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Needlessbladerockeman by Darth-Drago
Name: Adam Blade
Coded Name: 079.A.B.

Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 210 cm/ 6'5 feet
Fragment: Zero

39 by Darth-Drago
* Feats:
- He was created to become the Second, and out of all the other clones he became the first Adam Project successful experiment subject.
- Both Blade and Eve (along with Gido) manages to survive the explosion of the laboratory that will become known as the "Black Spot" . 
- Young Blade (along with Cruz and Satan in Blade memories) journey to Overlord Storm to find a way to save Eve.
-- In the end, transplant a portion of his brain to save Eve.
- Blade and Set fought against Solva.
- Save Cruz from a Testament and destroy it without his power's.
- Defeate Kafka by using his power against him.
- Easily over power Teruyama.
- Fought against powerful opponents and memorize their abilities.
- Fought against other Adam's (Gido, Satan, Arclight).
- Actually consume an angel and gain unimaginable, godly powers.
- To save Eve, Adam and Eve fuse together to become Adam Neuschwanstein.

27 by Darth-Drago
* Physical abilities:
- Blade is one of the most powerful characters shown so far during the series. Blade possesses an immense physical strength, endurance and healing powers (being able to maintain a battle against a Testament using no special powers). In fact, all of this features are thanks to the composition of his special body. Being a clone of "The Second", he has a skeletal structure attached with a special metal called 'Orihalcum', this also makes him take less damage than any other human. Blade is really a genius in battle.

Blades-power by Darth-Drago
* Fragment: A Fragment is a source of a Needless' power. Many people believed that after The Second's disappearance, his power was divided and spread to each individual. Thus, the name Fragment. There is a strict rule for any Fragment users and that is only one Fragment for one Needless. This does not affect Adam Blade, Adam Arclight and Saten though because of their Fragment 'Zero' which lets them memorize the ability of their opponents

- The Byakugou is a crystal like gem embedded in the forehead of Adam Blade, Adam Arclight, Saten, and Professor Gido (manga only). The crystal acts as a neural interface device giving them the power of Zero, letting them learn other fragments by either experiencing it first hand or forcibly learning it by simply putting it to an opponents head.

Zero by Darth-Drago
* Zero:
- The main usage of this Fragment, as shown by Blade, is that he can memorize every other Needless Fragment and even combine that abilities in new techniques and enhance them to new levels. Missing Link type Fragments take considerable more time for Adam Blade to learn. Since they require multiple zones in the brain to be active simultaneously to be learned. Other fragments can assist in learning other fragments. Described as taking an incomplete puzzle, and taking a part of that incomplete puzzle and putting it together with another puzzle that has some similarities to complete it. Blade was able to do this for Saten's "Fourth Wave" using Aruka Schild's "Agnis Schwattas". Blade has shown several new techniques and combinations for the Fragments he memorized, even "making them evolved", enhancing them at very high levels.   

- In the latest chapters it reveals that he's fragment were weaken due to the brain transplant with Eve. Along with that he lost the Doppelganger and the stigmata. In the final chapter, Eve return her ability back to Adam in order to beat Satan, and then the two fuse together to help Cruz in the past.

Yongashirashikei by Darth-Drago
* Judgement- Death Penalty:
- Blade is the first character to show the finishing move, "Hanketsu: Shikei"(判決死刑, Sentence: Death Penalty). This what he says when he defeats (and sometimes killed) an enemy as a form of victory pose. When Blade says this he moves one of his hands, one time horizontally and ends moving that very hand vertically making the Sign of the Cross.

-*- List of abilities:

Needlessevedoppleganger by Darth-Drago
* Doppelganger: The usage of the fragment allows the user to change it's body structure into anything he/she wish. Thus, the user can restructure the composition of his/her body (even to mechanized and complex compunds), gain extra limbs, stretch, merge with other constructs (like an iron wall) and even regenerate his/her body and that of the others. Thus making this as one of the "Missing Link" fragments. It's only weakness is it use a lot of calories, because of that the user needs to consume lot amounts of calories to restore them if the ability is used to make great deals. 

- Doppleganger
: Shapeshift into another person.

- Eve Cannon: After turning her fist into an iron fist, Eve hits her enemy. Also exceptional with a Drill. First used on Kafka.

- Deadly Maelstrom: After transforming both arms into a giant drill, Eve charges against her opponent. First used on a group of testaments.

- Spike Kick (unnamed): Eve create spikes around her leg and kicks the opponent with it.

