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On the Soul Society, King Albert, Age 17(110)years old, with black hair and white skin and blue eye, was the new captain of the 9th squad, is sitting down on the filed, so sad. Because a hour ago, Yamamoto, the captain commander, said to him, "Though you have a great power, you do not have a zanpakuto. Without it, a soul reaper or a captain is powerless. So, till you find your zanpakuto, you can't be a captain."

Albert, feeling sad, is trying to find his spirit, his zanpakuto. (But how can i find my weapon if i don't know how.)Than, His master, mr.Z(Unknown), came to see his student."How are you doing."

"Not good, master. I have pass the captain exam, but now i have to find my inner spirit, my zanpakuto." 

Master Z was silent,than he say, "Than i should help you.Here."He gave Albert a stick with a symble of a twin dragon.

"What is it?" "This will help you find your Zanpakuto. First, place it on your sword, than go home and wait for the process to happen by itself."

Albert, not getting what his master is saying, but he did what his master told him.The stick fuse with his blade, but noting happen. Before he left, his best friend, Captain Gilbertof squad 5rd,came to see him.

"Hey, don't worry, you will find your spirit, for we have been friend since we first met as children."

Albert trust Gilbert, but still discomfort about his sorry state, and didn't told him about his master new method. Before he was close to the gate, Andrew, was sitting in the wall. "Hey, how are you doing. "Andrew just ignore him.

"Okay, I going now. "Albert left, while Andrew kept his eye on him. Than he went to the human world. As he find his human body behind the tree, than as he fuse with it, he went toward his home. Than his friend, Tim, came to see him.

"Hey Andrew, how are you doing."

"Not in the mood to talk."

"Hey relax, we been friend for years since elementary school."

"Yeah, well I have my own problem now." Tim was 17 years old, Red hair and white skin.

"Well, everyone has problem too you know."

"Well every since we met, you all cause problem. "Tim sometime make problem at school, home,even at party. Tim felt hurt.

"Well, I sorry, I was trying to make you happy."

"Well, I wish you have never exists." Tim felt really hurt.

"Fine." Tim than left and run away. Albert always make friends go away, than he felt guilty as he walk to his bed. He wish that he got his zanpakuto spirit.

On the night, Tim sneak in Albert and found a blade. "So this is your problem, huh,will let see how I take your stuff, than that will be your problem."

As he touch the blade, it begin to glow and Tim was lost to the light. Than he was in a strange white and black world. Than two dragon, one was light, other is dark, was flying toward him. He try to run, but than the dragons fuse with him into a black and white egg. In the egg, Tim body slow shrank down, his hair grow long and turn blue, the clothing fuse together and turn black, while the jacket was white. Than his leg was slender, his muscle were gone, his hand shrank, and his face was soft, so is his skin. Than his manhood vanish and his chest grow D cups. Than a sword that was two became one, larger sword, one side black, one side white, and the dragon head that open it mouth for the blade to come out. That she went to sleep, waiting for it partner to come.

This is how thing get strange when a man became a zanpakuto,than a dragon girl.What will hapen next?

Gilbert is the captain of the 3rd squad,he and Albert have faint memories of their past.His zanpaktous is called Zackary.This character belong to:iconangelicdemonslayer:.
AngelicDemonSlayer Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2009
You might wnat to read back through one more time. You still have a few more errors. But nice update.
Darth-Drago Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2009
So,what do you think of it.
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