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240381 by Darth-Drago
Name: Death
First Appearance: Darksiders II (2012)
Age: Roughly 5,000 Years Old
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknwon
AKA: Horseman
Species: Nephilim
Occupation: Leader of the Horseman of the Apocalypse, Bringer of Death and Destruction

Darksiders%20ii%20horseback by Darth-Drago
- Killed archangels and demons, while being fear by both sides.
- The first among the Horsemen to tame a horse and name it Despair.
- With the other Four Horsemen, killed and wipeout his own kind, the Nephilim.
- Killed his brother Absalom, leader of the Nephilim.
- Played a huge role in the story arc called "
The Abomination Vault".
- In the past, him and his brother War had a standoff against Abaddon, Uriel and a group of angels.
- Worked together with War to stop Hadrimon and Belisatra from reaching the Abomination Vault.
- Slay the Leviathan.
- Fought against a 'fake' War and slay the Crowfather.
- Killed Ghran, Karkinos and Construct Hulk.
- Fought against the corrupted Guardian and slay it.
- Defeated the Arena Champion, Gnashor.
- Complete the challenge of finding the Dead Lords.
- Killed the Wailing Host.
- Fought an army of the Undead on Earth.
- Beat the Scribe and killed the corrupted Archon.
- Went back in time to met Samael and fought against him, though was unable to kill him.
- Confront Absalom, the Avatar of Chaos' and at last killed him.
- Fought other side mission's bosses ( Gorewood, Bheithir, Achidna, Deposed King, Ghorn, Frostbane, Abyssal Forge, and Demon Lord Belial)

Deathvsnotwar by Darth-Drago
* Phyiscal:
- Pinned down enemies around his size.
- Fought against even larger enemies.
- Ripped a large shield in half.
- Swung weapons bigger than his usually weapons.
- Lifted and carry a lantern bigger than his body.
- Runs and jumps on walls
- Jumped over an ax swing at close range
- Preforms backflips even with heavy weapons
- Was struck by Absalom's ax and took no real damage.
- Shrugged off getting impaled by Chaoseater.

- Use of his superior intellect to solve puzzles.

* Weapons and Abilities:
The harvester by Darth-Drago
- Harvester: Death personal weapon. Been used to slice and cut up against any foes. 
- He is capable of wielding a wide variety of secondary weapons, from bucklers, armblades, gauntlets, and claws to massive maces, axes, and spears

Death Abyssal Armor by Darth-Drago
- The Abyssal Armor: Slightly restores health with every hit, but only if it damages foes, while drastically decreases damage taken

Death and Despair by Darth-Drago
- Despair: Like War, the Pale Rider has a horse who name is "Despair". It help make travel go faster from area to area, while also have some short burst to deal damage and move faster. The bursts have limits.

Dust On Shoulder by Darth-Drago
- Dust: Like Wacther from Darsider (2010), Dust look around the area to show some hints or where to go next.

* Powers:
Death Redemption by Darth-Drago
- Redemption: One of Strife's handguns that Death wields.

Deathgrip by Darth-Drago
- Death Grip: A power that allowed Death to use a ghostly hand to pull items towards him or pull himself to certain points.

Ds artifacts30 by Darth-Drago
- Voidwalker: An artifact that can create portals in particular surfaces; could only open up to two portals.

Phasewalker by Darth-Drago
- Phasewalker: It is an upgrade-version of the Voidwalker; it is able to open portals that could travel travel through time from past to future.

Soul Splitter by Darth-Drago
- Soul Splitter: A power that allowed Death to split his spirit into two forms while turning his physical body to stone.

2305399-darksiders2 2012 08 14 15 10 26 56 by Darth-Drago
* Wraith Skills:
- Harbinger Tree: The Harbinger Tree (on the left) is oriented for players who want to unleash damage face-to-face with your enemy. "Teleport Slash", "Harvest", and "Reaper Storm" all deal damage directly while "Unstoppable" gives great damage bonuses to those three skills in addition to regular melee attacks. 
Teleport Slash Sub-Tree

  • Teleport Slash is a useful ability in multiple ways. First, Death restores a small bit of his power on executing this attack. The attack is effective enough to take out normal corruption enemies in a single blow. The move can also be used to move away tactically in a situation where you are surrounded by enemies and outnumbered.

 2.): Harvest Sub-Tree

  • The skill will make Death enter the reaper form for a small duration in which Death executes a swirling scythes attack. The attack is good enough to do considerable amount of damage and even if someone has managed to escape the attack, the enemy will be pushed back that can give death a breathing space. The upgrades in this tree can increase Death’s damage output or generate the Reaper energy.