Kandata String by Darth-Drago
* Kandata String: The main power of this fragment, as shown by Kafka, is the ability to create powerful energy threads from their hands and body to attack or immobilize the enemy. Before his confrontation with Adam Blade, Kafka stated that "if there was anyone who would be able to snip it, it would be only a God". Though the strings are regarded by Kafka as being impossible to cut or break by any means, it is shown that they can be countered through the use and understanding of the same ability. This is later demonstrated when Adam Blade copies the ability and uses it to sever the strings Kafka sends at him, stating that "so long as its the same number of threads coming after me each time, they can be easily and similarly torn away". It was also shown that Kafka can create variations of Kandata String, such as in the form of strings of cloth and tentacles, in Needless 0.

- Kandata String: The Kandata String fragment's signature technique, and the one which gives it its name. The user launches threads from their fingertrips to entangle or slash the enemy. Kafka has claimed himself that these threads cannot be cut by anyone other than a God. It was first seen used by Kafka against Cruz.

- Tempest Thread: The Kandata String fragment's most powerful attack. The user release hundreds threads in a net formation. This attack is strong enough to shatter rocks. It was first seen used by Kafka against Adam Blade after the latter thwarted his Kandata String technique.

-- Kandata String in Vulcan Shock Ignition: A combination with the Honoo fragment. The user launches a Vulcan Shock Ignition, hiding in it strings to immobilize and slash the opponent. It was first seen used by Blade on Teruyama Momiji.

Honoo by Darth-Drago
* Honoo (Fire): The Fragment main ability is the skill to generate fire, from the users hands or body (as seen when Teruyama creates an "aura" of fire around him to negates Kuchinashi Fragrance Fragment effects), however the user cannot breath fire. It was stated by Teruyama that in places with no wind this Fragment triplicates it's explosive power. Both Teruyama and Blade used to use this power to light their cigarettes. In anime filler scenes, they also used it to light a bonfire. For combat, this Fragment has several convenient uses that are list below.

- Little Boy: Honoo Fragment signature attack. A short range technique. The user wreaths their fist in flame an attacks with it burning and striking the opponent. It ws first seen used by Teruyama Momiji against Adam Blade. According to Saten, this technique without it's fire is nothing but a simple punch. Little Boy is the name of the atomic bomb launched on Hiroshima in 1945 during the World War II.

- Little Boy: Renzoku Touka: The user attack the enemy with Little Boy multiple times simultaenously. It was first seen used by Teruyama Momiji against Disk's Army of Testaments in Iron Mountain.

- Phlogiston Full Throttle: Little Boy: An enhanced version of the original Little Boy. The user wreaths their fist with a great amount of fire an launches a powerful punch to the enemy. The phlogiston is the name of the theory (from the Ancient Greek φλογιστόν phlŏgistón "burning up", from φλόξ phlóx "fire"), first stated in 1667 by Johann Joachim Becher, that said the existence of a fire-like element called "phlogiston" that was contained within combustible bodies, and released during combustion. It was first seen used by Teruyama Momiji against Kuchinashi in Simeon's Third Shelter.

- Vulcan Shock Ignition: A long range technique. The user creates a giant fire ball with one hand and launches it to the enemy with devastating effects. It was first seen used by Teruyama Momiji against Adam Blade.

- Kakudantou: Vulcan Shock Ignition: The user creates a huge fire ball with both hands and launches it to the enemy with a very higher power. It was first seen used by Adam Blade against Disk's Army of Testaments in Iron Mountain.

-- Vulcan Shock Little Boy: After creating a Vulcan Shock Ignition, the user equips their hands with a Little Boy each one and the charges against the enemy striking the enemy with a powerful blow done with the speed of the Little Boy and the fire amount of the Vulcan Shock Ignition. It was first seen used by Teruyama Momiji against Adam Arclight. The first time Teruyama used this attack was due to the fact that he saw before Blade's "Touku: Vulcan Shock Little Boy". With Eden's Seed enchacement, Teruyama was able to easily destroy Eve's Eve Cannon, something that nobody was able to do before.

-- Tou Kou: Vulcan Shock Little Boy: According to Blade, this move is his original combination ultimate attack. It's the same principle that of Vulcan Shock Little Boy. The difference is in that before doing this attack, Blade has absorbed Agnishwattas' heat energy as he had copied Saten's Dai Yon Haddou Fragment ability previously and managed to control the high temperatures and with this he creates an extra large version of the Vulcan Shock Ignition, giving him an enourmous firepower. Tou Kou: Vulcan Shock Little Boy seems to has the same or even high power of Saten's Dai Yon Ha Dou or Aruka's Agnishwattas. This is the strongest attack Blade used. It was first seen used by Blade against Aruka in Simeon's Third Shelter.

