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Ban-Laoch: Part 8
Several days later, Ban-Laoch arrived in the Dwarven homeland of Dwarvenheim, specifically, the harbor capital of the country, Svartel-Haus. Tracy landed on a large balcony on the city palace; on the balcony was Prince Gathadar.
   “Ban-Laoch! Thank the Stone-Makers you’re here.” Gathadar said with relief.
   “I only wish it were under better-WHOA!” Gathadar hugged Ban-Laoch, catching her by surprise. “Okay... I wasn’t expecting this.” Ban-Laoch said in surprise.
   “What. Are. You doing. With my MOMMY?!” Tracy hissed in anger.
   “Tracy, no! It’s just a hug between friends... just take some deep breaths and count.” Ban-Laoch said to the young Dragon. “So what are the Dark Elves doing here?” She asked.
   “Some ruins were found deep inside of the mountains... then the Dark Elves attacked, slaughtered everyone that was there. And continued whe
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Zootopia Files: The Wedding of Nick and Judy
   A year had passed since the Battle of Zootopia, and after months of planning. The big day, had finally come.
   Nick and Judy, the first fox and rabbit police officers of the proud city of Zootopia, were finally getting married, in Judy’s hometown of Bunny Burrow at the Hopps Farm. Judy was getting ready for the big day, when in stepped Bonnie Hopps, her mother.
   “Let me get a good look at you hon-bun.” Bonnie said as she looked over Judy, she was wearing an elegant and frilly wedding dress. The veil was decorated with flowers and the sleeves had diamond shaped patterns. “Oh... you look so gorgeous!” Bonnie said with pride.
   “I’m just glad that Anna could get me this dress... AND that it fits!” Judy said as she twirled in the dress.
   “Still not sure why your father has been so skittish about Ms. Blackpaw though, I mean she offered to plan the whole wedding free of charge...
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Star Wars: The Awoken Chronicles: Mara Jade
   Onboard a pirate starship, a young Human women, with long red-gold hair and emerald green eyes was stuffed into a crate. Then without warning, the ship rocked, and she fell out of the crate. “Last time I take coach.” She said sardonically to herself.
   “Attention all hands! The ship has been boarded, Jedi are onboard. I repeat, Jedi have boarded the ship.” The ships PA system broadcasted. The women wasted no time, in getting her hands on a crowbar, and helping other slaves out of crates that hadn’t fallen out like she did. “The engines have been disabled! I repeat! The Jedi have disabled the engines!” The PA system said.
   Then out of a door, three Jedi. Luke Skywalker, Rey, and Finn entered the cargo hold. “Well, we found the slaves. Easier than I thought it would be.” Finn said in relief.
   “Finn, what have I told you saying things like that?” Rey asked in disbelief at her
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Pandora Chronciles: A New Friend
   It was a fairly normal Monday morning at Mrs. Clawson’s Kindergarten class. “Alright class, simmer down.” Mrs. Clawson said to her class. “Now, we have a new student today. He’s a horse, say hello George.” She said as she presented a horse colt. He just nervously waved a hoof. “His family is new to the country. So guess who’s going to show him around?” Mrs. Clawson said she shot a look at Pandora.
   Pandora’s eyes shifted before she grabbed a book, trying to hide her face. “Oh look, there hopping on pop. I know what Uncle Finnick said when I tried that... mom put out a swear jar after that incident.”
   “You’re not fooling anyone kiddo. Just let George sit down with you and Joshua. Go on, they're right there.” Mrs. Clawson as she guided George to Pandora and Joshua’s table.
   “Oh... goody, so... what country are you from?” Pandora said
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Kingdoms of Night: Part 1
   The world of Trak’va-Teer was a realm dominated by the undead Vampires. For one-thousand years, their Kingdoms of Night have dominated the lands of Mankind, driving the Elves and Dwarves into exile into there realms of the deep woods and the mountains.
   The Vampires, in turn, ruled openly, enforcing there rule with undead minions, arcane monsters, blood constructs, loyal Humans, and lesser Vampires. Ruled over by the secretive Tribunal of Night, Tav’va-Teer maintained the status quo. Vampires keeping mortals underfoot, the Elder Races kept in exile so as to not threaten the Tribunals rule with their more advanced weaponry and magic.
   But in the eyes of the common Human, the ruler of the Vampires, and by extension Trak’va-Teer, was High Queen Annabelle Black-Hand. Relatively young compared to her vassal Kings and Queens at only one-thousand years, she nonetheless led a ruthless centuries-long campaign of intrigue and deal-making amo
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Pandora Wilde-Hopps Refference Sheet. by DarthSithari Pandora Wilde-Hopps Refference Sheet. :icondarthsithari:DarthSithari 2 0
World War R: Part 2
   Gabriella, outfitted in the Archangel Combat Exosuit, entered the training room to test out the new ACE armor she was given. All in order to stop Professor Nemesis, and the Control AI Vendetta, from conquering the world.
   “Okay, no what do I do?” Gabriella asked of the AI that was integrated into the suits systems.
   “So, what? All I have to do is think ‘fly’ and I’ll- WHOA!” Gabriella said as she flew up into the ceiling, as the jet pack activated.
   “Okay... how about the weapons?” Gabriella said as she
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Zootopia Files: Battle of Zootopia: Part 3
   Previously, on Zootopia Files... again.
   “So let me get this straight... your all clones of me?” Dawn Bellwether said as she looked over a series of... reasonably identical sheep.
   “For the last time, ALL of us are clones. Including you!” A clone with a British accent said in resignation.
   “You feel that Thanos?” Deadpool said as he drove a sword into the Mad Titan’s chest. “That’s for Peter Parker... and everyone else you turned to dust during the Infinity War you... wait... isn’t this a Zootopia fanfic? I mean it has Spider-Ham, but why am I here?”
   “And... there we go.” Pandora said as she had just finished applying modifications to her robotic bunny friend, Elizabeth.
   “Sensational! Elizabeth! Transform!” Elizabeth said as she transformed herself into a 50s era motorcycle.
   “Are you
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Zootopia File: Battle of Zootopia: Part 2
   Previously, on Zootopia Files.
   “Hey Rocky! Wanna watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat?” Bullwinkle J. Moose said to his flying-squirrel friend.
   “Again?” Rocky said in disbelief. Expecting that Bullwikle would pull up either, a lion, tiger, bear, rhino, or himself out of the top hat, as has always happened whenever he attempted to pull a rabbit out of his hat.
   “This time for sure!” Bullwinkle said as he tore off his right sleeve. “Nothing up my sleeve! PRESTO!” He said, and out of the hat came Judy Hopps.
   “Well I’ll be, that actually worked for once!” Rocky said in disbelief.
   “Sir... do you have a license to perform stage magic?” Judy said, understandably irritable as the moose grasped her by the ears.
   “I’m taking this as a Peerage Victory.” Bullwinkle said.
   “You mean Pyrr
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Zootopia Files: Battle of Zootopia: Part 1
   Monday morning at the ZPD Precinct 1 seemed like any other, as Chief Bogo entered the briefing room. “Alright people, settle down. First... we have two new recruits, another fox and bunny... and as you all know. I don’t care.” Bogo said curtly after gesturing to a bat-eared fox vixen, and a brown furred rabbit buck. They were named Harry Carrotson, and Sawa Otocyon Both looked dismayed at Bogo’s casual dismissal.
   “Second, is the much more serious issue.” Bogo said grimly as he turned off the lights, and turned on a projector. “I would also like to preface, that I will answer all questions AFTER I’m done. That goes double for you Wilde.” Bogo said, Nick just produced a pad and pencil.
   “Last night, there was a massive breakout at Isla Purgatory. Not normal in the slightest.” Bogo said as he showed a slide of helicopters firing upon Isla Purgatory. “We’re not sure what exac
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Sierra the Robot: Part 13
   Well... the cats out of the bag. The entire galaxy knows that I’m a Thinking Biodroid, that I have an Animus Node.
   You might be wondering what that even means.
   Well to put it simply, a Thinking Biodroid is a Biodroid that is capable of self-awareness, with the Animus Node, being a biologically engineered part that allows a Biodroid to be self-aware. I’m certain HOW that works, but that is how it happens.
   I was sitting on the coach in my hotel room. Channel surfing as various news outlets covered the announcement, that the ban on Thinking Biodroids had been repealed. I wasn’t really paying attention... but I got the basic point. Everyone was scarred of the idea of their biomechanical slaves gaining a soul, and possibly rebelling. There were even reports of... of lynch mobs.
   My heart sank with every passing second. There was a knock at my door, snapping me out of my depressed torpor. “W-Whose there?&
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Star Wars: The Awoken Chronicles: Bruce Wayne
   Kessel, since time immemorial, this planet has served as a prison for the innocent and the guilty alike. In the days of the Galactic Empire, a dumping ground for slaves across the galaxy. All forced to mine for the precious spice beneath the planet’s surface. This was the way of things... until the Battle of Endor.
   When chance, saw a young Wookie slave, leading a massive revolt against the authorities on the planet. With the help of his friend, a Human named By’rse Whaa’yne, the Wookie known as Osito led a brutal guerrilla war against the Imperial forces. Eventually taking control of Kessel, and declaring himself the Warlord of Kessel. Freeing the slaves, permitting them to leave Kessel if they so desired. With the rest staying behind, with the Imperial authorities and the genuine criminals kept as slaves.
   But this story is not about Osito himself... this is about By’rse Whaa’yne. During Osito’s War for Kessel,
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Pandora Chronicles: First Day of Kindergarten
   “Have a good day sweetheart. Don’t forget to make friends!” Judy said as she dropped off Pandora for her first day of Kindergarten.
   “No promises! But I will try!” Pandora said as she entered the school. Inside were the normal things in a Kindergarten class, plastic tables of various sizes for the different sized children, easels for painting, and some toys in plastic containers. And of course, Kindergarten age children. Pandora quickly made her way to a table sized for children about her size.
   “Hi! My name is Joshua, who are you?” Joshua the otter said friendly.
   “Pandora,” Pandora said, feeling anxious, but putting on a happy face regardless.
   “I like Monty and the Penguin Pals, do you?” Joshua asked.
   “Yes, in fact, my uncle made Monty and the Penguin Pals,” Pandora said, already figuring that Joshua wouldn’t believe her.
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Pandora Chronicles: Age Five
   Pandora had worked for two days, taking up both Saturday and Sunday as she worked with the assorted power tools to make her new creation. It took some doing, especially since she was only five years old. But she managed to create her robot nanny.
   The reason for this? Her mother, the famous rabbit police officer, Judy Hopps had given birth to a litter of half-fox, half-rabbit kittens. That weekend, Nick and Judy’s maternity leave was almost over. And Pandora, being an introverted young girl, did not trust anyone to look after her, or her newborn siblings.
   Not that she didn’t trust any of her parent’s friends or family to take care of them, she just didn’t want to inconvenience anyone, especially not her Uncle Davies. Knowing full well that not only did he have a bit of a fear of small children, and his autism limited what he could do without being overwhelmed. But that in his condition, bound to a wheelchair. He’d be o
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Tracy the Dragon by DarthSithari Tracy the Dragon :icondarthsithari:DarthSithari 1 0
Mammal Effect: Novehareia: Part II
   Eventually, Judy and her squad arrived at Peak 15, though not without having to face geth in the entrance way. In addition to the blockade that the Mako had to contend with on it’s drive to Peak 15 itself.
   “User alert.” A women's voice said. “All Peak 15 facilities have suffered a great deal of damage. Biohazard materials present throughout the facility. Virtual Intelligence user interface offline.”
   “It sounds like the reactors are offline. Come on, let’s get to work.” Judy said as they made their way through the garage.
   “Strange, the turrets are facing the wrong way,” Liara noted as they passed a pair of turrets that were facing into a passageway.
   “They want to keep their people in, as much as they want the geth out,” Wrex noted.
   “Or there’s something dangerous inside that they don’t want to risk getting out,” Jud
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Raw broccoli is terrible, why do those salad platters have them anyway?


