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Heard from :iconhewytoonmore:

Well, there has been some news through DA (to which is real) that a company, known as the FCC, are planning on taking away are rights on the Internet, just as it had tried to do before in 2015. They plan on making our/your web traffic being slowed down, or even blocked altogether. All of us could be forced to pay extra to use our favorite apps. We could even be prevented from getting news from the sources all of us trust. On December 14, the FCC is voting on repealing Net Neutrality on that day and if they success, then this would mean the end of our freedom on the Internet. But we can fight back, we can do something to save the very thing we have come to love and end this madness at once. If you don't believe me, below will be the dozen of links that lead to other journals and showing just how grave the situation truly is. Also within those journals are the links to petitions that we need to sign in order to show just how we all truly feel and how much we want to save out rights. Also, start sending our your own journals and spread the news, get those who haven't heard the situation to join and protect our free rights as American. If we do nothing, DA won't be the only thing that will be restrained, like Anime websites or anything you all believe would be deny by the FCC. So go right now and sign!


Neutrality Revolution by HewyToonmore  More Ways To Help Net NeutralityTaken from Slasher12 
Back in 2015 you demanded that the FCC adopt strict net neutrality rules and establish a free and open internet. And you won
That should’ve been the end of it. But apparently not.
The new head of the FCC wants to undo the net neutrality protections you fought so hard for.
His proposed changes open the door to your web traffic being slowed down, or even blocked altogether. You could be forced to pay extra to use your favorite apps. You could even be prevented from getting news from the sources you trust.
Title II protects consumers and democracy by ensuring all voices can be heard.
You know the drill. Here’s what to do:
The FCC is taking comments from the public, and 
  Fight to save Net NeutralityTaken from Slasher12 
This is your last chance to stop ISPs from messing up your Internet.
The FCC just announced its plan to slash net neutrality rules, allowing ISPs like Verizon to block apps, slow websites, and charge fees to control what you see & do online. They vote December 14th. But if Congress gets enough calls, *they* can stop the FCC.Click here to be directed to where you can input your phone number. We’ll connect you to your congress representative and provide a suggested script of what to say. Your phone number will only be used to make th
  Even more ways to help Net NeutralityFound this posts that can help
"There’s a lot of big, wordy articles going around tumblr right now, and they’re all great. But I wanted to make a mastpost of sorts of all the actions you can take and sites/bots that are here to help.
battleforthenet - The main hub for all things net neutrality. Fill out a form in seconds to e-mail your rep, or enter your phone number and a prerecorded message will call you, tell you exactly what to do and provide a script before connecting you with your representative. You can also set up a daily call.

theheroofdarkness Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2017  Student Digital Artist
They never give up, do they? :smoking:

One would've assumed they'd have come to learn now in the meantime, but guess as long as money's involved... :shrug:
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2017
Yeah, some people never give up, and even if they believe that they are trying to the 'right thing' (though honestly it the money the seek), we have to fight back in order to protect our freedom. So spread the news, my friend.

Also, great to hear from you again, how has things been to you? To me, it been a rather quite road for me this whole year, but still haven't got a job yet.
theheroofdarkness Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2017  Student Digital Artist

Unfortunately rather tied up - actually the whole year 'round with some interesting developements in personality here and then, but aside of that still jobless in a way and/or situations unchanged at large. I've been trying with a journal since... April or so, I believe :XD: , but most of the time something else would pop up and I'd be left with little time and/or motivation to do so then.

I'll try to come up with something around my birthday, though, so... yeah, to be continued then, I believe. ^^;
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November 30, 2017


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