Graviton by Darth-Drago
* Graviton: The usage of this fragment by means of increasing the weight of an object or it's surroundings. It can also causes a "shock wave" like effect that can blow multiple targets however it makes the user open to attacks.

- Gyro Gravitation: Releases a powerful gravity shock wave that knocks the enemy flying, then send them back to the ground it will cause a massive damage when those targets return to the ground due to the increased gravity. It is first used on the Girls Squad.

- Graviton: Increases the gravity on a person or object.

- Gravity Deprive: Weakens the gravity on a person or object.

Snapshot200909040434225 by Darth-Drago
* Magnetic World: Allows the user to attract and or repel anything the user is aware of within a 100 meter radius, by creating a magnetic field where her hands are directed at. It is typically used by declaring either Magnetic World (Attract) or Magnetic World: Anti (Repel) and the object or individual that Solva addresses. The object or individual need not be specifically named and may be as generalized or described by Solva.

Magnetic World: Pulls the target near the user. It is also use as a defensive weapon.

-Magnetic World-Anti:The opposite of Magnetic World, it repels the target away from the user.

Fragrance by Darth-Drago
* Fragrance: The fragment allows the user to create a special scent that can affect the enemy's brain and nerves. The scent or odors are produced internally by the user using their body's hormones as the base. The user can even create multiple variations of a scent to produce the same effect. This is useful in that it allows the user to overcome the Zero Fragment somewhat. Creating limitless variations of a scent to affect Adam Blade.

- Maiden Restriction: Paralyzes the enemy's brain. Causing them to be unable to move. This first used on Blade.

- Maiden Restriction: Type Ambergris - Re-modify the scent of Kuchinashi's ability to counter Blade's ability, apparently the same effect.

- Maiden Restriction: Type Civet - A stronger version of Maiden Restriction.

- Crown Marionette: Misdirects the neural signals in the enemy's brain, turning them into a Marionette for a while in which Kuchinashi has control over their bodies. The target however still retain their consciousness.

- Crown Marionette Large-Serving: is Clown Marionette but designed for large crowds.

- Lilith Temptation: Creates a illusion into the enemy's brain. Causing a simulation of one's greatest desire. Those who are affected will enter into a dream like state and forgetting what is going on in reality, making them prone to attacks. It is used on the Blade group, after Kurumi was killed.

Needless v10 c70 - 21 by Darth-Drago
* Bionic Compression: The user directs the force of the air pressure with their hands, Typically used to impose a sudden downward force against their enemies, thereby crushing them into a meaty pulp. Using both hands the user could crush their enemies in place by directing the air pressure at both sides of the opponent. It can also be used as a blunt force attack, strong enough to send an opponent flying to a wall.

- The user could also compress air into a small container and use it as a form of explosive trap that leaves no residue or traces, like an "Invisible Bomb". Compressing air into a small container and filling it with metallic objects hard enough to inflict physical damage to an individual. Upon opening said container the previously contained air pressure would explode, sending the materials inside to ram against the individual. This has been noted to be strong enough to lodge said container inside the body of the target.

- It has been seen decreasing or increasing the air pressure in a room to not only disorient enemies, but also to dull their movement. Theoretically if the user reduces the air pressure around them they would experience an increase in speed due to lesser air resistance. This is however exposes the user to reduced oxygen intake as a result.

Power by Darth-Drago
* Power: The main usage of this Fragment is the ability to use an incredible amount of physical strength. This also seems to afford enhanced physical endurance in proportion to the raw physical power this Fragment gives. This can be used in several way such as powerful impact attacks (punch and kicks mainly), throws and use anything in the battlefield to launch to the opponent.

- Fragment of Power:The user activated his Power ability and the attack with the signature monstrous strength. It was first seen used by Blade against Arclight.

Speed by Darth-Drago
* Speed:
The main power of the Fragment is to increase the speed of the user and subsequently protects them from the sudden burst of Momentum of starting and stopping. the user is able to reach speed breaking the sound barrier {Speed of sound is 340.3 m/s (1,225 km/h, 761.2 mph)}. The fastest known speed of the user reaches up to Mach 9 (11,113.2km/h). Attacks imbued with speed by the user is at least strong enough to break metal. 

- Dean Drive Fox Hound: A barrage of attack made at Mach 2, and the most used move. First seen used by Setsuna against Eve in Iron Mountain.

- Dean Drive Black Bird: A barrage of attack made at Mach 3. First seen used by Setsuna against Eve in Iron Mountain.

