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Te Ani'la Gra'tua

Otto Keldau's life was long and full of drastically different events. He lived through the mandalorian civil war, fighting for both sides at some point; wrote dozens of books about mandalorian nationalism and jedi-hunting; created his own secret organization to fight the Empire both in the Mandalorian Sector and outside of it; and he even became a persona non grata in the New Republic. Throughout the entirety of his life his only goal was the prosperity of Mandalore, and his only true enemies - the jedi sorcerers. That's why in 11 ABY, witnessing the rise of the New Jedi Order, a 91 year old Keldau finally crossed the line of insanity. Seeing an old enemy rising once again, he writes a book called 'Te Ani'la Gra'tua' (mando'a for 'The Great/Final Revenge') in which he calls for every single mandalorian to take up arms and launch one ultimate crusade against the jedi horde. At the same time, Keldau himself paints his armor in black - as a symbol of impending and unavoidable justice.

Te Ani'la Gra'tua begins.
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Totally wicked!

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I don't know why, but something about his armor is immediately reminding me of the cossacks who sided with the nazis in WW2

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Lol, a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one, since cossack theme is pretty prevalent in my fanon