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Several days later, Ban-Laoch arrived in the Dwarven homeland of Dwarvenheim, specifically, the harbor capital of the country, Svartel-Haus. Tracy landed on a large balcony on the city palace; on the balcony was Prince Gathadar.

   “Ban-Laoch! Thank the Stone-Makers you’re here.” Gathadar said with relief.

   “I only wish it were under better-WHOA!” Gathadar hugged Ban-Laoch, catching her by surprise. “Okay... I wasn’t expecting this.” Ban-Laoch said in surprise.

   “What. Are. You doing. With my MOMMY?!” Tracy hissed in anger.

   “Tracy, no! It’s just a hug between friends... just take some deep breaths and count.” Ban-Laoch said to the young Dragon. “So what are the Dark Elves doing here?” She asked.

   “Some ruins were found deep inside of the mountains... then the Dark Elves attacked, slaughtered everyone that was there. And continued where they left off.” Gathadar explained.

   “But why? Dwarvenheim wasn’t affected by Acherons War; the Elves didn’t even establish a presence on this continent during the Golden Age for the Elf-Fathers sake!” Ban-Laoch said.

   “True... but these are ruins from the Vermin Wars. Ancient wars between the Dwarves, and terrifying monsters that bore the visages of rats, roach’s and other pests. It drove us from the Deep Womb, my people’s true homeland. Leaving nothing behind but disease infested ruins, and sealed tunnels to keep them from following us. Whatever could be down there... the Dark Elves can’t get it!” Gathadar explained.

