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Jak and Daxter from PSAS render by Darth-Drago
Name: Jak
Birth name: Mar
Race: Human (with long ears)
Age: 19
Height: 5' 10
Weight: 83.9
Gender: Male
Name: Daxter
Race: Ottsel (once human)
Age: 19
Height: 2' 10
Weight: 21.7
Gender: Male

Maxresdefault by Darth-Drago
* Feats...:
- Went through many adventures, went through time and saving the days multiple time.
- Daxter survive being expose to Dark Eco and became a Ottsel.
- Defeat the giant Klaww.
- Save the sages and beat Samos and Keira in their modified Precursor robot.
- In "Daxter", Dax spend years trying to find Jak by himself and fought off Metal Bugs.
- Dax defeated Kaeden, leader of the Metal Bug, then found Jak and free him.
- In Jak 2, fought off both Krimzon Guards, Metal heads and KG Death Bots.
- Daxter was able to re-directed a missle by riding on it and control it.
- Obtain and control the power of Dark Eco.
- Beat Baron Praxis twice.
- Won the races an beat Errol.
- Defeat Metal Kor and save his young self.
- Survive in the Wasteland , then went through challenge to earn his right to being "wastelander".
- Destroy a Precursor robot once more.
- Gain the power of Light Eco.
- Went into the center the planet, and discover that the Precursor are Ottsel's! (Crazy!!)
- Battle a Dark Marker Terraformer and destroy it with Cyborg Errol on it.
- Was poison by Rayn, daughter of Krew, who force to win the Combat Races to win the cure for him and his friends.
- In the "Lost Frontier", he went on the quest to find new eco, which result fighting Eco pirates, then later fighting against Aeropans, and defeated Skyheed the giant Dark Warrior.
- Fought alongside with "Ratchet & Clank" and "Sly & Bently" in the crossover game.
- Fought against "PlayStation" game characters and the final boss Polygon Man in "PlayStation All-Star Battle".

Untitled by Darth-Drago
* Physical Feats:

-Fought against giant bugs, beasts, soldiers, robots, Metal Heads, Dark Mutants, and many more with his bare hand.

-Can jump kick a vehicle away.

-Survive from a old building that collapse in Jak 2.

- Can dodge around the battlefield very effectively.

- Got away from a explosion from the destruction of the Terraformer and the KG Bot Factory.

- Went through the painful experiments for two years in Jak 2 and kept being alive.

- Can push over a large column over 2-3 stories high.

- Daxter can fight off Metal Bugs, sometime with his paws and tails.


-- Rapid Round Spin Kicks, Uppercut Punch, Glide Punch, etc.

-- Double-Jumps, leap from a rolling position, dive head first to break sturdy objects, swing on poles endlessly, and jump high distances from a crouching vault.

Jak and Daxter Morph Guns by Darth-Drago
* Morph Gun's:

- Was introduce in Jak 2 and again in Jak 3.

* Scatter Gun:

- It is a red eco power Red-Eco Mod shotgun.

- Focused on short-range, blunt-force firepower.

- It an ideal weapon for large groups of enemies.

- Wastelander Combo: The Scatter Gun is particularly useful against enemies which take multiple hits to kill—a useful combative tactic is to couple a Scatter Gun blast with a punch or a kick.

* Wave Concussor:

- An ungraded version of the Scatter Gun, which focused on high-power, medium-range force.

- It is a chargeable weapon, releasing a circular blast of red eco around Jak and along the ground, accounting for a larger attack radius than the Scatter Gun.

-The longer the blast is charged, the longer the radius that is released will be. A fully charged blast will consume five ammo shells.

* Plasmite RPG:

- The second-upgraded version of the Scatter Gun, which focused on high-power, medium-range force.

- It is a grenade launcher powered by red eco and plasmite, the same substance behind Plasmite bombs.

- Despite its name, it is not a rocket-propelled grenade launcher, rather it shoots bombs in the form of an arc, similar to the Dune Hopper's grenade launcher. 

