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'Daddy is a hero...

but sometimes he cant win all the battles..."

for a lot of people, have a family and triying to survive needs a lot of courage and streght.
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I wish I could help them...
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Absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. Well done. :clap:
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Wow. That's hearttouching. Definitley a fav.
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This tugged at my heart.
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Great work on the moods and colours here, especially the "painterly" feel of the piece. ^^
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That touched me.
DarkHeavenofWolves's avatar
Awwww, that's very nice! I like it :aww:
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que tristeeeeee i_i
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Wow this has a very deep hitting point. Well done drawing
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Aw, touching scene. D8
Good details on background and debt. :|
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This is a very cute, yet dramatic scene. It touched my heart~ Nice job~
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aww thak u very much :hug:
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Justs o you know Darthia, I still absolutely love this picture, and have recommended it for a DD.
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awww really?? thank you very much Red! ^^ , im happy that you consider it well enough for a DD :hug:
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Well, you deserve one, and this one is especially close to my heart.
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the apartment looks fantastic. :thumbsup:
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I know the feeling...
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I hope there is a happy ending.
I'll cry if there is no happy ending:(
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awww dont cry! they will be happy forever and ever! :D
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woow su imagen es simeplemente hermosa *_* la verdad se me hizo muy tierna el ver al pequeño con su padre... y a la vez muy triste por el mensaje que quieres dar :clap: realmente es muy buena :clap: felicidades ^^
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