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Favorite character: reasons here Favorite Anime Girls # 1
Despised character: Gendick of course, this prick has to this day to show any redeemable qualities and is the main responsible for Shinji being an emotional mess, I don't really get why so many people see him as a cool villain, sh*t just happens and then he claims things are going according to his plans, though we rarely see him actually doing anything (he is just the Starscream to Keel Lorenz' Megatron by the way). What the hell did Yui Ikari ever saw in this bastard? Dishonorable mention for all of SEELE and Ritsuko's child strangling mom.

Overrated Character: Asuka is selfish, hypocrite, possessive, uncaring, arrogant, abusive, never acknowledges her own faults (let alone learn from them) and shifts the blame on someone else, every time she goes fighting on her own, she loses, yet the fandom loves her. She is kinda fun to draw though

Underrated Character: I don't get it, Shinji is the most effective of the three pilots, he's seriously flawed, true, but despite his fears and personal issues he gets in the fucking robot 80% of the time and gets shit done, he also tries to overcome his flaws and interact with people, If surrounded by less f*cked up people (and those few who actually cared about him not died messily before his eyes) he would have been a great hero. Yet the fandom sees him as a wuss, his horrible portrayal in the End of Evangelion didn't help at all.

Favorite Moment: Episode 19, all of it.

Despised Moment: The infamous Hospital scene from the End of Evangelion. Grotesque, disturbing and pointless. The worst part is that I have found people who defend it.

Favorite couple: ShinjixRei, I love the chemistry between these two, specially in the manga.

Despised couple: ShinjixAsuka, classic abusive relationship with double standard included. Also any pairing involving Gendo

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I actually Asuka and Shinji and I always like to pair up the two. But Fandom is actually divided between the two. Some feel Asuka is annoying and some feel Shinji is a pathetic cry baby. But honestly I disagree with most criticism towards the two.