- The RPG's grenades lack the range of the yellow mods
but make up for it with the ability to bounce, as well as a slight auto-tracking feature ensuring they will detonate closer to a target (not always the intended one however). 
- It is also one of the most direct powerful weapons, ensuring a sizable explosion which can take care of the majority of Metal Heads, KG Death Bots, and even Dark Makers.

* Blaster:

-The Yellow-Eco Mod is power by yellow eco,
recognized for its powerful, long-range precision.

- Because of this, it is more useful in battles against long-distance, flight-bound, tactical, or lone enemies.

- Wastelander Combo: Using a combination of firing and a melee attack, the Blaster will unleash a rapid-fire stream of three blasts. However this also means that ammo will drain quickly, so in making up for a deficiency it also cancels itself out.

-- Can be use for ground or aerial attack.

* Beam Reflexor:

- The upgraded version of the Blaster, with long range deflecting bullets creating a crossfire hazard for enemies.

- The Beam Reflexor is a vastly superior version of the Blaster, the ricocheting bullets are very fast and automatically seek their targets, making it nigh-on impossible to actually miss an enemy. It is therefore especially effective against flying enemies or very quick enemies.

- The aerial wastelander combo is also that much more powerful. Where as with the Blaster it would be possible for some shots to miss, the deflections ensure none of them are wasted and this attack is capable of clearing entire enemy rooms.

- However, it deals less damage per hit than the Blaster, which makes it better against large numbers of weaker enemies, while it eat up ammunitions quicker.

* Gyro Burster:

- It is a second-upgraded version of the Blaster, which fires continuous yellow eco bolts from its automatic multi-port disk.

- The Gyro Burster is the only weapon that consumes an especially large ammo rate; fifty ammunition with a single shot, which is then dispensed very rapidly by the auto-targeting hovering disk drone that the actual gun fires.

- The drone moves forwards slightly and will slightly change its course if it bumps into anything, although it can also be locked in place by pressing the fire button again. 

* Vulcan Fury:

- It is a blue eco power, Blue-Eco Mod, focusing on a rapid medium-range rate-of-fire

-The Vulcan Fury is a similar weapon to the Blaster: it has a laser sight for medium to long range shots.

- It only differs in terms of its rate-of-fire, which in the case of the Vulcan Fury once warmed up, becomes a continuous stream of blue bullets.

- Ammo is relatively scarce so it is not recommended to attempt to use it for a "spray and pray" tactic either, as the gun fires at an angle and it is thus difficult to properly hit enemies. This does not mean it cannot be useful at times, if no other options are available it might very well mean victory or death.

- It performs fairly well when executing one of the Blaster's wastelander combos, but is best used against well-armored enemies with a lot of health.

* Arc Wielder:

- An upgraded version of the Vulcan Fury, focusing on high-power, long-range force.

- Unleash a stream of electricity.

- It is use as a sweeper weapon, simply firing the weapon and spinning around to sweep floors clean.

- When it does truly excel however, is when you purchase the Arc Wielder's robot shock upgrade. This notably increases the damage output against all of the KG Death Bot's
units, making it the best weapon by far against these robotic foes and also stuns them for a very short moment.

- The Arc Wielder is a rather poor weapon against the majority of enemies on its own not to mention it also consumes ammunition incredibly fast.

* Needle Lazar:

- It is a second-upgraded version of the Vulcan Fury, weapon focusing on medium-power, medium-range force.

- As the Needle Lazer's bullets automatically home in on enemies it is one of the few weapons where one won't need to worry about actually aiming.

- It is instead best to concentrate on not being hit while making sure to hold down the fire button until all desired enemies are dead (and to immediately stop firing when they are, as it eats ammunition).

- The best enemies to attack with this weapon are either fast or flying ones in wide open areas (to avoid the bullets hitting inanimate objects).

* Peace Maker:

- It is a dark eco power, Dark-Eco Mod, which specializes in high-grade mass destruction and by far the strongest mod in the game. 

- It can be charged by holding the fire button, which will produce an electrical dark eco sphere. Releasing the button will release the sphere as it will travel to a target.

- If multiple targets are in the same vicinity, the blast will arc over and destroy the nearby targets as well.

- Pretty much any medium-sized enemy will be killed in a single hit from the Peace Maker.

