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MMPR Thundermegazord by Darth-Drago
Name: Thunder Megazord
Series: Mighty Morphin Power Ranger (second season)
Height: 62 m.m
Weight: 510 ton
Zord's appearence base off: mythical creatures
Power Source: Morphing Grid
Powers: 75,000 Megavolts
Speed: 150 km/h

* Feats and Strength:

- The Thunderzords were created from the Dinozords and had much greater strength than their previous forms.
- Fought many powerful monster over the second seasons.
- Took so many fearsome and destructive attacks, and yet still go on fighting.
- Can lifted anything bigger and heavier then the Thunder Megazord.
- Despite it bulky-like body, it can move faster than cars, and can dodge or charge.
- The Thunder Megazords is now able to fight against Lord Zedd monsters, to which the Megazord was unable to match against.

MMPR Lion Thunderzord by Darth-Drago
Lion Thunderzord:
- Piloted by the Black Ranger (Zack Taylor; later by Adam Park).
- The Mastodon Lion Thunderzord was part of the Thunderzord Assault Team, making up the forward component of the chariot.
- The Lion would serve as the arms, the torso, and helmet for the Thunder Megazord.
- Weight: 47 tons.

- Zordon explained that the Lion had "courage and strength".
- It did not share the same abilities as the Mastodon, but it was given greater armor and defense.

MMPR Firebird Thunderzord by Darth-Drago
Firebird Thunderzord:
- Piloted by the Pink Ranger (Kimberly Hart).
- When the Zord is formed, the Firebird would wrap itself around the Red Dragon Thunderzord's waist, forming the belt.
- Along with the rest of the Thunderzord Assault Team, it could also combine with the White Tigerzord to form the Mega Tigerzord.
- Weight: 35 tons.

* Abilities:
- On its own, the Firebird was capable of creating an energy tornado and sending it towards monsters.

MMPR Unicorn Thunderzord by Darth-Drago
* Unicorn Thunderzord:
- Piloted by the Blue Ranger (Billy Cranston).
Formed the right leg of the Thunder Megazord and Mega Tigerzord, and sat on the right side of the Assault Team.
- Weight: 52 tons.

* Abilites:
- It could launch large boulders at foes.
- Can rammed at monster.

MMPR Griffin Thunderzord by Darth-Drago
* Griffin Thunderzord:
- Piloted by the Yellow Ranger (Trini Kwan/ later Aisha Campbell).

- Formed the left leg of both the Thunder Megazord and the Mega Tigerzord, and sat on the left side of the Assault Team.
- Weight: 52 tons.

* Abilities:
- It could project fireballs when used in combat on its own.
- Rammed or run at monsters.

Red Dragon Thunderzord by Darth-Drago
MMPR Red Dragon Thunderzord Warrior Mode by Darth-Drago
* Red Dragon Thunderzord:
- Piloted by the Red Ranger (Jason Lee Scott/ later by Rocky DeSantos).
- It could merge with the other Thunderzords to form the Thunder Megazord, serving as the main portion of the Megazord.
- The Red Dragon was the first Zord in the series to possess two battle modes: Dragon and Warrior.
- It 
could also stand on the Thunderzord Assault Team's chariot and to ride the Tigerzord while it is in Tiger Mode.
- Weight: 102 tons.

* Abilites:
- In Dragon mode, it could breathe flame and attack with its claws mid-flight.
- In Warrior mode, it would fight opponents by hand-to-hand combat or by wielding its staff that he could spin at high speeds to attack.

- Similar to the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord, the Red Dragon is capable of fighting and defeating a monster on its own.
- its wrists are capable of spinning at high speeds, allowing it to use its staff like helicopter blades as a finisher either on the ground or while diving from the Thunderzord Assault Team.

MMPR Tigerzord by Darth-Drago
* White Tigerzord:
- Piloted by the White Ranger (Tommy Oliver).
- Has a talking sword named Saba to help figure out what to do.
- Can change form to Tigerzord Warrior Mode.
- Can combine with the other Thunderzord's.
- Weight: 150 tons.
- Speed: 185 km/h.

* Abilites:
- Can leap at foes with it claws, or used it fangs to bite down on enemies.

RidingTigerzord by Darth-Drago
- Combine with Red Dragon Thunderzord, along it to ride on the Tigerzord so that it can used it weapon to attack monsters.

White Tigerzord by Darth-Drago
* White Tigerzord Warrior Mode:
- The second form of the White Tigerzord.
- The primary fighting form, Warrior mode is equipped with a sword, and can fire powerful "White Tiger Thunderbolts" in the form of energy fireballs at his opponents.
 It has also demonstrated the ability to follow the White Ranger's every move, first used against the monster Nimrod.
- Tigerzord would often fight alongside the Thunder Megazord in this mode.

MMPR Tor by Darth-Drago
MMPR Tor Stand by Darth-Drago
* Tor the Shuttlezord:
- Can be summoned by the Power Rangers.
- Weight: 1500 tons.
- Speed: 80 km/h.

