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Caster (Fate stay night) full 1894941 by Darth-Drago
Name: Caster
True Name: Medea, the Witch of Betrayal
Country of Origin: Greece
Servant: Caster, Assassin, Berserker
Master: Souichirou Kuzuki

Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 51 kg

B08 by Darth-Drago

* Feats:
- Caster identity was the tragic witch Medea in Greak Mythology.
Trained and became a powerful practitioner of magic at a young age.
- Has master many form of magic over the years, from nullify magic, bring back the dead and burn down the wedding of Jason, her former lover.
Under the control of Aphrodite, betrayed her father and killed her brother to aid Jason and the Argonauts, and would later help Jason become a king, though at the cost of his own men forcing him out of his home in disgust.
- Skilled in the art of deceptions and plotting.
- Was involve in different versions of Fate (Stay Night, Unlimited
Blade Works, Heaven's Feel, Hollow Ataraxia, Kleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA, etc.)
- She had siphoned mana from the populace of Fuyuki City and fortified her position on Mount Enzou just to have more time with her master Souichirou Kuzuki while also planning on gaining the Holy Grail.
- She gain an command seal and got control on an "fake" Assassin Servant, 
Kojirou Sasaki after killing Assassin Master.
- Had server the connection between Shirou and Saber, and then gain the command seal to forcedly made Saber obey her.
- In the Fate Route, briefly holds her own against Saber and Shirou 
- In the Unlimited Blade Works Route, has Rider be killed by her Master and later battles Shirou and Rin, forcing them to retreat; later on, captured both Taiga Fujimura and Saber and took over Kirei Kotomine's church as a stronghold, seemingly killing him, and later battles against Rin Tohsaka, very nearly coming close to winning. 
- In Fate/Unlimited Codes, defeats every single Servant, down to even Berserker and Gilgamesh, and uses the Holy Grail's single wish to bring back Souichirou to life, at the cost of her own 

- In the Hollow Ataraxia, she was the first beside Bezett to known about the four-day loop.
- She killed the shadow dogs with an anti-army spell.
- She overwhelm Illya and her friends on their first encounter in Kleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA.
- She is one of the few Greek characters in mythology to use magic without the aid of a God and was very powerful.

Castercard by Darth-Drago
* Parameter:
- N. Phantasm: C+
- Strength: E
- Endurance: D
- Agility: C
- Magic: A+
- Luck: B

* Noble Phantasms and Skills:
- Class Skill:
Item Construction (A): Allow Caster to manufacture magical items. Medea is capable of making healing potions that grant limited immortality.
- Personal Skills:
Golden Fleece (EX): It allows the user to summon a dragon by throwing it to the ground with the proper knowledge to summon a Phantasmal Beast. Medea lacks the knowledge, so she is unable to utilize it.
High-Speed Divine Words (A): This skill is the power to activate Thaumaturgy without the use of Magic Circuits. The language of the Age of Gods, back when words played a heavy role in spellcasting. As such, it is power long lost by modern magi. High-Thaumaturgy-level Magecraft can be cast at the speed of Single-Action spells.
-- Territory Creation (B): It allow her
to use the Ryuudo Temple and surrounding mountain as her Temple. It is a very suitable place for her, as it is the greatest spiritual land of Fuyuki City that holds many of the leylines of the area. It is unfavorable for Servants and it allows her to easily draw energy from the land and the citizens of the city in order to provide her with a nearly limitless amount of magical energy. 

ArgonCoin by Darth-Drago
* Argon Coin:
- Rank: N/A
- Type: N/A
- Effect:

-- It allows the user to summon a dragon by throwing it to the ground with the proper knowledge to summon a Phantasmal Beast, the original Colchis dragon.
-- While Caster has the Noble Phantasms, she does not have the knowledge or skill to summon a phantasm-beast, so it goes unused during the fifth Holy Grail War.
-- If she did possess the proper skills necessary to summon the dragon, it would bring her up from being the weakest Servant to the middle ranking among the Servants of the fifth war.
-- The dragon itself isn't strong enough to be able to make a clear difference against higher level opponents.

328 By Hakuxtemari-da0cepd by Darth-Drago
* Rule Breaker:
- Rank: C
- Type: Anti-Thaumaturgy
- Effect:

-- Is a weapon that materializes the divinity of the Witch of Betrayal.
-- She is able to use it against normal humans, slaying her original Master and cleanly cutting off Shirou
's arm without issue. 
--  Its main use is as an Anti-Thaumaturgy Noble Phantasm capable of dispelling and destroying any kind of magecraft. The greatest benefit it offers during the Grail War is the ability to sever the connection between an enemy Servant and Master, allowing her to take their Command Seals for her own. 
-- Was used on Assassin (fake) and made him become her bodyguard.
-- On Unlimited Blade Works, she used it on Saber and gain control over her. However, because she possess Magic Resistance Skill, Caster would used up two command seals just to force to Saber to do one command.

