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A little late to announce, but few hours ago I have at last return back home with my family. There was great fun for the last five days, despite how of the issues erupted from some of the family members, and the painful, grueling hours traveling non-stop for two days. However, I still say it was worth getting out of the house and seeing new and exciting things on the trip. But for now, I'm going to relax for some few days, to which then I will returning doing the usual stuff and even finish some stories afterward.

I know I just made a Journal less than an hour ago, but there something else I really need to address right now. My friend :icontheheroofdarkness: is once more trying his be to warn everyone here in DA that a dangerous event is about to strike at the core of the Internet. It really doesn't matter if you are in Europe or not, this new law will seriously do real harm to the internet and will remove the once free, meme-tread themes we have. The link below will take you to his journey to see just how dire the situation is for everyone.…

While things may appear to be rather serious, there is still a way to prevent this disaster from happening. Just going to the link below and please sign the petition to fight for our right and freedom of the internet. The petition is also free and only take three, simple steps to do so, so please do this right now!!

So I need to make some announcement regarding next week. On Saturday till possibly Friday, I will be going on a trip to Georgia with my family and may have little activities here in DA. Will do my best to at least checkup once in a while.

Also, yesterday I join a D&D game with my younger brother friends. I played as a Blood Hunter at 1st level, and it was a four hours of action of fighting zombies, a troll and bandits. It was challenging by myself, but the group was able to help do much damages to the enemies. The only issue were that the other players, while being third-to-four level, were kind of OP in their own right, even the DM realize that they are just too strong at the moment. They had a helmet that gave out temporary health of 8 each time the battle's is over, while also having an army of 18 Kobolds. But then near the end of the game, the bard did a completely cray, insane move of using a ritual that end up sacrificing 16 Kobolds in order to summon a demon, in exchange for superpowers or added buffs. What came out was a CR 19 Balor, though it was brought down half it health when the bard interrupted the circle in the attempt to kill it. Not only did it not work, but the Balor was still too powerful for the group to do any harm (being resisntance to non-magical attacks), so the group instead were able to make a bargain with the demon; give it 30 living soul (only due to good Charisma rolls) in less then 2 hours, then open the portal so it can return with us along. The group however planned on just closing the portal the moment the demon enter to just get rid of it, though not before wanting their superpower's. I honestly don't know if that will work and instead we will just all burned to death. Just before the session ended, we have only manage to capture at least ten creatures in the forest and we have less than one hour to find the remaining sacrifice. I will also address that the whole team alignment are"Chaotic Neutral", neither good or evil, though to be honest they seem more evil just from sacrificing the 16 Kobolds. I pray that we can somehow survive this madness, and hope my character don't died in the next session.
People of DA, I have some unfortunate new: our greatest fear have turned out true today. My friend :icontheheroofdarkness: have send out a new journal that shine a rather dark moment in history. Quoting his words, "In spite of final objections and attempts to change the regulations within the draft to overhaul overdate Copyright-Regulations since 2001, it was regardless voted in favor of overly dreaded Articles 11 and 13 of same reform to be enforced through a voting ratio of 15 to 10 in favor of same articles."

This has become a dark day indeed for not just the Europeans, but also the internet in itself - as well towards all who ignorantly think it won't hit them as well, eventually, you couldn't be more foolish to believe that. In some way, this will hit you - either directly the way how same reform's gonna change the way of material to ultimately be accessible or otherwise, it doesn't matter. There can be a possibly that the UA government will also try to make this law upon on and restrict our right as well. However, there is still hope to prevent this! Below is a link to a petition to do our last chance to save our right.…

In this link, we can vote our voice to prevent this disaster from happening and save the internet. However, to give a fair warning, this petition require that you need to pay 5$ to vote, but it a cost necessarily in order to protect out rights and the internet all together!!

