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Nge Controversy Meme

Favorite character: reasons here Favorite Anime Girls # 1
Despised character: Gendick of course, this prick has to this day to show any redeemable qualities and is the main responsible for Shinji being an emotional mess, I don't really get why so many people see him as a cool villain, sh*t just happens and then he claims things are going according to his plans, though we rarely see him actually doing anything (he is just the Starscream to Keel Lorenz' Megatron by the way). What the hell did Yui Ikari ever saw in this bastard? Dishonorable mention for all of SEELE and Ritsuko's child strangling mom.

Overrated Character: Asuka is selfish, hypocrite, possessive, uncaring, arrogant, abusive, never acknowledges her own faults (let alone learn from them) and shifts the blame on someone else, every time she goes fighting on her own, she loses, yet the fandom loves her. She is kinda fun to draw though

Underrated Character: I don't get it, Shinji is the most effective of the three pilots, he's seriously flawed, true, but despite his fears and personal issues he gets in the fucking robot 80% of the time and gets shit done, he also tries to overcome his flaws and interact with people, If surrounded by less f*cked up people (and those few who actually cared about him not died messily before his eyes) he would have been a great hero. Yet the fandom sees him as a wuss, his horrible portrayal in the End of Evangelion didn't help at all.

Favorite Moment: Episode 19, all of it.

Despised Moment: The infamous Hospital scene from the End of Evangelion. Grotesque, disturbing and pointless. The worst part is that I have found people who defend it.

Favorite couple: ShinjixRei, I love the chemistry between these two, specially in the manga.

Despised couple: ShinjixAsuka, classic abusive relationship with double standard included. Also any pairing involving Gendo

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Personaje favorito: Misato Katsuragi.

Personaje que detesto: Kiel Lorentz.

Personaje sobrevalorado: Kaworu Nagisa (perdon🤷‍♀️pero es cierto).

Personaje infravalorado: Touji Suzuhara.

Momento favorito: el duelo en sincronia y la lucha contra los evas en masa.

Momento menos favorito: la escena del hospital (todos estamos absolutamente de acuerdo en ello).

Pareja favorita: Touji x Hikary.

Pareja menos favorita: Shinji x Asuka.

I have found some good NGE fanfiction if you are interested. The author's pen name is gunman.
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I think Gendo is a really great villain and a fascinating character, but he, Keel Lorenz, and Naoko Akari are the only characters in the series I hated.

On Asuka - the fandom loves her FOR all those things you mentioned. That is what you call an interesting, three-dimensional character who you can love or love to hate. XD

Agreed about Shinji. I despised him in EoE, but everywhere else in the franchise he's not a bad character at all.

Disagreed that Shinji/Asuka is "abusive" - the whole point of their dynamic was that Asuka's pushy, overbearing attitude, insults and namecalling, and competitive streaks were all things Shinji felt he NEEDED in his life and that helped him better himself so that Asuka could gain a respect for him that would outweigh her disdain and would stop complaining about things about him. And as much as Asuka would never admit it, she needed Shinji too.
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You know? I've never been able to understand why people see Gendo as a cool villain, he is rather incompetent and pathetic to me, I mean, he shares most of Shinji's flaws, but none of his redeeming traits, had Yui Ikari never appeared in his life Gendo would have either killed himself or died during one of those fights he used to pick up here and there.
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Pathetic to be sure, but I wouldn't say he's incompetent so much as he is short-sighted about the things that don't relate to his goal of wiping out all the angels, using Rei to hijack the Instrumentality project, and reuniting with Yui, which leads to some blunders in other areas. Also, what you say is true - Gendo was always a real piece of work.

Oh and about the Asuka/Shinji relationship, I forgot to mention that yes I TOTALLY see what's so toxic and unhealthy about it. I meant to say that were those two kids psychologically better off and well adjusted enough to have normal interactions and live normal lives, then they'd be a lot more compatible as friends.
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I'm not a fan of Asuka as I don't like those type of characters, but then again I hate every character like this. I'm not a fan of Seto Kaiba, Eiri Yuki and Louise from the familiar of Zero it's understandable why they act like they that but I don't have to like them. Also I don't like tsunderes. The only character I actually like in this catagory is Casca and unlike you I wouldn't go getting pissed at people who didn't like her.
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I'm sorry, who are you? Why should I care?
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Oh, I just happen to be a new NGE fan who wanted to add my two cents. 
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Two cents I didn't ask for. Thanks, but I'm throwing them away.
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Favorite Character: Shinji Ikari
Despised Character: Asuka Langely Soryu
Overrated Character: Gendo Ikari
Underrated Character: Shinji Ikari
Favorite Moment: The end of Rebuild 2.22.
Despised Moment: Hospital Scene of EOE
Favorite Couple: Toss up between Shinji x Rei and Shinji x Mana
Least Favorite couple: Shinji x Asuka
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Pretty much the same than mine, even though I didn't include anything from the rebuild continuity here, since it has still to conclude.
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si, la verdad shinji a pesar de las cosas que hizo merece de minimo algo de compasion
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Merece mucho más que la c*gada que tanto los fans como el autor le tiran constantemente
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a lot of people seem to hate the hospital scene do they?
also I agree with you that asuka is overrated. I actually thought I was going to LIKE her
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Why not to hate that scene?
Asuka was not that bad when introduced, I actually used to like her, but as the show goes on she becomes unsufferable (Mocking Shinji during the Leliel incident? Not. Cool) and her backstory came too late for me to really feel sorry about her.
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You have a point
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Our memes are almost the same across the map
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Yeah our memes are pretty much the same, the difference is that I only regarded the NGE continuity, while you included some things from Rebuild, I'll later leave a comment on your version :D
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Really? Thanks!!
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Yes I do!! I just revamped mine! Take a look!…
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