- Whether short or long range, the Peace Maker will do perfectly fine in either case. It is more effective at long range due to the slight auto-seeking effect of the bolt, making it even possible to fire the weapon without facing the intended targets if the camera acts up.

- The sole downside to the Peace Maker is the lack of ammunition and the fact that it is oddly ineffective against well-armored opponents and those with a large amount of health.

* Mass Inverter:

- An upgraded version of the Peace Maker, which the weapon
release a field of anti-gravity energy, paralyzing its subjects as the float around in the air.

- The Mass Inverter is unique in that does not really deal damage to undamaged enemies, instead it only deals damage to an enemy when that "attack" is certain to kill it.

- Enemies can potentially float on their own and end up above water or a bottomless pit, when the field deactivates they will fall down and die as well.

- Enemies will not be able to attack while floating, although Marauder vehicles can still shoot and potentially harm Jak.

- Once the field has been deployed you can either run away or use the opportunity to take down the harmless enemies.

* Super Nova:

- It is a second-upgraded version of the Peace Maker; it is a mass-destruction, heavy firepower, miniature nuclear weapon.

- The actual rocket will shoot forward, jet upwards, and slam downwards to either the ground or the target which the laser sight pointed on (if pointed on a wall or other similar object, the rocket will stick to it). When this happens, either immediately after or a few seconds after, the rocket will detonate, blanking the screen white, and destroying everything within a large radius. Afterwards, only a small mushroom cloud can be seen if its trajectory was uninterrupted.

- The most powerful Morph Gun mod in the series, it is certain to kill every single enemy in the vicinity (and blow up any vehicles with it as well).

- Consider it a last resort weapon which can only be used twice (assuming one saves the dark mod ammunition), although cases in which it is truly needed are relatively rare.

Gunstaff by Darth-Drago
* Gunstaff:

- At first it is only capable of use with melee attacks, but through upgrades it becomes similar to the Morph Gun in Jak 2 and Jak 3.

- These weapons allow Jak to fire a projectile directly ahead.

- The effect and damage inflicted by the projectile varies according to the mod equipped.

- A gunstaff mod requires ammunition to fire, which can usually be found by smashing item crates or defeating enemies.

- Aiming is aided by a laser pointer attached to the end of the gunstaff.

Blaster gunstaff render by Darth-Drago
* Blaster Mod:

- The Blaster fires a single, powerful long range shot. The Blaster is extremely effective against weaker, unarmored enemies at short or long ranges. It is powered by yellow eco.

Scatter Gun gunstaff render by Darth-Drago
* Scatter Gun Mod:

- The Scatter Gun fires a single high intensity cone shaped blast that damages all enemies in range. When you find it, the range is relatively short, however with numerous upgrades the blast radius can be improved. It is powered by red eco.

Vulcan Fury gunstaff render by Darth-Drago
* Vulcan Fury Mod:

- The Vulcan Fury fires a continuous stream of low power shots. Though light in damaging power, the weapons continuous stream allows Jak to hold an enemy at bay and reduce health quickly. Later on in the game, the player can find a chest with a ricochet mod. This allows all Vulcan Fury shots to be deflected from walls and enemies, making it a deadly force. It is powered by blue eco.

Lobber render by Darth-Drago
Lobber Mod:

The Lobber fires a single green eco grenade in a forward arc. The grenade remains in place until touched by an enemy - after it is touched, the grenade explodes and deals heavy damage. The Lobber works great against small groups of enemies. It is powered by green eco.

Armor of Mar by Darth-Drago* Armor of Mars: Wearing this armor give Jak an increase of maximum health capacity as a result.

Titan Suit render by Darth-Drago

- Titan Suit: It can move around to either punch enemies or objects, push a solid block of rock or lift and throw lighter pieces of stone. The two legs on the bottom are quite powerful and it can safely drop down from a high area without sustaining any damage. When jumping it uses a short but strong jetpack on the back of the armor, which gives it the extra boost when needed. Despite the appearance of the suit, it is not as heavily armored as one might think, direct attacks from metal heads will be able to damage it, notably electrical attacks deal heavy damage. It is recommended to also be careful around
grunts as they can and will leap onto the suit and start smashing it—which is troublesome as they will deal irresistible damage and are hard to get off. When used to attacking enemies it resorts to a one-two-one punch combo, which is also strong enough to smash machinery or unhinge thirty centimeter thick metal doors.