* Abilites:
- As the rangers struggled against Lord Zedd
's monster Four Head, Zordon introduced them to a new Carrierzord that could combine with their Thunderzords. Tor was created when Zordon fused a green crystal with a turtle. The zord could transform into a Warrior mode by "standing up" and retracting its head and neck; Tor's back would then become the front of the zord. In this mode, it could shoot rockets out of its fingertips, and could open up its chest for the Red Dragon Thunderzord to enter it and re-energize. Presumably it could do the same with any of the rangers' Thunderzords, but this was never shown onscreen.

- Tor's default mode is Shuttle Mode, where it can hold a ranger's zord for protection or combine with the other six Thunderzords to create the Thunder Ultrazord. Tor was used primarily to withstand the might of Lord Zedd's Serpentera, a massive warzord that could easily crush any of the rangers' zords in a confrontation. It was first used in this way when the rangers went to retrieve the Sword of Light, with Jason docking his Red Dragon Thunderzord into Tor to buy time against Zedd. It was later modified so that it could drain Serpentera's energy, which proved invaluable in a later confrontation with Zedd.

Assault Team by Darth-Drago
Thunderzord Assault Team:
- The Thunderzords could combine to form the Thunderzord Assault Team.
- The Lion, Unicorn, Griffin, and Firebird would combine into an airborne chariot, which the Red Dragon would ride in his warrior mode.
- On at least one occasion, Red Ranger was able to summon the Thunderzord Assault Team without the assistance of the other Rangers.

MMPR Thunder Megazord by Darth-Drago
* Thunder Megazord:
- The Thunder Megazord is created by merging the five Thunderzords: the Red Dragon, Lion, Unicorn, Griffin and Firebird. It was more powerful and resilient than its predecessor, capable of resisting Lord Zedd's attempts to enslave it without the aid of any external signal-blockers. The Rangers piloted the Thunder Megazord from the green orb on its chest.

- The Thunder Megazord is also capable of blowing mist from its hands, which acts as a weapon. Can also wield a bow staff with the top having a trident-like spear.

MMPR Thunder Megazord Attacks by Darth-Drago
- The Thunder Megazord uses its sword, the Thunder Saber, as a weapon, and powers up the sword before performing a big slash to finish the monster. Unlike the Thunder Megazord's predecessor, his sword does not fall from the sky, but is kept in a scabbard on his waist. If the sword is taken by a monster, the Thunder Megazord can charge it up and shock the monster.

Mega Tigerzord by Darth-Drago
* Mega Tigerzord:
- Combine of all Thunderzord's and White Tigerzord.
- Height: 63m
- Weight: 336 tons.


* Abilities:
- The Mega Tigerzord is a combination of the White Tigerzord, the Lion Thunderzord, the Firebird Thunderzord, the Unicorn Thunderzord and the Griffin Thunderzord. The Unicorn made up the right leg, the Griffin made up the left leg, the Lion formed shoulder pads and the back, and the Firebird formed a claw on the Mega Tigerzord's right arm.

- This formation first appeared during the battle with Nimrod the Scarlet Sentinel. The White Tigerzord had to retreat after the first encounter. Returning with the other Thunderzords, the White Tigerzord combined with them to form the Mega Tigerzord. The Firebird would form a claw in the White Tigerzord's right arm, also serving as the Mega Tigerzord's common finishing move as it was launched from the arm and charged with energy.

- The Mega Tigerzord was extremely powerful and possibly surpassed the Thunder Megazord, as it handily destroyed Nimrod after the latter was defeated.

- It was used four times, and destroyed three monsters (Nimrod, Cannontop, and Needlenose). Four Head was the only monster which defeated it, and was destroyed by the Thunder Ultrazord.

MMPR Thunder Ultrazord by Darth-Drago
* Thunder Ultrazord:
- The Thunder Ultrazord is a combination of the Thunderzords Assault Team, White Tigerzord and Tor the Shuttlezord. The Tigerzord would sit inside Tor while the Thunderzord Assault Team docked onto Tor's back. The Red Dragon Thunderzord would twirl its baton like a helicopter rotor to lift the Zord and drop it on top of an opponent, crushing and destroying the monster.
- The Thunder Ultrazord was rarely called upon.

tumblr inline mr8k50WJ9s1qz4rgp by Darth-Drago
* Weakness:
No backup power supply.
- Not very agile.
- Got overwhelm and outnumber by five powerful giant monsters.
- Can be destroyed by a stronger foes.

15%20Thunder%20Megazord%20and%20Tigerzord%20WM%20b by Darth-Drago

The new Thunder Megazord make it way to Death Battle!

- I do not own this character. This belong to: Mighty Morphin Power Ranger.

Please give out your idea or opinions on who would fight this character.
gonzo22 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2016
So are you going to do a Bio for the Ninja Megazord 
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2016
Well, I'm doing a different Megazord with only a single ranger.
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