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Zodiac: Sagitario

for the AWC theme of this week... maybe i will do more details later... im not having a good week...
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Woot! That's what I am!
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I'm a zodiac :)

Ah most pic's i comment on, i usually give a bit of random information of something i think is related to the picture.

Direct translation of the Zodiac in Swedish actually means "The Shooter" (wich i think you captured really well in this picture :) )
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Kickass picture for the kickass zodiac sign!
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its wonderful. i've never seen sagittarius (my own star sign) represented so beautifully.
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thank you very much :glomp:
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still very pretty :D
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Dark and mysterious, nice :D
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Definately need to fave this one! A sexy anthro horse and my star sign. I also love the mystical feel and the cool blues. Great work!
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awww im very happy that u like it :D :hug:
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de woooow!
me encanto, sobre todo el coloreo, quedo asombroso!!

has aries porfavor! XD
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man, I wish I had patience enough to put as much effort into coloring as you do. I spend all of my time on the sketch and then rush through the coloring, bad habbit I really need to work on improving. It's interesting to see the contrast in coloring between these newer images and the older ones, did you get a new program? Definately going to have to watch you..
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Mi signo! me encanta que hayas elegido el caballo para representarlo ^w^ estan muy hermosos los colores y el ambiente mistico y nocturno.
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pues como sagitario es centauro pero contaba como animal fantástico... lo suyo era cambiarlo por la parte de arriba XD
me alegra q te guste! muchas gasias :hug:
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No hace falta decir que se fondo y los efectos de luz son muy buenos ^^
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Nice job! You're amazing!

Oh, you're not having a good week? Well, I hope things get better for you ^^
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awww thank u Xana :hug: im feel a little better this week ^^
X-A-N-A's avatar
You're welcome ^^ I'm glad to hear it :glomp:
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maravilloso trabajo!!:D
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esta chingon por:
1- soy sagitario C:
2- el color esta genial tanto de la accion la flecha als luces, todo esta gnial
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awwww gasias inu :hug: cuantos sagitarios han salido de repente...! O.o
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Hey! Good job on the win!
Pretty picture too!
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