let fear, and by extension Ilta to rule over us.” Ani said as she held Monty’s flippers. “I’d hug you but... well you remember that right?” Ani said.

   “Yeah... yeah, I remember that. Let’s... let’s just get this over with.” Monty said as he and the two females made their way down into the tomb of Adour, though the winding steps as the three of them made their way towards the chamber where Monty needed to be.

   They arrived... and found Ilta, sitting atop a makeshift throne, that was constructed over the very pedestal that Monty needed to put the Eye of the Phoenix King into. “Montgomery Invictus Piitha of Penglet... it is an honor to have the Phoenix of Dawn in my court, pardon the mess. I was expecting guests, just not so soon. But look at me ramble! Too what do I owe the pleasure of your presence little one?” Ilta said, sitting upon his throne.

   “Don’t play coy... you already know why I’m here!” Monty said.

   “Indeed... and I’m afraid I can’t allow my brother to awaken. So I’m afraid that-” Ilta was cut off as Jessica lunged at him.

   “MONTY! PUT THE EYE ON THE PEDESTAL!” Jessica said as she drove a sword into Ilta’s neck.

   “GUARDS! STOP HIM!” Ilta shouted as his bat guards took flight, as he wrestled with Jessica.

   The bats flew down at him. “Monty! Make for the pedestal! I’ll handle the bats!” Ani said.

   “What? How?” Monty asked as he hid behind Ani.

   “Like this.” Ani then flashed a number of bright lights on her body, that blinded the bats and they fell to the ground clutching their eyes.

   Monty wasted no time in sprinting for the pedestal, as bats fell around him, and Ilta had gotten the upper hand on his tutor. However... it was too late for Ilta as Monty had slipped the Eye of the Phoenix King into the eye-shaped indent on the pedestal.

   “NO!” Ilta shouted as he held Jessica in his hands. A massive pillar of brilliant light shot out of the tomb. “FLY! FLY YOU FOOLS! WE MAKE FOR THE NORTH!” Ilta shrieked as every bat in Pax Svenisdae flew away, as the statue of Adour cracked and fractured. Ilta was the last to escape as Monty rose, enveloped in fire.

   “ILTA! THE SLEEPER HAS AWAKENED!” Monty bellowed with supernatural power. As finally... Adour arose from his long sleep. Roaring as he outstretched his wings, and the sun finally rose for the first time in one-thousand years.

   Later on, the expedition from Penglet had returned to the main gate. Where Monty and his friends had stood alongside Adour. Adour’s feathers were yellow and golden in color. “Montgomery Invictus Piitha of Penglet... I cannot thank you enough for freeing me, finally ending the Long Night.” Adour said.

   “Thank you, my lord,” Monty said as he knelt to Adour.

   “Please... after the bravery you have shown in the face of my wayward brother. You bow to no-one.” Adour said earnestly.

   “I... what will we do now that your back?” Monty asked as he stood back up.

   “My brother and the bats that had squatted in Pax Svenisdae’s ruins have fled north. To regroup... and attempt to start another War of Darkness.” Adour said.

   “So now I have to-”

   “No!... you do not, need to rally armies against Ilta and his forces. You are still young... and deserve to live your life. Free from the strife that will inevitably come in the days ahead. The reunification of the Penguins falls to me... but as the Phoenix of Dawn. I may call upon you to aid me, but for now... enjoy your youth. Return home to Penglet, and let the Lord of the Sun take care of what must be done.” Adour said reassuringly to Monty.

   “Thank you... after this ordeal, our little Monty needs a break.” Monty’s mother said.

   “Tell me about it, I was worried sick for my special little guy.” Nigel, Monty’s father said.

   “Uh... mein lord, Dussel von Narren. I’m not certain if-”

   “Yes, Dussel... I remember you. And I forgive you for your treachery during the War of Darkness.” Adour said.

   “NEIN! PLEASE MEIN- I’m sorry vhat?” Dussel asked as he fell to his knees.

   “I know how you aided Monty, and the Penguins of Penglet, you even risked your life to buy Monty the chance to awaken me... that has more than earned you redemption in my eyes for your misdeeds during the War of Darkness,” Adour said, Dussel just looked flabbergasted.

   “I... thank you... does zhis mean you vill also-”

   “I’m sorry, but your immortality is not mine to undo,” Adour said.

   “... fair enough.” Dussel said.

   A day or so later, our heroes had returned to Penglet, inside of the Village Hall. Monty, Jessica, Arthur, Waldo, Ani, and Dussel stood before Invictus and the other village Elders. “Monty... your mission went well?” Invictus asked.

   “He did better than well, old friend,” Adour said as he entered the hall behind our heroes. “Your grandson is more than I ever could have hoped for in the Phoenix of Dawn,” Adour said.

   “My lord... it’s been so long!” Invictus said as he waddled towards Adour, and the too beings hugged.

   “Now, will someone please explain to me what THIS, is about?!” Monty asked.

   “Ah, vell back during zhe Var of Darkness. Inwitus vas Adours champion, und it vas his job to keep zhe Eye of zhe Phoenix King safe... but in zhe chaos. The magic from Adour and Ilta’s final battle vas sho chaotic. It shent him forward in time, but left zhe Eye behind.” Dussel said as he looked through his fourth wall break scroll. “And you shir, are ein vool to believe I am only limited by mein shcroll. Zhat’s right! I know your zhere narrator person!” ... I am now officially terrified. “Just don’t provoke me, und ve’ll be alright.”

   “And your history with the insane Chinstrap talking to himself?” Monty asked.

   “Him... HIM-”

   “Invictus! Calm yourself, at your age anger, can kill you.” Adour said as Invictus got angry. “I’m sorry... let’s just say that Dussel was a bit too much of a wild card for his own good. And as a consequence, got a number of important Penguins in the Empire killed... and was cursed by a panda bear to be immortal.” Adour explained.

   “Zhat bamboo munching ursine vas ein shore loser! It’sh not mein fault I’m the better Shcrabble player!” Dussel said.

   “Yes... and apparently he’s been wandering around Ice-Rear ever since,” Adour said.

   “Vell vhat vas I supposed to do? I’m no Phoenix of Dawn, und I don’t know zhe first zhing about ANYZHING zhat vould have directly helped anybody? Zpeaking of which-”

   “For the last time Dussel! I’m not even sure that whole affair was worth the Valkyrie’s Gate! That saber-tooth almost killed me!” Waldo said.

   And so did Monty of Penglet, and his friends bring back the sun to the world, and drove Ilta and the greatest of his minions to the northern lands, beyond Ice-Rears shores.


   Oh no... not you again!

   “I just realized zomething! In mein copy of der script, zhere ver mentions of Ice Demons of shome variety, and trolls! Und dragons made of ice!”

   Ah... well it seems that Monty and his friends just might have their collective flippers full with threats such as those on Ice-Rear-

   “Und another zhing! Zhe name of our homeland!... IT’S EIN BUTT JOKE! ICE! REAR! EIN COLD BUTT! EIN ICEY BUTT!”

   And does this look like the face of a man who cares about that?

   “Nein! But zhat is only because I can’t see your face! VHAT ARE YOU!?”

   Someone who’s going to wrap this up before things get too out of hand. Now, Adour will be going around Ice-Rear to unite the Penguins, and to form a united front from which to track down his wayward brother and undo the damage that the thousand year long winter had caused.


   And restore the Empire of the Penguins to their former glory.


   In the meantime, I believe that Monty and his friends have more than earned a break from this sort of adventure. Learn more about each other and there interests before anything really big happens.

   “Vell zhat’s all vell und good, but I HAVE ZO MANY QVUESTIONS!”

   And to you all, I bid adieu... except to you, Mr. von Narren. I bid that the door hits you on the way out.

   “Zhis iz very rude!”

   (Iris out)


   “Now... I’ll bet you’re all wondering why I have summoned you.” Anna Blackpaw said to Nick, Judy, Davies, and Pandora as all four mammals sat in a drawing room at Blackpaw Manor.

   “Oh I actually know why, but please Miss Blackpaw, do go on.” Clancy, the AI integrated with Pandora’s time traveling watch said.

   “As you know, the Fourth of July is upon us! The day when this county celebrates its freedom from the British... despite the dates not really matching up with the actual dates, but I’m already digressing. Josephus! Bring the pop-up book!” Anna said.

   “The ‘Secret Histories’ one or-”

   “Yes, the one that details the true story of the American Revolution!” Anna said Josephus, entered the drawing room with the book in question. “Now, I have told Davies a great many details about the Vampiric world... and young Pandora learned of my Vampirism without me telling her,” Anna said as she took the book from Josephus.

   “And the pop-up book factors into this how?” Pandora asked.

   “Well, the Tribunal of Night. The secretive rules of Vampire kind, publish the true histories of events that have been kept secret from mortal kind. These books are bound by powerful magic’s so that only Vampires can open them... but not so that mortals can’t see their contents, however.” Anna said.

