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Yesterday in the evening was published my first book of poems! You can find it here: (or on other amazon e-shops of course). It's just selfpublishing, but still. I HAVE A PUBLISHED BOOK! How many of you can say that? :) It's a good feeling. Also it was good for me, I went through all my poems, I chose from them which will be published and which won't, translated some of them to english... It was kind of fun :) And I made the cover in Flame Painter, which is so much fun :) I recommend it to everyone. Ahhh, I'm so happy! :)
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New camera!

Journal Entry: Fri May 10, 2013, 6:51 AM
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Thanks for 4000 pageviews. I know it's nothing, but I'm happy for it anyway :)
Wow, it's been more than a year since I wrote my last journal :) There hasn't been much progress with painting with numbers, but I'll try this summer. Hopefully. Worse news are that my camera is broken :( It's been almost 5 months now, so I'm looking for a new one. My dilemma is between Canon A3200 and S95. There is a HUGE difference between them because I'm not sure if I need such a good camera, or if I can live with worse camera. But I keep thinking that if I buy the worse camera, I'll regret not buying the better one. So I think it'll end with S95 :) I'm looking forward to it :)
Also I started photodiary. It can be found on I take photos (almost) every day and publish them. Now I'm stuck with mobile phone camera, so the photos are not very good, but I do this for two reasons: trying to make nice photos and documenting my life. And hopefully improving my photographing skills :)
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Sooooo hot... Anyway, I have to show off :) Few days ago I finished my bachelor's studies, so I can write Bc. before my name. I'm kind of proud of it, but I don't have very good thoughts about my school... But I'm still happy that it's done :)

On more artistic tone: I started to paint by numbers. It's the best way to start painting :) It's fun and it looks pretty good, even if I'm not very talented :) I'm gathering courage to paint without numbers, only with greyscale preprinted picture. The picture is so beautiful and I'm so scared that I will destroy it... Wish me luck!
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Merry Xmass and happy New Year!

In this time I was thinking about past year. Last Christmas I was ill and depressed, lot of things were wrong, I was confused about some things... This Christmas I'm so happy (and also I'm not ill now :D) and even when something is wrong, there is still someone reliable. Only one year and my mood is reversed. Start of this year was not very good, I didn't know what to expect from one relationship, one of my friends stabbed me in my back, I have one problem in school, work wasn't very good... But through the year things solved themselves. Relationship is the best, this "friend" is no matter to me now, school is kind of good, work is better... And now I can enjoy Christmas :) Hope you enjoy Christmas too! :)
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Oh, drawing is harder than it look like! I did like 20 tiny pictures and only one face looks a little bit nice. One face look like Darja (if nothing else, this is funny). On one face I tried scary face. Well... it looks scary but... who is scared more? Me or the picture? My hand does what it likes and doesn't listen to me :( One face looks like pear... Actually, two faces look like pears. And one look like watermelon. This is so not good... One day I will kill my hand! Or it will learn how to draw. These are the options. Howgh.
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I'm kind of depressed... I feel like expressing myself in some artistic way - painting, drawing, taking photos, writing, whatever. But I just don't have ideas and if some idea appears in my head, I find out that I'm lame photographer, lame drawer, lame writer, lame painter, lame... :( I feel like locked out of my creative me. I feel that I have something to tell, something to do, something to show, but it is somewhere and I can't find where... It's killing me, I feel unsatisfied, I'm nervous... I don't know what to do :( Maybe I'm just lame person without any talent :(
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I have som plushies with me in Brno and today I was really bored, nothing to do here, so I take some pictures :D It was fun :D I don't know the quality of the pictures, that's on you, but I'm satisfied :)

Someone should keep kicking me to do more photos... :)
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It's better now :) I hope, I will make som photos soon... Or maybe I will upload here some my drawings :) They're not so good, but whatever, I need to express myself sometimes :)
I'm not very good in writing journals because I don't have anything to write. I don't really care very much about DA... I'm not very good artist... But, I don't care, I do what I want :) And I need scanner for my scetches... :D
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They were bad... I was sad, everything went bad... I hope it will be better, but that past few weeks took from me my inspiration, my will to do something. So... Nothing new in my photos, in my pictures, in my poetry... I hope, it will be better. I'm trying to do something, cross fingers for me :)
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1.10 - 4.10 I was in Bruges. It's in Belgium. It is lovely city. A bit of shithole, but it looks like fairytale :)
In Belgium is everything green and flat - no hills. And they have sheeps, goats, cows and horses everywhere :) People eat fries and chocolate mostly and drink beer - that's my impression.
What I want to say is, that there are plenty of possibilities to take photos, so I did. I hope that some of my photos are good, but you must consider it.
School have started so I don't know how my chances to take photos will be. We'll see :)
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My new camera (Panasonic DMC LZ10) is now on my table :) I have taken some photos now, but they were more like attempts than real shots, cause I have to know my cam better. But my time will come, I hope :) Anyway, I'm very happy for my new cam, it is very nice, small, light-weight and black :boogie:
Wish me luck to take some nice photos :)
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Summer is coming :) If you look out the window you may not see it, but I hope it is coming :) My exams are done (except for one, damned teachers...) and I have been relaxing for... maybe month or so, so it is time to start working and earning money. Then I will buy a new camera :) Panasonic LZ8, nice, pretty, small camera :)
Now it's time to go out, so bye, have a nice hollidays ;)
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Thanks for thousand visits :) I hope you like it here :) I have exams, but I found a little bit time for new poem. I hope I will have time after exams so I'll take some photos :)

Keep rockin' :headbang:
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It's exams time... I don't have time again... And my best friend has trouble, his girlfriend broke up with him... I destroy everything, everything is going bad... It's not good time of the year... Maybe it'll be better after exams time... Keep goin'...
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Merry Christmas to everyone :)
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It's time to move on.

I haven't time. No time... Where is time?

School... School is everywhere.... So many projects... So time-consuming projects... So... School.

Taking photos? Yes, I'm taking photos, but... no time... to add them to DA.

Drawing comics? Yes, I'm drawing comics, but... no time... to add them do DA.

Once I will have lots of time and I will relax.
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I was tagged by ~tee-pee and now I must do this, what I must...

Here are the rules:
1. post these rules
2. each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves
3. tags should write a journal/blog of these facts
4. at the end of the post, 8 more persons are tagged and named
5. go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged

8 random facts:
1) I like writing poems.

2) I don't like most of girls because they are weird.

3) I like long hair (doesn't matter if it is on boy or girl, if they are nice ^_^)

4) I'm little bit crazy about cats and dogs.

5) I like taking photos, but I'm not so good at it :)

6) I love milk chocolate. I don't like those with yoghurt or something in them.

7) I like my friends, but I can be sick of them if I'm long time with them.

8) I like when someone can nicely surprise me :)

I tag these 8:

Sorry :)

I don't like this kind of stuff, but sometimes if someone does this... It can't hurt :)
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Today an idea came to my mind. People draw comics, why shouldn't I? So I thought about a main hero and there it comes. I made my first comic strip :) It is very simple and with no special idea, but I have more ideas in my mind :) But, you know, I can't show them all at once :P So you can wait for them :) There are two more ideas that I want to make, but I have time.... :)

And I keep taking photos to improve myself :) And I'm dreaming about one of Lumixes... (for example FX33EG....).

Have a nice day ;)
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