Also go to my friend journal and read it, it is quite a powerful, moving words he written.   Lose of Battle against Article 13 but not the war!So, sorry I've been checking in on things so late, again. These days I'm so tied up with stuff, I most of the time only manage to do so late at night or so (or average hours within the US now), so I only really managed catching up on many things now.
And even though, I already dreaded logging in today to see how things ultimately turned out from that supposedly 'last minute' campaign on my end, I know there was no way stalling this forever.
Unfortunately, my/our greatest fear have turned out true today. In spite of final objections and attempts to change the reglations within the draft to overhaul overdated Copyright-Regulations since 2001, it was regardlessly voted in favor of overly dreaded Articles 11 and 13 of same reform to be enforced through a voting ratio of 15 to 10 in favor of same articles.
This ultimately happens to be dark day indeed for us Europeans, but also the internet in itself - and, again, towards all who ignorantly think it won't hit them as well, eventually

My friend :icontheheroofdarkness: reveal an urgent news! Once more, the government is creating a law that would severely damage the internet and also filter all works, including stuff in DeviantArt. Please enter the website and either send tweeter or email to  vote your voice. If you finish voting, immediately spread this news to everyone in DA at once!…
Alright, it been a while since I have done a journal here in DA (beside the Valentine Day theme). I wanted to ask some of the viewer of DA a question that has been bothering me for a while: which stories would you guys like? As of now, I have five stories drafts right now that are both unique and personal favorites of my, but I am at the moment unable to decided which one I should focus first and end up switching between them non-stop. A course, I first have to make a request story for my friend :iconthebigblackdevil5: around by April, thus my focus will be first on it. But afterward, I will try to work on the five stories, yet now I need your help for me to decided which one I should work on.

1. Beware the Scoripon Sting (Serket TG/TF): Now to some who have read some of :iconsephzero: stories, most would already know the tale of Jackie Valentine. A young woman from the line of explorer's end up being cursed by TK as punishment, thus forcing her to become either her sexy Allure form, or savage Werejackal. However, this story would focus upon a unfortunate man, who was part of a group of tomb raiders that were assaulted by the Werejackal. He end up being punishment by an ancient goddess by being possess by her, to which leads toward a transformation into an a divine, hybrid human/scorpion woman, or to be more precise a magical humanoid scorpion woman. As an attempt to being more bug transformation then common beast transformation's. Also to remind people, this story is Non-Canon, so it wouldn't exist in Sephzero stories.

2. The Legacy of Fafnir (Dragon TG/TF): This follow the life of Jones and his friends journey into Worms (as in a city that reside in Germany), to visit one of the Jones old relative after the pasting of his parents. The two were quite surprise to know that the relative has knowledge regarding the complete history of both Germanic and Norse mythology, though the mainly focus around Sigurd  (Siegfried in Germanic). However, the relative soon reveal a dark secret about their family and Jones friend, to which could bring about the beginning of the end. This story will involve a dragon transformation (a course with TG as well), to which both including giantess transformation. This is also an attempt to reinterpreted the story of Norse Mythology, as the story is mostly vague in some of it tells, as well as recreating the ragnarok by the end of the story.

3. Champion of the Desert (Urbosa TG/TF/AR): A explore has found an undiscovered temple that is strangely built to be shape like a camel. Entering within the center of the giant temple, the explore end up a lightning bolt to fire out from the camel-shape structure, yet quickly strike down at the explore. This is now involving a transformation from the game series "Legend of Zelda", adding both Age Regression and muscle growth transformation for the old man into one of the champion from "Breath of the Wind", Urbosa.

4. Melding of Fire & Ice (Twinrova TG/TF/Fusion): Three friends order out from the internet to having a pair of different color crystals that were said to belong to twin witches. However, two of the friends end up placing the crystals upon both their foreheads and commence an intense fusion to bring birth a powerful sorceress. Once more doing a LOZ transformation, yet this time bring back a very old character of the game, Twinrova. Beside adding Age Progression, I am attempting to make the first Fusion transformation, as there aren't lots of stories that involve those kind of TG fusion, and I will do my best to make it as juicy.

5. Path of the Berserker ( Goliath Barbarian TG/TF):
A young nerd and his friend take part of a role-playing game that reside within a realistic virtual world with another group of people to test out the advance technologic game. The nerd end up creating a character that is completely different from himself, yet is unaware at how much the changes can actually effect both the physical and mental state of his very being in the process. This time it will not involve any magic themes, relay on scientific VR that also recreated real sensation, despite a slight error that going to have a major effect to the main character transformation to a tall, sexy-yet-savage Berserker. This also involve from the RPG, D&D (Dungeon and Dragon).

