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INFINITE - Lives, lived, will live.

(Bioshock franchise)

"Lives, lived, will live. / Dies, died, will die."…    Singing  will the circleeee be unbrokeeeeen !!! I am a dummy! 

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Thank you!
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This is beautiful, DarthiaWolf! You really have this unique illustrative style that's all your own. It looks like traditional drawing, acrylic painting, and digital art all at once. Plus when it comes to Bioshock Infinite, all I really care about is Booker and Elizabeth themselves and how strong a duo/team/couple they make. You captured it really nice.

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This beautiful artwork and really captures the strength of their bond after everything. :)

I linked your work to a reddit page:…

And overall a lot of people really like your work. Is there a version without a watermark available? Some people would like to use this as a wallpaper. :D

Again great job and I hope you continue making fantastic pieces!
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Don't care what many said against this game, just like the original Bioshock did, it told an amazing story that left me in true amazement when it all had finished.  This pic I especially got that sense and even with the added touch of the title, gotta say you have quite a good understanding of the game to get that DarthiaWolf, bravo.

But anything your work is what really shows your true sense of understanding of how and everything seemed to tie in with ELizabeth and that of Booker here.  Its amazing just seeing how much you've taken from the game and placed it into your work, your a true fan of Bisohock going to say right now.

But anything you tailor well to the look of Elizabeth and her softened feel to that of Booker with his more rough and tough approach.  You show those elements brilliantly with your lines as you take time to render every details of their faces, the clothes they wear to even the are setup in the image on two different sides but connected in the middle of everything.

Really find it quite engaging seeing where you take you time to address some of the many things of Columbia like the floating airships, the hanging buildings in the sky and turning it all over when you have the depths of Rapture with the whale swimming by and the glow of the city lighting up the water, so beautiful indeed. o0o

Should also point out very neat idea to include not just Rapture itself but even the way itself is drawing so that its physcially upside down, like your looking at playing card with two different images on one card.  

But by far your work stands out the most where you coloring lies and dear god I don't even know where to start.  You basically create the depth, feeling and every inch of detail of the work here from every corner of the drawing from the slightest details of Columbia shining in the bask of warm summer sun hanging over the forever layout of its city, to the dark and murky feel and mysterious blue ocean land of Rapture.  Beautiful job from what the close-up shows much more of what your able to cover whether its the bolts on the sky lines, the red of Booker's scarf or the tiny indication of the thumb tack over Elizabeth's pinkie.

Could well go on here for just the immense level of work and focus you poured into this masterpiece of fan art DarthiaWolf, not kidding.  Already pointed out the greatness of the image and as well I think its only fair to finally cheer you on for noting the song and paying attention to such a game like Bioshock.  Your talents truly shine through and I bet even Ken Levine would give you a tip of the hat, I know I would.  So all that said, please keep up the gorgeous work your able to create DarthiaWolf, would you kindly? *applauses and whistles*

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Great work!! very impressive :love:
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Great work! Keep it up! :)
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Magnifacent work!
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Looks good man! :)
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This is beautiful!  Best fan art for this game that I've seen.
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amazing job!
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This is REALLY good omg
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estupendo el concepto y excelente los detalles
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muchas gracias Pala! la verdad es que ha sido un poco quebradero de cabeza... pero no ha quedado mal del todo jejeje
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the pic really shows she epic infinite of the third Bioshock game and the two DLC episodes!
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thank you very much! is a great franchise, so it deserved a little tribute from a fanboy like me I am a dummy! 
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Oh yes! And you have done a good job dude ;)
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OwO awesomeness
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you're very welcome <3
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Love that game
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me too... is a masterpiece... and the Rapture and Columbia arguments are perfectly connected <3
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