Happy Valentines Day

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Hope y'all enjoy the love whether its from a love one or from a friend it does not matter. since that's not the reason I'm writing this Journal LAWL. I have some news, I think I'm gonna start drawing some pictures for special days and holidays like: valentines day, Christmas, Halloween. ( lol I think that's pretty much it of the ones I usually celebrate XD)

And the drawings have progressed alot in style and anatomy for most cases but... my random styles on odd times are still all over the place :D even on the tablet lol guess it really is like paper.

While I was drawing a picture for this day, (oh by the way I threw in the sketch, I'm just on the verge of coloring it and then uploading it later this day.)  I have found quite a bit of Pictures (again) of when I was using my MS Paint Program.... oh I can say was "AYE CARUMBAH!" they were horrible compare to now and very, very, very recent MS Drawings... hell even my old traditional drawings beat it by a long shot! ... 0_o'... good ideas for pose tho... Guess when I remember and have free time I'm gonna have too search through my folders and redraw them into something more pleasing...

And by the by... Request, Suggestions on what too draw are still open too anyone and always will be, so feel free if you want too see something.

Ciao, and Happy :heart: Valentines Day :heart:
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Hope you enjoyed the day too! :D
I really enjoy seeing you improve you drawings, keep em coming!
And do you mind if I request you draw a character of mine?
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go right ahead my friend. :D
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Awesome, could you draw Skanvis please? Here are some refs: [link] [link] (you can draw either his normal form or his Anti form, I'll leave that up to you :D)
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orly? :plotting::evillaugh:

ill see what I can cook up.
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Awesome! Thankyou :D