So again, I would like to hear your opinions on which one I should pay attention to the most, though you will all have to wait after I finish the request story with April.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I wish all who are seeking love the best of luck. Also for those who are having a romantic couple this day, I am happy for you happiness and wish you the best day! :love:

Also to note, I am planning on finish a Valentine Special Story, to which the OC Ethan Grissom/Elizabeth Grissom belong to :iconsephzero:. Just to be clear, this story will be an Non-Canon version and will not happen into Sephzero work. Even so, I wish you guys will come to love it when it done by tonight, or perhaps tomorrow if I am unable to finish it.

Also to play out the mood, here are some love songs! :)






Well, lots of things happen to me during the year 2017. Most noticeable, was the category five hurricane that hit Florida, to which cause numerous trees and some buildings to be damage, yet me and my family are doing well. Pretty much, I had a great time this year and can't wait to see what the year 2018 holds for us all (hopefully not some nuclear war or such, really hoping).

Anyway, wishing all those in DA a great time and a Happy New Year! :)
Heard from :iconhewytoonmore:

Well, there has been some news through DA (to which is real) that a company, known as the FCC, are planning on taking away are rights on the Internet, just as it had tried to do before in 2015. They plan on making our/your web traffic being slowed down, or even blocked altogether. All of us could be forced to pay extra to use our favorite apps. We could even be prevented from getting news from the sources all of us trust. On December 14, the FCC is voting on repealing Net Neutrality on that day and if they success, then this would mean the end of our freedom on the Internet. But we can fight back, we can do something to save the very thing we have come to love and end this madness at once. If you don't believe me, below will be the dozen of links that lead to other journals and showing just how grave the situation truly is. Also within those journals are the links to petitions that we need to sign in order to show just how we all truly feel and how much we want to save out rights. Also, start sending our your own journals and spread the news, get those who haven't heard the situation to join and protect our free rights as American. If we do nothing, DA won't be the only thing that will be restrained, like Anime websites or anything you all believe would be deny by the FCC. So go right now and sign!


Neutrality Revolution by HewyToonmore  More Ways To Help Net NeutralityTaken from Slasher12 
Back in 2015 you demanded that the FCC adopt strict net neutrality rules and establish a free and open internet. And you won
That should’ve been the end of it. But apparently not.
The new head of the FCC wants to undo the net neutrality protections you fought so hard for.
His proposed changes open the door to your web traffic being slowed down, or even blocked altogether. You could be forced to pay extra to use your favorite apps. You could even be prevented from getting news from the sources you trust.
Title II protects consumers and democracy by ensuring all voices can be heard.
You know the drill. Here’s what to do:
The FCC is taking comments from the public, and 
  Fight to save Net NeutralityTaken from Slasher12 
This is your last chance to stop ISPs from messing up your Internet.
The FCC just announced its plan to slash net neutrality rules, allowing ISPs like Verizon to block apps, slow websites, and charge fees to control what you see & do online. They vote December 14th. But if Congress gets enough calls, *they* can stop the FCC.Click here to be directed to where you can input your phone number. We’ll connect you to your congress representative and provide a suggested script of what to say. Your phone number will only be used to make th
  Even more ways to help Net NeutralityFound this posts that can help
"There’s a lot of big, wordy articles going around tumblr right now, and they’re all great. But I wanted to make a mastpost of sorts of all the actions you can take and sites/bots that are here to help.
battleforthenet - The main hub for all things net neutrality. Fill out a form in seconds to e-mail your rep, or enter your phone number and a prerecorded message will call you, tell you exactly what to do and provide a script before connecting you with your representative. You can also set up a daily call.

In just a few days, October is close to being done, but not before Halloween beings on the last day. For those who are looking for some stories with some hints of masks, monsters, horror and transformations, I have some of them listed here that are one of my favorites:

Halloween (2015): The Yellow JacketOnce upon a time, it was as cold and dark like on every Halloween night, in a small and plain town somewhere within the country of the United State of America, and it was this night where our story begin. But before I even start that story, let me tell of another story of the creatures that lives in our humble town, only known by the town people as the "Yellow Jacket" child. Where it came from was anyone guess, but it first appear around the 17th centuries, during the when the witch hunts had come to an end.
It first appear outside the home of our ancestors, it appear out a young girl wearing a simple, rugged yellow jacket that cover every part of her body and limbs, and a hood that shrouded its face in darkness, only revealing to burning red eyes and a sinister, sharp-teeth grin. The child would go in front of the house and simply asking for food, but the town people were too suspicion or frighten by the child appearance. When the child doesn't get what it want, te