   “Are you seriously telling us that Vampires invented pop up books?” Judy said.

   “Yes... thankfully the worst that happened, was that ONLY the secret to make them fell into the hands of mortals,” Anna said.

   “Did you have a hand in that?” Nick asked.

   “No... It was actually my Sire, Sir Scath that allowed the craft to fall into mortal hands during the 1240’s.” Anna said.

   “Where the heck is he anyway?” Pandora asked.

   “We will meet him soon enough Pandora... well for me at least,” Clancy said.

   “Now, as the official history goes. George the Third of England, facing financial ruin after the Seven Years War, taxed the colonies to the point where they rose up in open rebellion, rather than suffer under the boot of a distant Monarch, who was just beginning his somewhat infamous slide into insanity... here’s how WE were involved with the whole affair.” Anna said as she opened the book. The first page displayed a white and grey colored lion in black and red robes, standing before a lion with mad eyes. “After the end of the Seven Years War, the Tribunal sent Caesar Augustus to King George the Third, with an offer. If one-thousand and one mammals which had never laid were given to the Tribunal. They would grant financial aid to the British Empire, King George, in his pride not only denied the request. But insulted the first Roman Emperor by insinuating he was just a delusional lunatic... a bit of the pot calling the kettle black.” Anna explained.

   “Even I thought he was crazy. And I gave up my sanity to try to turn lead into gold... apparently, that can’t be done period.” Josephus commented.

   “King George and British Parliament at the time implemented the Stamp Act of 1765 on the American colonies. Suffice it to say, a majority of mammals in the colonies were not happy with being taxed without a say in the matter.” Anna explained, she turned the page, showing about twenty-one figures in black and red concealing robes, surrounding a mole. “The Tribunal saw the potential for revenge against King George, in the unrest occurring in the colonies. They consulted the Eternal Oracle, the mole in the center of this illustration, regarding the unrest. According to the Oracle’s predictions, if nothing changed, the colonies would remain under British dominion for another century before splitting away peacefully. However, if the flames of rebellion and defiance were fanned, then the colonies would rise in revolt, and cost more for the British then the previous war against the French ever did.” Anna explained.

   “So go to war, or become Canada... such a hard choice to decide on,” Nick said sardonically.

   “Nickolas, the Tribunal was not interested in freedom, liberty, or equality. Their interests in kicking off the Revolutionary War began and ended, with proving the cost of defying an offer of the Tribunal without just cause... and to a lesser extent Augustus REALLY had it out for George after that meeting. But enough about Caesar, back to the story.” Anna explained, she then turned the page. “The Tribunal contacted the Cabal of the Unseen Eye to do just that. We were already a step ahead of him, as our leader. Had already made plans for how to exasperate the growing unrest.” Anna said as she turned the page to a depiction of early 1770’s Boston.

   “Wait... are you saying-”

   “That the Cabal of the Unseen Eye literally fired the first shots of the American Revolution? Yes, in fact, I was the one that literally fired the first shot of the war. I didn’t actually kill anyone, when you’re as tense as they were, a gunshot is all that’s need to go crazy.” Anna said as she pulled a tab, causing the infamous Boston Massacre to occur in the illustration, complete with ghostly sound effects of what had happened.

   “Oh that, no I was going to ask if Assassins Creed III’s plot was in any way based around you.” Nick continued, everyone else just looked unamused, and Josephus performed the ‘screw loose’ gesture while Clancy played appropriate cuckoo clock sounds.

   “...yes... but I was cheated. The people at Moobisoft promised that I would be the star, but instead, they made the protagonist some wolf mutt... in hindsight, I probably should have seen that coming anyway.” Anna said sarcastically.

   “Would have been a much more interesting game,” Clancy commented.

   “Agreed,” Anna said as she turned the page. “Now throughout the war, the Cabal worked alongside the Revolutionaries. Providing assistance in both fighting the British army, and in securing allies.” Anna said, the page illustrating a Vampire wolf fighting in Vampiric form against British troops, and a rabbit that was clearly Anna in the halls of the Bastille.

   “Okay... for some reason I didn’t see any of this during my research,” Pandora commented.

   “That is because, despite you cunning, you did not know where to look. You only wanted to look for what you understood to be true.” Anna explained, she then turned the page. On it was an illustration of a Caesar Augustus standing before King George a second time.  “After the end of the war, Caesar had relayed the will of the Tribunal to George a second time. He warned that unless he provided what the Tribunal had asked for in the first place. The Empire that the British had built would be violently cast down by revolution after revolution across their holdings. All backed by the Tribunal of Night.” Anna explained.

   “Did that include a threat that-”

   “No, nothing that would have prevented the War of 1812 I’m afraid... and no, even two-hundred years later I have no idea why the war was called that in the first place. I mean American-British War makes much more sense as a name. It doesn’t have the same ring but still.” Anna said as she turned to the last page.

   “And what’s that?” Judy asked, noting the pictures of various mammals.

   “This is just a whos-who page listing every Vampire that was directly involved in the American Revolution. And yes, I know I look weird here... I could never look good in pictures like this until the advent of portable cameras.” Anna said as she gestured to a picture of herself, looking like she was in the middle of an uncomfortable sneeze.

   “And why did the Unseen Eye even have plans for a revolution in America, in the first place?” Judy asked.

   “Well, that is actually fairly simple. The First Among Equals saw the potential in the New World. It was the main reason why we relocated to North America in the first place. To create a place... where anyone.”

   “Can... can be anything,” Judy said, finishing Anna’s sentence.

   “Indeed, over the long years since then, it’s been an uphill battle for the Cabal to make that dream become a reality. And in recent years, it’s proven even harder to try to maintain... to make certain that the horrors of our mortal lives never happen again. Like keeping a bloodthirsty wolf that’s burned your home to the ground from happening to anyone else, for example...” Anna said as she closed the book.

   “Well... the more I learn about you Vampires, the weirder things seem to get,” Nick said.

   “I only have one question, when you were showing me slides in my mind of your memories. Why didn’t I see any of this?” Davies asked.

   “Well like I told you, after a century a Vampire’s memories tend to become fuzzy and disoriented from there on out. So I didn’t entirely remember what I had done... most I really remembered was hiding under a tarp for several hours with a musket before setting it off into a crowd, then going to Paris shortly after that.” Anna explained.

   “So... the war happened because-”

   “Yes Judy, it was started at the behest of petty immortals... but that doesn’t change what good has been achieved since then. The bad, however... there’s already someone else who’s dealing with that Hareculean task. But for now, let’s celebrate! The night is young, and the fireworks have yet to begin!” Anna said as she put the book away.

   “Speaking of-”

   “Yes Pandora, we Vampires have to take extra care regarding mosquitoes.” Anna interrupted as they went outside.

   “I was actually going to ask if you had any bug-burgers here, the good kind, no artificial chemicals,” Pandora said.

   “Oh... well of course we do, and I believe we have some bug-dogs as well,” Anna said.

   As the night progressed, all four of the mortal guests were fit to burst. With them sharing the mix of processed bug meat and vegetables freely. While Josephus and Anna mainly had blood.

   “So... what’s your favorite part of the holiday Anna?” Davies asked of Anna as the fireworks started going off, and Anna looked out from an overhead balcony from where the barbeque had happened.

   “Oh... that is not really a simple thing for me. The sense of unity, my personal accomplishments in this regard... but if I only had one thing to pick... it’d be the fireworks.” Anna said as she took a deep breath. “It’s like, feeling the sun on my skin again... brings me back to my distant youth.”

   “Ah... I didn’t really like fireworks when I was a kitt, too loud and too bright back in Bunnyburrow. But my favorite thing about the 4th of July is paws down, the FOOD!” Davies said.

   “I could tell, the four of you took to the food provided like starved scavengers. You didn’t even leave leftovers. Though I am rather surprised that you and Judy took to the bug-food.” Anna said.

   “Well Judy is the adventurous sort, and I always look for excuses to eat... that. And when possible I like to try new foods, not often. But it does happen.” Davies said.

   “Davies... you are a one in a million rabbit,” Anna said, Davies then kissed her, followed by Nick and Judy kissing each other. Then Josephus... was punched in the face by Pandora, when he attempted to kiss her.

   “I don’t date your kind of crazy. Just let me enjoy my parents being together.” Pandora said as Josephus nursed his cheek.

   “You know... something just occurred to me,” Davies said to Anna.

   “And what is that my love?” Anna asked.

   “Well... aren’t you going to be in a lot of trouble for telling us about Vampires like you have been?” Davies asked.

   Anna’s ear’s instantly drooped. “Oh... bugger. That completely slipped my mind.” Anna said.

   “Well... we can figure something out, can we?” Davies asked.

   “A problem... for tomorrow you handsome bunny you,” Anna said as she and Davies resumed kissing.

