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'In the future...

... you will never be alone again..."

no time for more details xP
its not perfect... but i like the final result...
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:o. Wow, looks amazing! Had a question, but it was answered when I looked through all the comments haha. The expression and pose is great.
Dark-Coco's avatar
Really pretty, love the detail and colour choice. :)
Omaru-san's avatar
Aw3som3 and Sw33t!
HunterBeingHunted's avatar
McKeenie's avatar
holly crap im am speechless
you are very talented
nifelan's avatar
A long time favourite of mine
FlameShuken's avatar
Holy friggin crud. xD Woooooooah. o.o I don't think I can give any CC on this. Wicked job. Love the colours, love the husky. Nice muscle tone ;)
AdalWulf7's avatar
OH MY GAWD o.o *drool* XD, i love this so much, this is the cooliest pic ever, your so amazing x.x, i love your art suuu much! i love huskies!!
LiLStenly's avatar
Thats cool picture , go to fav ... heh .
thunderfox5's avatar
What a fine example of realism :O

This shall earn you a watch!
VivaLaLintu's avatar
Absolutely beautiful. You have an amazing talent.
DarkHeavenofWolves's avatar
Aurorae Borealis? Cool!
hikileyu's avatar
Coolio wolf! What's the picture about?
i can't believe it, how talented you are...
Shendificator's avatar
Is this werewolf?
AmuthAlexiel's avatar
i love ur artwork!!! do i ever tell u that???? :hug: awesome :D
Tigra-kitty's avatar
really nice! :D
it's wickedly awesome!
and that wolf's soo hot ^^
DarthiaWolf's avatar
yeeesss! is hottie hottie :excited: thanks xDD
sk3l's avatar
lovelyy ... ! the wolf looks awesome ...
DarthiaWolf's avatar
is a Husky ! :noes: thank you :lmao:
roses4eva's avatar
The detail of the fur is brilliant, I absolutely love the green tinge to everything, it's a great effect. You are very talented.
dragonhope's avatar
really pretty painted.
although i don't think i get the point.
love the green tho.
Rosaka-Chan's avatar
Maybe it's not perfect but very close to it. xD
Huskies = :heart:

Beautiful use of different green shades. And the details look great too. :love:
DarthiaWolf's avatar
yes i must have more practice with the fur :) but well... yes! Huskies are beautiful :D
thank u very much :hug:
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