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Deja Vu

And the people bowed and prayed
to the neon god they'd made.........................


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Very cool! Lots of drama achieved with a few well placed design elements. :thumbsup: :D Slick!
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I sometimes see things like this in my nightmares. I like the marble effect on the skin and how it's so pale. Nearly undead. The icing on the cake is the spine covered with skulls. Awesome idea and great execution.
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I call him "Gamblor", and it's time to rescue your mother, from his neon claws!

Sorry, was reminded of the Simpsons episode where Mr. Burns opens a casino.

I must say, the quality of your work has definitely improved. Good on ya man!
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Thank you :D

'Get these Kleenex boxes off my feet!'
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Nice layout, color, tone.
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I'm not enough of an artist .. not an artist at all actually :P so there's no way I can offer a critique.. all I can say is this is amazing work ! The skulls on the back and the blueish tint give a wonderful medieval contrast to the electric blue modern cables that make it sci-fi :)
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Thank you. But there are two parts to any piece of art, the creation and the interpretation. I think people who aren't artists can offer an equally good and different critiques than another artist. One might discuss the technique while the other might focus on the mood, atmosphere and vision. I actually enjoy both, and really appreciate the non-artists who come here because they like to look. That's what it's all about. :D
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Simon and Garfunkle?
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Something very Borg like about this, well to me at any rate.

Much prettier than the Krige queen that's for sure, let me be assimilated!
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It definitely had Borg inspired elements to it.

Thank you :)
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Sound of Silence.
Nice work!
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that's really really weird but good job on it
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