Zootopia Files: Fourth of July Special
The following fanfiction was created in less than a week, and in turn, was written purely as a farcical piece for fun and enjoyment. And is not meant to be taken too seriously.

In the 2250’s, a great war broke out. Between the nations of Earth, and a powerful faction of reneged robots, led by the mad scientist named Professor Nemesis, and his Central Processing Artificial Intelligence, Vendetta. The Iron Ones ravaged the Earth for Nemesis’s desires of conquest.

The world seemed to be doomed to Nemesis’s dominion... but then a miracle happened. Another scientist, named Doctor Turk, had been working on a project to create sentient human-like robots, called Androids. Originally, he intended them to help mankind in purely domestic duties. But with the war against Nemesis and Vendetta going south, he hastily reprogrammed the androids for combat.

Led by the first of the Androids Arnold, the A-Legion they had victory after victory over Nemesis’s robot armies. Eventually, bringing about the end of the war, but Nemesis was never found, nor Vendetta. However, this war ultimately led to a Golden Age of technological progress.

   “So, how was your day at work Gabriella?” Professor Turk asked as a young woman trudged through the front door. She wore green under-clothes, a bright short-sleeved green jacket over that, dark grey stockings, black gloves, and a necklace with an amethyst gem. She also had short black hair, blue eyes, dark skin, and blue circuit like lines going up and down her body.

   “It was exhausting dad!” The women said as she plopped herself onto the coach. “Where’s... where’s Arnold?” She asked.

   “So you forgot what today is, Gabe?” Professor said.

   “What are you- oh... oh it’s Victory Day. Of course, he’s not here.” Gabriella said as she turned on the TV.

   “-Twenty years ago, the A-Legion vanquished the Iron Ones. While I am still disheartened that we did not get Professor Nemesis or Vendetta, but still, we have to focus on all the gains we have made since the end of the war.” Arnold said in a press conference.

   “Uh... I love my older brother to bits. But he could talk the ears off an elephant.” Gabriella said.

   “Hey! Arnold is a war hero; droid has a right to have a captive audience. Besides, I thought you would like Victory Day.” Turk said.

   “Dad... you created me only five years ago. Why would you think, that just because I’m a Gynoid that I would automatically appreciate something that never happened to me? For crying out loud, I struggled to stay awake during Arnold’s war stories!” Gabrielle said, and indeed. She is a Gynoid, a robot constructed in the form of a human woman. Specifically, she was created with bio-organically engineered organs, like a stomach, lungs, nervous system, liver, brain, and digestive tract, all to better integrate with humans. All encased within an endoskeleton covered in synthetic-skin.

   “Well... you should at least care,” Turk said.

   “I do! It’s not my fault that Arnold can be boring!” Gabriella said, and then her phone rang. “Hold on, I got to take this.” She said as she saw that it was a friend of hers. “Svetlana, what’s the occasion?”

   “Gabe! OMG, I heard that there’s this new club in Ultra-City One tonight! How about we have a girl’s night out tonight?” A cheery voice said.

   “Well I’ve got nothing better to do tonight... and work was a real nightmare today. Sure, might as well have something enjoyable happen on a Monday.” Gabriella said.

   “Swell! I’ll pick you up at seven, bye-bye BGFF!” Svetlana said as she hung up.

   Later that night, Gabriella and Svetlana, a young woman with long dirty-blonde hair with turquoise highlights, had arrived at the nightclub.

   “So this is the place... looks ostentatious,” Gabriella commented.

   “Come on; let’s have some fun girl-droid!” Svetlana said as she and Gabriella entered the club.

   “You know, I wouldn’t mind the nicknames. But I think you're actually getting lazier with them.” Gabriella said.

   “It’s not easy keeping them fresh! Now come on, let’s have some fun!” Svetlana said, the two women then went about the club, dancing the night away with whatever guys they could find. For all intents and purposes, Gabriella was having fun.

   That was when the attack happened.

   Without warning, robots, the same models as the feared Iron Ones stormed the club, one-eyed skeletal creatures with laser guns. “Svetlana!? We need to get out of here!” Gabriella said as she hefted Svetlana onto her shoulders.

   “What... what’s going on?” Svetlana asked as they left the club, and all throughout the streets of Ultra-City 1. A war had broken out.

   “I... I don’t know. Those robots looked like Iron Ones, Trooper Bots... and so do most of these robots come to think of it.” Gabriella said in surprise.

   “But I thought they were all like, scrapped after the war!” Svetlana said.

   “They were... these are clearly newer models,” Gabriella said, then they were ambushed by a giant ape-like robot. “Oh scrap! Gorilla-Bot! Svetlana, get behind me!” She said to her friend, but as the hostile robot raised its fists. Its head exploded, as something whooshed through it. The robot’s chest was torn open from the inside and out stepped Arnold the Android.

   “Still got it, are you all right?” Arnold asked as the destroyed Gorilla-Bot fell over.

   “Arnold... what’s happening?” Gabriella asked as the two androids hugged.

   “There back... Professor Nemesis and Vendetta have returned.” Arnold explained.

   “W-What... but he’s dead!” Svetlana said, shaking like a leaf.

   “Miss, I hate to say it. But that’s just something your father the Chancellor has been telling himself since Victory Day. We never found either of them... and if I were to guess. They’ve spent the last twenty years, upgrading and replacing what the A-Legion destroyed. What’s worse, for whatever reason the rest of the A-Legion isn’t responding to hails... hopefully, this whole mess is ONLY limited to Ultra-City 1.” Arnold said.

   “NO, IT IS NOT.” A mechanical monotone voice said, overhead, an android with silver armor, and a face-concealing helmet. “MASTER NEMESIS SENDS HIS REGARDS, ARNOLD.”

   “Gabriella... get yourself and Miss Titan to the Emergency Evacuation Heli-Carrier. Professor Turk is already there. I’ll handle Vendetta’s new toy.” Arnold said boldly, as he transformed his arms into blaster cannons.


   “Svetlana, there’s nothing we can do! I’m not programmed for combat, and you’re a wimp!” Gabriella said as she and Svetlana fled from the battle that was unfolding.

   Eventually, while avoiding Iron One patrols, and rescuing other humans, robots, and androids, arrived at the EEHC Phoenix, just as it was about to take off.

   “Gabriella, thank goodness you’re alright... where’s Arnold?” Professor Turk asked, as Gabriella and Svetlana arrived on the bridge.

   “He engaged some sort of android... I think it was some sort of... avatar for Vendetta itself.” Gabriella said as she laid down an exhausted and hyperventilating Svetlana on a nearby couch.

   “So they are back... and that’s not even the worst of it.” Professor Turk said as he played a video.

   “Ah, my old friend Turk, how long has it been? Twenty, thirty years?” On the screen, was the elusive mad scientist Professor Nemesis. “But I am not here to recollect our youth in college... I’m calling you personally. Because my long game is nearing its end, since the end of the Robot War, Vendetta and I have been, upgrading and expanding our arsenal. Not only have we been creating new models of robot war machines. Including the Avatar Android’s, but we have also developed a computer virus... one designed specifically for your little toys. Yes, my old friend... I’ve compromised the A-Legion, save for Arnold himself. He has been infected... but his code has proven more resilient that Vendetta anticipated. But through the rest of the A-Legion, I have taken over a number of the Ultra-Cities, and through them, I will begin my war anew. To take over the world.” Nemesis ranted.

   “Is this a recording?” Gabriella asked.

   “Yes... it just goes on like this.” Professor Turk said.

   “And what about the other EEHC’s?” Gabriella asked.

   “They were captured... now there serving as mobile fortresses for the corrupted A-Legion. Speaking of which, without Arnold, the Phoenix will be defense-” Turk was interrupted as Arnold flew through the bridges windshield.

   “Hiya prof.... that Android was... a lot tougher then I thought,” Arnold said groggily, both of his legs missing.

   “Oh no, Gabriella help me get him to the command chair!” Turk as he and Gabriella helped Arnold to a comfy chair.

   “Okay... I’ve been dreading the need for this for years. But here we go, putting the carrier’s defense systems online.” Arnold said as the EEHC took off, leaving Ultra-City 1 behind. “You know... I actually missed flying around a Heli-Carrier like this. So... judging from Professor Nemesis’s message, we have our work cut out for us. Not only is he and Vendetta back in force with a new army of robots, but he’s also got his own line of Androids, programmed to be an extension of Vendetta’s power. And the rest of the Legion has been compromised... and I even have the same virus.” Arnold explained at length.

   “And to make matters worse, the Phoenix doesn’t have the facilities to repair your damage.” Professor Turk said in concern as he waved a device over Arnold.

   “Prof. I don’t need a scanner to tell me I’m in no shape for ground combat, heck I don’t even need my diagnostics program to know that,” Arnold said.

   “Well... what can we do?” Gabriella asked.

   “There is... one thing. There is the Archangel Combat Exosuit. But... well according to the computer logs, you’re the only Android that’s in any shape to use it.” Turk explained.