Mqdefault by Darth-Drago
* Superhuman Feats:
-Much stronger than any normal human, thought by far the weakest Servant in term of strength.
-Can be enhanced using reinforcement.
-Can react to and dodge arrows fired by Archer.
-Has dodged one of Saber's sword slashes, only losing a strip of her cloak.
-Can tank through several of Gilgamesh's swords impaling her body, if barely.

* Tactician:
- Being a Caster and weak in physical battle, She rely on her spell and devised plans to fight her enemy, whether indirect or not.
- Due to the natural Magic Resistance of some of her enemies, she is unable to match them in direct combat as a magus; she instead resorts to using tactics such as breaking the rules of the war to summon Assassin, creating her territory to collect souls from the town, and staying out of the fight herself so that she can observe the progress of the war before making her move.
- She is not a threat in a direct confrontation like Berserker, but rather the most troublesome enemy able to worsen the situation without even showing herself. Her main goal is to prolong the time she can spend with Kuzuki, so she is mainly working hard for what comes afterward rather than forming strategies to deal with the other Servants.

- She uses her defensive position to have Assassin fend off the other Servants while she makes her plans. During Fate, she doesn't make a move until Berserker is defeated, and during Unlimited Blade Works, she makes a move against Shirou upon finding that he is a weak magus so that she can obtain Saber.

28ce03fae767cf9f70bf78962f619d26052bc368 Hq by Darth-Drago
* Spells and Items:
- Mana:
-- Caster is a magus from the Age of Gods that far surpasses modern magi. She is something from the divine era that shouldn't exist in the Age of Man, so her abilities in magecraft are on an entirely different level than any living magus can produce. While something "solid" like completed spells cannot normally be overcome by a "liquid" such as magical energy, Caster compares modern magecraft to mud buildings that, while solid, can easily be washed away by the violent water current of her superior spells. Even though she is considered a witch, the magecraft she utilizes during the Holy Grail War is forbidden magic she has never before used in her life. Without a proper Master to provide her with magical energy and being the weakest of the Servants, she feels she must abuse such abilities to match her opponents.

-- She has a large amount of magical energy at her disposal, and at normal levels, she is capable of staying in the world for up to two days without an active contract with a Master even though she lacks the Independent Action skill of the Archer class. Due to her first Master being overly cautious of her abilities, he constantly kept her magical energy level below his own, so she was only able to last a brief period of time after killing him. She normally would have disappeared before finding another anchor to the world, but the Ryuudouji Temple kept her stable long enough to establish a contract with Kuzuki.

-- She does not need to cast her magecraft like modern magi, as incantations are unnecessary to connect herself with the world. She is always surrounded by divine mysteries of ancient lore, so magic is just something she commands like ordering her guard dog to attack. This stems from her High-Speed Divine Words (高速神言,Kōsoku Shingon), which allows for the activation of magecraft without connecting to Magic Circuits or using the normal incantations for the spells. 

-- Divine Words (神言, Shingon) are a Thaumaturgical Theory and language from the Age of Gods that modern humans can no longer pronounce. They are fundamentally different from modern incantations due to words themselves having power during that era, while modern incantations are mainly just a means of self-hypnosis to work one's circuits. Caster's use is advanced enough that spells are activated with just a single action, allowing for High Thaumaturgy in an instant.

Castermagecraft by Darth-Drago
- Offense Spells:
-- Her main offensive spell is Rain of Light (光弾雨, Kōdan'u), which is a volley of rapidly fired beams of light each with an A rank power of attack. Each beam is a deadly spell on the level of High Thaumaturgy with three times Shirou's entire amount of magical energy, capable of destroying the body of a Servant with a direct hit. Just the use of one single beam would normally require a magic circle, ten count aria, and one minute of casting for a normal magus, and still thirty seconds with a High-Speed Aria. Caster's Divine Words allow her to shoot them in rapid succession without any preparation after simply targeting the enemy with her wand. She can fire them without pause when she has a supply of stored magical energy, and the result is something that resembles a bombing raid that leaves the ground scorching red.

