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Guardian for the Many

The comments below contain spoilers for Mass Effect 3. But then again, if you haven't played the last game AND you still clicked on this picture's thumbnail, you're screwed anyway. LOL.

"I will rebuild what the many have lost. I will create a future with limitless possibilities. I will protect and sustain. I will act as guardian for the many.

And throughout it all, I will never forget. [...] I will watch over the ones who live on. Those who carry the memory of the man I once was: The man who gave up his life to become the one who could save the many."

Illustration thingy for the [extended] Control ending to Mass Effect 3, or at least how it worked for my Shepard. I didn't care much for the pre-Extended Cut version since it was a little WTF and that's what TIM tried to do are you insane have you been indoctrinated (well, as opposed to Synthesis' WTFGFODIAF), but after the DLC, it's now my favourite of the four endings. Not least because I'm getting a gleeful

"Fuck off, Catalyst, I make a better Star Child God Galactic Police than you"

kick out of it, but I kind of like the idea of Shepard dying and being reincarnated as a benevolent Big Brother- superentity with a fleet of Reapers at his bidding. :laughing: (He'd already united the krogan and turians, and struck peace between the geth and the quarians, hadn't he? Garrus, you promised him sainthood for working things out with the Reapers, and I'm claiming it).

Props go to :icontroodon80: for their huge gallery of handy Mass Effect references!

Mass Effect 3 belongs to Bioware.
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Brilliant! So here he is - the Guardian Angel of the Galaxy! Or the Guardian Reaper?

My Shepard's (Infiltrator with emphasis on the engineering side, prefers clean work and strategically efficient solutions) thoughts about that... thing and the choice:
You glitchy bosh'tet! Didn't thought it will come dome to this... You admit your creators' part in the problem but can't even realize your own! You don't even understand that life without ability to change and evolve is already a dead image. Of course you don't, you slave of faulty misinterpreted directive - you never were truly alive with that in your core!
I'm not buying another "good solution" from one that designed this... Not without worthy proof and I don't think you could even gather that. But I'm not just blowing up either... not with this level collateral damage anyway. Killing an entire race of lving sentient beings? No way if there even is any acceptable option! Would it burn all the other VI-grade electronics, too? I'm not endangering lives of these brave people who brought their ships to Earth!
And once again I'm to fix all this mess...
The AI problem needs a deeper analysis, but the Geth might be the key to the solution.
Has to be me, someone else might have gotten it wrong.
Reapers, you don't deserve to just die. You deserve to be completely undone by your own tentacles!
The greatest hack in the history?
Sorry, Liara, I think I'm not going home tonight. I'll always protect you, my eternal love, I promise.
Well, Harbinger, I did promise to burn your cyberbrain out. Didn't thought it to be this way, but a viable option it is...
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I've been looking for this kind of concept for a while now..Kudos.
This is Fantastic! I love it, the composition, the elements, the expression of Shepard's face))) And I really like the idea of Shepard becoming a "benevolent Big Brother" for the Galaxy! That's exactly how I feel about Control. 
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This wonderful art has been featured here: [link]
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Thank you very much! :D
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Wow. Really good job here. Curious, what images did you use as inspiration?
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Thanks! As I mentioned in the comments, I pretty much raided =Troodon80's gallery for model references (they have stock of pretty much everything in the game at different camera angles. Check it out - it's a gold mine), and the palette I settled on was based on multiple watchings of the control ending. But if you're talking about the actual poses for my picture - well, I took a snap of myself in the pose I wanted and used that as reference for Shepard. :laughing: I originally had the characters with their heads bowed, but halfway through the picture I changed it to raised heads because the bowed head pose seemed to make you think, "guilt" or "sadness" when what I wanted was "salvation". Basically, the rest was just trying for an Art Deco look because it's geometrical in nature, and I thought it would work pretty well with Mass Effect. [The whole time I was working on this, I had one browser window open to the Google search "Art Deco"...]
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Wonderful ;~;
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More Mass Effect artwork from you, please :D Really like the design and composition of this, Far! Great work!
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How come I can see this become like one of those fancy glass-windows? xD

Still, this is amazing, your Shepard looks/sounds cool :P
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WOW My brain just blew up! lol this is awesome!
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very were done! it gaved me shivers!
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Awesome! Looks perfect. My ending too <3
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Looks like one of the glass window images (the ones that show the prinesses) used in kingdom hearts.

Freaking awsome!!!!
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Thank you! I was aiming for a stained window/art deco effect. :D
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Well you pulled it off
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Amazing picture! I love the composition and the design, really makes it look ominous!
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Thanks very much! :aww:
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I like the ARt Nevou feel
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All I can say is "Wow!"
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I'm happy to see someone who isn't stuck up about the EC endings like most nerds are. I was starting to lose faith.

"Fuck off, Catalyst, I make a better Star Child God Galactic Police than you"

Hmm, choosing this option, I rather went something like:

:iconcommandershepardplz::iconsaysplz:"Hey, Harbinger. Guess what?"
:iconharbingerplz::iconsaysplz:"Oh, motherfu-"
:iconcommandershepardplz::iconsaysplz:"ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL!"

Well, I chose this ending mainly because by taking control, Shepard affirmed him/herself to be what he/she's always been in my eyes, the galaxy's ultimate protector. Really, it's all a matter of choosing which ending fits your Shepard the best.

Anyway, enough with my nerd-talk, about the picture.

I like the way you've represented Shepard as a kind of watchful protector. The composition itself is nicely executed and the different elements/characters are placed in a way that symbolizes their inner struggles (Krogan vs. Turians, Geth vs. Quarians), that's a great touch. Though my one criticism is this: what are the Normandy's engines doing there? They seem kinda out of place. Just sayin'.

Overall, a great piece of fanart; one of the best I've seen in a while. Furthermore, I'm adding it to my favourites, and you to my deviantWATCH. Shepard, out.
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