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A bribed cop

The streets of the planet Gargon in the Mandalorian Space have never been safe. Ever since the Cold War this world has been nothing but endless construction sites, slums and industrial districts, all filled with bandits of all forms and shapes. If Concord-Dawn was the breadbasket of Mandalorian Space and Harswee was its jewel, Gargon could rightly be called its deepest shithole.

Back in the day, one of the few bright moments on this grey planet was the police of Gargon, who protected the common people, both mando and aruetiise, from the criminals.

But everything changed when the Empire came. After they've taken all the public instutions under control, they instigated a grand purge among the police ranks, bribing those who could be bribed and eliminating those who could not. Those, who somehow managed to escape the imperial repressions, joined forces with the 'Skullheads', an organisation of mandalorian skinheads, in order to fight not only the criminals, but the occupation forces as well.
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DUDE. This is such an original, absolutely FANTASTIC concept. And the design itself meshes the different aesthetics involved SO well.

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Ori'vor'e! :)

It's been tough coming up with the design, but I like how it turned out, and I'm glad you enjoyed it too

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A disgrace to the force!

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Like how the blaster kinda looks like a shotgun

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Lang in the Mandalorian episode with Ahsoka looks like he’s armed with a slug thrower or whatever they call their shotguns.

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I haven’t seen that episode
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dangit, i'm so sorry! i didn't mean to spoil it. i just get so exited about the series.

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