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Starcraft-fantasy-art-queen-of-blades-starcraft-ii by Darth-Drago
Name: Sarah Kerrigan
Alias: The Queen of Blades
Gender: Female
Races: Human (former)/ Zerg/ Xel'naga
Age: 26 (Human)/ Unknown (Zerg)
Faction: The Swarm

Queen-of-blades-and-hydralisk by Darth-Drago
* Feats:
- At a young age, Sarah Kerrigan's latent powers were demonstrated during an incident on TarKossia, where she accidentally killed her mother (causing her head to "come apart") and damaged the brain of her father.
- Was selected and recruited into the Ghost Program at a young age.
- Kerrigan's further training included a combat scenario between her and an elder opponent—done with combat knives while scientists watched from overhead; even at her young age, Kerrigan was able to defeat her opponent.
- Has taken part of many assassination jobs during the Ghost Program.
- Shot through a child to hit her target.
- Was rescue by the Son of Korhal and join their cause,
- Partner up with Jim Raynor and had done numerous jobs together.
- Had fought against Confederate's, Protoss's and Zerg's.
- Was left behind on the Gettysburg and got surrounded by the Swarm.
- Was captured and then transform by the Overmind to become the Queen of Blade.
- As the Queen of Blade, she had complete control of the Swarm and lead them to consume and conquer worlds though out the galaxies.
- Had battle against both Terrans and Protoss armies.
- Involve in the death of other Overmind's and taken over their Zerg's to increase her army and powers.
- Fought the like of Zeratul and Jim Raynor.
- After being free from Amon influence and when Mengsk had killed Jim (not really), she planned to gather her Swarm for revenge.
- After obtaining her Queen of Blades form, she had become more powerful than before and was still no under Amon control.
- Had gain more powers from consuming the leaders of the Primal Zerg's.
- Gathered stronger allies.
-  Had fought against Narud, servant of Amon
- Recuse Jim Raynor.
- Invaded Augustgrad and finally killed Mengsk.
- Fought against Amon army of Hybrid's and mind control Protoss's.
- Team up with Artanis to find the Xel'naga's.
- Working together with Raynor and Artanis, Kerrigan and her amries enter the Void for the final battle against Amon.
- Ouros, last of the Xel'naga's, transfer his essence to Kerrigan in order to transcend and transform her into an xel'naga.
- After becoming a Xel'naga, Kerrigan used her new powers to finally face Amon and defeat him once and for all.

SarahKerrigan SC2 Cine1 by Darth-Drago
Sarah Kerrigan (Terran Ghost):

* Psionic Abilities:
- Sarah Kerrigan was an extremely powerful terran psychic. At a young age she fried her mother's brain accidentally with psionic powers and demonstrated telekinetic abilities. Indeed, her powers were so strong it forced a readjustment of the psionic measurement scale. Her powers were then rated at PI 10. Her powers were reduced by both ghost conditioning and a neuro-adjuster, but after the device's removal, she was powerful enough to throw Major Rumm around with telekinesis and fry his brain.

- Ghosts have the ability to read minds but generally do not have the ability to block thoughts; ghosts find each other very easy to read. Ghosts and weaker psychics can detect other sources of psionic power.

- Ghosts channeled their psionic energies through their hostile environment suit, a specialized skinsuit laced with psi-sensitive artificial muscle fiber, to augment their physical capabilities. A cloaking device and requisite power supply were frequently issued as well; the device requires psionic energy as a component.

SarahKerrigan SC-K-HAV Comic4 by Darth-Drago
SarahKerrigan SC-K-HAV Comic3 by Darth-Drago
- Ghost Tactics: Kerrigan was a Confederate Ghost and underwent the usual harsh ghost training. She was especially good at using knives, firearms, and driving vultures, and was skilled enough in martial arts to kill a Terran officer by kicking him hard enough to break his neck. Kerrigan has also demonstrated competence in the areas of deception and strategy. When working with Duran, she often relied on him to come up with strategies, but was more than capable of creating her own complex plans. 
Ghost SC1 Art2 by Darth-Drago
- Arsenals: In addition to the hostile environment suit, ghosts have been known to wield the following weapons:

Sc2 Koenigin Der Klingen By Blooddragon08-d3f6lwt by Darth-Drago
The Queen of Blades:

* Psionic Abilities:
- Kerrigan was uniquely suited to controlling zerg even before she was infested. In experiments conducted with captured zerg specimens, the Confederacy terminated the other ghosts involved in the project because only Kerrigan could get the results they wanted. Following deinfestation during the Second Great War, she retained the ability to control zerg. Kerrigan's gene pattern enabled her retention of intelligence upon infestation.

