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Snake in the Grass

By darthhorus
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A face that says it all.

"This can't be happening! I'm not food! No!!!"

Proving once again, don't sunbathe in the grass. You never know what might be hiding in that stuff.

Originally inked in July of 2005, due to a long string of unfortunate events this image has been a long, long time coming.

My first work done with Photoshop, largely experimental and with it I learned as I painted. This image took far longer than I wish it did, as there are many others awaiting to be seen.

I'll admit that while I'm a little impressed at the level of detail I've been able to put into it with Photoshop, I fail to understand how such an intolerable hard to use program is the 'Industry Standard'.

There is much left to be desired here but as my first Photoshop piece, I'm not dissapointed.

by far leaps and bounds greater in quality than anything I've done before.
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Sexy vore and a cute cameltoe. That's a perfect picture.
pilliwick's avatar
well done, love the color work
upholder's avatar
I have to agree with many of the others- you have a great talent for expression and body language in your characters. This seemingly obvious feature is too often left out of many horror/ vore depictions. Too often the victim looks as if she is composing a shopping list in her head while being swallowed alive!
tyler43464's avatar
snake body trex head
stormtrooper56's avatar
This is so great! I love her fearful expression and the way the strong snake is wrapped around her fragile body
PsychoticZim's avatar
the head looks more like it came from a velociraptor. no matter, its still good work
NotSuper's avatar
Also, have you thought about doing a vore comic? I'd love to see a story to go along with your work.
NotSuper's avatar
I love the look of terror on her face and the total indifference of the snake. The bikini looks nice too--the sexiness is a nice contrast to the horror. I like that you made the bikini a vivid color.
Chidoriuser361's avatar
If she doesn't like it, I'll take her place.
ZenZaku's avatar
The snake's head looks like the velociraptor's from the first Jurassic Park
CHONDRIN's avatar
Very Nice Snake, really Love the look she's got on her Face. . . . That Snake has got a Crush on her !!!

Live Long & Prosper
OdinVonD's avatar
Dude, what's it gonna take to get another one like this outta you? ^^
darthhorus's avatar
I didn't think people liked my vore that much.
OdinVonD's avatar
Well I can't really speak for people in general, but I love your style of drawing and colouring. And you have a real gift for girls and mosnters of sorts for sure. My favourites of your stuff are definitely the darker ones, including vore and peril of some kind :)
ShinBloodyTears's avatar
Snake's head looked like a fangless dinosaur (T-Rex). Then again, reptiles do derivate from dinos.

Interesting piece.
darthhorus's avatar
yeah, I keep doing that with my snakes for some damned reason.
DracoEXP's avatar
I can help! make the front part of the snakes head (were the nose is) pointier, make the eyes more slit like and longer horizontally, and make the hinge part of the jaw smaller. and you should be fine. :D

Glad to help, i need some comments on my at :d
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Yeah, I guess it would be best not to sunbathe in the grass, especially if you is in Anaconda territory. :ohnoes: Nice work, man. :)
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MessageInAHollowTree's avatar
I love this! A user added this and my writing "snake in the grass" they're both perfect for the concept. The face says it all here. Nice work :)
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Is there a story to go with this? It would be great if there is one.
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