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A Neverwinter Nights II fanart. At long last. :)
What do NWN characters do in their spare time? I don't know about others, but these two have buried themselves in experiments up to the tips of their pointy ears.
So, here they are - everyone's favorite elven wizard Sand, my Arcane Trickster Shaiya (And why do I always name my female game characters Shaiya? o_O) and the chemi.. ahem, alchemy between them ;)
Ah, well - and Sand's cat.
But what is that cat looking at so intently? Did they put catnip into the cauldron? It could have consequences...
By the way - for those who know NWN II well, look above the cat. It's a bit too dark, but yes - it's THAT PORTRAIT. The one which had a habit of turning up in most unexpected places throughout Neverwinter (besides hanging on the wall of Sand's magic shop, that is)...

Rant: I was taking a break from my current Dragon Age II themed project (my first digital painting, and it's taking forever - probably because I suck at photoshop coloring :)) and browsing through my old notebooks when I've found a sketch made back when I was still playing Neverwinter Nights II... Since that sketch was on lined paper and I wasn't feeling up to one more cleaning and coloring job, I've decided to recreate the scene in 3D.

Tools used: DAZ Studio, ZBrush 4, Photoshop CS3 and some items I've bought from DAZ3D.
P.S.: Fullview please :)
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Ehh, too good!I love Sand a bit too much. 
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He deserves it :)
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Wow, amazing picture, bro/sis! :D And yes, that portrait is basically everywhere O_O Also Saaand!! I can't help but love this guy to bits :D
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That's kinda perfect.
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I love it! Sand is probably my favourite character in NWN2, he's so awesome. :)
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Wow this is amazing in fullview! :D Well done.
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Thanks, I tried my best :)
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:flirty: You have been featured :eyes:
YEY!!! It's the perfect time of the year to show of my BESTS from 2011 :D :boogie:
Welcome to "Fiery BEST OF 2011 !! & Happy New Year" journal >> [link]
:boogie: :dance: :love: :blowkiss: :snowflake: Happy New Year 2012 !! :boogie: :dance: :love: :blowkiss: :snowflake:
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still loving everything about this
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a render that is simply beyond fantastic
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Wow, this is stunning!
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Big Congrats...this image got the most community votes for our Image of the Year entry and made you our Artist of the Month!! 8-)
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Wow, unexpected O_O
Big thanks to you and those who voted though :)
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This image has been selected as one of our Images of the Month...Congrats !
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It's an honor, thank you :)
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you did a wonderful job with this picture :clap:
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sweet love it
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absolutely gorgeous :aww: great work on details light and their costumes :D and i love this sneakin' cat :D
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This is awesome! I love the details and the atmosphere. And Sand, obviously... :love:
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:wow: details everywhere, this is what makes a great artwork, all those small pieces creating the mood :)
Love all the jars & bottle for alchemy on the table & the whole library-lab set-up is superbly made :nod:
Perfect diffused light :D
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