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It took Joey an hour to follow the crowded, but lost them when he became too tired of chasing them down. Joey only wanted to stop the crowd, including Jim; then he could explain once more and hope that Jim will understand him. But Jim sometime has a thick-head and it may take some time to make him believe that he was telling the truth. Joey pass the entrance of the school, now school is over for today and most of the teacher had left, climb up the stair to reach his class at 3-floor. As he was close to his class room, outside he could hear a group of scream's, then the floor began to tremble and he could see the whole class group coming back, only they don't have Jim and one of the student have a broken arm. Joey and the rest of the students went down, exists the school and met up with the other group.

Female Student "What happen out there? And what happen to your arm?!" A young student, by the name Chris with a broken right arm walks toward the few students.

Chris "Well, the rest of us found a stranger young girl and I wanted to know who was is so I walk up to her and ask some question to her. But before I knew my arm was broken when she grab it, then she howl like a monster and we all decided to retreat. I don't know if that thing is chasing us or not."

Random student "What, you let that thing follow you? That creature could be here any minutes and you thought it was best to come here?"

Chris "What choice do we have; my arm is broken and I really need medical help. OUCH! My arm is in so much pain I can't barley focus right now." Joey walk in front of the group with his face calm but serious.

Joey "Look, the only thing we could do is go back in the school and barricade it; then we will call for some help from the police and maybe in the end we could all go back home safe and sound." A Joey finishes his speech, a howl came from the forests; a figure behind the true with red eyes reveal to be a young girl with wolf ears and tail who began starring at them, which cause the student to scream in panic.

Chris "That her; that the one that broke my arm!"

Male Student "Hey wait, it just one person, we can take her on so easily. Let get her!"

Chris "Wait, don't do it; she is not what she is appear to be!" But it was too late; three of the male students charge at the wolf girl, but to their surprise the wolf girl jump in the air and landed right on top of the second man, crashing his spine. The first student try to land a hit at her, but she keep on dodging until she decide to grab his arm; then she spin around him, placing his arm behind his back and kicking his right leg, breaking it. The third on panic and try to run away, but the wolf girl grab him by the shirt and lift him up easily. The wolf girl turns her gaze at the students with only anger and enjoyment of hurting everyone close to her; she throws the student at them and two boys and one girl got hit.

Chris "Everyone run back into the building now!" Students began to panic and run back inside the school, while Joey, left 5 minutes ago, enter the principle office and found a emergence lockdown button, which close the front door entrance. Few students went into different classes, while the rest went into the cafeteria; Chris met up Joey on the third floor to keep a watch at the wolf girl.

Joey "Chris, do you have any idea where she came from?" Chris try to remember where she came from, but she only remember she was on top of a tree, rest they know.

Chris "Well for now we were able to push her away from us. Now we just need to call help and… wait what she doing?" Both Joey and Chris look outside and to surprise she jumps on the building and then began to climb up the building. Both try to find her, but lost since she is under them and before they knew it, the wolf girl smash through the window and stand before them.

Wolf Girl "I guess you two will be my new meal. So, who will go first?" Joey look deep within her eyes and see great hatred…but also sadness as well. Then an idea came to him, but first, he needed to take her up on the roof.

Joey "<whispering at Chris> Chris, run back with the others and stay there. <To the wolf girl> I will be first, but you have to catch me first."

Joey began running to the left side, while wolf girl began her chase. To Joey surprise, the wolf girl was a lot faster than he expected, but he knew he couldn't stop right now; Joey began running up the stair, but when he look behind he could see the wolf girl just jumping on the stair and still moving faster. Finally he reach at top of the roof, behind him the wolf girl smash down the door down finally corner Joey.

Joey "Listen, you don't need to do this, there has to be other way then this?"

Wolf Girl "Oh please, you are trying to give reason to a savage animal that only exist is to destroy everything."

Joey "That not true, there has to be reason why are you attacking us; we didn't do anything to you and if we did, we are really, truly sorry." But this seem only to anger the wolf girl even more

Wolf Girl "You are truly pathetic that it not even funny at all; don't you any idea who I am?" Before he could answer that question, the moon was suddenly covered by a huge cloud and the wolf girl began to change.

Her once slender by was beginning to grow in layers of fat and the clothing was close of being destroyed. Her cute face turns into a boy face and her white hair became brown. Her breast was gone and a 'package' appears between her legs. The wolf ears and tail vanish, revealing to be Jim. Joey was shock by this sudden event, and kind of disgusted by the transformation.

Joey "Jim! But…what…how did you became a girl, even a wolf girl? What happen to you?"

Jim "Well Joey I have no idea, but for one then I want my revenge, and you are on top of my list. But I wanted to test on some students before I met you."

Joey "But why would want to have revenge on me; I didn't do anything to you?"

Jim "Oh just shut the hell up Joey. Your lie seem to never stop, you know that!"

Josh "If you still mad about that, I told you it about the teacher, not you! If you don't trust me, then…" but before he could finish, a giant black wolf with red eys appear out of nowhere and scare Joey by surprise. Joey was too close to the edge and end up holding on the edge for his life. Meanwhile, Jim was confronted by the black wolf; the black wolf jumps to the air and prepare for a strike, but Jim used a stick near him and whack the wolf hard. But the wolf counters attack by biting on the stick and throw Jim to the floor. As the wolf came closer to Jim, the moon soon appears once more, only to have wolf ears and tail appear. Jim got up and as the wolf charge at him, he grab it by the mouth and throw it at the forest. Jim soon walks up near the edge where Joey is holding on to.

Joey "So, I guess you just going to let me fall to my death. What a friend you are. I didn't betray you; you just have to believe me."

Jim "…I think your right. I mean, I just want to teach you a lesson, not to leave you to dead. Now hold on, I going to grab your hand." But just as he was close of grabbing him, Joey couldn't hold on and began to fall. Jim didn't think at all; Jim jump off the roof and try to reach Joey. While Jim was falling, his body began to change and end up being the wolf girl again. Joey was very close to the ground, but Jim made it in time to grab him and landed on the ground safely. Joey stand up on his feet's and turn his gaze at Jim.

Joey "Thank you Jim, without you I would have surely died." But Joey notice that on Jim face there was a tear on her face.

Jim "But it was I who almost got you kill in the first place." The only thing Joey could come up to calm her down was this… he  walk up to her and kiss her mouth-to-mouth.

Joey "Water under the bridge. Now I think you should apologize to those you have hurt or harm and hope they are no longer angry at you."

Week had pass, and strangely Jim could no longer change back to his old self again and some students got some broken bone due to her attack, but the students soon grow to respect her, while Joey and Halley (new name) grow together, almost like a date.
This is the second and last part of the story.
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