-- The speed of Caster's spells cannot be exceeded by anyone because she can bring forth divine mysteries from a single word. Rin Tohsaka
, someone who will eventually be among the top one hundred modern magi, is able to match her on a single spell basis by releasing magic directly from her jewels. Equal in speed, it is a battle of power without a "first move" that will end only when one runs out of energy. Caster's spells are strong enough that the only way Rin is able to nullify a single one is by utilizing years worth of magical energy. Even that level of magecraft is simple to Caster, as three full powered jewels from Rin capable of destroying Caster's temple and the entire Fuyuki church are easily nullified after the magical energy is sucked into Caster's robe.

-- She also uses Αερο (Aero) (病風アエロー, ShippūAerō), which is a plague wind spell that easily minces part of Shirou's chest as if it were sent through an enormous fan. She also makes use of an electrical attack and Κεραινο (Celaeno) (疾風ケライノー, ShippūKerainō).

-- She also has various support spells like Ατλας (Atlas) (圧迫アトラス, AppakuAtorasu), which freezes the target in place by altering the pressure of the atmosphere to anchor a region of space. Everything in the surrounding is frozen, and it is potent enough to hold even Servants in place. She is able to easily cast it even while using Rain of Light, allowing her to freeze the target before destroying them. Archer and Saber are able to break free by surging their magical energy.

-- She has a constant protection over her, and she can further shield herself with Μαρδοξ (Argos) (盾アルゴス, TateArugosu), a protective spell that borrows the concept of the Argos. It is a glass-like barrier that has the same toughness as Berserker's skin. Just one of Gilgamesh's swords is able to shatter it like glass. She has a great amount of natural healing like Saber, which keeps her alive upon being skewered by the Gate of Babylon. She can also direct all of her magical energy into healing herself. If she is too damaged, she will be unable to manipulate the external energy, no matter how much is present.

-- She can also use a extremely strong version of Reinforcement on regular humans, greatly strengthening them and allowing them to harm spiritual bodies like Servants. This allows for Kuzuki to slay Rider and almost kill Saber due to his unique fighting style. If he were to go against Caster for some reason, the battle would come down to whoever manages to get the first strike. She cannot utilize a Reality Marble, but she can potentially construct "another world" of the same scale by precisely constructing small magecraft and large magecraft. The time and expenses required to do so would be very vast.

-- While she is from the Age of Gods when True Magic was common, she is incompatible with the "Five True Magics of the Modern Era", and she would be unable to learn them. She does display Tροψα (Trofa) (空間転移トロイア, Kūkan Ten'iToroia), a Spatial Transportation spell that is an imitation of the True Magic governing teleportation much like the teleportation granted by Command Spells. She can use it while in her territory, but she also displays the ability to teleport throughout the rest of the town as she wishes. She is able to transport Kuzuki at the same time by encircling him with her robe. She can also transport other people to her from far away, allowing her to bring Shirou to her from the mountain steps. Saber is unaffected due to her Magic Resistance.

Castermirage by Darth-Drago
-- She is able to manipulate her figure and her robe in a number of ways. She can control the magical energy in the air to become a dense fog that covers her entire body. This allows her to manipulate her appearance by covering herself in darkness like a mirage. Looking like a shadow that reminds Shirou of Death, she can show herself as she wishes or remain hidden from sight. She can create solid images of herself that will fade away as if she were actually killed upon being attacked. She can control them from a long distance in order to manipulate her Warriors, or she can do it while in battle to create a diversion for her attacks. Upon being skewered by Gilgamesh, it seems she has died, but she is able to hide herself in her floating cape in an attempt to escape. She can extend her cape as wings for flight, which allows her to maximize her destructive potential with the Rain of Light.

Caster staff by Darth-Drago
2348537-skeletons by Darth-Drago
- Items:
-- Caster has a high rank in Item Construction, allowing her to manufacture a variety of magical items. She can make Mystic Codes for combat, but she thought it would be too time consuming and instead focused on fortifying her Temple. The difference in quality between Mystic Codes forged by her and those of normal magi is like heaven and earth. Her rank makes her capable of creating healing potions that grant limited immortality, and she is capable of turning humans into formal tools to support her magic. She takes an interest in Shirou Emiya, calling him a "rare specimen" with a incomplete unique ability that is more interesting than someone who leans more towards "complete omnipotence" like Rin. She makes an "Artificial Noble Phantasm" out of him by removing his limbs and using him as a wand for Projection magecraft. During the "Hazy" bad ending, he is shown to be thoughtlessly trapped in some form of container filled with water like an embryo in a test tube. He dies after the container is smashed by Rin.

-- Typically, Heroic Spirits of an evil nature like Caster are not eligible for participation in the Fuyuki Holy Grail Wars; however, after the Holy Grail was tainted in the third war, most of the restrictions against such spirits were lifted.