   “And the reason you can’t do it is because?” Ban-Laoch asked.

   “Because the armies are either already half-way to Orcen-Heimr to aid the Orcs in reclaiming their homeland, or are tied down with unrest to the south. Bottom line, my father King Ganthrador can’t do anything to evict the Dark Elves from those ruins! Which leaves only one real option... you.” Gathadar explained.

   “Me?... let me guess, it’s because I’m a Djinn Daughter, and therefore the ONLY person who can actually get to those ruins?” Ban-Laoch said.

   “Well... yes. I’d go myself, but my attention is needed here. Suffice it to say, the kingdom is in turmoil. And we can’t spare anything to deal with the Dark Elves for the time being. But... if it can make a difference, please take this.” Gathadar said as he handed Ban-Laoch a mask like device. “It should protect you from the diseased fumes down in the ruins.

   “I’ve survived the stench of minions of the Writhing Gullet... all the same; it would be rude not to accept a gift.” Ban-Laoch said as she took the mask.

   “What about me?” Tracy asked.

   “I do not know... I’m not certain if a Dragon could survive down there. I can keep him here... though if you-”

   “Yes! You keep him safe here, and I’ll go and investigate the ruins! Tracy, be good for mommy okay? Bye!” Ban-Laoch said as she ran off, leaving Gathadar alone with the Dragon.

   Eventually Ban-Laoch arrived at the ruins in question. “Okay... wow.” She said to herself as she leaned against a nearby rock, panting in exhaustion. “I really... I really should have taken a break... maybe have stopped at that... at that inn a mile back.” She said in exhaustion. “Oh... oh what the heck?” Ban-Laoch said as she limped back to the inn in question, and a day or more latter she returned to the ruins.

   “Okay, no more messing around! I have Dark Elves in need of a killen’.” Ban-Laoch said as she continued into the ruins. Indeed there were pockets of poisonous gas spread across the ruins. “WHOA... maybe the gas mask can work here.” She said as she donned the gas mask and walked into the diseased fumes. “And it does... I will never doubt Dwarven craftsmanship again after this.”

   Ban-Laoch made her way through the ruins of the deep womb, fighting agianst not just Dark Elves. But giant cockroaches, rats, and other beasts that Gathadar had explained were skulking in the ruins. Eventually she arrived at an abandoned Dwarven city.

   Ban-Laoch whistled in awe. “The ancient Dwarves knew how to build a city.” She said as she looked over the immense granite walls, and used her wind form to get to the top of the wall, and made her way further into the city. Further filled with the foes she fought against since she arrived in the Deep-Womb, along with a number of Abominations of the Dark Ones. As usual, these things did not deter her.

   “I must getting closer to what I’m looking for... the smell is getting worse, can’t even keep the smell out anymore.” Ban-Laoch said to herself as she entered the main Temple. Inside, she found a sight that filled her with dread... the Dark Elves were using some sort of magic on Dullahan. The Neckless Shepherd of Tir-Na-Nog, a powerful being that was tasked with taking the souls of the dead to the winding mazes of Tir-Na-Nog.

   The Dark Elves held her head as she screamed in pain. “We have brought the items needed. Now bring the Dwarf back from death, and your pain will end.”


   “Only by the old laws... but this is within your power. Now restore the one who can bring Acheron back, or your pain will outlast eternity.” The Dark Elf said cruelly.

   “Not on my watch!” Ban-Laoch yelled as she charged into the Dark Elves... and was caught off guard by a trap.

   “So there you are... the Vermin-Folk sent word of your coming. Now bear witness High Elf... to a momentous day in the history of this wretched Realm. Now... RISE! BLEDIS, DRAGON OF THE SEAS!” The Dark Elf shouted, as Dullahan screamed in pain again as the strange eldritch magic tore through her body. There was a blinding light... and when the light faded.

   Bledis was restored to life; parts of his flesh were still rotted away. But he was there, with his weapons in his hands, and clad in his armor.

   “It’s about time you lads got me out... the waiting was the worst part.” Bledis said.

   “A thousand apologies... it has proven trickier to restore you then we believed. The Amphibs have their hands full, so we’ve only now managed to get the necessary Dark Magic to restore you... and we managed to get our hands on the Neckless One to bring you back.” The Dark Elf explained.

   “Really?” Bledis said as he looked at the head of Dullahan barely conscious, and her body sprawled out. “Well that is impressive of you, getting your hands on the Driver of the Black Coach... and lookie there... the Djinn Daughter who killed me is here as well.” He said as he approached the trapped Ban-Laoch. “Tell me, how is your metal sister doing?”

   “Shut up... you rotten Dwarf.” Ban-Laoch seethed. “Acheron... will not... come back!” She said defiantly.

   “Oh... I’ve come to respect your defiant spirit. But I’m afraid that your obstinacy must come to an end.” Bledis said as he raised his weapons.

   “NO!” Dullahan shouted as her body rushed towards the Dark Elves that were holding her head, and she then used a sword/whip spine like weapon to bind Bledis’s weapons. “ON YOUR FEET DJINN DAUGHTER!” Dullahan shouted as she pulled down Bledis, and used her sword to free Ban-Laoch.

   “Treasure your return Bledis! You won’t have long to enjoy it!” Ban-Laoch said as she drew her sword and fought Bledis.

   It was a hard fought battle. As the magic that brought Bledis back from death had not only caused him to grow. But imbued him with powerful magic that Ban-Laoch found difficult to keep up with, even with the magic of her Elemental forms, and the weapons she had been collecting she the Dark Elves returned.

   Eventually, Bledis got in a lucky hit, knocking her back. “And now... the coup de-AH!“ He shouted as Dullahan used her whip/sword to cut off one of Bledis’s arms.

   “Bledis Forgerson, pariah of Dwarvenheim. I propose a bargain. You take the life of Ban-Laoch Ash-Lion; I take your life in turn. Leave now, with you and your unholy minions, and I will collect your soul for proper return to Tir-Na-Nog at a later date. The choice is yours villain!” Dullahan said as she pointed the long blade of her sword/whip.

   “He... he NEEDS to die...” Ban-Laoch said, battered and covered in bloody scars.

   “And that price would be YOUR death at this present time child! Now what is your decision? Kill the women who killed you and fail the Dark Ones yet again? Or spare her, and live to fight another day as the mockery of life and death that you are now?” Dullahan said.

   Grudgingly, Bledis and the Dark Elves left. “You... why did you let him leave?” Ban-Laoch demanded.