Halloween: Werewolf (revision)
Walking down this street to his home afternoon, Anthony Dixon (17 years old) has visit his friend house to talk about Halloween Night party at their high school tonight. Anthony is wearing a black shirt with a wolf on it and a gray jacket under it, a jean and black sneakers.  He has black hair, green eyes and has a bandage on his nose due to getting a broken noise about few days ago after getting punch in the face by a dude. One of the reason being that he has been trying to find a date for the Halloween night party, but all reject him and he even accidentally ask out the due girlfriend by mistake. He and his friend Joe Murray (green hair, brown eyes, age 18) had made a club known as the Superstitious Detective to discover strange and unnatural event for 5 months; sadly those two are the only members of the club, while other students would only come to the room just to studying their homework’s. Most of their cases are about a mysterious and mystical store where strange even

Halloween Story: KistuneOctobers 30, 2010
It was a dark and quiet night at the forest near Ohio; the man in dark cloak, known as the Owner, walk through the forest and then stop. In his cloak was a small, japeness inn and place it on the ground. In that instant the inn grow in size, up to 25 feet and long. Right next to the Owner was a black fox, who was a bit surprise from the whole thing. The Owner took out an old, white mask  with red strips that resemble to a fox and place it on the ground.
Owner "Listen to me and listen well, this mask will grant your wish, but there is a cost. You have to wait for a year for him to come here; You must choice which man is your special one. Farewell now." The Owner soon vanish, while the fox place it face the mask and was suddenly cover in darkness.
Year later; October 30, 2011
Lewis, (blond, 18 year old man, wearing gray shirt and a jean) was driving from the city of Ohio to the forest. According to the mail he got, he was giving a free ticket to an japeness-cu

Halloween Midnight: Vampire
Last year, two boys name Larry and Steve, found a mysteries store and in it was a strange, mysteries old man. The owner of the store gives them costumes for their Halloween party, but one of the costumes had a magic spell on it. Steve, Larry only friend, wore a magical cat ear, that turn him into a cute, red hair cat girl, while Larry learn an important lesson between real love and fake love. So at the end of the day, both Steve and Larry fell in love with each other. But some wonder about the strange owner, and the question most people are asking themselves is where did the mysteries store vanish and will it return this year..?
Eric Louis, 15 year old boy (sophomore); he is you avenger "nerd", with geeky glasses,  light green shirt with pocket protector,  brown short,  and dark brown "old man" shoes.  He has brown eye, black hair; his height is 5.0 and many call him "round boy" because…well he was a bit chucky. And just like many nerds, the

The Celestial Ascendant (Angewoman TG TF)
"Why...are you doing this? I thought we were-"
"Shut it, that ancient history. Now cuff it up loser, or I'm going to give you more than a black eye!" Drake Mortimer shouted, squeezing his hand around Robbie Cubbage neck to the point of choking him. The two are hiding behind an old, antique store that only take in rare valuables that may cost over thousands of dollars for anyone to by. One of those valuable item is now resided with Robbie bag, as it was a gift from his grandfather of the store and was on his way home, till he had an unexpected run in with Drake. Now the young man is close to facing his maker, yet Robbie desire to live outweigh the desire to protect his grandfather gift.
"Ugh...Here, just don't..." Robbie could only choked some of the words out, as he passes out his bag to Drake, to which he simply let him go. The bully looks down at the weaken man with a grinned that would make him look like a villain in the comic book's.
"Thank you for your cooperation, old friend. Whe

Fallen to Corruption (LadyDevimon TG TF)
"Come on, squirt! We're going to be late to meeting my friends!"
Matthew Headley called out from inside his mustang, waiting out for his younger brother, Jamie Headley, to come out from their home. The ten year old boy marched out from the front door, thrilled that he gets to go to the new park that was complete yesterday and achieved the dream of making new friends. The only reason he is eager to make new friends is because that he had spend his whole life home school, since his parent doesn't trust the public school system, such as the fear of their child being bully or getting infected by a sick student. So when the park was finish construction, he ask his parent if he go to the park to socializes with other kids; though they were against it due to their concern of his health, the parents eventually gave in to their son demand, though at the condition that he get someone to watch over him. Jamie brother would take him to the park, since the spot where is fri