Dark Maker bot by Darth-Drago
- Dark Maker Robot: It is capable of dealing heavy blows with the two arms, commonly executing a left-right-left punching combination. These punches notably break through a trooper
's shield with more efficiency in short-range combat. It can also use a couple of minor boost engines on the back to make short jumps as well as lift heavy objects. It is also capable of crouching down and activating a shield similar to that of the trooper units, similarly it can also be broken down by them which makes the mech vulnerable again. It is recommended to use it in case of emergencies only or when moving is not available (for example: when standing on a small moving platform).

- Was only used inside the Dark Maker ship once, and required the Astro-viewer to connect  to it.

Zoomer single-seater render 1 by Darth-Drago
* Rides:

- Zoomers: Zoomers is the general term for the common civilian vehicles seen in Haven City during "Daxter", Jak 2, and Jak 3. They are the most common mode of transportation for Haven citizens and are often found parked at set locations throughout the city.

Leaper lizard screen by Darth-Drago
- Leaper Lizard's: They are creatures native to the Wasteland, where they are eventually corralled and domesticated in the leaper lizard pen, and then trained to be used as mounts as the main mode of transportation in Spargus. In addition to feeding on the local rodent population, they are sometimes used for recreation and sport such as leaper races.

-- Their combative tactics are also similar to that of the flut flut, having only a charge attack where they will headbutt their opponent, and an aerial attack, where they jump and charge the ground, releasing a purple cloud.

-- At full speed, a mounted leaper can be used to harm another human if one is hit head-on. They are otherwise fairly weak and can actually easily die if hit or when running at full speed into an object, though the latter only happens with wild leaper lizards.

Tough Puppy screen by Darth-Drago

- Buggies': Similar to race cars, unlike the anti-gravity technology encountered in standard vehicles such as zoomers, airships, and other aircraft, these vehicles rely on four rugged wheels for traveling through the vast Wasteland terrain. All buggies (with the exception of the Tough Puppy) are equipped with on-board weapons and some have unique abilities.

-- Tough Puupy: It was used mainly for training purposes, but also once to collect Precursor Artifacts
. It has no armor but instead a lightweight metal frame, and is capable of only below-average speed. It has no weapons, but a decent jump due to its light weight, as well as little skid.
Sand Shark buggy screen by Darth-Drago
-- Sand Shark: It has dual submachine guns, average speed, a durable frame, and a poor jump. Due to its passenger capabilities (two seats) it is commonly used in recuse missions.

Dune Hopper by Darth-Drago
-- Dune Hooper: This buggy is used primarily for its incredible jumping capabilities, able to jump from island to island in order to reach Monk Temple, and in one instance the Marauder Stronghold. Its boost is powerful, the flame exaggerated, and is mounted with two grenade launchers.

Gila Stomper by Darth-Drago
-- Gila Stomper: A substantial, heavy-duty vehicle, this buggy was the vehicle of choice for Sig while travelling to the Metal Head Cave and throughout the Wasteland. It is mounted with an auto-aiming machine gun, and is noted for its severe lack in speed and jump.

Heat Seeker by Darth-Drago
-- Heat Seeker: A buggy available for purchase for 15 Precursor orbs, this vehicle is equipped with the turbo of the Dune Hopper and weapons of the Sand Shark. The tendency to skid is a little more than average due to its lightweight frame coupled with its high rate of speed.

Dust Demon by Darth-Drago
-- Dust Demon: Also costing 15 Precursor orbs, this buggy is equipped with the turbo and appearance of the Sand Shark but the weapons of the Dune Hopper. The only other things differing from the Sand Shark with regards to aesthetic is more armor, a bigger bumper, and higher-traction wheels.