   “Child... you are a Djinn Daughter are you not?” Dullahan asked, Ban-Laoch merely nodded. “Then that alone is reason enough to keep you alive. Now let us go to Svartel-Haus, the Dwarves there can care for your wounds.” She said as she picked Ban-Laoch up in her arms. Dullahan then used her weapon to create a portal straight back to the balcony where Ban-Laoch started her journey on Dwarvenheim.

   “What the-?!” Gathadar said in surprise.


   “Bledis has returned from death. And Ban-Laoch has been wounded.” Dullahan said as she placed Ban-Laoch down.

   “If your thought was that Dwarven doctors could tend to her. Then I’m sorry to say any medical professional that could help is not in the capital. There either in the north, or on their way to Orcen-Heimr... I can dress her wounds however.” Gathadar said.

   Later on, Gathadar had bandaged up Ban-Laoch’s limbs, face, and other parts of her. “I just have one question... how did the Dark Elves even get you into the Material in the first place?” Ban-Laoch asked.

   Dullahan looked down in shame. “I was tricked... and now I cannot return to the Immaterial, and my magic has been depleted. In return for the aid you granted me. I grant you my sword... Ryg-Gard.” Dullahan said as she handed over the spine sword to Ban-Laoch.

   “What... why?” Ban-Laoch asked as she looked over the spine blade.

   “Because it falls to you to bring the Dark Elves to justice, and stop Acheron... and you will need every resource you can be given or find.” Dullahan said.

   “I’m already Queen of the Elves... what more do I need?!” Ban-Laoch moaned.

   “Then I suggest that you start behaving like a Queen. When you are well again, muster armies. Proper ones to face what is to come and do whatever you must in order to prepare Elvenheim for Bledis and the Dark Elves.” Dullahan said.

   “...and would you like to crash in Tuatha Meadu?” Ban-Laoch offered.

   “Yes, I would be honored to take refuge in your home. And in honor of this event, I give you this fruit.” Dullahan said as she gave Ban-Laoch a fruit. The same kind that Ban-Laoch had been using to make Tracy to grow larger, Ban-Laoch quickly threw it into Tracy’s open mouth.

   Several hours later, Ban-Laoch, Tracy and Dullahan returned to Tuatha Meadu. Tracy now roughly the size of a house, landed in the harbor of Tuatha Meadu. “Good... but next time, could you maybe land ON the ground. Rather than the water Tracy?” Ban-Laoch said as Tracy doggie paddled into the city proper.

   “Sorry mommy, I’ll take you to Auntie Iarann.” Tracy said, and several minutes latter she was back in Iaranns office.

   “So let me get this straight... Gathadar sent you into the heart of the Dwarves lost homeland. Which was filled with poisonous gas, and Vermin-Men, AND Dark Elves? Then you encountered Dullahan, THE HARBINJAAR OF DEATH. Who was somehow captured by the Dark Elves, and used her magic to resurrect Bledis, and now you’re wounded from your encounter with him... DOES THAT COVER EVERYTHING SIS?!” Iarann said in irritation as she looked over her organic sister.

   “I don’t want to alarm you... but I think your bedside manner is getting worse. Also yes, those things did happen. Bledis is back, and... well Dullahan did use me as a bargaining chip for Bledis-”

   “YOU DID WHAT?!” Iarann shouted at Dullahan. “You dare use my sister as a bargaining chip with Bledis of all Dwarves!?” She said irately as she interrupted Ban-Laoch.

   “It... it seemed to be the wisest option at the time. My powers have been greatly diminished; I had spent several days being tortured by the Dark Elves. And I couldn’t-”

   “Just... let me make my sister better. And the Shepherdess of Tir-Na-Nog is in my office... Sag'has. Would you mind getting her out of here?” Iarann said, the banshee Sag’has just looked anxious.

   “O-Of course Iarann...” Sag’has stuttered.

   “Calm yourself banshee, Elves who drown at sea are outside of my jurisdiction. Even if I could return to the Immaterial, you belong to Painted Aqu. Not I.” Dullahan said.

   “A-A-All the same... y-you are a unnerving person to b-be around.” Sag’has stuttered.

   “Hmm... it may be wise to find someone to help me become less... unnerving as you put it.” Dullahan said as she and Sag’has left the office.

   “Y-Y-Yes... I think step one would be trying to pass you off as not being headless!” Sag’has said.

   “Whatever do you- oh... right the... the neck thing. And to a lesser extent my spinal column, but let us focus on necks for the time being lass.” Dullahan said.

   “So what’ll you be doing after you recover?” Iarann asked.

   “Marshal, Elvenheim against the Dark Elves and Bledis. Hopefully, it won’t be too late to keep Acheron from returning from death. Then you need to work on your temper and bedside manner. What Dullahan did was stupid, but that’s no excuse to be rude sis.” Ban-Laoch said.

   “Well I’m sorry for being concerned about your well-being! It’s just that, with everything that’s going on. AND with everything I’m doing to help father recover, I can’t help but worry about you.” Iarann said.

   “Iarann... unkind words are beneath you. Just try to find some way to keep yourself from being verbally mean to people... and that includes the Driver of the Black Coach funnily enough. Not screaming at her for having a brain fart or-”

   “Ban just... just get some rest. You’re going to need it oh sister of mine.” Iarann said as she placed a blanket on Ban-Laoch.

Ban-Laoch: Part 8
Ban-Laoch goes to the Dwarven homeland, and meets a headless grim reaper.
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Raw broccoli is terrible, why do those salad platters have them anyway?

   A year had passed since the Battle of Zootopia, and after months of planning. The big day, had finally come.

   Nick and Judy, the first fox and rabbit police officers of the proud city of Zootopia, were finally getting married, in Judy’s hometown of Bunny Burrow at the Hopps Farm. Judy was getting ready for the big day, when in stepped Bonnie Hopps, her mother.

   “Let me get a good look at you hon-bun.” Bonnie said as she looked over Judy, she was wearing an elegant and frilly wedding dress. The veil was decorated with flowers and the sleeves had diamond shaped patterns. “Oh... you look so gorgeous!” Bonnie said with pride.

   “I’m just glad that Anna could get me this dress... AND that it fits!” Judy said as she twirled in the dress.

   “Still not sure why your father has been so skittish about Ms. Blackpaw though, I mean she offered to plan the whole wedding free of charge... though I do have to ask why the police are here as security.” Bonnie said. Unaware of some of her daughter’s misadventures on the force since the Night Howler Crisis, most of which had brought her and Nick into conflict with the interests of Draco Long-Fang... and of how she had been a robot for months until the attack on Draco’s mansion.

   “Never mind why Bogo and most of my co-workers are here as security rather than as guests. Or why Selene and her sister have been setting up those weird looking antennae along the edge of the farm. This is MY day... let’s try to keep that in perspective mom, okay?” Judy said.