   “What?! But I’m not programmed for combat! I’m a pacifist for crying out loud! I work at a daycare for Asimov’s sake!” Gabriela said in surprise.

   “The suit will automatically upload combat data into your Cerebro-databanks.” Professor Turk said.

   “But won’t that-”

   “Kid, I tested the suit myself. Runs like a fine swish wash and obviously, my lambkin-bang was damaged. Still the same dromedary I was yeast hair vase after tempting the vase.” Arnold said.

   “I... I’m just scared.” Gabriella said, looking scared of what had been going on in the last few hours.

   “Gabriella... there’s nothing wrong with being scared. But the free world needs you... just remember, I will always love you.” Turk said as he hugged his gynoid daughter. “You’re braver then you think you are.”

   “Thanks, dad...” Gabriella said, returning the hug. “The armor... it won’t change anything about me, will it?” Gabriella asked.

   “No... Now go, we have a mission ahead of us. The armor’s container is in the bridge’s quarters.” Turk said.

   “Okay... I can do this.” Gabriella said to herself as she walked towards the quarter's doors. She quickly found the ACE’s container unit and opened it. Gabriella took off her clothes and set them on a bed. “Okay... do your worse ACE.” She said to herself as she looked at herself the armor. It was colored white-gold. She put the armor on. She looked at herself in a nearby mirror. “Did Arnold seriously wear these boots? And the wings in the armor, why are they even there? Droid had no taste in fashion anyway... I don’t look half-bad in this if I don’t say so myself.” She said to herself as she donned the ornately designed helmet.


    “WHOA!... uh, yes?” Gabriella said in surprise.


   “This won’t erase anything will it?” Gabriella asked.


   Several minutes later, Gabriella emerged from the bridge quarters, decked out in the ACE.

   “So, how’s the ACE treating you?” Arnold asked.

   “It fits like a glove, now. Gabriella Prototype Bioorganic Android-1, ready for duty... what do we do first?” She said.

   “Well first, you should get the hang of the ACE. From testing with Arnold, the jetpack can be a little... testy, and you don’t know how your weapons work.” Professor Turk said.

   “So I’ll go down to the training room in order to acclimate to the ACE and the weapons, gotcha,” Gabriella said as she displayed the sword and the bow that came with the armor. “Oh... I almost forgot about Svetlana!”

   “Relax kid, she’s down in the mess hall,” Arnold said.

   “I’ll check up on here when I get the chance,” Gabriella said as she left the bridge, and made her way to the Phoenix’s training room.

   “Kid didn’t even ask why I wasn't speaking wrong anymore,” Arnold said.

   “She had bigger fish to fry Arnold. She knows that I keep nonessential spare parts on my person at all times for times like this.

World War R: Part 1
Loosely based off of the Megaman video games. Join Gabrielle the Gynoid, as she takes on the forces of the mad scientist, Professor Nemesis, and his AI Vendetta.

Previously on the Zootopia Files.


   Bogo looked sternly across the briefing room. “All right people... we got a serious case on our hands. It may very well be even direr than the Missing Mammals Case, or the Night Howler Crisis, and the chaos that has been griping Zootopia since then...” Bogo said, as he then presented a cookie jar on his desk. “We need to find out who stole all the cookies from the cookie jar,” Bogo said seriously.


   “Davies... I’m happy that you’re having fun. But could you please get out of the penguin enclosure?” Anna Blackpaw asked as Davies was inside of the penguin enclosure, reading one of his books to the penguins.

   “Don’t ruin a lifelong dream woman! It’s another hour until ‘Swimming with Penguins’ is open, and I refuse to lose my spot! Besides... I left my phone at home.” Davies said.

   “Yet he remembers to bring a book... just like Jonathan was. He even has the same love of penguins as Jonathan had for auk’s.” Anna said to herself as Davies continued reading.


   In the ZPD breakroom, Benjamin Clawhauser had stripped down to his underwear, caressing an open donut box, with one, single donut left. “My... precious...” Clawhauser said with a phlegmy voice. Outside, Bogo, Nick, Judy and a number of officers were looking through the door window.

   “So... he does this whenever the Precinct runs low on donuts?” Judy asked with concern.

   “Yes... I can’t believe I forgot to get more.” Bogo said in disappointment.

   “So everybody’s forgotten that there’s a donut shop next door?” Nick asked.

   “I’m very much aware... of... I am not my game this week.” Bogo said as he realized his blunder. “If anyone needs me, I’ll be at Marleen’s Donuts for the next ten minutes.”


   “All right Dr. Mulerson, what is it you want... to show... what is that creature?” Draco said as he noticed the unfamiliar mammal in a glass tube that Dr. Mulerson was showing him in the cloning lab.

   “Oh... this is something special I have created. By splicing together the genes of wolf, boar, and bat, I have created my first true chimera!” Dr. Mulerson proclaimed.

   “Then why not hybridize a lion, a goat, and a serpent,” Draco asked.

   “Now that’s just unimaginative... sir. But I do have a number of other more... conventional hybrids that conform to traditional mythological depictions.” Dr. Mulerson said as he gestured to a few other tubes that had mammals that looked like griffons, and conventional chimeras, and more of what he had shown Draco in the first place. “But first... my own creation!” Dr. Mulerson said as he pressed a series of buttons on a console, and the large boar-bat-wolf creature fell out, spitting out the liquid from its mouth. “I give you, the pala’peli!”


   “Benjamin, I bought more donuts,” Bogo said as he knocked on the door to the breakroom, with a furniture-dolly with boxes of donuts on it.

   “Oh finally!” Clawhauser said as he unlocked a door, and took a donut box.

   “Okay... this is far more, unhealthy then binge eating. I’m going to have to bring this to the Mayor... as Ben’s physical trainer of course.” Judy said furrowing her brow.

   “Yeah, eating like this is one thing. Doing an amateur cosplay of Maulum over the last donut... how has he kept this job anyway?” Nick asked.


   “This just in, the ZPD has finally caught the mammal responsible for stealing from the cookie jar... it was a bear comedian, Frank Fozzie.” Fabienne Growly said, as a picture of an orange-brown colored bear, sticking his paw into the cookie jar.


   Davies was scuba diving alongside the penguins of the Zootopia City Zoo, along with other small mammals that wanted to swim with the penguins. Anna just looked through the glass of the tank, happy that the man that she loved was ecstatic... and also waiting for the inevitable when someone soiled the water.

   “Jonathan would have fought tooth and claw for this sort of thing... swimming with adorable aquatic birds. He would have hated trying to swim in the wild with auk’s.” Anna said to herself wistfully.

   “There’s no such thing as a a...uck? Whatever you said, lady.” A hippo calf said.

   “Not anymore... they went extinct centuries ago,” Anna said, trying not to lose her temper with the bratty hippo.

   “Nuh uh, my mommy said that dinosaurs are extinct and-”

   “I’m not going to argue with a child. RETURN TO YOUR MOTHER, OR FATHER IF HE IS HERE.” Anna said, using her supernatural voice to get the hippo calf out of her ears. Davies saw this and looked sternly at Anna... or at least attempted to. As the penguin, he was swimming with. Wouldn’t take, ‘I need to look disappointed at my girlfriend for doing something she shouldn’t do’, as an excuse to slow down.


   “So let me get this straight, you’re from the future-”

   “And am Nick and Judy’s hybrid child, the one that survived Dr. Mulersons initial experiments from Project Chimera. Yes, I just finished explaining all of this Aunt Selene.” Pandora said.

   “Okay... kind of weird being called ‘aunt’, and you want to help me develop counter-agents for Night Howlers, and Dr. Mulerson’s nanobots?” Selene asked, still confused by the situation.

   “Yes, what part of this isn’t making sense to you?” Pandora asked, feeling irritated with the okapi scientist.

   “Well... it’s the talking watch if I’m honest.” Selene said.

   “To be fair, most of this isn’t canon anyway. Especially the bits about the cookie jar, Clawhauser turning into Gollum, and MAYBE that stuff with Davies swimming with penguins” Clancy said, breaking the fourth wall.

   “See what I mean?” Selene said.


   And now, the conclusion of our story... also to clarify, the hippo from the last zoo segment is the same one from the movie. The one that was in that montage of mammals yelling at Judy for giving them parking tickets. You know the one.


   “Davies... Jonathan had what you have, or something close to it.” Anna’s voice explained.

   “You mean he had Aspergers?” Davies asked.

   “Or something close to it... the word didn’t even exist back then. But as the years went by, he had made a name for himself as one of the best weaponsmiths in England. I served as his ‘advocate’ of sorts during those times.” Anna’s voice explained.

   “But... how did he die? How does it relate to what happened to me at the museum?” Davies asked.