Miko of the Spiritual Fox Fire (Sakuyamon TG TF)
In the Land of the Rising Sun of the late 15th century, a small part of the Shikoku region is owned by the Daimyo, Kurama Sakai, who rule over a large fortress constructed primarily of stones. The castle lay upon a mountain known as Forunsuta, to which was a perfect location as a trading post between the different regions, while also an impenetrable fortress against invading armies. The citizen who lived in the area help gather foods, lumbers, waters and other supplies to help maintain the economy, while the samurai guard around the wall of the castle to prepare for battle from either outside or inside the castle. Kurama Sakai was once a wise general who used his tactics to help his master and Shogun of the country, Tokugawa Ieyasu, against bandits and other clans, till eventually he was given the title of Daimyo and soon bear the responsibility to his domain. Sakai and his family b

The Birth of Anarchy (Venom Symbiote TG/TF)
Within the heart of Manhattan, lay a sophisticated and unscrupulous corporate survivalist group, the Life Foundation, who were founded in response to Cold War paranoia, and is dedicated to constructing doomsday-proof communities for both its own members and society's elite, who can reserve a spot in these facilities for a minimum payment of over five billion dollars. In order to achieve their goals, the members have been dealing in secrets for nearly sixty years, such as opening an illegal black markets to the criminal underworld and even stealing money from the banks by hiring mercenaries to do the job. It was at that time the Life Foundation hires Chance to steal European armaments being shipped to Manhattan, but then their leader, Carlton Drake, betray Chance after he return from the heist and tortured him to reveal how his powered exoskeleton works so that it can be mass-produced for the Life Foundation's benefit. But litt

and The Curse Moon: The BeginningThe Curse Moon: The Beginning
Near a simple senior school, two boys exist the building as the bell signal the end of the school day. Bruno is a black hair teen (18 years old), with a plain body. He had black eyes, his face was cute that few girls could go out with him, and he wears a red jacket with a Darth-Vader t-shirt and dark jeans. His friend, Sam is same age as Bruno (though a bit smaller), had light brown hair, black eye and wear glasses. He doesn’t have much muscle and while also cute, most would mistake him for a kid. He wear a plain strip jacket and black t-shirt and plain jean. Sam took out his book, “Secrets of Myth and Legend in Modern Day,” to show it to his friend, while Bruno waits for the bus to come.
“Am telling you; in today society, demons and monsters blend in with the humans, in order to survive and to make people believe that they don’t really exist. Some just want to be left alone, others try to fit with human and be part of their s

Also to tell some of you, I will be making a story by two days that will be a fanfiction story to :iconthedarkneon: Terroween stories, though it will remain a surprise for him and you guys. So Happy Halloween! :evillaugh:
Okay, so I was just searching the web randomly for something interesting to find, beside looking for new anime's or looking for new gameplays, when I stumble to a youtube sit that is known as "Geek & Sundry", to which is where these people are doing an interesting series known as "Critical Roll". It basically a group of actors play a game of "Dungeon and Dragons", to which it became a funny and interesting thing to see, though you will have to watch them for three hours long for each episodes. However, today they were playing a one-shot version of a game from Shadow of War, to which four actors from the new games are actually playing a D&D version of it. The four actors play as four Uruks with cool names and characteristics, along with some funny dialogues,  who must find an unknown Warchief who has tried to killed their boss and bring his head back to get rewarded as Captains.  Leaving a link for you guys to check it out. Meanwhile, I am starting to think of making my own version of a Uruk, cause I am hype for the Shadow of War game coming out soon. :) (Smile)…

So I watch the second episode and was amaze by the epic fights and than the twisted ending of the story, due to the fact that the group was actually facing the Bright Lord at the end and some of their fellow friends actually turn against the others. Only the "Unbreakable" refused to be dominated and end up being killed, though still keep true to her title. The rest (with Mozu the Chosen dead) are now under the Bright Lord control and end with him beginning his war on the Dark Lord... Such epicenes!! I just love how this D&D version of SoW was such an unpredictable and amazing story, despite being only being a two part special, kinda wish there was more of it. Check out the second part to see how funny and epic it is.…
Okay, so I was just searching the web randomly for something interesting to find, beside looking for new anime's or looking for new gameplays, when I stumble to a youtube sit that is known as "Geek & Sundry", to which is where these people are doing an interesting series known as "Critical Roll". It basically a group of actors play a game of "Dungeon and Dragons", to which it became a funny and interesting thing to see, though you will have to watch them for three hours long for each episodes. However, today they were playing a one-shot version of a game from Shadow of War, to which four actors from the new games are actually playing a D&D version of it. The four actors play as four Uruks with cool names and characteristics, along with some funny dialogues,  who must find an unknown Warchief who has tried to killed their boss and bring his head back to get rewarded as Captains.  Leaving a link for you guys to check it out. Meanwhile, I am starting to think of making my own version of a Uruk, cause I am hype for the Shadow of War game coming out soon. :)…

Note: This waiting for the second part, so I will update this the moment it come out.

