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Digital painting by me of Darth Vader with lens busted during battle..
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His anger, his hate.......I can see and feel it through his eyes staring back at us! :iconspeechlessplz:
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Trinity: Holy snap, that's Anakin's right eye!!
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Technically, it's his right.

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You look stressed Vader,you appear to be in pain,you need a vacation
here,take a trip on my train
I mean you leading an army of white men?
Even you mic skills still aren't fully operational.
You got one bitch pregnant then gave in to the hate
now you're 6'6 and black but cant get a date.
Lightsaber?you need a Life Saver,use some of your force to fix your fucking respirator
you think your powerful with your finger neck pinches?
You couldn't ever get your own son into the family business!
Everything you do is an epic fail,now stand at attention
and Sieg fucking Heil!
Whats wrong Ani?Cant take any more?
Not surprising coming from the Emperors whore!
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This is awesome! Great work!
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Awesome stuff! We can see his rage into his eye!
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He can't deny that he's still human under it all.
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dude i know this doesn't apply to your awesome pic but... the only reason i went to see episode 3 was to see Darth Vader's creation scene!
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That was Epic!
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great detail :)
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"Don't make me destroy you..."
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The Eye of Evil! This is wicked, Staring into the eye, makes me feel a cold presence!
That eye is very menacing. Like the very embodiment of evil is reflected in that eye.
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whoooo! this is scaring! :faint:

but wonderful!
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I like pictures that tell a story, and this one definately does. My attention is really drawn to that eye, and I understand more than ever that under that mask there is a tortured person.

Thanks for submitting such great art! :)
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Fantastic work. Excellent idea--very creative! And the colors work great. The purple is unusual and that really calls attention to the whole piece.
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i like it but as a stupid star wars kinda person i must ask wouldnt he die if even the lens busted or what?
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Read it, some facts about Vaders amor. :)
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They put a moment like this in a game or one of those several shows. The picture is so badass, and I thought General Grevious had an intimidating glare.
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