 3.): Unstoppable Sub-Tree

  • The skill actually unleashes Death’s fury that will have no mercy on the enemies daring to attack. The strength and critical hit is increased multiple times which enables Death to land lethal blows. Call of the Grave is a recommended upgrade that will enable you to keep the fury last for longer duration.

 4.): Harbinger Tree’s Final Skill

  • Reaper Storm is the final skill Death can learn after he has reached level 20. You remember Harvest skill, right? What if i say that this is almost the same thing but the effect can last for as long as 8 seconds? It’s incredible. Whenever you are surrounded by a group of enemies receiving more damage than anticipated, just activate Reaper Storm and just enjoy the annihilation.

- Necromancer Tree: The Necromancer Tree (on the right) is oriented for players who want to use ranged spells and small armies to damage enemies in addition to normal melee attacks. Also, it allows a player to create a very survivable Death. "Exhume" and "Murder" both summon units to fight for you. "Aegis Guard" provides significant defensive and offensive boosts. "Frenzy" allows for ranged casts. 

1.): Exhume Sub-Tree

  • The skill allows Death to summon some aggressive creatures (Ghouls). These creatures can be helpful in battle by distracting enemy’s attention away from Death. If you buy upgrades like Corpse Explosion (Ghouls explode on death) and Max Out (Ghouls last longer), their supportive role can be increased manifolds.

2.): Aegis Guard Sub-Tree

  • If you want defense to be strong, Aegis Guard is the skill you should be spending points on. And if you manage to get the upgrades for the skills Reflect and Grounding, you will also be able to land hits that will do some hefty damage.

3.): Murder Sub-Tree

  • Murder is a decent diversion skill one can possess. Death will able to summon flocks of crows that will swarm the enemies forcing them loose their aligned formation. You can upgrade Murder for different benefits like restoring Death’s health, restoring his reaper energy or even freezing the enemies.

4.): Frenzy – The Final Necromancer Skill

  • Death’s all Wrath meter will be consumed in one single deadly blow. You can consume the Wrath portion and execute the move once again. You can use this move to deal with the more resistant enemies who will otherwise, give you a hard time.

Reaper by Darth-Drago
* Reaper Form: Death can transform into a large hooded being with skeletal wings and wielding a massive scythe. He can also summon this form for brief moments during battle and when opening chests and doors. Although this materialized shape is smaller and ghostly in comparison, transparent and smoky. His Deathgrip appears to be the hand of his reaper form.

* Accelerated Healing and Regeneration: Death appears to have both an extraordinary amount of durability and phenomenal regenerative capabilities. He has shown to be capable of being impaled through the chest by Chaoseater and thinking virtually nothing of it, which has in fact happened on two separate occasions (one of which was by his own hand). On one occasion, he was also run through the chest by the Nephilim weapon Affliction, a sword that inflicts wounds that become instantly necrotic. The angelic General Abaddon, for instance, was grazed across the eye with it, and not only could angelic medics not save the eye, but they were barely able to keep Affliction's necrosis from spreading further. Had the blow been dealt to any lesser angel, they almost certainly would have died, and the blow greatly weakened Abaddon himself for a considerable time. Death however, managed to not only survive being impaled through the chest by Affliction, but was in good enough shape mere minutes afterwards to engage with War in an armed standoff against Abaddon and a squad of angelic soldiers.

* Weakness:
- Despite having the name "Death", he can still be wounded and killed.
- Has limited Wraith powers.
- Needed to charge his Chaos energy if he need to unleash Reaper Form.

5653aabd84ac86ffb79f0406ca05277f by Darth-Drago

The Pale Horseman of Death leave behind a field of corpse as he arrive to Death Battle.

- This character does no belong to me. The character belong to "Darksider".
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You forgot to mention about his awesome voice XD, still i hope to see him in Death battle
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Death had way more abilities and powers then I thought he did O_O
I still wonder what his chances against Lobo are.....
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Who knows, but that would be a interesting fight.
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How strong is the handgun Death uses? Like what if he shot a large stone wall
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It just like a regular gun, though can harm monsters.
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Hmmm...I need some help, I'm trying to find the strongest weapons to give Death, his strongest scythes, secondary weapons and talisman, think you can help?
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2016
Well that will be a bit of a problem, being that not only both the first and secondary weapons has levels, they are also increase by sacrificing other weapons to make them stronger. To find which one is the most powerful weapons will be difficult even for me to find.
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