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At a house,Ben was doing his homework,decide to work on time. Time is a rift between past,present,ad future. Time control everythig that is happening and can change if someone make a choice. Ben all ways wondre if he control time. While writing his work, a portal open from behind him and made him jump off his seat. Then he could hear a girl voice saying,"Help me,please." Ben had a bad feeling,but went in anyway. Then,he found himself close to the moon,with the only thing here a pond and a banch cover in a black blanket. As he look in the pond,he could see everything that hapeen in time. The day he was born,the day he went to school,even the time he try to ask a girl out for a date. Then he jump again as he as saw a black cat behind. "Oh,it just a cat. What are you doing here?" "Don't touch me,moral." Ben jump back in shock. The cat just talk! "Yes,i can talk. I heard you want the power of time. Well,i am the time goddess." Ben was surprise that a cat is a goddess. "The reason i call you here is because i am dying,and i need your help." "Um...sure. What do you need?" "Your body." Ben jump back,but then got mad and yell. "What! I can't give you my body,it my. I need it." "Well,i do not need a boy body,i turn it into a female body. Plus you wanted power and you say yes. There is a price for ever deal." "BUT..." Then the cat turn into water and jump through Ben mouth. Ben fell and felt his body molding and skin smooth. His muscle gone and fat went to his leg and turn slender. Then his hand shrank and his butt burst out. His waist went inward and his hip burst out and became a hourglass figure. His nail grow,his hair turn white and grow long till it reach his neck. Ben was glad the change stop,but then his clothing change as his shirt revel more of his white skin and arms. Then his pants shrank and almost see his privent and butt. His sock grow long and turn pink,and his shoe grow,turn black,and had belts around it. Then a bell was around his neck and chains were around it as well. Then the change were back. He moan as his manhood was gone and rub his womanhood instead. His body wanted sex to give in the power and release his new self. "Now free me,"the voice say. Then his face trun into a girl,his nose shrank,and his eye turn white blue. Then he rub his nipple hard and it began to grow. Her mind faint away for each time she breath,and her breast grow from A to B cups. Then she yell so loud that she grow a cat eye and tail,and the breast explode into D cups. Then she got up and look at the pond. She was amaze how beatiful she was and how amazing her body look. "OH,this feel good. Now that i have this body,i can began my work at the time stream. Jenny(Ben) decide to have fun with the body at the human relam.
This is the first goddess,and it about time.

The character was:iconbenwolf0:and:icon!benwolf02:.
^dis gremer is rili gut! ei no becose ei had mach inglish at shul!
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September 27, 2009
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