   “I’m getting to that... one day... Jonathan was picking flowers. To find some manner of a cure for a sickness that had affected Daisy. The problem was... despite being married to a florist, and a botanist for around fifty years. He never really took an interest in the subject... and stumbled upon Midnicampum holicithias, or as you would know them better as... Night Howlers.” Anna’s voice explained, as the specter of Jonathan looked amidst the flowers, and ate a Night Howler, and he convulsed in pain, as the Legion of Night took control of him.

   “Seriously?! Why would anyone be dumb enough to EAT wildflowers that they don’t know what they are?!” Davies said, flabbergasted.

   “Firstly, I will not tolerate insults towards Jonathan... not even from you. Secondly, as I said he did not take a serious interest in his wife’s talents... man spent all his day illiterate, despite my insistence that he at least make the effort to learn how to read, because of his growing social standing, and what it entailed. Stupid, he was not... but stubborn? He was that in spades at times.” Anna’s voice explained.

   “And... what happened after that?” Davies asked.

   “Well... he has been possessed by the Legion of Night... same as you were. And he spread the Night Howler infection across the north of England, turning mammals, predator and prey alike into savage, nearly unstoppable monsters under its command.” Anna’s voice explained as the specter of the possessed Jonathan led a band of mammals to burn down a village.

   “And... and what IS the Legion of Night?” Davies asked.

   “It is... a complicated subject. But, essentially, the Legion of Night is an entity that takes control of mammals that have neurological differences from baseline mammals. Such as Down syndrome, autism... Asperger’s syndrome, and other such disabilities. Why those at all... Vampiric scholars have been trying to figure that riddle out since time immemorial, and more so now that those disabilities have been given proper names. But, I’m getting off topic; the Legion of Night can take direct command of such mammals and in turn better control baseline mammals. All for one singular purpose... to tear down civilization, and restore its uncontested rule over mammalkind,” Anna’s voice explained.

   “...and the reasoning there is?” Davies asked.

   “In the distant past, the Legion of Night was effectively a god... and then, at some point, Vampirism came along. I don’t know the full details myself, but the first Vampires were the first truly intelligent mammals on Earth. The first mammals to truly stand erect on their hind legs discovered fire and figured out an alternate diet for predators. We guided mammals out of the barbaric past... not entirely with altruistic goals. Mainly, it was just to get a steady supply of blood. The Legion of Night has hated us ever since, seeking to tear down what we built.” Anna’s voice explained.

   “Yeah... now can we get back to the relevant history lesson, please?” Jonathan asked.

   “Yes... King William of Normammaldy, brought his armies to bare against the Legion of Night. History remembers this, as the Harrying of the North, where he slaughtered his way across the northern lands of England to put down rebellious lords. The Tribunal of Night, the council that rules over all Vampire kind from the shadows, covered up the whole thing to keep the mortals from panicking at the possibility of supernatural threats.” Anna’s voice explained.

   “...Jonathan didn’t survive, did he?” Davies asked somberly.

   “ In the final battle, I meant to free from the thrall of the Legion of Night. But William... that vainglorious lion disregarded what I had to say, my plan to stop the Legion of Night’s rampage. He just ignored me, engaged my brother in single combat!... by the time I learned of his betrayal... it was... too late.” Anna’s voice explained as the specter of Jonathan was struck down by King William... and Annabeth looking on in anguish.

   “Anna... I am so sorry.” Davies said sympathetically.

   “It was all I could do... to scream retribution and curses on his head...Jonathan, with his dying breath... tried to console me. But I was too angry to truly heed his words. I spent the next fifteen years. Plotting revenge on my brother behalf...” Anna’s voice explained.

   “So the whole thing with Draco-”

   “Draco took my home, my family, and my life. William took my brother! Now... behold... how a King of mortals dies in the presence of the undead.” Anna’s voice explained.


   “William... King of England... Duke of Normammaldy.” Annabeth said softly, her voice being carried on the wind. She approached the injured King William, his ankle shot with an arrow, dressed in a ragged and torn dress.

   “What... what is the meaning of this?!” William yelled as he propped himself against a tree.

   “So, you do not remember me... or the Battle of Legions Doom... when you killed. My. BROTHER.” Anna said venomously as she ominously approached the wounded lion.

   “ were the one that sent all the killers, weren’t you?” William said.

   “Most of them... but now, at this hour... in this dark place, I will remind you. Who rules over the kingdoms of mammal kind, who brought the savage predator and the meek prey up from the muck of our ancient past, and who have guided the myriad species for millennia... and of whom you SPAT in the face of, at Legions Doom!” Anna said furiously as she transformed into her Vampiric form. “You were told that the Tribunal of Night would keep the truth a secret. I told you, to let me deal with Jonathan. But you... so craving for glory disregarded the wisdom the Nosferatu offered freely! LIKE SCRAPS FOR THE ROACHES!” Annabeth roared.

   “And what... what do you intend to do with me?!” William said.

   “Your only use to me is as FOOD.” Annabeth bellowed as she drained the blood from William. The King roaring in terror as the rabbit Vampire drained him dry.


   “Apparently, Annabeth the Vengeful has anger issues,” Davies said.

   “You... are not wrong. After that, I took Daisy, and her family into France. Taking up the name Anna, and changing the family name to Blackpaw... and... well this takes a bit of explaining.” Anna said.


   Davies found himself back at the apartment, in the living room on the coach. “Wait... is it over? Am I home?” Davies asked as he looked himself over.

   “Not exactly,” Anna said as she entered the room. “You see every century. A Vampire loses portions of the memories we accumulate over that hundred years. Well... loose is a little too strong a word in that regard, it’s more like the exact details become distorted and fuzzy. If that didn’t happen, we’d probably go insane from overwhelming information.” Anna said as she sat beside Davies.

   “...I am so confused right now.” Davies said.

   “Well... while they're not important details. I did say that I would not keep secrets from you... and unfortunately. There is only one reliable way to really explain things from here on out.” Anna said as she took the TV remote, and pressed a button. On the TV an image appeared that said, ‘Anna Blackpaw, this is your Unlife!’ “Through one of the most insufferably boring things mortals have ever created... THE SLIDESHOW!” Anna said, a thunderstorm loudly breaking out, and accompanied by appropriate organ music

   “You know, the scary theatrics aren’t necessary. Not only because any life you’ve lived will have to be interesting by default, but because I have a bit of immunity from the hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of extended family members that have done this exact same thing with an actual slide projector and vacation slides.” Davies said nonchalantly.

   “Oh... well anyway. After killing King William, I was approached by the Cabal of the Unseen Eye. And by approached, I mean I was kidnapped in the dead of night while I was hunting for blood.” Anna explained as she made the slideshow progress.

   “And why was that?” Davies asked.

   “Well killing a King or Queen, or other noteworthy mortal nobility. Tends to spread in the Vampire community... and thankfully they got to me first. Before the Tribunal of Night could. They understood and sympathized with my reason behind killing William and gave me a choice. Join the Cabal and enjoy the protection from direct punishment from the Tribunal for killing a Royal, without their permission or instruction. Or spend the rest of my un-life; having to keep a step ahead of the Tribunals agents... it was a clear no-brainer at the time.” Anna explained as she made the slide progress.

   “Okay... I’m with you so far. Three questions, what is a Cabal, why didn’t they just approach you like a normal person, and why are you apparently immune from the Tribunal’s judgment if you’re a member of one?” Davies asked.

   “It’s basically a Vampire guild. Each Cabal has its own traditions, modus operandi when interacting with mortals, and general goals. And Cabals don’t send out invitations when they want someone, they get them. As for why the Tribunal can’t interfere with members of a Cabal, they mainly deal in matters directly relating between mortals and Vampire kind, and such they cannot directly interfere with a Cabal, without upsetting others, and risking their reprisal... and believe me. A meeting with them can be SOOO boring! I’m still amazed I didn’t die from old age during that hearing.” Anna said.

   “How long did it actually go on for?” Davies asked.

   “About forty-five minutes. So here are some fun memories!” Anna said excitedly. “This is my initiation ritual.” There was a slide of Anna being blindfolded, and being hit in the tail with cricket bats. “This is when I had to drink blood from a Kraken.” There was a slide of Anna clearly choking down a goblet of blood. “This is when I solved a Lament Configuration.” There was a slide of ghosts flying out of a cube. “This is when I finally realized that the initiation ritual was more of a hazing.” There was a slide of Anna looking angrily at an elephant, and she was naked and covered in various scars and bite marks.

   “Wait... isn’t that the same elephant that runs that ice cream place that Nick and Judy first met each other,” Davies noted.

   “Yes, he’s actually the head, and founder of the Unseen Eye, three-thousand years old, and alive when the city of Carthage fell to the Romans. Anyway, this is when I learned that Sir Scath was a member.” Anna said as she and her adoptive father hugged.


   “-and this is me with Hams Guttenberg when he invented the printing press,” Anna said, showing a slide of Anna with the pig goldsmith and a fruit bat.

   “Wait... is that Josephus?” Davies asked.