- Dean Drive Rocket Sled: A barrage of attack made at Mach 9, supposedly Setsuna's most powerful move, the attack was powerful enough to greatly damage a metal wall. It was first seen used against Eve in Iron Mountain.

Snapshot200908211348289 by Darth-Drago
* Pyschokinesis: Allows the user to control movement of any substance at a molecular level, just by thinking about it. Can be used on Organic and Inorganic matter. As stated it can even stop the vibration of molecules cause by  another strong fragment completely rendering it inert to lifting to a substantial height multiple high rise buildings and slamming it onto an enemy. Full mastery of the Fragment as well as a power up due to the presence of Stigmata even allows the user to make use of other psychic energies to various effects such as Teleportation, Psychometry and Telepathy.

E8a6acb8 by Darth-Drago
* The Fourth Wave: The true form of the Fourth Wave is Thermal Energy Conversion, which allows the user to absorb thermal energy and convert it into a energy blast capable of great destructive effect. Saten has been seen controlling the entire process of thermal energy conversion from heat absorption to produce Ice, gust of air created through thermal manipulation to the final Destructive Energy Blast of the Fourth Wave. it should be noted however that Saten possesses 2 heavy looking arm bands which may or may not be vital for interruption of the thermal energy conversion to produce various effects as stated above.

- Heat Absorption: Absorbing the heat from an object or attack, causing it to freeze. It is first used against Teruyama.

- The Fourth Wave: A powerful wave of absorbed thermal energy. It is first used against Teruyama.

- Double Fourth Wave: Another version of The Fourth Wave, except it is used with both hands instead of just one and in opposite directions.

Cruel Vajra Fist by Darth-Drago
* Cruel Vajra Fist: The Fragment allows him to wield devastating ice-based attacks. This fragment can also be used to create an impenetrable ice wall, in order to create the ultimate defense. It was so dense and strong that a flame thrower designed and built by Kanna was only able to melt a few meters into it even when it was left running over the night. Only an ability possessing an extreme mastery over heat, such as Agni Schiwatas or the Fourth Wave could possibly melt Strom's ice.

Kurumi`s fragment by Darth-Drago
* Black Attraction: Allows the user to control a victim by orally transmitting an ESP(Extra Sensory Perception) virus, which then takes over the victim's brain and causes them to only obey what she/he has told them to do.

Agni Schiwatas by Darth-Drago
* Agni Schiwatas: It is considered the most powerful fire fragment ever seen, since it can boil metal as well as other Honoo Fragment Needless'. It is considered a Missing Link Fragment, due to Blade having a hard time memorizing it. Has also been used as long range projectile blast of Fire.

Heat Explosion: A close combat move where a single touch from the attack instantly boils the insides of her/his opponent. It is firstly used on Teruyama.

Shielf of Aegis 1 by Darth-Drago
* Shield of Aegis: Blocks all the attacks coming towards the direction the user is holding his/her hand/palm towards. This has been able to block any and all incoming attacks. It has even been able to block the Energy Blast from an Angel, to which not even Adam Arclight, Saten or Guido could survive if hit directly by the energy Blast.The Angel also expressed shock upon witnessing its energy blast not being able to annihilate their target. Explained by Disk as anti-matter in its source. It therefore is able to negate any and all fragments used against it. Given that all fragments are based on dark matter energy.

26 by Darth-Drago
Pneedless-4193999 by Darth-Drago
* The Almighty: The Almighty is the complete form of the Zero Fragment. It is described as being the closest thing to The Second one could possibly be, in effect being a God. It allows one to rewrite reality to their whims, while also could travel through time. Like the name implies it is all powerful. It has been shown to not only change someone's physical gender or fusing two different beings into one on the genetic level but also resurrect the dead and create new bodies for them out of nothing.

Bladelovejackpot by Darth-Drago
* Weakness:
- He dare not to fight against little girls, or at least with all his power unless his and friends life are on the line.
-- He pretty much lose his mind about little girls and act sexually obsessed with them, to the point that he will immediately ask these girls on a date, or promise to be their slave.
- His Almighty abilities has a limited time without the Dimensional Gate/Rift.
- Even in his Almighty form, he was affected by the Saten's Sixth Wave, an attack from an alternative dimension.
- His Zero fragment can only copy fragment abilities, not other abilities from other universe's.
- He is still human and can be harmed/ killed.

J027 by Darth-Drago

Adam Blade is looking fro a cute girl somewhere in Death Batle.

- I do not own this character. Series: Needless.

Pleasure share any idea's or opinions on who would face the character.
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