   “It’s just... unconventional to me. More than you just marrying a fox, but all of this other stuff that’s being tacked on and-”

   “Mrs. Hopps, I need to speak to the bride... alone.” Anna Blackpaw said as she entered the room.

   “To talk about the wedding?” Bonnie asked.

   “Exactly.” Anna said.

   “Speaking of romance, when are you and Davies going to-”

   “When we’re good and ready, now please, leave us be.” Anna said hastily as she ushered Bonnie out of the room. “Now, Bogo and the security I hired are stationed at checkpoints across the Hopps farm. Ms. Samuels camouflage shield should keep everyone from actually seeing or hearing anything out of the ordinary. There are a few volunteers from the Cabal of the Unseen Eye to help as well.” Anna listed off to Judy.

   “And the actual wedding stuff?” Judy asked.

   “Well the DJ is asking for QUADROUPLE her rate. Which I can manage... apparently Ms. Smellsworth has an issue with performing for a police officer’s wedding.” Anna said.

   “I still don’t think it was a good idea to invite Nick’s exes.” Judy said.

   “Not this again, I had Ester promise to be on her best behavior, the Nainshadou twins are being payed to keep a peace. And, I kept that weird transvestite and Delphine away. There really is nothing to worry about Judy.” Anna said reassuringly.

   “I’m holding you to that. But... thank you so much for helping with this!” Judy said.

   “It’s my pleasure; your daughter saved my family... my brother’s family. That’s a debt that demands repayment. Planning for your wedding to Nickolas is the very least I can do.” Anna said.


   Meanwhile, on one of the dirt roads to the Hopps family farm, Bogo was overlooking the security measures that had been put in place. At his side was a white wolf with glowing yellow cat like eyes, dressed as if he had stumbled out of a fantasy video game, wearing leather armor and chainmail.

   “Your boys finding anything Geralt?” Bogo asked of the white wolf.

   “No Night Dragon’s, a few mortals trying to crash the occasion but nothing serious. What about you?” Geralt asked with a deep and gruff sounding voice.

   “All guests have arrived, and are accounted for. There inside the farm... and I seriously cannot believe that those crazy rookies are actually tying the knot.” Bogo said.

   “Love finds a way buddy... I’d feel bitter about not being invited. But I’ve been to enough weddings to know, that I want nothing to do with the disaster they can invite.” Geralt said.

   “That from experience old wolf?” Bogo asked.

   “I can’t tell you how many weddings I’ve been to that ended in massacres, or with the bride, or groom, or sometimes both dead. Almost always when I’m in the room with them.” Geralt commented.

   “Not by your direct influence, RIGHT?” Bogo asked suspiciously.

   “Not always... Bogo you know perfectly well I’m a monster hunter. And sometimes-”

   “Lord Polowanie! We’ve run across mammals wearing the insignia of the Cabal of the Night Dragons. We merely await your word.” A woman’s voice said on Geralt’s walkie-talkie.

    “Geralt, remind me why evil Vampires are even here?” Bogo said in disbelief.

   “For one thing, the must know of Nick and Judy’s relation to Lady Blackpaw. And that there leader is in the custody of the Unseen Eye. They wish to kill three birds with one stone... that won’t happen.” Geralt explained as he drew one of his swords. “I’ll be with you shortly Alpha Squad. Do not attack until I give the order.”


   Nick was with his parents, as they helped get their son ready for the big day. “I am so proud of you Nicky.” Nick’s father, Jonathan said.

   “Oh you’re so handsome today!” Marian, Nick’s mother said, fit to burst with pride and happiness.

   Then Anna Blackpaw entered. “And how is the groom doing today? Suit fitting, and no cold feet I hope.”

   “I tailored the suit myself.” Jonathan said with a hint of indignation. “No idea where you got the materials though, it’s stronger than anything I’ve worked with but light as a feather... and it breaths to!” He went on.

   “Never mind where I got the material from, or how much it costs. But I do need to go over some details with the man of the hour... alone, please.” Anna said, the two foxes left the room.

   “So what’s the damage?” Nick said seriously.

   “Nothing directly to the wedding itself... Sir Geralt however has caught on to Night Dragons nearby. Not close to the farm, but still in Bunny Burrows city limits.” Anna said.

   “And your people can manage them?” Nick asked.

   “Yes, and failing them. I have every faith in Bogo and the ZPD to handle the situation. And keep them as far away as possible from the event.” Anna said.

   “Which raises the question... HOW are these Vampires even operating in broad daylight? I mean you and the Unseen Eye I get... kinda. But why are they even up this early... or late? Whichever works.” Nick asked.

   “Obviously they have an alchemist of Josephus’s caliber in there number. I don’t quite understand it myself... but regardless, they will NOT spoil your day.” Anna said determinately

   “And... about this suit. What is it made from? It’s like silk!” Nick said as he ran his paws over his tuxedo.

   “Oh it is... Drider Queen Silk to be specific. It’s the strongest silk on this Earth, and it doesn’t stain! It’s a long story on how I got this stuff... but I got enough for both your tux, and Judy’s dress.” Anna explained.

   “...then how did my dad-”

   “I gave him some help, and I hired someone to make Judy’s dress.”


   “Bogo! We found the Night Dragon party, but we just found out they were a distraction! The main force is on your way! I repeat, the main Night Dragon force is on your way!” Geralt said over the ZPD radio. And from close by, a number of Vampires and other creatures emerged from some trees.

   “Okay people! It’s do or die time! Geralt, you and your people better be close!” Bogo said as he aimed his rifle, and activated the high tech equipment that the ZPD had been using since the Chimera Park incident.

   “Barring any major incidents, we’ll be there- PLAGA! I just had to jinx it. You’ll have to hold out until we can get to you! We’ve been ambushed, over and out!” Geralt said.

   “Well... aim for their hearts and fire only when you can get a clear shot!” Bogo ordered as the Vampires descended on the ZPD’s line. “Troy to Spell-Weaver! The enemy is here, please tell me that the shield is working.” Bogo said as he and the other ZPD officers shot at the Vampires.

   “You know, we really don’t need these code names. And yes, nobody will notice the chaos going on. Not hear the gun fire or death, or see it. You have the Selene Samuel guarantee.” Selene said confidently into the radio.


    The ceremony had begun in earnest; there wasn’t a dry eye anywhere. Nick and Judy looked at each other in the eyes, Nick looking handsome in his tuxedo, and Judy looking gorgeous in her dress at the altar. An elderly fox in the garb of a Catholic Priest stood before them.

   “We are gathered here today. To bind this man and woman, in holy matrimony. Nickolas Piberius Wilde, will you marry Judith Laverne Hopps. To have and to hold, to love and to honor, in sickness or in health till death do you part as your lawfully wedded wife?” The priest said with a clear Irish accent.

   “I do.” Nick said honestly.