- Dragon Tooth Warriors:
-- She can create Dragon Tooth Warriors to act as basic soldiers to attack enemy Masters and Servants.

-- By planting the teeth of a dragon into the ground, they rise forth and serve as soldiers .
-- Though strong in strength, they are not very durable and can be easily defeated with enough force.
-- As such, the greatest threat they impose is their vast overwhelming numbers.

Hqdefault by Darth-Drago
- Mind Control:
-- She can easily control humans and weak Magi like Shirou, and her degree of power allows her to take control of even a magus' body from kilometers away. Due to this, she can easily control anyone in the town from her location. While another magi would have to normally infuse their own magical energy into the enemy to gain control, Caster is able to take hold of someone with one single cursed word. Normal practice would allow the target fight off such control by forcing the enemy magical energy out with their own, or by concentrating all of it to one limb so they can regain control of the other three. Caster's use of a single completed spell inserts only a "poison-like element" in one small point on their chest rather than mixing her own magical energy into their bodies. It is potent enough that it feels as if there is something wrong with their blood vessels themselves, which affects the target's entire body by taking authority over it away from the them. This makes it impossible for them to regain control over their bodies, as trying to wash away something "solid" like a completed spell with a "liquid" like magical energy is not possible for modern magi.

-- She is able to call Shirou to her all the way from the Emiya residence simply by commanding him to "Come" repeatedly with a magic-infused voice. Normally controlling him would be impossible even with his weak magic resistance, and doing from that distance is even more astonishing. It seems like a dream to him initially, but he eventually realizes that his limbs aren't moving under his own will. Without any resistance, he walks all the way to the temple in a daze while his limbs are manipulated. Even once fully conscious, he is unable to stop himself, and he is unable to even scream due to his throat being frozen. The only way for him to regain control is for her to release him from the spell or to receive outside help. Once given control, she can skew their senses, distorting the vision or rendering them blind. She can eliminate their bodies or minds in a matter of seconds, which allows her to destroy Shirou's mind while keeping his body for her own use. She is capable of churning his insides from a simple whim, and then completely stops his senses and ceases his mind.

-- She can also easily turn humans into "dolls" for her own use. Using "artificial Command Spells", she instills her control upon all the people at Ryuudou Temple. They become "things" that execute a single command when they find someone that breaks one of the "three rules" she has established. Upon asking Issei Ryuudou about Caster, he immediately blacks out and slashes at Shirou's stomach upon getting back up. Caster is able to speak through him, and mentions that the implanted order only functions when someone inquires about her. She is also able to manipulate them further, which allows her to have Issei kill himself by stabbing his own neck.

x11-Command-Spells by Darth-Drago
- Command Seal's:
-- She is capable of easily breaking the rules of the Holy Grail War by slaying the original Master who would have summoned Assassin and summoning a Servant of her own. He is an Assassin summoned by an improper Master, so someone other than the proper Assassin, one of the Hassan-i-Sabbah, was summoned. Spirits cannot form proper contracts with other spirits, so only her knowledge as a magus allowed her to form the connection. The results are poorer and more ineffective than under conventional circumstances, so she summons a fictional hero who is based off of a wraith rather than a true Heroic Spirit.

-- She had something similar to a Command Spell. Though, as a fake Master with a fake Servant, it wasn’t something as powerful as a true Command Spell. While she may not originally have received any Command Spells, Caster may have skillfully borrowed the power of the Greater Grail to forge herself an imitation. As with other Masters, she is able to forcibly remove Command Spells from a Master by severing their arm and all the nerves in their bodies in order to transplant the Spells and become the Master of their Servant. If she can come into contact with the Servant, Rule Breaker allows her to obtain the Command Spells much more easily. Through those methods, she can take control of as many Servants as she wishes due to siphoning energy directly from the land, allowing her to her to act as the Master of Saber, Archer, and Assassin simultaneously. She thinks Saber is too valuable to disappear, so she make it her main goal to obtain her. She is unlucky with Saber, as her Magic Resistance is great enough that it takes two Command Spells to immediately force her to do any task that she doesn't wish to follow. Caster doesn't wish to waste them, so she is forced to wait a great deal of time for Saber to finally reach the breaking point from the initial command.

