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For an Ass War going on on another site.
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© 2007 - 2021 darthhell
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Yeah this one too
Timmy-22222001's avatar
Ass war, wow now that sounds like a battle nobody is going to lose, lol.

Speaking of ass damn hot work on your spicy little lady here darthhell, for being damn smooth from the looks of things with the 3D style you got class when it comes to demon ladies, wow.

While the eyes will wander, love the way you played out the extension of the wings, the curling of tail and even the infamous little horns poking through the hair.

Just as well love that orange tone too. Not well used but wow it catches your eyes and with the darkened background it really brings your eyes to her and her assets, lol.

Lastly excellent work on the pose, really stretching out the body and even giving her hair some touch of realism, please do keep up the booty war darthhell, lol.

darthhell's avatar
Thank you very much :) And yes, when there's an ass war, everyone wins :w00t:
Timmy-22222001's avatar
For ass freedom for booty girls everywhere! ^0^

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We have featured your art in our monthly news letter.

If you get a chance please stop by and fav the article and help support us.


darthhell's avatar
Done! And thanks for the feature :D
Louis-Cyphre's avatar
You're Welcome. and thanks. You would be surprised at how much the little things help.:D
gothhillbilly's avatar
Red succubus, gives you wings.
darthhell's avatar
Yeah, screw the red bull :D No wait, the hell with the red bull, give me the red succubus to screw :w00t:
gothhillbilly's avatar
I second that emotion. Wings and tail just give you more to hold onto.
MichiTheThird's avatar
Wow, if you don't win that war, I'll be rather disappointed indeed.
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