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August 29, 2007
Acta Est Fabula by ~DarthiaWolf, won the third prize of deviantART's 7th birthday "7 sins, 7 virtues: Fortitude" Contest. This piece is just great all around. It has great lighting, composition, and character design as well. I don't see many deer characters so I was really lured to this piece.
Featured by skifi
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Acta Est Fabula

My entry for the anthro Fortitude Contest ^^

Sometimes in the life, you must confront your fears... your own predator. From the prudence, "Acta est Fabula" , the comedy is over.


Mi trabajo para el Fortitude Contest ^^

Algunas veces en la vida, tienes que afrontar tus miedos... tu propio depredrador. Desde la prudencia, "Acta est Fabula" , la comedia se ha acabado.
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DA is going so far down hill....
Eddydoberman's avatar
Pues Lugar CJ ^^
Ya sabes que se te felicito y de nuevo te felicito XD
Y 93 favs!!!!
Y ahi van 94
DarthiaWolf's avatar
muchas gracias eddy n n
mangohooka's avatar
DarthiaWolf's avatar
thank u very much! ^^
mangohooka's avatar
you are very welcome, my friend.
onewiththesea's avatar
Congrats on the DD! It's well deserved, this is great!
DarthiaWolf's avatar
thank u very much! :hug:
DarthiaWolf's avatar
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i love this one. normalyl im not into such kind of paintings (i mean the style of it), but this one, its theme, how you painted the idea you had just knocks me right off. sometimes the "id" is really hunting us down, hu? freud said that "where 'id' was 'ego' should become" Lacan said that " 'ego' is where 'id' has just still been".
Lacan also replied to the "cogito ergo sum" with "i am where i (ego) am not"

definetaly the "predator" in your picture, the wolfish creature is the energetic part in the image. id rather find my true self in there than in the thinking, fearful character in the front.

heheh .. thoughts over thoughts, im just another smartass.

good composition
DarthiaWolf's avatar
wow, great and interesting interpretation of the pic! :D
thanks for the comment ^^
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¡Enhorabuena en la DD! =D
DarthiaWolf's avatar
muchas gracias! ^^ :hug: !!
stuck-in-the-vines's avatar
Trabajo bien hecho!! Buena suerte!
LobaFeroz's avatar
y pensar q todaví lo tenía sin revisar en mi caja!:o (junto a otras varias decenas)
sin ugar a dudas un trabajo espectacular, bien merecida la DD!:D
DarthiaWolf's avatar
es duro ponerse al dia con las Deviatons XDD
muchas gracias por los 2 favs!! ^^
me gusta tu nuevo avatar :D
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Buena suerte para el Fortitude Contest!
DarthiaWolf's avatar
gracias! la tuve ^^
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Lookin' awesome dude!
DarthiaWolf's avatar
thanks Nimbus ! :highfive:
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