   “And do you, Judith Laverne Hopps, take Nickolas Piberius Wilde. To have and to hold, to love and to honor, in sickness or in health till death do you part as your lawfully wedded husband?” The priest asked.

   “Yes!” Judy said excitedly.

   “Then by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss-” He was caught off guard when Judy leapt onto Nick and kissed him. “Well you’re an eager one, aren’t you Mrs. Wilde-Hopps?”

   “I’ll be honest with you Anna.” Davies said as the guests clapped in congratulations. “I thought I’d get married before her.”

   “Her habit of avoiding relationship responsibilities before now? Choosing to focus more on her dream of being a police officer.” Anna said.

   “She had me stand in for virtually every date she never bothered to cancel, which was basically all of them so you tell me.” Davies said.

   “Now up we go lass, save the love making for the honeymoon!” The Priest said as he removed Judy from Nick.


   Bogo and the ZPD were fighting furiously with the Night Dragon Vampires. Many dozens of the enemy Vampires were dead, but the ZPD were running low on ammo. “What could be taking Geralt so long!?” Bogo muttered through gritted teeth as he fired into a Vampire elephant.

   Then a portal opened, and out stepped the walker that Selene had been working on around the Battle of Zootopia. “Sorry I’m late! I just have a thing for dramatic timing!” Pandora’s voice said as she engaged some Vampires. “Blame Clancy for why this thing disappeared for a whole year from your perspective.”

   “I really miss when Vampires were the only weird things I had to put up with.” Bogo said to himself as Pandora tore the elephant Vampire apart with the robotic suit.

   Then out of the woods, behind where the Night Dragons first appeared. Geralt and his warriors emerged from behind the Night Dragons. “Geralt! It’s about time!” Bogo said into the radio.

   “I got carried away interrogating one of the Night Dragons that ambushed us. Thankfully, there’s no reinforcements... so let’s get to finishing these monsters!” Geralt responded over the radio. “Also, what’s with the golem thing with you?”

   “I’ll explain when we’re done. For now, let’s just kill these undead monsters and be done with them!” Bogo said.


   Latter inside, Judy and Nick sat at a table as they ate the food provided for the wedding, along with the other guests. “I just got word from Bogo... you remember all those security precautions we-”

   “Anna, just get to the point.” Nick said as Anna hovered around the newlyweds.

   “Right... the Night Dragons have attacked. But they’ve been repelled; none of the Unseen Eye or ZPD were killed. A few injuries here and there but nothing severe.” Anna said.

   “Oh thank goodness... that’s been hanging over my head all day.” Judy said in relief.

   “Yes, Gerralt has captured a few of their commanders and there already on route to the First Among Equals. Bogo on the other hand.” Anna said as Bogo, and a number of ZPD Officers stumbled into the room.

   “Cake... I need cake!” Bogo muttered as he fell face first into the floor.

   “We got gluten free, chocolate, and regular.” Davies said as he stood in front of the exhausted buffalo.

   “Gluten free.” Bogo said.

   “And we have them in large, medium, small and mouse sizes.” Davies added.

   “What do you think? Large!” Bogo said curtly.

   Davies just scrunched his nose. “The cake, or the pieces size?” He asked.

   “Both actually.” Bogo asked, Davies just smirked as he made his way over to the cakes.

   “Oh no... I can already guess what’s going through his head.” Judy said as her twin got the largest slice of the large gluten free cake.

   “Now... do you want this?” Davies asked as he held up the large plate.

   “Yes... no let me have it.” Bogo said.

   “Okay, I will let you have it.” Davies said, he then dropped the cake on Bogo’s face. “I let him have it. And let that be a lesson to you all! Always say please and thank you when applicable, and carefully phrase whatever you say when you ask for things!” He said.

   Nick and Judy just looked shocked at the sight of their Chief’s face covered in cake. “Don’t look so shocked. At his wedding the whole thing turned into a food fight. Had to move the reception to a diner at the last minute, just so that everybody could eat after that skirmish. He was completely covered in cake after that.” Anna said nonchalantly as the entire room, including Bogo and the ZPD officers burst into laughing.


   The following morning, Nick and Judy were in an open top car, driving off to their honeymoon. “So, where going to your sisters place?” Judy asked as the car sped up.

   “Yep, Angela takes care of Grandma Wilde. Nice place... if you like woodlands, Forest-Vale is pretty. Lots of trees... and I mean LOTS of trees.” Nick explained.

   “And why wasn’t she at the wedding?” Judy asked.

   “It’s... a long story, suffice it to say. She moved out of Zootopia the first chance she got, and has been living with Gran-Gran ever since. Don’t entirely know what she is up to... not because I don’t care. I’ve just had my paws full, working with Finnick, becoming a cop... point is, we have spoken in years.” Nick said.

   “Then why are we staying at her place for our honeymoon?” Judy asked.

   “Well it was Blackpaw’s idea... so it wouldn’t surprise me if she used some kind of Vampire magic to get the ball rolling.” Nick said. “HOWEVER. If that undead bunny turned my sister-”

   “You know perfectly well she wouldn’t, she hates turning people into Vampires, especially after the whole thing with Delphine.” Judy said, cutting off Nick.

   “Yeah... yeah I know. It’s just that as good as Anna had been to us, I wouldn’t put it past her to do something bad... and I JUST had the thought that she and Stu might have some history.” Nick said.

   “What? MY dad?!” Judy said dismissively.

   “I’m serious Judy, old rabbits been skittish the entire time she was here. I’ll admit, I don’t know much about him. But I’m pretty sure the last mammal he’d feel uncomfortable around would be another bunny.” Nick commented.

   “Come on Nick... my dad has never done anything exciting in his life. All he’s ever done is farm and try to talk me and Davies out of pursing our dreams. He gets jittering at the idea of visiting us in Zootopia as it is.” Judy said as she struggled not to giggle.

   “Look let’s- let’s not talk about Stu... why I tell you a little about my family?” Nick said.


   Meanwhile, back at the Hopps farm, Anna was sitting alone with Stu in a living room. The air was tense between the two bunnies. “So... I see that you and Bonnie have been doing well. Children in the low hundreds, a successful farm brought back from the-”

   “What are you planning with Davies?” Stu said suspiciously, forgoing his usually timid demeanor with the ancient rabbit Vampire.

   “Ah yes... straight to the point. My only ambition with your son at present time is to help him realize his dream of being a writer in whatever shape that may take.” Anna said earnestly.

   “Really?... cause unless Judy’s messing with me. You two are sweat on each other.” Stu said disapprovingly.

   “Oh... that... well it’s like this. It started with Davies being infatuated with my beauty and my generosity, and I was impressed by his earnestness and kindness. And... well one thing led to another. Davies... learned I was a Vampire after an... an accident where he became a vessel for the Legion of Night-”

   “That was you?” Stu interrupted angrily.