Desert Screamer by Darth-Drago
-- Desert Screamer: The most expensive buggy at a price of 20 Precursor orbs, this vehicle holds the fastest speed, armed with the turbo of the Dune Hopper, traction of the Desert Screamer (front wheels), and stability of the Sand Shark (back wheels). It has perhaps the highest rate of skid due to its high speed and lightweight frame, and its high-traction wheels tend to throw around a lot more soil. It is mounted with dual submachine guns, similar to the Sand Shark.

Slam Dozer by Darth-Drago
-- Slam Dozer: The final buggy gifted to Jak, this vehicle was the choice for Damas' venture out into Haven City when Jak called for him. Similar to the Gila Stomper, this vehicle is slow but heavy-duty, loaded with substantial armor. The turret is similar to the Stomper's as well, but is unable to rotate a full 180° and fires red bolts instead of bullets. The turbos are meant mainly for breaking through sturdy objects, as they are infinite in supply and last for but a split second.

JET-Board concept art by Darth-Drago
- JET Board: The JET-Board (style variations including jet board, jetboard, and also sometimes known as a hoverboard) is a device used by Jak in "Jak 2" and "Jak 3". As the name suggests, it is a device capable of hovering above the ground, executing sharp maneuvers, performing aerobatics, grinding on edges, and, as of "Jak 3", is capable of combat as well. It is a slow vehicle and relies on compound speed build-up by performing tricks and fluid maneuvers to maintain swift forward motion.

-- The JET-Board expands and retracts to activate and deactivate, respectively. Jak can simply keep it lodged on his back when it is not needed. In its active state it emits a blue glow, presumably using  blue eco as its source of power. If Jak hits an enemy while using the JET-Board it will harm both the enemy and Jak, however citizens will simply fall to the ground as Jak rides over them.

--It has easy control however, and can perform a number of aerobatic tricks including flips, 360° spins, nose/tail grabs, and more. In Jak II, the JET-Board was capable of basic jumps with no combat capabilities, however in Jak 3 it gained a charge jump which involved it charging energy then releasing a blast, sending the JET-Board and its user several feet in the air. It also gained a radial jet repulsor which could harm any nearby enemies within a one foot-radius.

-- Albeit slower than any other vehicle, the JET-Board is quite fast compared to on-foot travel. In Jak II it will repulse a blue light if Jak hits an enemy or a vehicle while doing a trick. In Jak 3 this was changed and he was able to use it on command. In both games Jak will lose health if he bumps into an enemy. The JET-Board can also use certain objects such as boost pads in the dig site or the hot air vents in the Port and Industrial Section (Jak 3 only) to reach higher areas.

Light eco being created by Darth-Drago
* Eco: Eco is a powerful substance in the Jak and Daxter series It is capable of physically appearing in the form of a cluster or gas (in its natural form), ore, a prism, or a crystal, and comes in the six different known colors of light eco, dark eco, green eco, blue eco, red eco, and green eco, each color possessing a different and specific property. It was created by the Precursors and is studied and mastered by a group of humans known as sages. Eco is produced and distributed at the Eco Core, and is used as the primary currency throughout the games next to Precursor orbs, especially when in the form of ore. All colors of eco are able to invoke their properties or abilities into what they are passed through, and can sometimes be channeled through a living body. It can also be used to power technology, namely weapons.

Green eco droplets by Darth-Drago
- Green Eco: Green eco contains the energy of life. Jak used it throughout the games to heal himself after taking damage. It was also used to cure dark plants in The Precursor Legacy and Jak 3. The Gunstaff had a green eco mod called the Lobber, which interestingly used green eco in an offensive manner as a grenade launcher similar to Jak 3's red eco Plasmite RPG.

Blue eco cluster by Darth-Drago
- Blue Eco: Blue eco contains the energy of motion. In The Precursor Legacy, it is used to increase Jak's movement speed, attract collectable objects like precursor prbs and other ecos, and to activate dormant Precursor technology. As befitting its ability to increase speed and power machines, blue eco often resembles blue lightning. It is also presumably used in the JET-Board to help maintain its motion.

Red eco cluster by Darth-Drago
- Red Eco: Red eco contains the essence of power and strength. Similar to other colors of eco, Jak could pick up red clusters or walk through red eco vents to channel the energy and be able to slay more powerful enemies with less difficulty, such as bone armor lurkers
with killing them in one hit opposed to two.