- Prior to deinfestation during the Second Great War, she was at least an order of magnitude more powerful than PI level 10, possessing a "class 12 psi signature. After becoming a terran/primal zerg hybrid, her psionic power exceeded, and could not be measured by, the PI scale.

3932085-kerrigan 4 by Darth-Drago
* Zerg Abilites:
Sarah Kerrigan was infested by the Zerg as part of an experiment. Her new appearance was personally designed by Abathur, though the process was painful. The transformation occurred within a chrysalis and was completed on Char. Her stature increased, and she gained an armored carapace, claws, and "wings" usable as weapons and effective against psi-blades. Kerrigan was also able to cloak, despite no longer wearing a ghost's hostile environment suit. Unlike most infested Terrans, Kerrigan retained her intelligence and at least some part of her personality. Her DNA also received telomeric additions. As the Queen of Blades, she was able to spin Zerg DNA strands/sequences into her own creations.

- Kerrigan's full psionic potential was initially suppressed by residual ghost conditioning. Upon reversing the process, she gained enough psionic power to create psionic storms and could even sense the Protoss hiding on Char. However, she was still not in full command of her powers, as she was unaware that she was giving Raynor a direct link to the zerg hive mind through the psychic link she had with him.

- By the time the first Overmind had been slain, Kerrigan was powerful enough to gain control of approximately half of the Zerg Swarm and seize the mind of Raszagal without even setting foot on the same planet. Upon the end of the Brood War, Kerrigan no longer needed cerebrates to help her control the zerg.

- By the Second Great War, Kerrigan had gained a psionic implosion ability. She also had very swift regeneration; a wing severed by Zeratul on Ulaan regrew in seconds. By this time, Kerrigan was the most powerful psionic in the universe, powerful enough to hold her own against 27 siege tanks. After gaining Zerus's powers, Kerrigan was even stronger than when she was as the Queen of Blades. Her psionic powers continued to develop and the "boundless fury" of the primal zerg allowed her to leap through the air and strike at targets with terrible force. As the primal Queen of Blades, her psionic might was unrivaled by any being.

* Kerrigan Abilities:

Kinetic Blast - Costs 50 energy, 10 second cooldown. Kerrigan deals 300 damage to a target unit or structure from long range. This is an incredible ability, and one you practically always want to use. It can be used to 1-shot a variety of buildings and units and is essential for soloing with Kerrigan.

- Heroic Fortitude - Grants Kerrigan +200 max health and increases life regeneration rate by 100%. Not worth it, particularly once you unlock Mend. Being able to Kinetic Blast dangerous targets from range will result in more effective HP gained than having +200 health all the time without Kinetic Blast.

- Leaping Strike - Costs 50 energy, no cooldown. Kerrigan leaps to her target and deals 150 damage. Grants Kerrigan +10 damage but reduces her range by 3. The decrease in range significantly reduces Kerrigan's ability to solo, as it puts her in a much more dangerous position. No Kinetic Blast makes it harder to pick apart buildings as well. The +10 damage is not significant as you reach the higher levels as well.

- Crushing Grip - Costs 50 energy, 10 second cooldown. Stuns all enemies in the target area for 3 seconds and deals 30 damage over time. If you have the energy for it, it works well. Not a bad choice, particularly for use against large clumps of Infantry. Stronger in earlier missions.

- Chain Reaction - Kerrigan's attacks jump to up to 4 nearby targets and cause 10 damage per bounce. You have to micro Kerrigan to get the most out of this skill, but it does add a substantial amount of DPS, particularly if you use the "Fury" skill in Tier 6.

- Psionic Shift - Costs 50 energy, no cooldown. Kerrigan dashes a short distance, dealing 50 damage to all enemies in the area of effect. Not a huge fan of this ability in later missions since it requires Kerrigan to be in melee range for it to hit. However, this ability also increases Kerrigan's movement speed by 30% at all times (as a passive bonus), making it a nice choice until you unlock the Leviathan. The Leviathan is slow, so once you get that unit, you do not want to outrun it with Kerrigan.

- Zergling Reconstitution - Killed Zerglings respawn at your primary Hatchery at no cost. Zerglings will respawn at a rate of 10 Zerglings every 30 seconds until all Zerglings have returned to life. This can work okay on smaller missions, but later in the game it is not as effective (at least if you are going for the timed achievements), as regenerating 200 slain Zerglings takes 10 minutes.

- Improved Overlords - Overlords spawn instantly and provide 50% more supply. This is actually not bad (until you unlock Automated Extractors), as you always start with a few Overlords. It prevents you from having to make more Overlords early in the mission and noticeably speeds up your micro.

