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The Nobodies

And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more
People talking without speaking
People hearing without listening


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I walk to mindfields...
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That takes me back. :horns:
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Open up your head feel the shell shock..
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watch your head rock.

This is dangerous :horns:
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"There are fields, Neo..."
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But you have to take the red pill ;)
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Truth be told, i've experienced "bullet time", and i was sober... hell i need a drink, and as allways GJ
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Great piece :)
I can hear the song 'The Nobodies' echoing down this hallway.
I love your work. I havent commented on much so far, but I AM currently browsing your entire gallery.

Some really amazing work. This included.
Would make a cool Desktop background.
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Thank you :) Yes I use this one as my PS3 wallpaper. It looks really cool on the big screen.
Koopa90's avatar
my screen is 1440x900 ... not HUGE but its still a good size. and yes, it looks great.
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Okay--how the hack long did this one take????
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:rofl: Ahhhh geeze, this one took a few weeks if I remember right. By the time I was done I was wore out for about a month. Mainly the time consuming part was I kept scrapping items I was building for the scene and re-doing them in different ways. The main concept of the pods and people was always there but the arms, the walkway, the little details were re-worked about 3 or 4 times. :mwahaha: I was so glad when it was finally done.
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Holy Canoles! well, the hard work definitely paid off--this is one of my fave works from you yet--eerie, dark--yet somehow a bit--sexy?
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It's like a Matrix... but much better :) I suppose. To favs.
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BubbleCloud's avatar
Nicely weird and weirdy well done..! :omg:
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wow this is a very nice interpretation of "the sound of silence"
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3Ninja's avatar
it' like borg meet the matrix...nice
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