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Behind Blue Eyes

In restless dreams I walk alone down narrow streets of cobblestone,
but my dreams, they aren't as empty as my world seems to be.

Don't you worry my little blue D'nubie, the mighty horseflesh inferno himself, Darthhell, still loves you. But you are a demon born from the collective regrets of man, so please start acting like it.

And thus ends my blue silence trilogy

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How do you always manage to add these little touches which make me bend my head and wonder about what hit you, what influenced you, what gave you this idea... and I don't need answers AT ALL. That's just you.
Those neon effects in your trilogy were a really nice addition to them, they make them a whole and fill us with some of their energy.
I can almost feel it in the air, you know, this faint buzzing sound?

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Thank you my dear. This is the one I was telling you about that your song helped with the mood. I had in mind this girl created by people (from a dead girls body) to sort of run everything. They enhanced her and put her in charge of all the physical things while they tucked themselves into their pods and plugged in. And she was left alone. Distracted by her solitude she forgot what she was supposed to be doing. I'm glad you like the neon, the ice-blue neon was the main reason I wanted to do these, it always gives a feeling of cold sterile hardcore science fiction. I love sci-fi.

This was also the image I built that prop for that I test rendered. I ended up not even using it :rofl: Ahhh well, I'll save it for later ;)
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Aaaah but your words add a lot to the story written in the description and the picture itself, I like that!!
I think I got the feeling that you like sci-fi, love, I could just wrap myself in neons to please you now :flirty:

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That would be pretty hot. Like those strips of flexible (strip and flexible :devil::rofl:) neon tubing wrapping from one foot around all the way up and ending at the end of one arm. :dance:

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good look,details,colors.Interesting picture
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Gorgeous work, I love the color palette and the texture in the buildings is phenomenal.
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Thanks Wil, :rofl: Yeah those buildings pissed off my computer, had to render this one in pieces and put it all together like a puzzle. UGH.
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This certainly reminds me of the Nanomages from good ol' Anarchy Online - a very good game from ages past, and if it were created today I'm certain that this is the look that they would aim for - it's perfectly silent in it's atmosphere, to the point where i can imagine the soft footsteps and soft hum emitted from any machines and whatnot.

A great picture, is all I have to say, and one that is going onto my favorites list =D
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Thank you very much. I've never heard of Anarchy Online so I just looked it up, that's a trip but you're right, she does look like those nanomages.
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I love how strange this picture made me feel. I thought it was really cool, but it scared me a little too! ^^
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Thank you, and that is the biggest compliment. :dance:
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wicked darth, very beautiful artwork my friend =D
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Very good indeed. I suppose this is what we humans will look like in a few decades.
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Would definitely make for a whole new fashion statement :D

Thank you :)
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Very nice artwork. It must take a lifetime for someone to be as good as you are.
Although, is this part of the Star Wars artwork? Just curious.
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Thank you. Not quite a lifetime, 5 years so far for me anyway ;)

No Star Wars here, this is just part of my own imagination. Although I think I was channeling the Borg while making the buildings, they bear a striking resemblance to their cube ships. Perhaps I will use them for that in the future.
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Lol. That's cool. I am a very big fan of your artwork. It's just so amazing how you work on that stuff!
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