On4izqkcoblgjzo5fvw34rlpg2cvq7z7 Hq by Darth-Drago
- Territory Creation:
-- Caster has a high rank in Territory Creation
, allowing her to use the Ryuudou Temple and surrounding mountain as her Temple. It is a very suitable place for her, as it is the greatest spiritual land of Fuyuki City that holds many of the leylines of the area. It is unfavorable for Servants and it allows her to easily draw energy from the land and the citizens of the city in order to provide her with a nearly limitless amount of magical energy. She compares it to having one thousand Masters, and she has enough energy that she claims to be able to have Saber use Excalibur as many times as she wants. She has placed a magical string throughout the town for this purpose, and she has taken control of the leyline with sacrifices. It is also considered on of the four main areas where the ritual of advent of the Holy Grail can take place, which guarantees her the ability to summon the Grail once the conditions are met. It also provides for the greatest defense in the city due to a strong barrier that was likely set by those who first constructed the temple.

-- The entire mountain is surrounded by a powerful Bounded Field, Ryuudou Temple's Barrier (柳桐寺結界,Ryuūdō-ji Kekkai), that rejects unnatural spirits that set foot around the area. Servants attempting to cross it will have their powers reduced, and the effects of Noble Phantasms are also greatly diminished. Caster has also set up her own anti-sorcery Bounded Field (対魔術の防御結界, Tai-Majutsu no Bōgyo Kekkai) to greatly diminish the effects of outside magecraft as well. Humans and magi are unaffected, allowing them to enter anywhere on the mountain without any problems. The effects of the Bounded Field only affect those that directly cross the boundary line, and it has no affect on those directly inside the Bounded Field itself. Once inside the temple, it acts as a suitable place to sustain spiritual entities, which is one of the reasons Caster managed to avoid disappearing before establishing a contract with Kuzuki.

-- It is impossible to fully close off the area with the Bounded Field, as the leylines require a connecting point with the outer world in order keep them from being halted and rendered unusable. The only weakness in the barrier is the temple's front gate and the path leading to it up the mountain, which acts as the focal point of the leylines. This allows for Servants to enter through the gate undiminished as long as they follow the main path up the mountain. Caster has covered this weakness by placing Assassin there, and due to the terrain advantage and his own skill, he manages to repel all five enemy Servants. This specific location was chosen due a policy of the temple’s monks in which they do not refuse entrance to anyone who walks through their front door.

-- The method she uses to take the energy is through a witches potion that destroys love. It takes their magical energy and renders men impotent. It leaves behind the smell of a rotten plant, and it can render a large number of people in various areas in comas. Rin finds fifty people, most of which are men, who have thrown up blood and fallen unconscious at once. The large number of people placed into comas is attributed to gas leaks causing people to pass out after running out of oxygen, which have been ongoing since before the formal start of the Holy Grail War. When she first began to collect the energy, it was hard for her to hold back because each individual only has a small amount. The result was that she ended up taking too much at a time, but she likes to keep her victims alive so that she can take every bit of magical energy as possible. She eventually managed to begin collecting it much better, allowing her take energy from hundreds of people at one time. The swirl of preserved magical energy, pieces of people, is collected within the land and used by Caster. Shirou sees that it is made of more than a thousand souls that stain the entire mountain in energy

CasterFate by Darth-Drago
* Weakness:
- Her Strength and Endurance Rank are about E, which mean weakest.
- Has difficulties in fighting enemies who have Magic Resistance.
- She underestimate her enemies despite how powerful her magic is.

-- She claims that she is stronger than anyone besides Berserker and Saber, and she states that Archer wouldn't be able to even scratch her; she is quickly proven wrong when Archer easily uses two attacks capable of killing her, one of which he even warns her to dodge.
- Caster lacks any offensive Noble Phantasms.
-- She can't even used Argon Coin because she has no knowledge of the ability.
-- Rule Breaker, while being able to harm human's and breaking any kind of magic, isn't good for much besides use on other Servants. The descriptions of it as a blunt knife that only sides like it does damage because her physical strength, and that it's apparently pretty durable since the force of her using it never seems to damage it despite it being a poor shape for a weapon.

- If the Master dies, Caster no longer has the mana to function and will eventually faded away.
- Prana Consumption is likely to kill any Master.

B4500368d9f3e00e6fb403da93fd0f08 by Darth-Drago

Caster unleash her spells to win on Death Battle!

- I do not own this character. Series: Fate Stay/Night.

Pleasure share some ideas or thoughts on who would face this character.
Fail-Seeker Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2016
What do you think of Zatanna (DC) vs Caster? The battle of the magic ladies.
GodDragonKing Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2016
Probably also worth noting for weaknesses that the Rule Breaker isn't good for much besides use on other Servants. The descriptions of it as a blunt knife that only sides like it does damage because her physical strength, and that it's apparently pretty durable since the force of her using it never seems to damage it despite it being a poor shape for a weapon.
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