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Kingdom Hearts 358-2 Days (Organization 13 - Membe by Darth-Drago
Name: Larxene
Role: Member of Organization XIII (formerly)
Affliction: Organization XIII (formerly)
Number: 12
The Savage Nymph
Original: Unknown
Gender: Female
Specie: Nobody
Age: Unknown

Lighnting by Darth-Drago

- When Larxene lost her heart, her will was strong enough to have conscious and her body became a Nobody.
- Became a member of Organization XIII and the only female character in the group (beside Xion).
- Join with the other five members to station at Castle Oblivion.
- Join side with Marluxia to betray the Organization and try to gain control on Sora to be their weapon.
- Fought against with Sora and was holding back against him.
- Easily beaten the "Fake" Riku with one attack.
- Fought against Sora again with full power.

Kick by Darth-Drago
* Physical Feats:
- Larxene is an exceptionally capable fighter; both times she talks to Sora, she is able to kick and jab him repeatedly faster than he can retaliate, and send him flying through the air with a single kick; the second time she does this, she heavily injures Sora to the point that he can barely stand.
- She is also strong enough to hold the Riku Replica by the head, and easily toss it across the room with one hand.
- Her strength is clearly known by many of the characters, such as the Riku Replica who claims to fear nothing, yet cowers at Larxene.
- Larxene's physical fighting skills resemble that of a ninja.
- She uses her knives between her fingers to act like claws, and is able to infuse them with electricity and throw them at Sora.
- She is also the most agile member of the Organization, often using quick kicks and jabs to produce extra pain to the opponent.
- Along with her manipulative nature, this sadism earned her the title "Savage Nymph".

253px-Foudre KHII by Darth-Drago
* Foudre:
-  Larxene carries a set of eight throwing Knives between her fingers in battle. Her main set of knives are collectively called Foudre, meaning "Lightning" in French.
- She uses her knives between her fingers to act like claws, and is able to infuse them with electricity and throw them at Sora.
- Each knife appears as one of the Organization insignia's spikes in yellow and blue. Larxene will either throw these weapons at her opponent, or speed by them, slashing them with the knives still between her fingers. The knives that she carries can also be used in close quarters combat for finishing blows. All of Larxene's knives have French names, and these names are references to natural phenomena like wind and storms.

* Abilities:

- Has control of all lesser Nobodies, and even control the heartless.

y3Kp92L by Darth-Drago
- Has the abilities to open a portal known as the "Corridor of Darkness", which travel into the Realm of Darkness and then can go to any worlds.

- With magic, Larxene is able to able to call down lightning upon the battlefield, as well as to perform levitation and local teleportation. Her sleights and special abilities all involve her use of these abilities.

- Larxene is ably to absorb the attacks or spells that has any Thunder element's.

Slash by Darth-Drago
- Angry Rush: Larxene slashes the enemy twice (four times with an added lightning strike when at less than half max HP).

Dagger by Darth-Drago
- Knife Throw: Larxene throws her Foudre at the enemy. 

Lightning by Darth-Drago
- Thundara: Larxene attacks the enemy with a barrage of lightning.

Teleport by Darth-Drago
- Teleport Rush: Larxene will repeatedly teleport to the enemy location, slashing him/her.

Mega Volt by Darth-Drago
- Mega Volt: Larxene throws her Foudre to the ground, creating a large barrage of lightning to attack the enemy.

- Lightning Bolt's: Larxene fires lightning energy at the target, drawing him/her in and stunning him after dealing extensive damage.

Hqdefault by Darth-Drago
- Blade of Storm: Larxene's Foudre are set in different locations on the battlefield. Each individual Knife will fire a beam of lightning-based energy. If one touches the enemy, they all will focus in on him/her. This Sleight not only does extensive damage, but it also leaves the enemy stunned for a time, as well.

Lightning 2 by Darth-DragoLightning 3 by Darth-Drago
- Lightning: Firing down a lightning that exploded. When her health get lower than half, she will began fire a barrage of Lightning's at the enemy.

Step 1 by Darth-DragoDouble Daggers by Darth-Drago
- At the start of the battle, Larxene will begin charge and surround herself with damaging lightning, then either two or three copies will appeared and the they rush in the direction of the enemy. She will repeat this process again later.

Clone Attacks by Darth-Drago
- Clone: In Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix, Larxene has gained the ability to make copies of her, up to five only and can attack her foes.

Lightning Strike by Darth-Drago
- She can teleport above the enemy as she cover herself in electricity and strike down on them (can do it twice in a row).

Five Strikes by Darth-Drago
- She can create five clones and then teleport from all five sides and strike through at the enemy.

Mega Volt 2 by Darth-Drago
- Mega Volt (Version 2)

Step 2 by Darth-DragoCircle by Darth-Drago
Upper Strike by Darth-DragoStep 3 by Darth-Drago
- She will first charge power and surround herself with lightning, then she create five clones and attack the enemy stimulatingly, then circle around them and do a upper-cut attack, and then finish with teleporting above and strike down with a large thunder bolt. 

Raining Lightning by Darth-Drago
- When her heath goes below half, Larxene and her clones will rapidly strike down on the enemy and up to five times.

Final Step 1 by Darth-DragoFinal Step 02 by Darth-Drago
- She will charge power and surround herself with lightning levitating in the air and fir a long columns of lightning spheres from her arms in a straight line, as she begin to spin around in place. Afterward, Larxene will rush at the enemy with her copies immediately and strike at a straight line in all direction.

Volticrush by Darth-Drago
- Larxene's Limit Break is called Voltic Rush (ボルティックラッシュ, Borutikku Rasshu). In her Normal Limit, Larxene rapidly slashes away at her enemies with powerful blows, dealing lightning damage. In her Final Limit, Larxene darts around the field while enveloped in lightning, making her even faster. She also deals even more lightning damage to enemies.
In order to activate a Limit Break, Larxene must drop into a low amount of her HP, also known as the Alarm Zone. This area is marked as being yellow, as opposed to the rest of the green bar. After having dropped into the Alarm Zone, a small alarm will sound, along with the word "limit" flashing in yellow over the HP bar.

Faded by Darth-Drago
* Weakness:
-  She has a sadistic nature and thus would like to prologue the fight instead of finishing her enemy quickly.
- Despite exhibiting superhuman strength and speed, her body is weak in stamina and endurance compared to other members.
- May attack in a blind rage when her emotion become unstable.

Finish by Darth-Drago

Number 12 Larxene bring the thunder on Death Battle!

- I do not own this character. Series: Kingdom Hearts.

Please share some idea on who would face this character.
Fail-Seeker Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2016
What about Larxene vs Benimaru Nikaido (King of Fighters)? Know of that?
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