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Jasmin battle armor 2 by darthlink30 Jasmin battle armor 2 by darthlink30
A second picture of Jasmin's battle armor and this time she has her most favorite weapon(s). talent with all weapon types but her most skilled is her blades FlameBOLT and ICEHeart. these two swords can be attach and make one powerful sword. Okeasin glove (left) the glove represants the the symbol of the Kanoto guardian Jonas's darktriforce of Will. A newly made triforce that can control the strength of the Jahallian's Darktriforce all at once. Jasmin stole this from Jonas before he used both of the gloves to deactivate the darktriforce. Jasmin did this cause she knows that the darktriforce will bring a hero of Jahallian and take back the planet. the Rajuper's headgem was givin to Jasmin by Silver. to wear it you have to gently place it on the forehead and then a magical string cannot be seen with the naked eye will appear and wrap it around the haed and create a small barrier that protects the head to the shoulders from attacks. Jasmin's boots are the same boots that she normally wears so nothing special. the bracelet has no name and it really doesnt do anything.

now more about the swords. FlameBOLT powerful blade with intensive heat. Ice heart pretty much a big block of ice that is insanlly sharp and will cut just about anything without getting dull.... the sword can create rock solid ice and make it into a roadblock.

Jasmin belongs to :icondarthlink30:
samuelskanvis Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Good work! cool swords!
darthlink30 Featured By Owner May 1, 2009
thanx toke me a couple seconds to create them.
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April 29, 2009
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