Yellow eco cluster by Darth-Drago
- Yellow Eco: Yellow contains the power of long-range strength. In The Precursor Legacy, similar to red eco, it could be found in floating clusters and vents, except when in this form, Jak could shoot yellow eco projectiles that were just as strong if not stronger than red eco, which replaced his dive and punch attacks. Yellow eco is particularly useful for opening strong boxes which cannot be done otherwise except with the use of a cannon. Yellow eco appears to be seemingly abundant, especially in Boggy Swamp. When coming from vents, it resembles an amorphous stream of gas.

Dark eco droplets by Darth-Drago
- Dark Eco: Dark eco has the property to warp, mutate, and destroy things. Large amounts resemble a thick, black liquid with a purple sheen. Smaller amounts dropped by enemies in Jak II, Jak 3, and The Lost Frontier, often called "droplets", resemble shifting purple spheres and often come in groups of four and up to ten, though in some rarer cases a single droplet may appear.

-- Starting with Jak II and going through to the beginning of The Lost Frontier, Jak had the ability to transform into a dark eco alter ego named Dark Jak
. This happened by several torturous injections of dark eco while being subject to the Baron's Dark Warrior Program, which was ultimately unsuccessful. Jak later went on to use and master his new powers to defeat historical enemy figures including Kor, Cyber Errol, and many other enemies. In Jak 3, it is revealed that Dark Makers were Precursors that were changed by dark eco, exactly how remains unknown. Though because dark eco contains the essence of the Precursors, Daxter was able to survive the submersion again, and gained the ability to transform into a dark alter ego similar to Dark Jak named Dark Daxter. Dark eco droplets were collected in this game instead to be brought to Keira in exchange for Eco Skills.

Light eco droplet by Darth-Drago
- Light Eco: Considered the purest and rarest of all eco, light eco contains the property of healing, restoring, balancing, and purifying. It is created by the combination of all colors of eco excluding dark. It had apparently only been speculated about, before its discovery in The Precursor Legacy when four eco laser beams emitted from four towers surrounding a dark eco silo combined their power to create it.

-- Light eco did not appear again until Jak 3, in which it occurred naturally as droplets (similar to dark eco), in crystal form, and flowing from vents. It played a large role in Jak 3, as it gave Jak light eco powers to counterbalance his dark eco powers.

- Eco Power: Eco Powers are enhancements which Jak gains in Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier, which allow him to manipulate many types of colored eco, opposed to dark and light eco which was revoked as a result of the eco shortage. There are a total of six eco Powers that Jak acquires on his journey to find a new source of eco for the world. Each one is related to a certain color of eco.

Eco Amplifier by Darth-Drago
-- Eco Amplifier: With this red eco power, Jak can create a small red ball of energy, and when Jak releases the orb, it floats away until it touches an obstacle. Jak can then shoot the orb to detonate it, creating a powerful explosion that damages all targets in range. The Eco Amplifier can be used to damage enemies and also to destroy cracked rocks and weakened walls. This is also a powerful weapon against boss enemies.

Eco Construct by Darth-Drago
-- Eco Construct: With this green eco
power, Jak can create crystal pillars out of the ground or walls several feet away while standing on green crystalline platforms in order to traverse across areas otherwise inaccessible. However, Jak has to navigate quickly before they collapse. During activation of this Eco Power, enemies freeze until it is complete.

Eco Rocket Jump by Darth-Drago
-- Eco Rocket Jump: By using yellow eco, the eco of location, Jak can stand on a yellow eco vent to propel himself to a great altitude with yellow energy propulsion firing from his hands.

Eco Reflexes by Darth-Drago
-- Eco Reflexes: Using the energy of motion, blue eco, Jak can temporarily freeze time by kneeling and clapping his hands; releasing a blue aura appearing to slow down time. This power shares many of its features with Light Jak's Flash Freeze Jak 3, and is possibly related due to light eco containing blue eco within its composition. It is unknown whether this power literally slows down time, or just gives that appearance when it's actually making Jak move very fast.