Okay, before I start the journal, I want to say that I am happy that Hurricane Irma has pass and no one in my family got harmed. Though the house did get some damages, they can be repair over time. Glad to know that they were some who were concern for me and want them to know that I am alright.

Now back to the journal; So I've been tagged once more and it been a long time since the last one. I was tagged by a friend, :icongabrielraven:, who also goes by another account, :iconthe-knight-writer:. I have tasked me to give you guys five unknown facts about one of my story, but the issues is that I have made a lot of short stories, bios and few long stories, to which it hard to pick which story should I do. So I have decided to what GabrierlRaven did and simply give you five random facts about any of my stories! I'll will list down the five facts that some of you guys may not known or missed, so enjoy. :)

1.) The early stories I made when I join DA focus around the TG War.
When I log on into DA, I did it cause I was inspired by a group of artiest and writer who were part of a group called the TG War, which is about a few clans with their own banners and titles that went against another clan and they used all kind of tg transformation on each others. I decided to join the war and start a whole lot of crazy, but I found out I didn't "officially" join the war correctly. But despite the setback, eventually I got recruited by the Green Team, but then quickly join the Black team, where my old friend :icontheheroofdarkness: was the leader and team I became sub-leader. The stories I made long ago weren't as perfect and way messing than how I am today, with only just two paragraphs and barely a page or two. I had some fun in the TG War, but sadly my time was rather short, when the club decided to make a "grand finale" and soon the club was done. There was a Second TG War and I did join it, but once more it end up closing fast due to some issues. In the end, I decided to focus on making stories for myself, while the TG War was never heard of for sometime. In the later years, someone tried to make a "third" TG War, but that was a busted too. But then came the Fourth TG War, :icon4th-tg-war:, and it was a much better success than the others. I could still join the club if I want, but don't know if it will be the same without some of my old friend from the old TG War...

2.) Some of the stories I made didn't work out or was never finished.
Although I had started to have a lot of idea of making long-series stories, some of them had some issues or I simply lost interested in them. Such as the Valentine Day path, which was my first attempt at making a CYOC story, to which focus the viewers who comments and decided the fate of the main character. It was a fun idea, but soon month pass after Valentine and I started having issues with the constant branches, to which I choice to end it. Another example was a story that was a co-op between me and :iconirishbrewinc:, known as The Journey. It was like, when I made one chapter in my style, Irishbrewinc make a chapter after that story in his own style and we just simply used our imagination instead of making a plan as we wrote one chapter after another. But after so long, Irishbrewinc soon got bored of the series and decided to call it quite, to which I can understand. There are other stories to which I haven't finish as of late, like the Sequel to the Slime Temple, the Reversal of Heart Fanfiction and Onigashima, though I promise that I am not leaving them like that forever.

3.) Been making Bios for both Death Battle and Fate.
It become tougher to think of new stories and needed a moment to be away from the usual TG stories to figure out what to do. Then years ago, I found an interesting web show that about two characters (either from tv, comic, games, anime, manga, etc.) that fight to the death, to which was called Death Battle. I was so amazed by the fights and also how detail they talk about the characters. Soon I browsed in DA and also found that a lot of writer are making their own DB fight and also making bios for characters not mention in the web-show. Founding a new thing to do and also help out the writers, I began making many bios of characters that I think would be useful and amazing to see in a fight (such as Medaka, Kaguya, Madara, Kurohime, Talion, Kenpachi, etc.), and then they are some characters that I made a bio of come true in DB (Power Ranger vs Voltron). I also decided to do a different kind of bios for a different series that involve with the Fate/Stay Night. I made those I though that could be summon to the Holy Grail War (like Naruto, Clarie, Tanya, Seras, White-Beard, Godou, etc.) and try my best to figure out the level of their powers, weakness and noble phantasms.