   “...yes, I’m not proud of draining him like that. If it’s any comfort I was ill for several days before I visited him in the hospital, spent the entire time vomiting in pain from the Night Howler extract that got into his system.” Anna said sardonically.

   “I’m just glad my boy is alive... but do you know what would make me really happy?” Stu asked.

   “That you could return to your youthful adventuring with me? That you didn’t have to take up your father’s farm after all of your other siblings and cousins went off to fulfil their own dreams, with only you to manage the farm after his death? And maybe NOT be bitter at me for manipulating you into your present situation? Or is this more on the topic at hand?” Anna asked, Stu just frowned further.

   “I was going to say, if you mean to just WORK with Davies. I won’t raise a finger. HOWEVER, if you think about dating my son-” the door then flew open as Davies entered. Fuming with rage.

   “Oh hai dad... couldn’t help but eavesdrop on you. And before you say anything else, I know, she’s a Vampire. I love her, and for the first time in my life I get to be my own bunny. Instead of being handled like a kit just because of my disability! So we’re going to go home, and unless it’s an apology to Anna, I don’t even want to HEAR from you!” Davies said furiously as his hands and eyes twitched.

   “B-But she’s over a thousand years old!” Stu said in terror.

   “What?! NO!! She’s an OLDER WOMEN!? REALLY?! Well news flash dad! I inferred as much when I first met her. I can figure things out without them being spelled out! I know that I can be slow on the uptake. But I can still-”

   “DAVIES... CLAM DOWN, AND LET US SPEAK LIKE ADULTS ON THESE MATTERS.” Anna said in her Vampiric powered voice. Davies slumped down in a chair.

   “I... I am sorry.” Davies said, sounding exhausted.

   “Well you always did-”

   “To Anna, not you dad...” Davies said, cutting off Stu.

   “And that is exactly why we’re going to be having this little talk. If need be I’ll put you two through professional therapy to work this out!” Anna said.

   “But what about your hearing with the Tribunal of Night?” Davies asked.

   “We worked out an agreement; I’ll go as soon as Nick and Judy are back from their honeymoon.” Anna said, referring to the numerous instances of her revealing herself openly as a Vampire to a number of mammals. “In the meantime, however...”

Zootopia Files: The Wedding of Nick and Judy
The full title is 'The Wedding of Nicholas Piberius Wilde and Judith Laverne Hopps.'

Nick and Judy finally tie the knot!

...there are the usual complications of course, but nothing that Zootopia's finest can't handle.


   Onboard a pirate starship, a young Human women, with long red-gold hair and emerald green eyes was stuffed into a crate. Then without warning, the ship rocked, and she fell out of the crate. “Last time I take coach.” She said sardonically to herself.

   “Attention all hands! The ship has been boarded, Jedi are onboard. I repeat, Jedi have boarded the ship.” The ships PA system broadcasted. The women wasted no time, in getting her hands on a crowbar, and helping other slaves out of crates that hadn’t fallen out like she did. “The engines have been disabled! I repeat! The Jedi have disabled the engines!” The PA system said.

   Then out of a door, three Jedi. Luke Skywalker, Rey, and Finn entered the cargo hold. “Well, we found the slaves. Easier than I thought it would be.” Finn said in relief.

   “Finn, what have I told you saying things like that?” Rey asked in disbelief at her husband.

   “And it would seem the slaves these pirates had are not quite as helpless as we believed,” Luke said nonchalantly as the women pointed a blaster at his face.

   “And what are you doing here?” She said.

   “I would... but we are guests here. And I do not know the name of our hostess?” Luke said.

   “Mara Jade,” Mara answered.

   “Luke Skywalker. Now... would you care to put the gun down? Our ship is big enough for all of these slaves.” Luke said.

   “It’ll mainly be standing room only. But still, we can get you out of here.” Finn added.

   “What about them? They're not with me; I don’t know any of them.” Mara said.

   “Excuse... Rey, Finn, there are pirates behind us.” Luke said, and then blaster bolts shot over his young apprentice's heads. “Now look, miss. We’re Jedi, and baring an unavoidable incident. We’re freeing EVERYONE who has been enslaved on this vessel. And whether you like it or not, that’ll include you as well! Or do you expect me to believe that you don’t sympathize with these people... dragged away to serve some crime-lord, some Hutt or the First Order?” Luke said Mara, froze where she was. “Are you alright?” Luke said as he waved a hand in front of Mara’s face. “Never thought I’d do this ever again let me tell you-”

   “LUKE! CAN WE PLEASE GET OUT OF HERE?!” Finn shouted as he and his wife were slowly being overrun by pirates. This caught Luke off guard, and briefly touched her face.

   “R-Right, let’s get out of here,” Luke said bashfully. Eventually, the Jedi escaped to the Millennium Falcon with all of the slaves.


   Luke sat down in a cantina next to Finn on C’hol Palentine. “So Master, what did you want to talk to me about?” Finn asked.

   “It’s about... you remember that women on the pirate's ship? Mara Jade?” Luke asked.

   “Of course, it’s kind of hard to forget someone when they put a blaster into your face,” Finn said.

   “Well... it’s rather difficult for me to say. It’s... well it’s been years since I’ve felt this way. But... I touched her face, and I think she’s beautiful.” Luke said as two mugs were placed before the Jedi.

   “Here’s the hot chocolate you gents wanted.” A Togruta bartender said.

   “Oh... and why are you talking to me about this?” Finn asked.

   “Well, I normally talked with Han about these things... and most of the other men I know. I can’t talk to, and I don’t feel comfortable talking with any of the women.” Luke said.

   “Luke... you do remember that I’ve only been married a few weeks now right? Rey and I had only gone a handful of dates before we got married, and... Well, my point is. I’m probably one of the last people to ask advice about dating if I’m honest.” Finn said earnestly.

   “I know... but... look. It’s more than a little presumptuous. But the Skywalker lineage HAS to continue. With Ben having fallen so far into the Dark Side, AND with the threat of a resurgent Sith. The galaxy needs Skywalkers to help defend it, and... I need to start making babies.” Luke explained, Finn just looked perplexed at the older man.

   “Wow... you weren’t kidding. That really isn’t something you want to share with Mara. That’s actually kind of creepy.” Finn said. “Have you... have you thought about just being friends with her?” Finn asked nervously.

   “I know... it’s just been years since I even put thought into a relationship like this.” Luka admitted.

   “Have you... considered leading a few a mission or two with her? I mean, we barely know anything about her. And she’s really tight-lipped on who she actually is... was before she was accepted into the Order.” Finn said.

   “Perhaps, I can sense that she’s keeping something to herself, something that causes her pain... but enough about people’s personal lives. Let’s enjoy some hot chocolate.” Luke said as he and Finn drank there’s.