Eco Teleport by Darth-Drago
-- Eco Teleport: It is rarely effective in combat, but can help him get past certain barriers such as windows, force fields and long chasms. Teleport also allows you to reach areas where Precursor orbs are stashed.

Eco Shield by Darth-Drago
-- Eco Shield: The Eco Shield encases Jak in a defense sphere, deflecting both melee and projectile weapons for the short duration Shield is available. However strong blows to the Shield damage it, as indicated by turning red. This Eco Power enables Jak to traverse liquid areas as if they were solid. Later in the game, Jak can purchase a yellow eco skill which provides spikes to the shield which inflict damage as well as providing defense.

- Jak also has some misc “eco skills” which were basically permanent eco based passive upgrades. Some of the important ones are listed below.

- Red Eco Skills:

-- Infuse Enemy 1, & 2: Allows Jak to infuse enemies with red echo, causing them to explode when they die 

-- Amplifier Radiation: Causes the eco amplifier attack to release a cloud of damaging red eco after being set off.

- Yellow Eco Skills:

-- Energy Dive: Allows Jak to release a blast of yellow eco energy upon performing a diving tackle attack (think of it like an explosive ground pound).

-- Aimed Construct Shards: Makes Jak’s construct eco power auto-target enemies.

-- Rocket Jump Knockback and Explosion: The former skill causes enemies to be pushed back when activating the eco rocket ability. The later damages enemies in the launch zone of the move.

-- Shield Spikes: Adds spikes to the eco shield, allowing it to damage enemies it comes into contact with.

- Blue Eco Skills:

-- Spin Diffuse: Allows Jak to diffuse projectiles that come near him with a spin kick attack.

-- Spin Reflect: Allows Jak to reflect projectiles back at their owner with a spin kick attack. Creates kind of a blue electric energy around his feet when used. It should be noted Jak could hit back bombs and other more placid projectiles with normal attacks in older games as well.

- Green Eco Skills

-- Life Siphon: Causes Jak to absorb health from opponents he attacks physically.

Dark Jak from Jak II render by Darth-Drago
* Dark Jak:

- Dark Jak is Jaks dark alter-ego seen in Jak 2, Jak 3, and for a brief moment during The Lost Frontier. After being subjected to two years of dark eco experiments under the Dark Warrior Program at the hands of Baron Praxis in Haven City, Jak gained highly destructive powers coupled with high durability and strength, which he learned to control by help from an orcale in the Water Slums. Later in Jak 3, his dark form was matched by a light form which helped him balance his dark powers even further.

- Dark Jak is invulnerable from any attacks or damages. Jak quickly channeled his Dark Jak form to avoid being crushed by the collapsed platform after Kor blasted away the surface on which Jak and Daxter were standing. This displays Dark Jak's apparent tougher, more durable nature.

- Strength/Claws: While transformed into Dark Jak, Jak's physical attacks inflict additional damage.

Jak3 Pow Dark Blast by Darth-Drago
- Dark Blast: Dark Jak jumps into the air and begins spinning rapidly, shooting arcs of dark eco from his body and damaging multiple enemies within range. It presumably eliminates vehicles much more effectively than the dark bomb and has a longer range. After using this attack, Jak will immediately turn back to normal and the dark eco meter will be drained completely.

Dark Jak using Dark Bomb by Darth-Drago
- Dark Bomb: An attack where Dark Jak leaps into the air and slams his fist into the ground, creating a large shockwave that deals considerable damage to any enemy caught in its radius. This attack is slightly more powerful than the Dark Blast and if you physically hit an enemy, it will do far more damage. After using this attack, Jak will immediately return to normal and the dark eco meter will be drained completely.

Dark Jak using Dark Strike by Darth-Drago
- Dark Strike:Allows Dark Jak to shoot a large mass of concentrated dark eco at his intended target. Dark Strike is often used to break down obstacles like thick walls. This attack is powerful and has a very long range.

Dark Giant by Darth-Drago
- Dark Giant: Dark Jak grows three times his size. In his Dark Giant state he can run faster, jump higher and further, and deal even more damage to enemies than usual. If Dark Bomb or Dark Blast is used in this form, they become even more powerful; Dark Bomb covers a greater area and the bolts unleashed during Dark Blast stretch beyond normal boundaries. Using this power drains the dark eco meter faster than the others. Dark Giant can survive a security drone blaster shot. If you only get hit once, he will be left with only 1 health point.