- Automated Extractors - Extractors automatically harvest gas at maximal efficiency without any Drones. This is by far my favorite Tier 3 ability, as it allows you to build a few Extractors as soon as the mission starts and you end up with max gas harvesting. This allows you to macro up faster, gets gas started earlier, saves resources and supplies that you would normally have to invest in Drones to grab gas, and even allows you to start harvesting gas at expansions sooner. It is the best option in this tier for all these reasons.

- Wild Mutation - Costs 50 energy, 25 second cooldown. Friendly Zerg units in the target area gain +200 maximum life and +100% attack speed for 10 seconds. This sounds really good on paper, but it is 10 in-game seconds. It barely lasts any amount of time at all. It also has an extremely small area of effect. It can work on Zerglings but Mend is so good in the later missions that I cannot see why anyone would choose this.

- Spawn Banelings - Costs 50 energy, 30 second cooldown. Spawns 6 Banelings with timed life. This actually works really well until you unlock Mend. Getting 6 free Banelings that spawn instantly helps Kerrigan solo until she gets Mend. This ability also works well during the Conviction mission later in the game, where you otherwise get a limited number of units to clear to Raynor's prison cell.

- Mend - Costs 30 energy, 8 second cooldown. Heals Kerrigan for 150 life and nearby friendly biological units for 50 life. Units also heal for an additional 50% of the total health restored over the next 15 seconds. This is an amazing ability and allow Kerrigan to clear most of the map. Stack this with the Leviathan and there is Kerrigan can solo even the most fortified positions on Brutal mode.

- Twin Drones - Drones now hatch 2 at a time from a single egg at no additional cost. They also now only cost 1 supply count for 2 Drones. This an excellent upgrade as it makes macroing up at the start of any macro-based mission so much faster. It also a strong choice

- Malignant Creep - Creep spreads further and faster. Units on creep gain extra life regeneration and 30% increased attack speed. This is actually a good upgrade, though it is hard to choice over Twin Drones. In our The Reckoning brutal mode guide, I have laid out a strategy for using this particular upgrade. Combined with Fury, if you are good with creep spread, you can have Kerrigan attacking at double her normal attack speed. The only problem with this choice is that it is slow, so you always want to opt for Twin Drones when going for the timed achievements.

- Vespene Efficiency - Increases vespene gas harvesting efficiency by 25%. While increased gas production is nice, Twin Drones will increase your macroing power at a greater rate than Vespene Efficiency can. Twin Drones also saves you supplies and resources, making it the clear winner.

- Infest Broodlings - Enemies damaged by Kerrigan become infested and spawn two Broodlings with timed life if the infested units are killed quickly. This is a horrible choice for Tier 6. A single Brood Lord spawns Broodlings at a faster rate!

- Fury - Each attack temporarily increases Kerrigan's attack speed by 15%. Can stack up to 75% increased attack speed. Considering the time it takes to build up the stacks, this is roughly a 50% increase in Kerrigan's DPS. It is an amazing skill and one you will almost always want to pick. Upon testing this and Ability Efficiency, I think Fury is the best option, at least when paired with Chain Reaction.

- Ability Efficiency - Reduces the cooldown and energy cost of Kerrigan's abilities by 20%. This is a great choice because it allows you to keep the Leviathan out 100% of the time and summon it 1 minute earlier in the mission. It also reduces the cooldown and cost of Mend and Kinetic Blast, increasing Kerrigan's survivability and damage slightly. Works best when you choose Crushing Grip over Chain Reaction, as Ability Efficiency makes it easier to frequently use this ability.

- Apocalypse - Costs 100 energy, 6 minute cooldown, 3 second cast time. Kerrigan deals 300 damage to enemy units and 700 damage to enemy structures over a large area. This is similar to a nuclear strike but only takes 3 seconds to land. Looks cool, but is very weak in my opinion, especially when you get to the later missions where Terran structures automatically repair.

tueZuBf by Darth-Drago
- Spawn Leviathan - Costs 100 energy, 5 minute cooldown. Summons a Leviathan with a 5 minute lifespan. It has 1000 HP, can attack air and ground units (even while moving), and has two powerful energy-based abilities. Bio-plasmid Discharge is a powerful single-target attack that deals 500 damage. It can 1-shot Thors and many small buildings. Kinetic Blast and Bio-plasmid Discharge can be stacked to nearly destroy any structure in-game. Bio-Statsis on the other hand is a 5 second stun with a substantial area of effect (10 second cooldown). The Leviathan and Kerrigan can take out practically any structure in the game, so I strongly recommend using it over any other Tier 7 ability.