   “OW! This is scalding!” Finn said as he took a small sip. Luke just nonchalantly downed his mug.

   “Lightweight,” Luke said teasingly.


   Several days later, Mara had completed her basic training. Having constructed her lightsaber, and was onboard the Millenium Falcon. Along with Luke, Resistance Commander Tii’las with an artificial jaw, a Gamorean, and two Zabrack women.

   In addition, there were Phoenix Legion battle droids milling about the ship.

   “So... how long have you been Jedi?” Mara asked, trying to strike up a conversation.

   “I joined after a failed mission to take down the Imperial Dark Trooper Project... lost my jaw to some insane alien with a lightsaber, and my men. So a few weeks ago at least, shortly after the Had Abaddon Ceasefire was declared for sure.” Tii’las said bitterly.

   “Se’hall, and I, Se’lee joined as soon as we got positive Midi-chlorian from Dameron... our father was in the Hosnian system when it was destroyed. We were among the first since the Academy first opened.” Se’lee Patrot explained.

   “Klur Gloogg want to help people. Jedi found Klur Gloogg, Jedi told Klur Gloogg that Klur Gloogg can use magic to help people. Klur Gloogg been with Order for... weeks?” Klur Gloogg grunted in the Gamorean language.

   “Okay people! We’re here to disrupt a smuggling ring with Imperial ties. There smuggling New Republic resources and equipment into Imperial space. Including armaments from General Organa’s Dragons Teeth Initiative, a project she had running alongside the Resistance for the last twenty years.” Luke explained, as a series of holograms featuring different and unfamiliar droid models appeared before the Jedi.

   “So the General has been building a secret army of droids?” Mara asked.

   “Yeah, a few friends of ours have been building up military hardware and armaments since the First Order started cropping up. And somehow, these smugglers have gotten their hands on some of the DTI’s data.” Luke explained.

   “And if the Imperials get that, they can figure out any weaknesses. Or worse, build improved designs!” Se’hall said.

   “Exactly. So we’re going to try to go in quietly. Recover the stolen data; destroy the ring completely if we can, get out with our hides undamaged.” Luke said.

   “Which brings me to the bantha in the room... does this ship have a cloaking device?” Mara asked.

   “Nope.” Luke said the Falcon dropped out of hyperspace, and a number of the Phoenix Legion droids took to the ships weapons. “I should have clarified; I meant that YOU would be going in quietly. On the other hand, I’d be going in loud however. Serve as a distraction.” Luke said as the smugglers mounted a defense.

   “Speak for yourself.” One of the Phoenix Legion droids said in annoyance.


   Inside of the smugglers base, Tii’las led Mara, the Patrot twins, Klur Gloogg and a squad of Phoenix Legion battle droids. “Does anyone know why we’ve got droids with us?” Mara asked.

   “Autarch Gcarin Fy’nyx insisted on giving Master Skywalker added security for this mission. Seeing as how our brothers are aiding him onboard the Millennium Falcon itself, and in spite of the Gamoreans best efforts to rouse the base to our presence, I’d say we’re a necessary aspect to the tasks ahead.” One of the droids said.

   “Still doesn’t seem like ‘stealth’ to me. Why even bother?” Mara asked.

   “Because with the Smugglers having to deal with the Falcon, and us inside actually making the attempt at being quiet, they won’t see us coming until it’s too late. Now keep quiet! We’re almost at the stations command center.” Tii’las said in annoyance with Mara, eventually they did arrive at the command center.

   “What are you doing here?” The leader of the smugglers asked curtly. The Jedi and droids said nothing as they engaged the smugglers in the CC. The Jedi taking to defend the droids from being damaged.

   “PRETTY LADY! LOOK OUT!” Klur Gloogg shouted as a blaster shot was fired behind Mara Jade, and he leapt in front of it. Seriously wounding the Gamorean Jedi as he squealed in pain.

   “What?! What were you thinking?!” Mara said as she looked Klur Gloogg over.

   “Blast, the bolt went right through him. He’s not going to last long, and none of us no how to do a patch job.” A Phoenix Legion droid said.

   “Klur Gloogg... always runt of litter... Klur Gloogg. Mocked by father... for being weak... Klur Gloogg, help others that were weak... not enough. Klur Gloogg... want to help everyone...” Klur Gloogg chocked.

   “Okay... no more messing around here!” Mara said, as she jumped into the smugglers lines with her lightsaber drawn. Cutting down smugglers, until only the leader was still alive. “We’re taking this scum in.” Mara said, after she had punched the smuggler leader unconscious.

   “Well... your initiative is commendable. And I don’t sense any true malic from you.” Tii’las said with a cocked eyebrow.

   “With all due respect, one of us is basically dead. This is no time to play it safe, now let’s get this sleemo and the data we need back to C’hol Palentine.” Mara said.


   Our heroes returned to C’hol Palentine. With the information they needed, and a lead on who was responsible for the Imperial Smugglers getting their hands on Dragons Teeth Initiative technology and hardware.

   Mara was by herself, outside of the Academies chapel where Klur Gloogg’s funeral was held. Luke approached her. “How’re you holdin’ up?” Luke asked kindly.

   “Why... why did he do that?” Mara asked herself.

   “Who did what?” Luke asked.

   “Klur... why did he sacrifice his life for me, why didn’t he activate his lightsaber and deflect that blast instead of taking it?” Mara said.

   “Mara...” Luke said as he put a hand on her shoulder. “Sacrifice is part of being a Jedi Knight... though I do agree with you. His dead could have been avoided, in my experiences... Gamoreans aren’t all that good in the-”

   “There stupid?” Mara said bluntly, cutting Luke off.

   “At times... but it’s still rude regardless.” Luke said.

   “It’s just... nobody has ever done anything like that for me before. All my life, people have used me... hell, I actually thought that this Jedi stuff would basically be the same thing. Nobody has ever given their life, and... and I barely knew the guy!” Mara said in disbelief.

   “I see... if you ever need anyone to-” Luke was cut off as Mara kissed him full on the lips. When she stopped, she ran back inside the chapel. “Well... that WAS unexpected. And as generally inappropriate as it was... it’s not ENTIRELY unwelcome. I just might save the Skywalker linage after all.” Luke thought to himself, he’s cheeks blushing a bright red.

   “Just try your hardest NOT to become a creepy old man. The fact that it’s taken until now for you to get back into the game is embarrassing enough.” Anakin’s Force Ghost said.

   “Father, I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve told you. But I needed to meditate... figure out where exactly I went wrong with Ben.” Luke said.

   “Was that before, or after you drank Thala-siren-”

   “DON’T, remind me... I thought I finally forgot what that stuff tasted like. I still can’t figure out how those Lanai could stand the stuff.” Luke said in disgust.



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