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Somebody needs a damn haircut.

:iconmynti:'s been on my case about achieving crisper strokes in my paintings. Since she mainly uses the hard brush and chalk brush, I wanted to try out the latter (I've never touched anything except for the art brush) to see if it would change my painting style. And since I had nothing better to do, I thought maybe it was time for a new ID, haha.

... Well, everything I paint still comes out screaming "Far did this!", whatever the brush. :rofl: But I like the brush texture. I might be using more of it in the future.

The title is somewhat tongue-in-cheek (I could have also called it Gratuitous, but why settle for a boring title when you can make a pun instead?); admittedly, all the elements in this ID were planned around the whole double-meaning of "overexposure". :giggle:

DS points for anyone who can explain the presence of the rusted metal bucket.

Details for the little pictures to the left may be found here: [link] With the exception of the trombone rotor, of course, since *that* was pilfered from First Kiss.
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I really like this ID, especially because it's a painting and it looks like a photograph! Do you use glasses reguarly?

Hey, it's contradictory that when it looks so realistic when you almost didn't shade! Perhaps if you'd been struggling with the skin tones, you wouldn't have gotten it so realistic.

oh and I really like that style of hair! and the glasses are sexy in a intellectual kind of way ;)
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Whaddya mean, glasses? Those are just horned bits growing out of the sides of my head, joining in front to form an external lens that *just* happens to sharpen my vision. Byproduct of evolution.

Kidding!! Seriously, I can't see without my glasses. The only times they come off are when I'm in the shower, in bed, or doing one or two weight routines at the gym that don't require vision. And thanks, I'll pass your compliment regarding my hair to my stylist. ;)

[Working in monochrome is fun sometimes, and so much easier to achieve realism.]
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be careful, though, at the gym, that you don't get hit in the head with one of those rhynoceros with hair resembling men, sweeping carelessly with their weights anything in their pathways (although I'll be honest and admit that should I ever watch such a scene, I'd be compelled to suppress my laughter out of courtesy only) just kidding! well, I do have the flaw, but I'm generally compassive, I promise! :D

oh and the compliment was intended to go to the model! (but yeah, please the stylist and win a haircut for free)
you reminded me of when I use to mistake the terms of art and music "monochromatic" and "chromatic" lol I used to tell my teacher that "monochromatic scales aren't easy to play" :XD:
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glad you like the new brush :peace: I like it too! I've been playing around with a slight scatter with the chalk brush too... provides an interesting effect...

I switch away from that quick though, it feels pretty blurry for me :D
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Yeah, it makes for awesome textures without actually... painting textures. :rofl: Thanks very much, Gracie. I'm going to play with that brush some more.
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You... painted this??? I swear, if you keep this up, we won't need cameras for pictures. We'll just get you to paint stuff!
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:rofl: But do you think you could stand posing for five hours, Steph?
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:rofl: Eh, probably not. And it wouldn't help me any at the air show here this June. XD
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Bucket + City Councilor = :dead:
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:giggle: FTW!

I still owe you a video for that. Seriously, I rock with the bucket.
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Great picture. ^_^
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You just keep on pressing the "Amaze them" button in your art program, don't you? :D

I approve. *stamps the Nutella Seal of Approval*
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:rofl: Nell, if I'd actually wanted to do that I'd have gone for pore-perfect hyperrealism. Oh wait, I don't do that anymore.

Thanks! [eats the seal. You *did* say it was made of Nutella...]
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You have very pretty eyes, your glasses are awesome, and... *plays with Far's hair*

Oh, and it's the "FAR DID THIS"-ness that makes me click on it to look, so don't complain so loudly. Your unique style puts a smile on my face every time I see it.

I honestly have no critique or complaints on this one. The photo-realism is impressive, and the composition is neat and intriguing (It also hints at a possible OCD quirk).

Well done, Amigo. ;)
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Hey! don't muss my hair! it's tousled enough as it is.

Thanks very much, FR. :) Haha, "possible OCD quirk"? Try this: when I do cartoon/lineart stuff, I go over every last pixel of the picture. Every single uncoloured pixel I find sends me into an apoplectic fit...
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*muss muss muss*

And I'm guessing you missed the sarcasm ;p . I could probably stand to be more OCD with my own stuff, but I just get so bored with it and frustrated after a while, and I end up throwing it up on Deviant very half-assedly... and then I fix it days later and re-submit it and no one is the wiser. XD

And the apoplectic fits make me laugh, so keep up the good work :rofl:

Much luvs. *pokes, and dashes away*
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Haha, you and me both. I've long since learnt that there's only so much I can humanly do to fix a picture without ruining it or stopping my moving forward, but every now and then I'll decide that three pixels at the corner annoy me and fix it. Not that anybody ever notices.
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Hehehe. Y'know, you should draw a stick figure... I bet it'd be perfectly pixel-proportioned, lol. :p
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nice composition... I should make a new ID, but I'm not sharing my mug with the general populace. I had long hair once, not I keep it very short, the longer it gets, the more gray you see.

But, you're not old like me. Hope you've been well.
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