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Typical Brony

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And please, dont tell me that you do not do this when nobody looks at you :D
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TeslatheDogStudent General Artist
The ponies don’t seem to mind.
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jghgrhStudent Traditional Artist
I watch the show and draw too.
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Firestar2752Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, I'm writing an article for a school news paper and I was wondering if you would allow me to use your picture, also thank you for the funny picture it brightened your day.
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Umm... I fined this very stereotypical. I'm a brony and I have never done anything even close to this!
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You forgot the fedora and trenchcoat
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uh this has made me want to use brain bleach to remove that image from my mind...... that is very very creepy.
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THANK GOD IM NOT LIKE THAT. The most extreme i go is pony themed parties. And nothing insane, its not like i would have balloons shaped like twilight or anything. Its just a party where my friends all come to my apartment and watch MLP. Were wierd. I know. DONT JUDGE ME!
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CoolPenguin222Hobbyist General Artist
I'm a brony who hates all the songs, doesn't buy any merch, and does not have any creepy fetishes. That weirdo is not me.
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thetnknownbronyHobbyist Digital Artist

Are we bronies?

Or are we humans?

My sing i vital

My hoof’s are cold 

And i’m on my knees 

Looking for the answer 

Are we Bronies?

Or are we Humans?

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And if you look to your left folks, you'll see your typical darthagnan pretending to be swag!
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how is pinkie pie doing that?Oops!
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justbennStudent Traditional Artist
NEVER QUESTION THE PINKIE... oops I mean eeyup
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djcub3Student Digital Artist
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Wolfy163Student Digital Artist
So true.... e3e
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XXDJ-PON-3XX26Professional Artist
ive wondered with the plz things and im going to try dont mind me :3 soo like :iconMEGUSTAplz or :iconmegustaplz: or :MEGUSTAplz or :MEGUSTAplz:
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ViewtifulSonicHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thats me but i would'nt be wearing clothes
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ChibijoshuaHobbyist Artist
He has nice boots.

I like how :iconpinkiepieplz: is blowing that party horn with her nostril.
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most of us prefer art of the dress.
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This is me when I'm bored just minus the brony part.
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I'm a brony, an I don't do this at all.
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DarthAgnanStudent Digital Artist
Congratz with this!!1!!!
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siathedragonHobbyist Digital Artist
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AgentLaffey119Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I just have to say this: Oh my gosh! This deviant was submitted on my birthday!!!! :O

And it was just 1 week away before I became a brony! :iconawwyeahplz: :iconpinkiepiesmileplz:
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siathedragonHobbyist Digital Artist
happy late bday
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