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A little late, considering the last feature was February :faint: but.....

Here's April's feature:

:bulletpurple: :star: :iconedensgarbage: :star: :bulletpurple:

After first encountering the wonderfully created works of this amazing artist, I have been constantly astounded by the creations being shared by Eden.

Here are some of her wonderful things, make sure to pop over and say hi too :aww: :boogie:

Wide Eyed by EdensGarbage

Sucker by EdensGarbage

9pl by EdensGarbage

Flowers by EdensGarbage

Wet by EdensGarbage

999999 by EdensGarbage

4pl by EdensGarbage

Slop by EdensGarbage

Chloe Sevigny by EdensGarbage

Elf by EdensGarbage

Field of flowers by EdensGarbage

Sketch by EdensGarbage
Hello everyone :wave: I used to do this kind of thing a lot in the past, on my old ( now long gone account ) but yeah, well, now is the time to get back into it.

I wanted to start off with both a wonderfully amazing artist as well as a lovely person, so I would like you to take the time to visit Sophia, otherwise known as :iconlikakinsky:

A few magical pieces I am including below, but please go and have a look at all her wonderful art.

Fog in Elven Kingdom by LikaKinsky
Look at the Universe by LikaKinsky   Landscape of Stars by LikaKinsky  
Mountains by LikaKinsky   Dragon with Feathers by LikaKinsky

Redhead Boy by LikaKinsky

Old Man by LikaKinsky

Animal Flowers by LikaKinsky

Space (redrawn) by LikaKinsky

Pattern by LikaKinsky

Tender Forest by LikaKinsky

Blue Tree by LikaKinsky

Circus by LikaKinsky

St. Valentine's Day by LikaKinsky

Strange Flower by LikaKinsky

Bright and Vivid by LikaKinsky

Ladybird (oils) by LikaKinsky

Flying Above by LikaKinsky
Started a new page at: :iconthats-him-omg: For traditional / digital coloured work. So far, just some older scans / edits, but working on a few new ideas as well.
Well, it's come around fairly swiftly.

I can remember what seemed like a fair while ago that I found out about this journey and now it is finally upon me. I am off to Sydney tomorrow afternoon, then fly out to Johannesburg on thursday. From there it is a short plane hop out to Dar Es Salaam, then a few days on Zanzibar, before heading into the wilds of Africa.

This link gives a bit of an idea of what we'll be up to…

Taking a limited amount of gear, but hopefully due to the lack of city lights in some places at night, I may be able to get a bit of Astrophotography in. Will be shooting with the 24-105mm L and the 100-400mm L, bundling along the 2x converter for that one, so hopefully can get some nice up close and personal pics of the local wildlife, without getting too close for comfort :lol:

With plenty of spare batteries and a ton of memory cards, I hopefully won't run out of storage space :giggle: although sometimes I can get a bit trigger happy :P

Also carting along the Powershot 110, for times when i need to throw something in my pocket to snap with, but definitely looking forward to what should be a rather fun and entertaining journey.

Bit more of an idea of where we are going can be seen here:…

Once we finally get down to Cape Town, we will then be spending another week or so along the South Coast, but not roughing it as much there, as some of the places on the main trip, we will be sleeping in tents, fenced in to keep the animals out :rofl:

All in all it should be a blast and I look forward to sharing lots of pics upon returning home :aww:

Then it will be a mad saving frenzy for hopefully another adventure to South America in Feb '15.... but that's another story :D

You can follow me on Facebook if you like, just add me here:

I may yet get to post a fair few interesting things there before here, as things happen :aww:

WIll be a challenge to get back into my message center here on return, as I can imagine there will be thousands of things to catch up on :D

Anyhoo, I better go and make sure I have everything packed :lol: only seriously started doing it about 2 days ago :rofl: