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The Cute Strikes Back

By darthneko
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More of the cute comic strip series. ^_^ You know, I bet Hughes never has this problem when he's photographing Elisiya...
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Soon as Ed gets his leg back, he'll get his revenge...
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Amuseing... I really like the old camera.... flashbulbs and what not. So funny.Al's expresion always gets me. And Edward, my. Well he's just so HIM.
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Aw man. My very first camera was a Kodak which used FLASHCUBES - remember those? Sometimes, I'd get duds which wouldn't flash at all on one side. But at least my photos weren't as bad as my dad's. His tended to be close ups of his thumb.
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wow!!! :XD:
you know I saw this ages ago and completely fell in love with it! but then I lost it and that made me very sad. I'm so glad I found it again!!! :heart:
hehe very cute!
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Bet he never does! I love it!
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Perfect! Love this one too! Your FMA stuff rules! :D
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*steals the pictures and runs away to look at them* hee hee hee.....
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HAHAHA you drew it again! omg I love you :heart: :XD:
Poor Al has to run to save his life. *lol* Judging by Ed's face... he's pretty annoyed. But I don't think Al will stop. :XD: Which is a good thing. :D Their expressions are so amusing. I'm loving this "cute" pics you're drawing.
*laughs at the cat flying* :XD:
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haha XD that's great
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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaheheheheheheheheh .

<3 ^___^ this is great.
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Save the pictures! And now with your comment about Hughes, I'm trying not to picture Al shoving his pictures in Roy's face.

I love you. XD
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:rofl: OMG :lmao: :XD: I'm dying...whoo
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Run Al !! RUN!!!
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