   “Yep, the kid used to be an apprentice for Hams. But after Hams became more interested in printing things, he asked me if I knew any alchemical lore... I knew a little at the time, enough to make blood taste like fruit juice. But there was a place where a Vampire could learn the full breadth of Vampire Alchemy.” Anna explained.

   “So was he, crazy-”

   “Not as he is... he actually went fully mental after our journey to Avalon,” Anna said as she displayed a new slide. “This is us, making the journey to Avalon.” There was a slide of the two mammals in a rowboat. “This is us, on Avalon.” There was a slide of the boat landing the shore. “These are the gargoyle statues that dotted the island.” There was a slide of a bare-chested male gargoyle with a six pack... then another... then another.

   “So did you go for actual reasons, or to just stare at eye candy?” Davies asked in annoyance.

   “There were a lot of these!” Anna protested. “Anyway, this is where I told Josephus that only a Vampire can actually learn Vampire Alchemy... and this is me caving into his pleadings to turn him into a Vampire.” There was a slide of Anna doing just that. “This is us, going into the Temple of Nimue.” There was a slide of the two entering a temple. “This is us, contending with the Temples guardians.” There was a slide of the two mammals fighting against animated statues. “This is us meeting the last guardian.” There was a slide of Anna and Josephus standing before an armored lion with sword drawn. “This is me, deposited back at our boat after I failed the trial.” There was a slide of Anna back at the shore. “This is Josephus exiting the Temple.” There was a slide of Josephus emerging from the Temple. “And this... was the first clear sign that he had lost his marble.” There was a slide of Josephus, butt-naked and gnawing on his right thigh.

   “And that’s because?” Davies asked.

   “Well... I didn’t know going in, that those who seek the full knowledge of Vampire Alchemy have to sacrifice something to the Wraith of King Arthur... and Josephus chose his sanity to give up.” Anna explained.

   “I’m not even going to question if that was the REAL King Arthur,” Davies said.

   “The worst part is that the first thing he said after coming out. Was that flowers were planning to take over the world... not even Night Howlers. He specifically cited daisy’s as the ones that would do us all in.” Anna said.


   Eventually, Davies and Anna finally returned to the waking world. “So... you now know the truth,” Anna said.

   “Did you really, have to go into detail, about ALL, of your lovers?” Davies asked.

   “For the last time, New Orleans was an accident!” Anna said.

   “Still... knowing that you... and the Cabal of the Unseen Eye ultimately founded Zootopia... and the actual full details of who you are, I just have one thing to say,” Davies said, Anna just looked downcast at the possible answer. “It changes, nothing,” Davies said boldly.

   “E-Excuse me?” Anna said in disbelief.

   “Anna... what I said when you came in here... I was scared for my life, especially after you dragged me to a museum unveiling for an artifact that you not only created but was so prized by criminal elements, that I was nearly crippled for life,” Davies said sardonically.

   “How did your legs heal anyway?” Anna asked.

   “A hybrid mage from the future with a talking watch made me all better, and gave me the Night Howler pellet gun that started this specific mess,” Davies said with complete seriousness.

   “Oh... well, I am grateful for your renewed faith in me,” Anna said, the two bunnies then began to kiss.

   “Miss Blackpaw, visiting hours end in ten minutes.” A nurse said, peeping his head through the door.

   “What? How long was I out?” Davies asked.

   “Time passes slower in the mind... now get some rest, my love.” Anna said as she and Davies continued to kiss each other.


   A few days later, Davies returned home. “So... you’re okay that Anna is a Vampire?” Judy asked as she, Davies and Nick entered the apartment.

   “It’s still a lot to take in... but it’s also given me some ideas for a story!” Davies said.

   “Wait, Happy Feet-“

   “Yes, Nick I know I just got out. But I’ve been stuck in with hospital food and nothing but cable TV for almost a whole week! AND I’M ITCHING TO WRITE!” Davies said as he bolted for his room.

   “But Davies there’s-“Judy tried to explain that since the Sagittarius Incident, Pandora. Nick and Judy’s hybrid daughter from the future had been sleeping in Davies room. He left the room, with an unamused look on his face.

   “Judy... why, is my room filled with scrap metal, tools, and half-empty pizza boxes?” Davies asked. His question was quickly answered, by Pandora bursting into the apartment, wearing only underwear, and a backpack.

   “JUDY! NICK! I’M HOME!” Pandora shouted with a bad Cuban accent. Looking disoriented and disheveled.

   “And she is?” Davies asked, grasping at his ears in rage at the unexpected noise.

   “Pandora! I thought you were working with Selene today!” Judy said in surprise.

   “Oh... oh I was. The thing ish... I’ve had a HECK, of a day, today. We teshted drugsh... lotsh... and LOTSH of drugsh.” Pandora slurred.

   “What kind of... drugs?” Davies asked suspishously.

   “The kind that... that is... are like... like tranquilishers... VERY unconvenstional tranquilishers.” Pandora said, slurring heavily.

   “How did you even get home young lady?” Nick asked, worriedly.

   “Shelene... gave me a lift. She’s a nice lady... a very nice lady...” Pandora said as she stumbled towards the coach, and fell face first. “Clanshy... wake me up... when it’s opportune to wake me up.”  Pandora murmured.

   “Master Davies, I am beyond sorry for Miss Pandora’s first impression. She has spent the entire day working on classified projects for the ZPD with Selene Samuel.” Clancy said apologetically.

   “She hash a cute shishter... pixie cut wig looks SOOO good on her. And her voish... iths like an angel.” Pandora blurted

   “And as a consequence, she is very much... disoriented. All I will say is that half of the time; she was being shot at with experimental darts.” Clancy said.

   “...Listen, Anna has told me weirder things than a talking wristwatch. So I’m just going to clear out the mess this hoodlum made.” Davies said bitterly.

   “Davies! She’s your niece!” Judy said sternly.

   “I never gave you, or any of our siblings slack for not keeping their sinks tidy. I’m not going to stop just because she’s your daughter from the future... and I cannot believe I said something that weird, and it had relevant context.” Davies said as he got a recycling bag and went into his bedroom.

   “UNCLE DAVIESH GUESSH WHAT!... I wash a Guinee pig today!” Pandora blurted.

   “Did one of those darts turn you into one?” Davies commented sardonically.

   “There are roughly eleven-hundred and thirty-eight alternate timelines where Miss Pandora was turned into a full-blooded Guinee pig, and in three-hundred and twenty-seven the transformation was permanent. This is not the case in this timeline, however. Would you care to have some help in cleaning up the mess in your bedroom?” Clancy said as he transformed into a spider-like robot.

   “Well seeing as how my sister and her boyfriend are just standing around. I’ll take any help that’s offered.” Davies said.

   “Thatsh shomfing elshe we did... I should shtop talking now.” Pandora blurted as she began to loudly snore.

   “Again, I apologize for her behavior. She’s normally far better at interacting with people... usually.” Clancy said as he helped Davies with the cleanup.

Zootopia Files: Vampire Rabbit Interview: Part 2
Anna Blackpaw continues explaining her backstory to Davies, don't worry. This won't spill over into a third part.

Actually... all this stuff regarding Vampire lore in this fanfiction has given me a few ideas.

   In a hospital bed at Zootopia Central Hospital, Davies was lying in a hospital bed. For a little over a day ago, his life was turned upside down. Not only had he been possessed by the Legion of Night, an entity that appears in mammals with neurological differences from bases mammals that are exposed to Night Howlers.

   But he had learned, that his boss, and girlfriend. Anna Blackpaw, was a Vampire, an honest to goodness Vampire. A Vampire that had all but drained him dry of his blood. Now, he was stuck, receiving new blood. To replace what Anna had drunk.

   “Mr. Hopps. There is a rabbit woman here to see you.” A nurse said, peeking his head through the door.

   “Send... send her in,” Davies said, exhausted and light headed. And into the room, a rabbit women did enter... Anna Blackpaw.

   “Leave us to our privacy,” Anna said with a clearly somber look on her face, and the nurse closed the door behind her. Anna then fired darts from a hidden fun, disabling the room’s security cameras.

   “Have... have you come to finish the job?” Davies said, trying to put on a brave face. When in fact, he was terrified beyond rational thought.

   “Davies... there is no need to pretend with me. I can see your heart beating faster... please. For your sake if nothing else, calm down... I never meant to harm you.” Anna said as she removed her jacket, placed that on a chair. Then she moved the chair towards Davies chair.

   “Why... why did you never tell me? Did... did Judy know?” Davies asked, struggling to stay awake.

   “Would you have accepted employment from the undead? Would you have even believed me if I just told you the truth in the first place?... and not right away no, we only met in person two weeks after the Stampede of Doom incident. Nick was suspicious of my financial situation, and they interviewed me and... Well. I figured that keeping them both in the dark about the truth would be futile.” Anna explained somberly.

   “...was your Vampirism... the secret that the Mask wanted you to admit?” Davies asked.

