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Ghez Hokan

Just because I've re-read 'Hard Contact' and because this guy is such a badass.
A great example of an antagonist, who makes you both fear and respect him.
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Shame he had to die just like Jango.

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*waits in the weeds* ....shhhhhh

//Very nice job!

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Awesome work. I'm re-reading Hard Contact right now for the... I guess I've lost count of the number of times! It's my favorite Republic Commando book, and Ghez Hokan's presence is definitely part of that. He's the only directly personified antagonist we get in that series, let alone one with his own POV. Hokan's an objectively bad guy, but a believable one who you can't help but enjoy. It's always nice to see him get some love. Thanks for sharing. :)

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A Jedi mandalorian... automatic 10/10

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He's not a jedi. Ghez Hokan despised the jedi (though he did find their main weapon useful) and could even kill a jedi-knight on his own. I recommend you read 'Republic Commando: Hard Contact'

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Beautiful job!...

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