Invincibility: This power gives Dark Jak immunity to damage as long as he stays in that form and does not fall off a high ledge, fall in a dark eco pool, get crushed, etc.

Dark Invisibility by Darth-Drago
- Dark Invisibility: Allows Jak to become invisible for a short amount of time through the use of special statues found in the desert or Monk Temple. This power does not grant very much invisibility because the user still casts a shadow and a transparent look, but it is enough to allow Jak to pass through the temple challenges without being spotted. While invisible, if shot, Jak can take damage, but if it is a melee attack it goes through Jak. Even though Jak is invisible, enemies still seem to follow Jak if he runs though do not attempt to hit him.

Light Jak by Darth-Drago
* Light Jak: Light Jak is Jak's light alter-ego seen in Jak 3 and briefly during the end of The Precursor Legacy. He is only playable in Jak 3, and was given this state to balance his dark form as a gift from the Precursors. Jak could continually obtain different light powers by gift of an oracle (typically seen at Monk Tenple) and once by a Precursor projection. This form gives him defensive and regenerative powers, inverse to his destructive and combative dark eco powers.

Light Jak using Flash Freeze by Darth-Drago
- Flash Freeze: Slows down time around Jak while he continues to move at normal speed. Ideal for beating time challenges as it also affects the timer.

Light Jak mid-flight by Darth-Drago
- Light Flight: Allows Jak to flap his wings in succession essentially allowing him to glide. Each consecutive flap of the wings gives Jak less and less altitude so it is not full-fledge flight.

Light Jak using Light Regeneration by Darth-Drago
- Light Regeneration: Regenerates hit points. It either heals Jak completely or until the eco meter diminishes.

Light Jak using Light Shield by Darth-Drago

- Light Shield: Creates a shield around Jak's body. This shield protects Jak from attacks and also deals minor damage to enemies who physically attack him until the eco meter diminishes. The shield can also allow Jak to phase through electrical gates.

Dark Daxter render by Darth-Drago
* Dark Daxter:

- This form is Daxter
's alter ego in Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier. After Daxter falls into the Aeropan Sewers, dark eco pours out on him from above causing him to turn into a Dark Ottsel. He has a variety of attacks and has super strength. According to Jak, Dark Daxter is about eight feet tall. Daxter is very fond of his new abilities, but he hates the fact he's now a Dark Eco monster "with even worse B.O. than I do". Dark Daxter could be considered unique as despite being a precursor, he did not turn into a Dark maker after being exposed to dark eco a second time.

- He also retains his intelligence while in this form. After getting splattered with dark eco twice, Daxter can trigger the transformation whenever he is angry or in life-threatening danger, however he will eventually tire out and revert to normal. Unlike his normal form, he lacks any fear, has no sense of self-preservation, and generally acts like a predator toward his enemies. For example, during the raid of the Aeropans he said, "Welcome to the other end of the food chain."

- Dark eco bolt: A ball of dark eco is fired from his hands.

- Frenzy mode: Dark Daxter becomes a raging tornado, hitting harder and nearly immune to damage.

- Ground pound: An area of effect attack that stuns enemies.

- Pick up and throw: Pick up an enemy and throw it, can be used for example to clog up holes with spiderwebs when throwing Ghoul Spiders.

Maxresdefault by Darth-Drago
* Weakness:

- Has incredible abilities and gears, but still can be kill.

- The weapons has limited ammos; need to find weapon crates to gain more ammo's.

- Both Light and Drak Jak/ Daxter form are temporarily.

- Have to look around to find drop/ vents of eco; need to kill enemies to get more dark eco.

- Jak has some anger issues and Daxter doesn't jump into battle immediately.

Jak3Wallpaper by Darth-Drago

The duo have been touch by Dark Eco, and now they are ready to fight in Death Battle!

Series: Jak and Daxter. Images courtesy of the Jak and Daxter Wiki.
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