Again I don't know what to put here...

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EDIT: *Oi! I was late lol anyway I never knew that deviants can install some of the skins and stuff and they all seems pretty slick :D   anyway I missed it... big time and you can skip the next paragraph.

Apparently all deviants get a free premium membership thing for a day so I figured... Might as well do what I can before I forget... like what already happen. The whole day is gone and I'm certain that the membership is already almost over and I don't know what too try and do D:  And I am pretty tired right now so I just mosey to something else.

*"seems I did forget... lol" :crazy:

I haven't been drawing at all since my last upload unless cheesy sketchy 3DS pictures count... lol. Right now I'm taking a course at a school with flash animation so hopefully I can whip up something cool... (even tho the course is already almost over... >_>')

And another cool thing is that I got meself a copy of Mario Kart 7 and Skyward Sword both of which has been beaten. yayz :D  ...thats right I've been playing games instead of trying to draw -_- but my style is probably more then likely to get more better anyway as I notice during my long absences of holding a pen or opening up MS Paint, my drawing gets a hell of a lot better then my last year picture. So here's hoping when I do any drawings, it will look more SICK then all of my pics combine lol. (thats a bit hard now that im thinking about it... :crazy:)

Now too pester myself :plotting:   :iconpokeplz::icondarthlink30:
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Well I just can't wait to see a new piece from you then! :D