- Drop Pods - Costs 100 energy, 6 minute cooldown. Kerrigan summons drop pods that contain 40 Zerglings, 5 Roaches, and 5 Hydralisks. While it is nice to get that many free units, I would much rather have a Leviathan on my side than about 1000 resources worth of units.

Zergarmy-790170 by Darth-Drago
* The Zerg Armies:
Icon Zerg Baneling by Darth-Drago
- Baneling: This green rolling unit is mutated from the zergling. It has a huge suicidal attack. A huge swarm of banelings will create devastating results to an enemy's base.
Icon Zerg Brood Lord by Darth-Drago
- Brood Lord:
High hit point aerial ground attacker which replaced the Swarm guardians, evolving from the corruptor.
Icon Zerg Broodling by Darth-Drago
- Broodling: Produced from destroyed buildings and Brood Lord's attack.
Icon Zerg Changeling by Darth-Drago
- Changeling: A spy created by the overseer that morphs into enemy units.
Icon Zerg Corruptor by Darth-Drago
- Corruptor: Attacks and "corrupts" other air units, increasing damage taken.
Icon Zerg Drone by Darth-Drago
- Drone: Harvests resources and spawns structures. Is sacrificed when creating new structures.

Icon Zerg Hydralisk by Darth-Drago
- Hydralisk: Basic ranged attacker of the zerg swarm.
Icon Zerg Infested Terran by Darth-Drago
- Infested Terran: Spawned by the Infestor, hardier versions of the normal terran marine but with a limited lifespan.
Icon Zerg Infestor by Darth-Drago
- Infestor: Zerg spellcaster. Provides ground support and can move while burrowed.
Icon Zerg Larva by Darth-Drago
- Larva: The core genus of the zerg, larvae can mutate into other zerg breeds.
Icon Zerg Lurker by Darth-Drago
- Lurker: A long ranged siege unit that evolves from the hydralisk. Must burrow to attack, but does damage in a line.
Icon Zerg Mutalisk by Darth-Drago
- Mutalisk: The basic air offensive unit of the zerg with high movement speed.
Icon Zerg Overlord by Darth-Drago
- Overlord: Produces control and is no longer a detector like the StarCraft I version.
Icon Zerg Overseer by Darth-Drago
- Overseer: A spellcaster evolution of the overlord. Works as a detector and has numerous special abilities.
Icon Zerg Queen by Darth-Drago
- Queen: The new queen is very different than its StarCraft I counterpart, being a powerful attacking ground dwelling support unit ideal for zerg defense.
Icon Zerg Ravager by Darth-Drago
- Ravager: An artillery unit that evolves from the roach. Can use corrosive bile to destroy force fields and hit clumps of units at range.
Icon Zerg Roach by Darth-Drago
- Roach: Exceptionally tough short ranged unit able to quickly regenerate and move while burrowed.
Icon Zerg Swarm Host by Darth-Drago
- Swarm Host: Burrowing siege unit, able to blind groups of ranged units and abduct enemy units to its position.
Icon Zerg Ultralisk by Darth-Drago
- Ultralisk: Massive zerg melee attacker able to deal splash damage with its melee attack. Also has a headbut attack vs buildings. Other differences from its StarCraft I counterpart are it now having four kaiser blades instead of two, and its ability to burrow.
Icon Zerg Viper by Darth-Drago
- Viper: Aerial support unit, similar to the defiler.
Icon Zerg Zergling by Darth-Drago
- Zergling: Fast but weak melee attacker ideal for swarming attacks in large numbers.

Maxresdefault by Darth-Drago
Xel'naga Form:

* Psionic Abilities: Upon the transfer of Ouros's essence, Kerrigan gained immense psionic might, able to wield celestial energy as a cohesive beam and send it out as a wave of energy.

* Powers: As a Xel'naga, her abilities and strength has been risen to the point of god-like, now being able to hurt and even kill Amon, who is also a Xel'naga. Any other information about he powers is unknown, though it can be possible that she has become nearly immortal. Another form of her power is to restore all the planets that were devastated back when she was the Queen of Blades. 

Maxresdefault by Darth-Drago
* Weakness:
- She can still be killed.
- Her abilities need time to recharge after she used them.
- If her base's is destroyed, it will be the end of her.
- She need resources to help build her armies.
- She only got Xel'naga powers by getting another Xel'naga to transfer their essence to her.

hEop00r by Darth-Drago

The Swarm has descended on Death Battle to consume it.

- I do not own this character. Series: StarCraft.

Please share some ideas or opinions on who would face this character.
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