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Laundry Day Campaign

[but probably only cos the Princess makes him do it...]

EDIT: I've just realised that the version I put up was slightly compressed, resulting in the awful loss of quality in certain parts of the picture. I've just put up an uncompressed version, LOL.

100 Pictures Challenge #95: Advertisement.

[Oh, I've no doubt that washing machines exist in the Star Wars universe, but can you imagine Han owning something so domestic? Neither can I. :laughing:]

Promised someone (was it SvenjaLiv?) this yonks back; only just got around to it. First sand, then fleas, then refreshers - now this. More Star Wars scenes you'll never see. I'm all about expressing love for a fandom through abuse. :laughing:

[Oh, and I think that between Chewie and Han, they have the whole range of "B-Gone" products...]

Star Wars the property of George Lucas/Lucas Arts.

Star Wars font from here: [link]
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This is the best thing I saw on the internet tody :D (Big Grin)  Thank you for this, it's priceless! La la la la 
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sigh, I'll go get the detergent.
PapierowySzczur's avatar
I can't agree more with him.
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My reaction: what a good Star Wars drawing, let me check out their profile- OH MY NINJAS
Rek-Dan-Thi's avatar
Just hilarious. One badass smuggler doing his laundry. ^^
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Well, someone's gotta do it... and it isn't going to be the resident princess! ;)
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haha! When I get married I'm so showing this to my husban.

Where do they dry though? Since they don't have a dryer.
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:rofl: Han Solo, role model of all modern men!

And I don't think they have a dryer. I guess that means they must have a clothesline someplace... Maybe they trail it outside the Falcon! :rofl:
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haha! Wonder who came up with that idea?
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The droids. Because they obviously don't realise that clothes are far more destructible than metal chassis... ;)
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Yes, Real men do laundry!!!!
I love it!!!
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Hello )) Good picture! Funy.
whether can we use this poster with the corrections in the advertising of washing machines in the hostel? (Ukraine, Kiev)
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So Han is wearing pink socks! XD

Totally loving it! ^^
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And polka-dot boxers. ;) Two things he'd rather nobody found out!

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Woot! I love this :giggle:
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AWESOME!!! this is brilliant! Thank you for the laugh! I simply love the polka dots!
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