First Annual Themers' Galore Contest

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Themers' Galore! Contest!

I am hosting the first annual Themers' Galore contest! This contest is a competition between themers everywhere on dA! Be the best in your category! The 8 winners will be featured in the next contest as an honored guest and the deviations will be featured in my gallery...
***IMPORTANT EDIT! You are allowed to enter more than one submission and you do not have to create a new deviations to enter, you may use a deviation posted prior to contest***

The Categories Are:
1. Cell Phone Themes (preferrably Sony Ericsson)
2. Visual Styles (MSSTYLE)
3. WB (WindowBlinds)
4. IP Theme (IconPackager)
5. DesktopX
6. dA Journal CSS
7. Firefox Themes
8. CursorXP

To enter the contest either comment this journal entry with a link to the submission

If anyone would like to help with the contest please try to get the word out about the contest. If you like (please do) you may create some stamps :D... Oh yes please do....

Official Host and Creator Of The Contest

Official Co-Hosts Of The Contest

Darth-Nader -- I am your STEP-FATHER .:New Entry:.

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I saw this in The1Blur's journal and was inspired. What a great idea! I'm in