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No You Can't Keep It

By darthneko
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Too little sleep. Too much insanity. And never ever let Alphonse watch Disney.
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*dies laughing*

Now that is a cracktastic crossover!
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Hehehe.... I love Stitch and my friend (same one who originally addicted me to anime) showed me Full Metal Alchemist recently. This is awesome. ^_^
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i like this picture!
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This is just 100% made of Yay!
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I am delighted to see I am not the only one with FMA/Stitch crossover mindsets (though in my imaginings, Ed and Al find an injured Stitch and take him home to Winry...with Ed grumbling the entire way). I love this. Love love love love love.
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OMG!!!! I love Stitch and Al! Love this pic!
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hahaha whoops i already said sumfin ahh dejavu lawls XD
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this is so kewl =^.^=
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AWW OH EM GEE! this is so cute!! rly creative! havent seen someone do such a kewl thing as dis >.<
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Most of all I like Ed's pose... and the fact that he's LOSEING the war. :)
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:D Alphonse can't stop at cats huh? He's got to save de illegal genetaic alien mutations huh? Very cool. ^^
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o wow! I love this style, it kinda looks like it was by the walt disney co.! im so jealous, ogtta fav this!!
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Too little sleep and too much insanity sometimes brings forth the best ideas. Especially reaaaallllyyy late at night. :lol: Gotta fave this one 'cause it's outrageous! :)
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Oh this is awesome! I love your comic strips! :D
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That's funny! LOL haha that's soo creative!
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Thats just great~!!! So cute and funny~~
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I made the connection that Stitch is like a homunculus from this picture XD
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Lol!!!!! So cute! I love it!
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That is the greatest thing evar!
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OMFG SO KYOOOOOT!!!! AL!!! *faints*
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:rofl: that's sooo cute and sooo funny :heart:
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Oh god, hahaha!! That's so awesome. :XD:
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lmao!! cuuute!! XD ah, and such great expressions!! <3
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