4.) Some of my stories are based from other writers stories.
Again, I tried to make a story that didn't involve with TG (or used it as only a sub-element), though it was a challenge at where to start the plot or what character to make. However, I came upon incredible stories from awesome writers, such as :iconthedarkneon: and :icongabrielraven:, who stories change my life forever. Thus I became a big fans of their works, and then I wanted to make my own OC's (original characters) that they could used in their stories. For TheDarkNeon, I created twelve, powerful characters that were going to be his opponent, to which I dub their group The Cavalry Force. Although he hasn't made any new chapter of the Dark Neon series (due to him wanting to make a comic), I still believe that he will restarted or remake the series somewhere in the future. As for Cliff (GabrielRaven), I made stories such as What If, that was sort of a alternate stories regarding his characters from Monster Club. I also made fanfiction stories call Onigashima that is set in the future after the ending of Naruto and also feature his character Akira Uchiha from Burning Mist, and than made a short chapters story with my character Drakon against Tomaki the Saiyan from the story Tomaki. I even made sort of characters that I work hard to make them really good and hope that he can used them in two of his stories; Amanda and Darwin for the Tomaki Sequel, and lastly Oscar Bernhard for the NightAngel. I have also made stories that were based off a Digimon Masks theme from another writer, :iconwavercd: (Angewomon, Ladydevimon, and Sakuyamon). Then I have been helping out a fellow writer, :iconcolumbus11:, who is doing a interesting CYOC story, to which I help out by making many drafts of the chapters and then he can adjust them to his style. He done a lot of chapters that were done by me, though I will have to wait for some time for him to do the others, though he like to do his own things first so that okay. My that a lot things I have been doing...Oh, I forgot to mention that I have been doing some request stories for a old friend of my, :iconthebigblackdevil5:, to which most are about a fanfiction of a old TV show, Danny Phantom.

5.) Almost all my TG and other stories have the romantic genres in each of them.
Now I will be honest with you guys, the only thing I love more than action fights, supernatural powers, and even the Tg transformation scene, is the very theme of love itself. Don't ask me why, but it always make me feel a bit happy and also tearing whenever I see such passion and drama between two people and how love will always triumph even when things look at their most darkness, if the lover found out a shocking truth about his/her partner, or how the hero tries everything he can to save the one he loves. That why I made some of the tg stories to have a sort of romance in them, to which the male characters become women and then are able to fulfil their heart desire of love with the former male character friends. I even had a twisted story, such as the character become a evil woman and end have sex with her lover against their will. I still searching for any stories that have some form of romance in theme, even if there are some stories that have other elements I may not like (such as F-t-M TF), though I could just skip the whole transformation and just get to the romance. If you guys have a story that may have some theme of love, tell me. ;)

So that's about it! All that left to do is to decided who to tagged:


To all those who are my friends in DA, I must tell you that by the weekend a Category Five Hurricane know as "Irma" is going to hit Florida, to which my home is pretty much is going to be hit by the powerful storm. I have seen what it has done to the smaller countries and islands, while how the last hurricane "Harvey" made such devastation to Texas. I wanted to tell you guys that I may not be around DA for quite sometime, since the chance are that all the power in Florida could be shutdown by the storm and I don't know when power will return after the storm pass (could take a week or more to return, hope it doesn't take too long). I am living in what people call "Evacuation E", which is what I was told the safest part when in a Hurricane, while my home is already made a stones and has been fortified, so I believe my home wouldn't be destroyed. But even so, I can only pray and prepare myself once the weekend comes and try to survive. I wish for those who had been hit by the storm to be strong and also those who also lived in Florida to be safe and make it by next week. Till then, I hope to see you guys later and will make a new journal in the future.
A happy Valentine Days for everyone who has a special someone in their life and wish their love to flourish! :love:

Well it close to the end of 2016 and hope it was a good year for everyone, despite to some it may have not been. I wish for everyone a good year for 2017 and wish things to get better.

As for me, i have finish my University and will soon be working on finding a job in 2017. Wish me guess good luck! :D
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It bee a week since the game got out, yet it has no English dub in it due to Aksys Games company has decided to not add it to the game which they announce two months ago. Now to some people who don't mind just having the Japanese VA, that fine by me and you can play the game happily, but to some who were use to hearing the English version are rather upset and dumbfounded. Not only is this something unbelievable to us who love the English version, but it also unfair to the English VA who work hard and spend the last few years on previous games and even done a anime version as well. With Aksys Games not planning on making an Extended version of the last game, the only chance to have a English Dub is for the company to make a DLC that will install English language to the game.

