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Darth Vader TRONized

Vader comes to the Dark Side of the Grid...

For those who prefer red:
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I don`t know why so many characters were painted like Tron: Legacy but it`s very awesome! I really like your painting from Darth Vader.
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This is so cool man!!!! 
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neon vader. nice!
hk-1440's avatar
Impressive. Most impressive.
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rockmesox's avatar
My life just got so much better. :icongrin--plz:
Belialthehalfbreed's avatar
I so wanna see them combine Star Wars and Tron. That would be so cool.
TychoTMA-1's avatar
Make way, Vader controls the Grid now!
LittleCircuitBreaker's avatar
You have combined two of my favorite things!!! xD :B
shroomz43's avatar
thats is jus awesome!!!!
Nicholai3301's avatar
Since he's evil, he should've been green for virus.
DarthDestruktor's avatar
For those who prefer red- I added new version in description.
gso-13's avatar
lol shouldnt he be orange since he's a villian?
SA3's avatar
Sah-weeeeeeeeeeeet!!! :iconexcitedplz:
the color red would have suited. anyway this looks cool.
cylonka's avatar
wooow! nice!
Nice! This actually reminds me of something mildly amusing:

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I think this is a really awesome pic but one thing confuses me.....why the blueish green why not red?
DarthDestruktor's avatar
I tried to make it red, but blue look's better (belive me)
Drewzi's avatar
Was this made from scratch or a Vader stock? If it's a stock, mind linking me? ^.^
Awesome work btw :)
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