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How The Old Bionicle Should Have Ended

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As stated, everything is fine until 2009.

Now, explanations:

Frame 1: I must tell I liked the idea of War and Shattering. But it was done poorly. Planet exploded and everybody is okay with it? I think a darker tone for Great Beings story would be better.

Frame 2: Is "creating life" not more badass and mythological than simple "searching knowledge"?

Frame 3: Just 2009 story, but with Great Beings sets instead of Agori/Glatorian (who the hell cares about Toa/matoran knock-offs? Give me a real deal.

Frame 4: Battle between rothers on desert planet was fun. For a moment. Now it's IN SPACE! Also, I always saw Mata Nui as a peacefull figure. So he will not hurt his people, and his brother.

Frame 5: Remember when Vakama has visions for a moment? Nothing since? Okay, let's fix that.

Frame 6: Instead on battle on Bara Magna (that we kno for just a year and do not care much about it) let's make huge battle to retake Matoran Universe! (8 years)

Frame 7: It worked once, it will work again. It is strange nodoby figured that out.

Frame 8: Volcanoes and Giant Robots are awesome.

Frame 9: What about a REAL duel? (No, Takua - no kolhii match)

Frame 10: Killed by Moon? Meh. Killed by his own subconsciousness and doubt? That's mythological, man.
(Also, MNOG quote is always a good thing)

Frame 11: When Teridax was killed, Matoran Universe was destroyed. I don't want that. It has to be safe. It's my childhood. Also, Mata Nui sacrifices himself - just like Matoro.

Frame 12: Do you see what I did here?

Endings: Ahkmou would be a great villain for a new series. You know, like Morgoth and Sauron - master and apprentice.
Also, Is Mata Nui really dead when Ignika is still whole on the surface, throwed out by Volcano?
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ZeonBelialHobbyist Digital Artist

ACTUALLY. In one of the 09' serials, it was revealed that the Dark Hunters got their hands on the virus that put him to sleep, but this plot point never got resolved because- well, you know.

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Toa-JalaHobbyist Photographer
I run an RP group on Facebook that takes place in an alternate universe where Teridax died on Voya Nui and Mata Nui reformed Spherus Magna without a problem. I used your idea of teleporting the islands and continents onto Aqua Magna.
I do think that this is a better ending than the one we got, especially because it didn't tear the lore apart at the seams. Thanks for sharing it.
Link: www.facebook.com/groups/theleg…
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I'm flattered, to be honest.
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This is a pretty cool alternate way the series could've ended. Though, I personally did like the Glatorian and the Agori for what they were. However, I also agree that the Great Beings could've gotten their own sets, along with the Element Lords.
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OracledkStudent General Artist
They were the original plan was for 2010 the Lords would be the villains and get sets but Lego told the team Bionicle was getting cancelled. In fact there wasn't going to be a 2010 line, but the team fought for a line to give a send off and at least try to end the story. It's the ending was rushed because they were forced to abandoned the multi year plan to close the series off, and of course with a smaller budget to work with
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I know all about that, and it sucks hard. I would've loved to have seen the Element Lords get properly represented in set form.
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Thinking about it now, I feel that this is flawed to a point where I just can't make any connections between here and... well, elsewhere. Also, I DO like the Glatorian and Agori, unlike you.
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Well...good for you, or something.
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This is way better than the canon ending. *claps hands*
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Eh, the Agori and Glatorian were the 'original' people that the Great Beings based the Toa and Matoran off of. In fact, I think that the Great Beings are a form of Glatorian. :shrug: Not sure.

Now, if I did this, I'd probably go for a split storyline that slowly converges, with things happening simultaneously on Spherus Magna and in the Matoran universe. Maybe have some original prototypes for the Matoran and Toa left in stasis on Bara Magna, and have some iconic(Iconox?) Glatorian and Agori find them, and they end up being really twisted and evil and stuff, causing all kinds of problems.

For Nui-side... Probably have a small group of Glatorian inside the processor to take notes on the research, as well as the random few Great Beings around in random spots to keep watch over their creations. Can't beat Greg Farshtey though...

Eh, either way, this looks great! Nice that your still thinking of stuff for it.
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I gotta said that the story is really vanilla, also the virus was exclusive to the Brotherhood of Makuta, also, how did Makuta awoke if Takanuva putted him to sleep? And how did Mata Nui abandoned his giant body and entered the Matoran Universe? Also how did they sieged a city which they already had possession of? Having the Matoran Universe destroyed and having the Agori and Glatorian introduce was more interesting, specially when there was a Great Being on the loose while another was preparing for world domination... Or universe
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nice idea.
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Iron117PrimeHobbyist Artist
I agree the cannon death of Makuta was anti-climatic.

I would have loved it, similar to what you had in mind; was the dark energy form of Makuta faces Mata-Nui in a light form. Mata-Nui destroys Makuta and uses the last of his power to restore Spherus Magna.
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I favorited this because it is a cool idea, however i disagree with the fact that it should have ended this way. Sorry. To each their own though :)
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It's totaly fine - another person, another opinion ;)
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kingdragon01Hobbyist Photographer
This is great!
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I love how you did this. I have made it my goal to learn all I could about the end of the old bionicle, with the online serials and final books. I never fully understood what was happening at the end, and I'm still going to read the last stories, but I do like how you re imagined the ending! Simple, yet dynamic and meaningful. I love it. I wish the end of bionicle was this easy to follow. Great work
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EvaronHobbyist Artisan Crafter
I like it, especially Mata Nui's and Makuta's spectral battle at the end.  Great use of Light and Dark there. 
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Absolutely amazing.  Seriously, this is actually better than the real story.  Nice just with the Photoshopping too! (that is what you used right?)
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Gimp. Forever and only.
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Huh, I never thought about putting Makuta to sleep when he is inhabiting the Matoran Universe. I'm not sure if it would work in canon, but I love the concept! Cool daydreams here I come!
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FirestormthedragolfHobbyist General Artist
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