Now to be honest, I don't know if it will even work due to the game having good review and the company may not even want to make a DLC because of the review. And even if they decided to make the DLC, it make take a least a year to do so people would have to wait a long time. Either way, I'm just disappointed how the company had just turn their back on both the English Dub lovers and also the English VA who work hard for the series.
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Okay, so after making non-stop DB profiles, I decided to return working on some of my old works, such as Reversal of the Hearts (Fan-Fiction), Red Blood Beast, The Rise of Slime, The Calvary Force, and many other TG stories, including a new series that I came up with and will reveal it in another time (maybe next month if I have sometime).  I am now also attempting to try and make my first DB battle using the characters that were on the polls and those that weren't shown on the polls. Chance are, I may only make at least 10 or less death battles that involve with only the characters I profile or even some that were not. Also to give note to some people who voted, I may not select the one who was the most voted for some polls, because some (like Larxene and Azura) were already done by someone else, but the other reason is that I just wanted to see your opinion's on what match-up you would like to see, but I may have other ideas on who the characters would face against. So I going to reveal the first death battle right here on the journal and it will take time to work on it (due to school work) so be patient; Also, if you have already though of this fight or planning on doing this soon, please notify me and I will cancel it:














Two creatures, fear by all man's and beast's alike by their power and desire for destruction.

One was once a man, but he bath in the blood of dragons and soon became king of all dragons.

The other, the progenitor of charka, created from a ancient and powerful tree, and became the first Tailed Beast's.

The question is, who is truly the most powerful among these two?

Ten Dragon DB by Darth-Drago
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I have been reading a lot of interesting and unique idea battles here in Deviant Art (also in another website called Death Battle Fanon…). Some were amazing and awesome, others were also sad, but that how it goes. We root to some of our favorite character and fight against the character we either like less or just don't like them, there were even time when both of favorite characters end up fighting each other and make it harder to decided who to root for.

So today I notice there are still some characters that were suggested, but was never able to do a death battle, or there were some who may not have no even been selected or pick to be in a death battle. I have decided to, at least at my best effort for you guys to understand without getting confuse by the grammars, to create a Death battles. But to do so, I'm going to end your help, and this is quite simply. Just suggest the characters you want to see in a death battle, who would be a good opponent and even give me your reason why you think that the fighters would be a good match. I already have some good idea on some characters and give me your suggestion who be their opponents:

1.) Berserker/Heracles and Illya (Fate stay night)

2.) Agumon and Tai (Digimon)

3.) Medaka Kurokami (Medaka Box)

4.) Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto)

5.) Talion (Shadow of Mordor)

6.) Tatsumi (Akame Ga Kill)

7.) Xemnas (Kingdom Heart)

8.) Archer/ Shirou Emiya

9.) Michelle K. Davis (Terra Formars)

10.) Celty Sturluson (Durarara)

11.) Morgiana (Magi)

12.) Acnologia (Fairy Tail)

13.) Kaguya Ootsutsuki (Naruto)

14.) Madara Uchiha (Naruto)

15.) Evangeline A.K. McDowell (Negima! and UQ Holder)

16.) Majin Buu (Dragon Ball)

17.) Sora (Kingdom Heart)

18.) Ansem of Darkness (Kingdom Heart)

19.) Yoruichi Shihōin  (Bleach)

20.) Mine (Akame ga Kill)

If there is any other character you like to see in death battle, please comment.

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Hey guys, been a long time since I  written a journal. Alot of things had happen, for example getting into AI which is a school of art's, had done some hard works, some shocking thing happening at home which i don't think i can talk about yet and many more.

For today, three weeks ago :iconthe-knight-writer: partner Mika have left deviantart while Kuri is still continue on writing stories but has some problem with Mika gone. There are some members from Deviantart who are willing to support Kuri and help him out, like making stories, artworks and many more. I also wanted to help him out, so I decided to help him out my making another stories. This time the stories is made from You Guys! As the title says, the stories are "what if" version of Monster Club and you guys give me your opinion or ideas of what could happen or what the world could have been. Each stories are only meant to be 1-2 chapters each.

An example would be "what if Michelle was a were-cat?"

Please send you ideas on notes as a surprise to the readers.
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