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Slow day by Darth-Marlan Slow day by Darth-Marlan
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Omoidenoki Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017
Beautiful mood Clap 
Darth-Marlan Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2017  Professional Photographer
Thanks :) it was a nice pub too :aww:
Omoidenoki Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2017
Skycolla Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2017  Professional General Artist
I love this one and I can't even explain why!!! I absolutely love it!!

Awesome work my friend!!

Darth-Marlan Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2017  Professional Photographer
The lighting was a little weird in there, or maybe it was the settings on the camera I was using at the time, but I shot about half a dozen variations on this, but this one seemed to work the best out of all of them. Thanks :D :hug:
Skycolla Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2017  Professional General Artist
Eheh it's still awesome!! I dunno I really like it!! And the lady at the bar her expression looks so natural!! I love it :hug:
Darth-Marlan Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017  Professional Photographer
I shot this one with my 85mm prime, works pretty well in low light, nice piece of glass. I try to aim for unnoticed shots when I can, so I'll usually point the camera at friends nearby or shoot some of them for a bit, then when the people stop paying attention to the camera, that is when I usually swing it around to what I was looking to shoot and capture a few quickly :D :hug:
Skycolla Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017  Professional General Artist
Yeah in my opinion that's the good way to capture people, generally picture taken when people aren't expecting turns out to be way better when people are posing for the camera, but I dunno it's probably just a matter of choice :meow: at least I really like it :meow: 

Darth-Marlan Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2017  Professional Photographer
Mhm, definitely, I really like candid work, I find posed shots to be, well, too stark and forced sometimes, there are some exceptions to that of course, I watch a fair few people here that only shoot that way and their work is really good. I just prefer street/real life to planned studio portraiture. My people folder… is full of all kinds of stuff, but some of my favorites:

Emotions by Darth-Marlan  Shot in Nairobi, Kenya, at an elephant sanctuary, composition is as shot, but colour work, lighting and a few other little secret editing tricks used here.

Full of colour by Darth-Marlan  Market scene, Zanzibar, shot from the hip, using lens scale for focal distance. Enhancements added in postwork in lightroom/photoshop.

Life by Darth-Marlan  Madagascan street scene, candid capture from vehicle as we passed through the town.

Man in Blue by Darth-Marlan  This guy was a challenge to shoot, we were stopped in a small village in Madagascar, waiting for traffic to clear. He saw me the first time I raised the camera to take the shot and looked at me like he wasn't very impressed, so I lowered it and didn't take the shot... then as he turned away, I got the focus and the composition, so that when he turned back to look, I quickly fired off around three shots.

And finally,  Corner Cool by Darth-Marlan  one of my favorite captures from Madagascar. These girls were just hanging about watching the world go by, maybe waiting on friends, I am not too sure, but I captured a few shots of them as we were making our way through the village. Madagascar is such a wonderful country to visit, the landscapes, the animals and more interestingly, the people are just amazing. I shot over 5000 images in 3 weeks there :faint:

Skycolla Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2017  Professional General Artist
Oh my!!! They are really impressive!! The man from Madagascar is superb!! I love it!!! The composition, the expression everything is so perfect!!!

I was here wondering, when you go out to take pictures to people in their lives doing whatever they are doing, do you just take pictures to them or do you ask first if you can?? This is a really intriguing question for me, and it's curious because I was thinking about this the other day, since I'm like you I like artworks where people are natural and not really posing.. So what I was here thinking is what is really better, to ask them, but then they will know they are being photographed or just photograph them without them knowing and get them to be 100% natural?? Nowadays people get pissed at everything and I can imagine someone getting mad because they didn't consent it or something like that, so in this last days that's something I have been wondering!!

Madagascar seems to be really beautiful, I think I would take lots of pictures if I had to chance to go there!! A place that I went that I really liked it was Morocco, but unfortunately back then I wasn't much into photography and i also went there on a cruise so I didn't spend much time in there, but the little time I was there it's really beautiful, and people can visit the desert if they desire, but there is, i was on a cruise so I really didn't have the chance. 

Darth-Marlan Featured By Owner Edited Jun 11, 2017  Professional Photographer
:) yeah, it was one of those shots where I felt like a spy or something, taking candid shots of some guy lol :D

A lot of the scenes were taken as we were passing through the little villages in a van, I was seated down the back with a really wide window to shoot through, so quite a few of them were totally candid. These are a fair few as well, where we had stopped and were talking to them, or were wandering through villages. In those cases, I would always point at the camera and ask if I could take a photo or two, most of the time they were happy enough to do so, sometimes a little of the local currency was also given as a thank you. I always showed them the shots and they were pretty surprised and laughed and smiled when they saw themselves :)

Behind the scenes by Darth-Marlan   Love is... by Darth-Marlan   Madagascar 15 by Darth-Marlan

Sometimes you take the shot, as you see it in front of you...a fleeting moment, captured as a frozen spot in time, that will never occur like that again... but yeah, you still need to be careful and respecting of the people as well. Most of the time, if I am walking about and shooting, I do show them the photos and sometimes they want to pose more and you get some really sweet and nice captures as well...

.Friends. by Darth-Marlan

Madagascar was amazing, such an interesting place with such a diversity in people

This is our guide, Bernard,  Looking out by Darth-Marlan  he was such a nice fellow and was very knowledgeable in the culture and history as well as being our translator and helper out of tricky spots when people were trying to sell us t-shirts and all kinds of other stuff :D

I have heard some really good things about Morocco as well, such an interesting history :nod:
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DanielWolff-Gallery Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2017  Professional
A fine place for a break!
Darth-Marlan Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2017  Professional Photographer
:) This was down in Hobart, we were inbetween adventures, found this nice pub to sit back and relax in for a bit.
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