   “Yes... but that does not diminish the truths we shared-”

   “Are you even really who you’ve said you are? How many more lies are you hiding-”

   “DAVIES OCTAVIUS HOPPS! CALM YOURSELF! THOUGH I AM LOATH TO USE THIS ABILITY ON THE MAN THAT I LOVE, YOU OBVIOUSLY WON’T LISTEN TO REASON AS YOU ARE.” Anna said, her voice booming with ancient arcane power. “So... instead of just telling you, I’m going to show you,” Anna said.

   “S-Show me what?” Davies asked uncertainly.

   “How I came to be... just close your eyes,” Anna said as she took Davies paws into her own. And Davies reluctantly closed his eyes.


   “Where... where am I?” Davies asked as he had somehow arrived in a village. A strange sort of mist hung over the village

   “This... this is where I was born. Rabbits-Burrow, you would not recognize the name. For it was over a thousand years ago that I lived here.” Anna’s voice explained as sectoral rabbits started to manifest.

   “Okay... so where exactly is this place?” Davies asked.

   “England, around... well I don’t entirely remember the dates. But it was in the 990’s, in the north. Fairly close to the border with Scotland. How far exactly... is not important. What I’m showing right now, is the day everything changed. When my world... was turned upside down.” Anna’s voice explained, as two small rabbit children ran past Davies. Both were predominantly brown and black furred, one having a black right arm, and the other having a black left arm.

   “Is... is one of those kitt’s you?” Davies asked.

   “Yes, that was I and my twin brother Jonathan when we were eight years old, I was known by the name Annabeth in those days. That day... is still as clear as crystal. Jonathan had completed our chores, while I had been going around the village rigging every doorway I could with a bucket.” Anna’s voice explained.

   “Wait, you exploited your brother for chores, while you did the ‘bucket of water over the door’ trick?” Davies asked indigently.

   “Yes... it is not something I am proud of. Both for exploiting Jonathan during our childhood and for the pranks I pulled on my fellow villagers... and for the record. It wasn’t always water I put into the buckets when I did those pranks... nor was it... always, conventionally CLEAN water.” Anna’s voice explained.

   “Okay... that’s really gross, but not THAT unexpected if I’m honest. So... what exactly happened on this day?” Davies asked.

   “I’m getting to that. Now, the day went fairly normal. Mother and father would lecture me about exploiting Jonathan to get out of work, and for dumping water and... waste-”

   “Anna, we’re all grown-ups here. You don’t NEED to censor yourself.” Davies interrupted.

   “True, but I know how much profanity bothers you. At any rate, it seemed to just be another boring day in Rabbits-Burrow... but then, at the stroke of noon. Rabbit-Burrows Liege-Lord arrived.” Anna said, as the sectoral image of a black wolf appeared, clad in armor. “Draco... Long-Fang.

   “Oh... I think I know what this is about. I heard that sometimes, some predator nobility take prey to serve as either food or hard labor.” Davies said.

   “Indeed, he specifically called it a ‘Rabbit Tax’. He’d take away rabbits at the time of his choosing... but this day. My father encouraged the mayor to stand up to Draco... but it only brought his wrath upon us.” Anna’s voice explained as spectral predators burned the village to the ground. Rabbits attempting to escape... but were easily cornered by Draco’s men. “Jonathan and I... we were the only ones to escape” Anna’s voice explained, as sectoral images of Jonathan and Annabeth looked back at the burning ruins of Rabbit-Burrow.

   “Oh... wow I... how did you survive?” Davies asked sympathetically. The environment then changed to Annabeth and Jonathan walking through the woods at night.

   “We just... wandered through the woods. Night fell, and we ambushed by bandits.” Anna’s voice said as the bandits in question appeared. “I tried to be brave... protect Jonathan. But let’s be honest... what chance would an eight-year-old rabbit have against seasoned killers? That would have been the end of it... but I believe I will let this next part speak for itself.” Anna’s voice explained.


   Out of the treetops, a fox in a green hooded cloak leaped down in front of the two rabbit kitts. “Top of the evening lads, ya mind tellin’ me why your harrasin’ these fine young bunnies?” The fox asked, speaking with an Irish accent.

   “We haven’t had meat for three stinkin’ days! Now stand aside red-pelt! Or we’ll eat ya as well!” A bear said.

   “Well, if’n you don’t mind my saying so... a fox and a pair of rabbits won’t nearly be fillen enough for you boys. So, why don’tcha go somewhere else for your eatin’?” The fox continued, Annabeth and her brother Jonathan just looked confused by this stranger.

   “True... but why pass up some fun when you can find it?” A wildcat said as he played with his sword.

   “I see... you boys have a minute to run.” The fox said as he drew his weapon.

   “And what can a little fox do?” A wolf asked, ignoring that the fox’s eyes started to glow an eerie golden color.

   “A fair question... what can a fox do against, such big, strong... STRAPPING predators?” The fox said, obviously mocking the bandits.

   “Hmm, this fox thinks he’s the Devil himself.” A stoat said in amusement.

   “Oh believe me lads... as far as you need to know. I, AM, the Devil himself. HAVE AT THEE!” The fox shouted as he leaped at the bear, killing him quickly as he tore out his throat. “KIDDIES! AVERY YER EYES!” The fox shouted as he quickly did in the rest of the bandits. His mouth covered in blood by the time he was done.

   “W-Who... who are you?” Annabeth said, putting an arm before Jonathan protectively.

   “How rude of me, I be Sir Scath. Hedge Knight of the Emerald Isle, once the right hand of the High Kings of Ireland... now, I wander across this enormous bog you Anglicans call a country. Saving poor innocence’s like yourselves from monsters such as these... now. I believe I should know your names little ones.” Sir Scath said, kneeling down to the kits.

   “I’m Annabeth, and this is my twin brother Jonathan... now, WHAT are you?” Annabeth said suspiciously. “I normally wouldn’t ever ask, but... you tore out a bear’s throat! And... and what did you do to the stoal?!” Annabeth asked, noting that the torn up corpses of the bandits, and the stoal in question being drained dry of blood.

   “Ah... how about I take you, little moppets, home, which way is-”

   “Follow the smoke; you’ll probably be able to smell its ashes,” Annabeth said curtly, pointing to the pillar of smoke behind them.

   “I... I don’t understand.” Scath said.

   “A-A mean wolf, burned our village to the ground, and killed everyone!... we’re the only ones who escaped,” Jonathan said, finally speaking up.

   “Hmm... a Long-Fang, am I mistaken?” Scath asked.

   “Yes, now answer my question fox!” Annabeth demanded.

   “If I must... I am a Vampire. An undead creature that drinks blood and can only be killed through extraordinary and unconventional means.” Scath explained.

   “And... you just save complete strangers in the middle of the woods?” Annabeth asked.

   “It’s a dark world we live in little ones... no sense in not making the attempt to make it right. Now... I know of a place where you may stay. A secluded village away from the prying eyes of the mortal nobility.” Scath said.

   “Hmm... fine, but if this is some manner of trap. We’re both coming back to haunt you!” Annabeth swore.

   “Oh, that is far more likely than you might believe,” Scath said.


   “Sir Scath took us both to the hidden village, of Exile. A place hidden away by ancient and powerful magic, and where Vampires and mortal mammals alike lived and worked in... Relative harmony, there was strife from time, to time. But they were passing moments of mistrust and misunderstanding.” Anna’s voice explained as the surrounding changed to a village, filled with mammals of all shapes and sizes.

   “So you Vampires figured out Zootopia centuries beforehand... actually seems right to me,” Davies commented.

   “Despite the... reputation of Vampires, many of us saw the practicality of protecting mortals. If not just to maintain our only source of sustenance, blood. But... as much out of nostalgia and sentimentality for our mortal lives, as much for cold pragmatism, but enough about general Vampiric politics during the Middle-Ages. Shortly after our arrival, Sir Scath took us under his wings as his own children. Jonathan took to the art of black-smithing like a duck to water... me on the other hand... I was too angry to be truly grateful.” Anna’s voice explained.

   “Wow... you look REALLY cute when you’re angry!” Davies said as the frowning specter of Annabeth looked at Jonathan through a window as a bison helped him at the forge.

   “Regardless, I convinced Sir Scath to teach me in the ways of swordsmanship.” Anna’s voice explained, as the specters now showed Annabeth and Sir Scath practice fighting. “As the years went by, I grew better and better. Fueled by my desire to avenge my family and home... at the expense of Jonathan, I’m sorry to say.” Anna’s voice explained as the specter of Annabeth grew older.

   “I’m having this weird feeling of déjà vu,” Davies noted.

   “Perhaps... but then the fateful day came. When I believed I was of age to finally face Draco Long-Fang.” Anna’s voice said.


   “Faith and begorrah child, I’ve said this to you every year since your thirteenth. I will not turn you into a Vampire! Especially for such a petty of a reason as revenge!” Sir Scath said in irritation with the rabbit he had helped raise for a little over a decade.

