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Crossed Timelines


Before you ask;

-Yes those two Thomas are new.
-Find them yourselves
-SI3D's Thomas' face is edited in PS, not a model edit, shut up.
-No I can't help you fix anything

Content by SI3D, Explosive Cookie, WarshipNo.10, CamScott, Tomix, DirtyTrain, NorrambyBranch, stepneycomeback
Composition by Darth Assassin
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JadenMiles2004's avatar
Thomas and Friends Generations
oofythenoob's avatar
im scared now ;-; good work
ZachmanAwesomenessII's avatar
You have done spectacular photoshopping for the screenshot! :D (Big Grin) 
Shiyamasaleem's avatar
DarthWill3's avatar
I'm seeing triple! :lol:
Kodimarto's avatar
Wow, they sure have done a great job on these models! :)
malchik-the-stray's avatar
The left one was by sodorworkshops in a limited christmas release. I got one too.
Kodimarto's avatar
Cool. Which type of models do you like best?
malchik-the-stray's avatar
It's the RWS-like version of Thomas, made by sodorworkshops. Its from a christmas offer, but you can still have it on the site In the bottom left corner, there is a stocking reading "T1". Also I recommend Gordon, Thomas "as originally proposed by Awdry", Philip the Boxcab, the Jet engine and any OCs from that site.
Kodimarto's avatar

You think they might make a whole route of a 2014 Accurate Sodor?
mondojawan's avatar
This really just looks like a perfect piece of art, really lovable.
sonicandthomasfan7's avatar
Hey! I'm Ince Castle in Crossed Lines and I like that reference! XD
The-ARC-Minister's avatar
I like the middle version. Much more accurate to his basis.
BenevolentJim's avatar
Darth, this is beautiful.
Tango-Delta-Tango's avatar
My lawyer will be seeing you tomorrow morning, Mr. Assassin.
MinisterFarrigut's avatar
and why is your lawyer doing this?
Tango-Delta-Tango's avatar

I am that Haydn.
DarthAssassin's avatar
Afraid I'm booked through the new year, shall we reschedule?
Tango-Delta-Tango's avatar
Don't worry, with the use of time travel using the Crossed TimeLines, everything will be ok.

Well... maybe not OK, I still intend to sue you to the moon.
DarthAssassin's avatar
Well, luckily for me I like space.
Mobian-Storyteller's avatar
One of your best Darth, Desktop background material even.
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