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PeeeeEEEE!!!! :pee: :XD:
A quickly work... I Hate the urban backgrounds!! >.<
but well... enjoy xP

Que cochino es mi fursona... XDDD
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oh WOW xD i would do that as a werewolf/furry or whatnot XD
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Uuuu I remember that one! Wierd, funny and cool at the same time! :D Still a good draw. You got my thumb, not literally haha.
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Ha ha this one is too funny! The look on that dog's face is priceless. It looks like he's thinking, "hey that's my hydrant"!
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oh my lol, not that i mind that :o, but lol WHY XDDDD looks great!
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Bwahahahahaha!!! Sweet :lol:
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woof!!! yo no podria evitar hacer eso... jejeje!!!
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...:rofl: I never thought of that!
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Pobre perro vago, ya lo traumaste de por vida...
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Eres igual de malo que yo, :mwahaha:!
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Ya veo, Darth Lobo.
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en mi defensa he de decir que mi nombre no tiene nada que ver con el tipo de Star Wars XDDD
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Pero igual suena parecido.
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aaaaaaaaajdsajkdkajdajajajajajaj recién lo veo

Me encantó. xD
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Sabes, cochino se queda corto, pero esta tan divertido XD
Enserio que siempre me sorprendes con tus ideas, desde las inovadoras...hasta las cochinas
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cochino e innovador va a veces de la mano :XD:
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LOL jajaj buenisimo! :clap: me encanto xD :+fav:
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xDDD muchísimas gracias :lmao:
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