   “But I need Vampirism to kill Draco Long-Fang!” Annabeth protested.

   “So it’s a lack of faith in my trainin’ ya have?” Scath said.

   “No... It’s just that I seriously doubt that even with your training. I could take down a wolf!” Anna countered.

   “Annabeth... little Annabeth Inle... you have been so consumed with vengeance. You have ignored every attempt at making friends amidst the rest of Exiles citizens. You barely even know Jonathans betrothed for goodness sake!” Scath said.

   “But I-”

   “Blast you girl! Now I’ll be off for the next day or so out of the village. You better behave yourself and be alive when I get back... and in that time. I want you to do something OTHER than brood about vengeance! For that matter, try to actually talk to people. Like Brandon Bunnison for example, I’ve heard a rumor in the Blood Tavern that he’s sweat for you.” Scath said.

   A few hours later, Annabeth was at the village blacksmith shop. “Annabeth... please tell me you’re not here to bug me about the sword again,” Jonathan said irritably as he pounded his hammered, repairing a scythe.

   “It’s been a month since I asked about the sword.” Annabeth protested.

   “Yes... but not only do I still remember that. Ringing in my ears, but I also remember telling you. That despite my skill at creating weapons, working on a silver sword would take time! Especially seeing how poor a material silver is for making weapons!” Jonathan said in irritation.

   “But silver is ideal for making weapons that can kill monsters, including Long-Fang!” Annabeth said.

   “And I agree with you that would work... BUT-”

   “But nothing! Is it finally ready, or isn’t it?” Annabeth interrupted, Jonathan looked unamused.

   “Fine, it’s in the back room in a chest, alongside a proper steel sword. If only so that you might actually survive against Long-Fang, thanks for asking me about Daisy by the way.” Jonathan said as Anna entered the back room in question, opened the chest, and took the swords. “You know there are better ways to spend a birthday then wolf hunting. For example, I went walking with Daisy in the meadow. I don’t think I ever had that many buttercups in my life. And I finally worked up the nerve to propose to her.” Jonathan said bitterly as Anna left the blacksmith shop with both swords without even saying goodbye. “If Scath asks where you ran off to, I will tell him the truth!” Jonathan ranted as he accidentally broke the scythe blade.

   “Family issues?” A farmer asked.

   “My only blood family is more stubborn than a mule. You tell me?” Jonathan said.

   It wasn’t too long when Annabeth found Draco Long-Fang and a hunting party after nightfall.

   “It is time, to finally make things right,” Annabeth said to herself, as she took out a crossbow. She took aim and fired a bolt into one of Draco’s hunters. Chaos erupted, as Annabeth picked the hunters off one by one until only Draco was left. Annabeth leaped down from the canopy before the black furred wolf.

   “What... what is the meaning of this?!” Draco asked.

   “My name is Annabeth Inle. You killed my family and my village of Rabbit-Burrow. Prepare, to die!” Annabeth said as she drew her silver sword. And leaped at Draco’s throat... only to be grabbed in one paw by Draco.

   “Hmm... prey... only good to be eaten, or to slave away for your betters. But what’s this... TWO swords?” Draco said as he took Annabeth’s swords. “Silver, AND steel? Did you think that I was a monster? Oh, little bunny... it’s cute when you whelps in particular act like you can be more than simple farmers.” Draco said, as he plunged the steel sword into her heart, and dropped her. “And why would one even make a silver sword anyway?” Draco said as he forced the silver sword against his armor. The sword bent wildly. “See... it’s useless against proper armor. Now... I leave you to bleed.” Draco said coldly as he left Annabeth to bleed out, with both swords by her side.

   This would have been the end of Annabeth... but fate was with her. As Sir Scath arrived, terrified for his adopted child.

   “Blast it, child! I thought I told you to stay home- and what’s this?! A silver sword?! When did you have Jonathan even make this!?” Scath said, panicking while he tried to apply healing herbs to Annabeth’s wound.

   “No... it’s too late... the sword... went through my heart. Sir Scath... papa... if you want to save me... you know what-”

   “Fine! But if I ever learn that you deliberately did this, specifically to become a Vampire.” Sir Scath said, he then drained Annabeth completely dry of her blood, and afterward, dropped but a single drop of his own Vampiric blood into Annabeth’s mouth.

   At that moment, the mortal life of Annabeth Inle was over... and the existence that would become Anna Blackpaw began.


   “For the record, I earnestly believed that I could take Draco despite his experience and the size difference... I only wanted Vampirism in the first place to try to even the playing field.” Anna explained, as the specter of her mortal self, ascended to Vampire-hood.

   “...your... you’re not Annabeth the Vengeful, are you?” Davies asked.

   “Yes... and on that subject. Scath warned me, that unless I kill him in seven days’ time, I would be stuck as a Vampire forever. I quickly went to work, as with my nascent Vampiric powers. I returned to the burnt out ruins of Rabbit-Burrow. And raised an army of skeletons of its former inhabitants, tens of thousands of rabbit skeletons, all for the purpose of avenging what happened to them over ten years ago.” Anna’s voice explained as the specter of the Vampiric Annabeth raised up the skeletons.

   “And... well actually, I don’t entirely remember how the rest of the story goes,” Davies admitted.

   “Uhg... I assailed Castle Long-Fang. Killing every member of House Long-Fang, and burning the castle to the ground, it should have ended that night... but to my eternal annoyance. Draco himself had escaped. So for the next week, I hunted for him in the nearby woods... wasting my time looking for the perfect dramatic moment to kill him. By the time I finally cornered him, my last and only opportunity to regain my mortality had slipped through my fingers... but I didn’t care.” Anna explained as the destruction of Castle Long-Fang, the hunt for Draco in the nearby woods, and his apparent death came. Via the bent silver sword through his heart.


   Annabeth stood atop the cliff in triumph... but her laughter from finally dealing with the wolf that had destroyed her family, friends, and home. Quickly turned into attempts at crying, at the revelation of what had fully happened to her and the implications therein.

   “That’s another thing about Vampirism I should have told you about in the first place. We can’t cry... just let it all out little Anna.” Sir Scath said as he approached Annabeth.

   “I... I can’t ever have children... I can only move about at night... and... and I’ll outlive my brother!” Annabeth sobbed as Scath hugged her.

   “And do you know what you do now, with eternity itself before you?” Sir Scath asked, Annabeth just shook her head. “You make the most of it with those you were born with... now let’s get home. You have an estranged brother to make amends with.” Sir Scath said as they both proceeded to go home.

   When they both returned to Exile, Annabeth wasted no time in making her way to the blacksmith shop. “Annabeth... what are you doing here?” Jonathan asked as Annabeth woke him up.

   “Jonathan... I’m sorry that I haven’t treated you well.” Annabeth said.

   “Apology accepted, now I have a busy day-”

   “No... I’m not only sorry for how I behaved in Rabbit-Burrow. But for being so focused on getting revenge... that I completely ignored you. And... did Sir-”

   “Yes... you got what you wanted most,” Jonathan said bitterly.

   “Look... I’ve lost my mortality, to have a chance at a normal life. I want, to make amends with you. Set things right between us... before it’s too late.” Annabeth said.

   “You... you mean that?” Jonathan asked in surprise.

   “I do... if you need any help with your wedding to Daisy. I will lend my services. But for now... just get some rest.” Annabeth said.


   “The wedding itself was beautiful, and lasted until the following dawn... that was also when I learned that what happens when a Vampire when in direct sunlight.” Anna’s voice explained as the wedding played out, and when the morning sun came. Annabeth’s skin shriveled to the point, where it looked as if she were a malnourished and burnt out husk.

   “...I just have one question... why didn’t you look like that when we first met?” Davies asked, terrified at the withered spectral husk.

   “It may not be surprising to you... but Josephus is also a Vampire.” Anna’s voice said.

   “Not really, but that doesn’t answer the question,” Davies said.

   “He is knowledgeable in the ways of Vampiric Alchemy. But that is a story for a later time. For years after that, I helped watch over my brothers family. Keeping Jonathan and Daisy’s children and grandchildren safe from harm, this way of... existing, made me content, happy. Truly happy for the first time since I was a child in Rabbit-Burrow... but then. 1066 came around, and the Normamals invaded England.” Annabeth said bitterly.

   “And... what happened then?” Davies asked nervously, suspecting that it would be a painful memory for Anna.

   “It is all right Davies. It still stings... but not as it did back then. And it was brought back to my mind last night... when the Legion of Night took control of you. It reminded me... all too well of how Jonathan died.” Anna’s voice said.

To be continued...

Zootopia Files: Vampire Rabbit Interview: Part 1
In the aftermath of the Sagittarius Incident. Anna Blackpaw, her secret revealed decided to go clean on the full truth with Davies Hopps. Also, the full title is supposed to be 'Interview with a Vampire Rabbit'. 



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