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Ra's al Ghul successor

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Always liked the idea if Bruce accepted the mantle.
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this would make for an interesting au fanfiction

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Yeah, it IS quite the idea. Nicely drawn, man.

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Hopefully, he leads the League of Shadows to NOT kill anyone, right?

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I see him as a full blown villain in this.

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But hey, you can imagine it diffrently. It's not like I make canon :p

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this happened in Superman Batman Generations, apparently Bruce (who is technically way past his Prime at that point) went missing in the mountains just a few weeks before his son's wedding to Kira Kent. Ra al Ghul basically gave Bruce in ultimatum he could either die by Ra's hand then and there, or help with an experiment with the Lazarus Pit which could still result in death Ra al Ghul of earth 38 theorize that the Lazarus pits could bestow a semi immortality (IE it it takes over a century just to age a year) the catch being the two people want to enter the Lazarus Pit at the same time with only one person being able to come out alive, of course bruce is the one who emerges. Bruce ends up taking control of the League of Assassins masquerading as the demons head for two decades he turns the LOA into a humanitarian organization that operates on a global scale.

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Cool idea. I like to imagine he'd still be'Batman' just in a different way.

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That's a concept I'd love to see in an elseworld even though I'm pretty sure it sorta happened in Generations 2

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