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Lumiere: Hidden Facts

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Okay, long story here. lol I'm writing a KH story with a friend of mine, and I wanted to bring in some commonly-forgotten characters. So I was scrolling through a list of every Disney character known to us, and listed among them were three that caught my eye - "Lumiere's mother, Lumiere's sister, Lumiere's mother-in-law"
Intrigued, I began researching it, finding that the three ladies appeared once and only once on a "Disney's House of Mouse" episode. It took awhile to find, but eventually I did. The episode had nothing to do with Lumiere. In fact, he and his family were in it for about five seconds. The episode was about Goofy's son Max, going on a date to the HoM with Roxanne - his girlfriend in a Goofy Movie.
Anyways, everyone's trying to make it special, so Minnie suggests candle light, and proceeds to grab Lumi and the ladies. XD

All that said, do you KNOW what this MEANS?
If Lumiere has a mother-in-law..
Then he..
...was/is MARRIED. O.O

Bad Lumiere. XD I find that so ridiculously random. I truly do not see it in Lumiere's character to settle down and get married. I almost guarantee, the producers were sitting around and decided to throw in a mother-in-law for laughs, and see how many people actually connected the dots. XD

Anyways, House of Mouse, Lumiere, ect (c) to Disney
I don't own this picture, it's just a screenshot of the House of Mouse episode. lol
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